The Intellectual Pansexual Ch. 03


“So what’s on the agenda for today?” Taylor asked, breaking off their kiss. “The continuation of my pansexual education?”

“Today, you learn how to suck cock properly,” Josh said. He sighed, resting his head on the larger boy’s chest. “God, what a fucking stud you were last night. I love seeing you fuck pussy.”

“You’re going to see a lot of me doing it if we’re going to be living together. I’m not gonna hold back anymore. I’m a fucking jock whore inside and proud of it.”

“Bring it on!” Josh cheered. “So as far as that goes, if you want to stay here, there are a couple things we should discuss.”

“Go for it.”

“First and foremost, I’m a nudist. Not just a horny boy whose clothes come off easy. I was raised naked and I find it normal to be naked all the time when I’m here. When I come in the door, the clothes come off.”

“I think I’m more than okay with that,” Taylor said, massaging Josh’s ass.

“So how would you feel about a nudity rule in the room?”

“At all times?”

“You don’t put clothes on till you walk out that door.”

“And guests?”

“It’s optional for them but doesn’t change the rule for us. We get naked. If they don’t like it, they can leave.”

“Was that the way you grew up?”

“Hell yeah!”

“I love it. I agree. Naked at all times when we’re here.”

“Awesome!” Josh enthused. “Now, as far as sex goes, you should know I have a goal for my first year in college. I may carry it over if it goes well. I try to have sex with one new guy and one new girl every week. I’ve hit it every week so far and I’d like to make sure it keeps happening.”

“You are a sex god,” Taylor said in awe. “If you need me out of the way, just say so. If you think your hookups won’t mind me sitting and watching, I’m great with that, too.”

“How about joining me?”

“Will you coach me with the guys?”

“By the end of the week I’ll have you ready to compete with the hottest gayboys out there. Deal?”

“Deal. But I want something in return.”

“What’s that?”

“I want to have sex with you every day for the rest of the school year. We don’t have to make each other cum, or fuck, or whatever. I just want to spend some time honing my skills on you.”

“Fuck, you stud,” Josh purred, scratching his nipples lightly, “I could never turn down an offer like that.”

“Hot. So I’ve got a question for you.”


“What’s with you and all this foot stuff?”

“I’ve got a foot fetish.”


“Scientists will tell you it’s because the brain wires feet and genital neurons together. I just know it feels fantastic.”

“I never tried it before. But sucking Alexa’s toes made me so hard.”

“It’s lightly kinky.”

“It’s great. I want to lick Cassie’s spit off your toes.”

“Try it,” Josh offered, twisting around and presenting his feet to the swimmer. Taylor stroked them, massaging the soles with his thumbs. Like Alexa’s, but stronger, more muscular. More to lick. More to feel good when they stroked his dick.

“How big are yours?”

“Size ten. You?”

“Size fourteen.”

“Fucking hot big swimmer stud feet,” Josh said happily. He pressed his face into Taylor’s sole, enjoying the contact before turning and kissing it with enthusiasm. His tongue swept over it, showing love and admiration for the intimate physical beauty of the male foot. The feeling was electrifying. Taylor’s cock rehardened instantly, poking away from his abs, and he arched his back in pleasure, thrusting it upward to fuck the air.

“Holy shit!” He had had no idea his feet were hard-wired to his dick. Eagerly, he stuck Josh’s toes into his mouth, wanting to give him the same incredible feeling. He was rewarded by watching the runner’s shaft swell until it looked ready to burst, rock-hard above his twitching balls. The boy’s feet were harder and rougher than Alexa’s had been. Taylor liked the contrast. He knew he wanted both in his life now. And the thought that Josh and Cassie had recently been worshiping the same digits he was working on doubled his arousal. He kissed Josh’s sole, laying it across his face, doing homage to the sexiness of his lover and his lover’s body, even as his lover did the same.

“You figuring it out now?” Josh asked breathily.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Fucking damn that’s hot! I love how kinky my new roommate is.”

Josh chuckled. “Oh, you have no idea yet how kinky your new roomie is. This is just the start of the start.” He stood up and walked over to his closet, pulling back the curtain. Half of it looked to be nice clothes, tightly packed. The other half was athletic gear and other gear made out of lycra. Below them, racks held dozens of pairs of shoes, from flip-flops in every color, to Sperrys, to low-cut Converse, to sleek Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, Nike track spikes, and Puma soccer boots. It was far more shoes than any one eighteen year-old would need under normal circumstances.

Taylor joined his roommate, staring, following Josh’s exaggerated gesture of presentation. mardin escort “Wait…you mean you have sex with your shoes?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s not just the foot I love. It’s objects that evoke the foot, too. And, let’s face it, shooting my load in sneakers I’m about to wear, and running around like that, with no one knowing that my feet are dripping in cum. Or jizzing in a friend’s shoes and letting them get their feet sticky with my load.”

“That’s why Cassie left her sandals!”

“Yep. I look forward to staining them for her. To be honest, I’ve cum in every pair of shoes I own. I don’t wear a new pair without having broken them in first.”

“Fuck.” Taylor was transfixed by the concept. “Let’s go get our dicks washed off and then come back here and fuck each other’s feet and sneakers.”

“I’ve got something even better planned,” Josh said, laughing. “We’ll get to the shoes later. Shower, then breakfast, then I was thinking about a workout. You work out daily?”

“Yeah, usually some weights and then a swim. You?”

“Same, but I go running. And I’ve got a yoga class for credit. It’s great for sexual performance.”

“Sounds like something I should be taking.”

“I can only say I’d love to have you as my partner for that.” Josh grabbed a couple of towels and handed Taylor a rack of toiletries. He rummaged around in the back of his closet and produced a pair of somewhat worn Havaianas. “These might be a little small for you.”

“You keep them for hookups?” Taylor smirked.

“Hey, I like shower sex,” Josh shrugged. He was still naked except for his own flips. “Let’s see if we can make it to the bathroom without getting spotted. Everyone should still be asleep.”

They strolled down the hall, the rubber sandals smacking their heels, unconcerned for anyone who might see them. No one did, though, and they appropriated the first shower cubicle without anyone noticing their nakedness. The hot water kept their erections at half-mast throughout the experience, which turned out to involve more kissing and fondling than soaping. Taylor knelt to bare Josh’s soles one at a time and scrubbed them in a way that brought his boy’s cock upright from that sensation alone. Josh carefully touched up Taylor’s shaved hole with a razor as the swimmer bent over in front of him and begged softly to be fingered. “Not yet,” Josh told him with a smile. “Being a great lover means letting your arousal build till it’s unbearable.”

Still naked except for footwear, they went back to Josh’s room. He pulled a ridiculously skimpy-looking black tank top from a hanger and held it up. “Since we can’t go shirtless in the dining hall, I’ll be a showoff instead. When he stepped into the tank, Taylor realized it wasn’t a tank at all, but a singlet that contoured perfectly to Josh’s toned torso. The runner added tiny black nylon track shorts and matching black-and-silver Onitsukas.

“Sockless, of course,” Taylor grinned, kneeling down and helping Josh tie them.

“I have never owned socks in my life,” Josh said. “They’re wasteful and keep my shoes from stimulating my feet.”

Taylor sighed and shook his head. “I wish my workout gear was as hot as yours.”

“Let’s see it,” Josh suggested. Five minutes later, he was looking at Taylor’s sleeveless muscle shirt and basketball shorts and shaking his head.

“The shirt’s okay, but damn, you desperately need to show your legs. Either some really short shorts, or tights.”

“Tights sound hot,” Taylor said, slipping on a turquoise Speedo Solar that made Josh drool. “I don’t have any tiny shorts right now, though.”

Josh pulled open a draw and giggled. “Tube socks. Such a Midwestern straight jock.”

“Midwestern pan jock, thank you very much,” Taylor retorted. “Are tube socks heterosexual?”

“Yes. Period. No discussion.”

“Fine. Take them and dump them in the trash.” Josh did exactly that.

“Much better. I don’t see any boxers.”

“I haven’t owned underwear for two years. Just speedos.”

“Okay, that’s hot. I usually go commando but I’ve got a few things I wear to tease sometimes. Jockstraps, mesh briefs.”

“The kind of thing you wear by themselves.”

“Exactly.” As Taylor say down on the edge of his bed to put his shoes on, Josh quickly knelt in front of him. He lifted one of Taylor’s feet and ran a wet tongue up his sole. At the same time, he let his cock slip out the leg opening of his shorts. It sprang to hardness in seconds. Josh picked up one of Taylor’s sneakers and slipped it over his dick, masturbating himself with the shoe as a sleeve until the jock’s foot was good and wet. Then he slid the sneaker on and tied it snugly before giving the swimmer’s other foot the same treatment.

“You are so twisted that my dick is killing me in my speedo,” Taylor groaned. He grabbed Josh’s dick between his sneakered feet and jerked it for a minute. The roughness of his moves and his big shoes was painfully good for the runner boy. Just as Josh started to precum, Taylor van escort stood up.

“Put it away, jockslut. We’ve got plans, right?”

“Yeah,” Josh sighed, tucking his shaft back into his singlet pouch. “But you’re going to make me cum like that sometime.”

Their smooth legs pressed against each other under the table as they ate breakfast. Their open display of physical affection drew a few stares from guys and girls alike. Josh’s skimpy running attire drew more. Taylor was definitely jealous. He was more so at the gym afterwards, seeing the toned twock gyrating on the workout machines before kissing him goodbye and heading off to the track. He needed to learn to flaunt his body like that, he thought.

Any observer would have thought he was flaunting it already, seeing his lean golden figure plunging into the university pool, naked except for cap, goggles, and swimsuit. The water felt more sensual on his body today than it ever had before. Suddenly he was discovering eroticism in everything. He’d never been that high before, either on pot or on sex, and unlike alcohol, the aftereffects were renewed desire rather than regret. He wanted to tear his beloved speedo into pieces and swim naked, fucking the water with his insatiable pansexual dick. There were videos on online of guys cumming just from the stimulation of a shower or hot tub jet cleverly applied to their dicks. Taylor craved a true swimmer’s orgasm like that, one driven solely by his natural element, but knew his stamina might well prevent it. He did the next best thing. Breaststroking steadily, not too fast, he let his piss go inside his speedo. Most swimmers did it merely as a matter of convenience. Taylor did it because he had discovered as a fourteen-year-old boy that the combination of muscle pumping and bladder release gave him a raging erection. He began to fantasize about what it would feel like to make out with Josh in the ocean or the pool, their spandex-trapped bugles frotting against each other as they pissed. When he finally climbed out of the pool, the ridge of his half-swollen cock was clearly visible to a few less well-endowed swimmers, and in the context, no one could possibly complain about it. Taylor saw their stares and luxuriated in them. The physical stimulation of his newfound sexuality was everything he had hoped for, and more, and his naturally creative mind was building on it.

Josh was waiting for him outside, his singlet rolled down to his waist, his lean torso moist with the sweat of his run. Taylor kissed him again, knowing other students were watching. These little acts of exhibitionism got him so high. “Where to next?”

“The beach,” Josh said. “I’m going to show you off. You’ve got a car, right?”

“Yeah, a Jeep Wrangler.”

“Sweet! Let’s go.” The boys headed for the parking garage.

“But you haven’t got a speedo,” Taylor remembered suddenly.

“Don’t need one,” Josh replied. “Neither do you. I’m taking you to Haulover.”


“Miami’s world-famous nude beach.”

“A nude beach?” Taylor was grinning widely now. “I’ll get hard.”

“I’m sure you will. But nudists know it happens, especially with newbies. Just don’t play with it and you’ll be fine.”

“What if you play with it?”

“That’ll have to wait.”

“My balls are aching!”

“It’s that tight little speedo. I’ll take you home for the weekend sometime and we can lay out and have sex all day by my mom’s pool without any suits to cramp your style.”

“I can’t wait,” Taylor said, adjusting himself through his boardshorts. He reached out and took Josh’s hand again. “We’re probably giving people the impression we’re boyfriends now, and I don’t even know what you’re majoring in.”

“Business. You?”

“Sports administration. I love using my body. And more and more lately I’m thinking I want to do something that combines fitness and sex. But I don’t know where to start.”

“You should really join me for yoga class,” Josh urged him. “It makes you so much more aware of your body, and it’s so inherently sensual that adding sex to it comes naturally. Out in LA they’ve got nude yoga and erotic yoga.”

“Just not here yet?”

“I don’t think it’s as popular.”

“Sign me up,” Taylor said, typing in a password on his phone and handing it to Josh as they climbed into his Jeep. “And we can practice after class, right?”

Josh smirked at him. “We can practice in ways hotter than anything your corn-fed mind can imagine right now.” He tapped at the screen for a minute. “Done. Fortunately it works with your schedule.”

“Awesome.” The swimmer took his shirt off and tossed it into the back of the Jeep. Josh kicked his sneakers off and skinned his singlet and shorts down his legs, relaxing in the passenger seat in exaggerated nudity. His plump cock lay across his thigh in a way that made Taylor’s mouth water.

“You’re shameless,” Taylor said, staring.

“You should drive before someone catches us,” Josh answered, shrugging.

Taylor ankara escort threw his shoes and shorts after his shirt. “I’m keeping my suit on, because if I let my cock free at this point, I’ll never get it back in. You drive me crazy. I wish more guys were like you.”

Josh kissed him. “Your sons will be. So will mine. If we teach them freedom, they’ll teach others, and we’ll inevitably win one day.”

Taylor headed north on Route 1, crossed the bridge to Bal Harbour, and drove north again on Collins Avenue. Shirtless boys were common in Florida, and no one noticed Josh’s partial erection, which was discreetly concealed by the Jeep’s high door. He let his fingers rest on Taylor’s thigh the whole way, stroking him and gently massaging his bulge. Otherwise, he largely ignored his driver. Surrounded by bright sunlight and brilliant ocean, Taylor’s world narrowed to the road he drove and the sensations his lover was giving him. He could have gone on like that, in warmth and sensuality, for hours. But it was only a few minutes before Josh told him to turn off and park.

“Are you going to stay naked like that all the way?” Taylor wanted to know.

“Mmmm, I know you want me to. But no. Not quite yet.” Josh pulled his shorts on and grabbed his backpack. “Come on, let’s go.”

“The parking lot is hot!” Taylor shouted, racing barefoot across it after the other boy towards the coolness of the tunnel that connected it to the beach.

“Sneakers and sand don’t go together,” Josh said. “Besides, it’s more exhibitionistic. I’ve been barefoot pretty much everywhere in Miami.”

Out of nowhere, Taylor grabbed him, slammed him against the wall of the tunnel, and kissed him savagely. Their bulges frotted frantically against each other, both boys rock-hard beneath the barely concealing material that only made their cocks more stiff and slippery. This was not a teasing kiss, a nice one to make the straight girls wet their panties at the thought of romantic gay love. It was animalistic. Taylor practically chewed on Josh’s lips and tongue, then stifled his moans with one hand as he leaned over and deliberately bit Josh’s neck, bruising him. He stumbled away from the other freshman, half-insane with sudden lust.

“You just have to display yourself everywhere, don’t you?” he hissed, trembling. “Your body is open pretty much indiscriminately to anyone who can take it, isn’t it?”

Josh stepped closer to him. Thoughtfully, he swirled a finger around in his mouth, then reached underneath the back of Taylor’s speedo and forced it halfway up his hole. The jock actually yelled at the sudden penetration before controlling himself. He stood there on his big naked feet, trembling, in pain, and with an undiminished erection.

“Fundamentally, you and I are the same,” Josh whispered in his ear, finger-fucking him roughly. Ultimately, I may be homoromantic and you may be heteroromantic. But that’s love. Neither of us really connects love and sex, do we? Sex is just something we have to have, it’s good that we have to have it, and we want it with lots of people. Sex isn’t about love. It’s about sex. Pure sex.”

“Yes,” Taylor said huskily. “God, I want and need it so bad.”

Josh pulled a wipe out of his bag and cleaned up his fingers. “One more week, handsome. After next weekend I’ll let you loose on the unsuspecting coeds of Florida.” He took Taylor’s hand again and led him out to the beach. Beautiful white sand stretched north and south for miles on either side of them. The Atlantic gleamed sapphire-like before them. Josh turned left and made his way north until they were surrounded by naked bodies on every side, some ugly, some fit, all free.

He took out a blanket from his backpack and the boys spread it out. No separate towels, Taylor noted, just a shared incitement to physical contact. Naturally, since clothes were truly unnatural to him, Josh dropped his shorts and put them away. His cock hung expectantly, very slightly perked up. “Your turn.” He held out his hand to Taylor.

The swimmer hesitated, then slid the tiny blue brief down his legs and handed it over. His hesitation came not from shame, but from a brief wonder if he was going to be arrested. Unlike Josh, he found public nudity new and strange and extraordinarily arousing, and his erection was nearly vertical.

“Do you have any lotion?” he asked. Josh produced a bottle and began to oil him up. He was very thorough. Taylor turned inland when the time came for a kneeling Josh to lotion his dick. In that moment, he hated a society that made it impossible for them to copulate right there. A few more seconds, and the teasing of his manhood was over, and it was protected from the sun-but the feeling lingered.

“Do my speedo areas,” Josh said, handing him the lotion. “I don’t want to burn.”

Taylor applied the lotion very carefully to the runner’s hips and the curves of his strong bubble ass. His fingers explored the cleft more gently than Josh had taken him a few minutes before. “Do you fantasize about me fucking you?” he asked out of nowhere.

Josh’s dick rose as if on command, a bead of precum forming at the tip. “Yes,” he said with his eyes closed.

The swimmer jock squirted more lotion into his palm and slicked up Josh’s shaft with it, making it as much of a handjob as he thought he could get away with. “I’m glad.”

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