The Initiation

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Jennifer nervously scanned the hotel lobby, knowing that she must meet the instructions she had been given. Exactly. To the letter. No excuses.

“Please let it be somebody nice. Oh please, oh please, oh please. Please don’t let it be too embarrassing. Please let it be over quickly”, she prayed, so she could begin to forget the whole embarrassing episode and start settling in as the newest member of the most prestigious sorority on campus. Its prestige drew from the fact that it was so exclusive, based on two reasons. Applicants must come from wealthy families and they must survive some legendary tests of courage.

Many would-be members resigned in tears as soon as they received their instructions, which were always designed to push the applicant far beyond what she considered to be her personal limits of behavior. Each applicant was advised to never divulge any details of her instructions, throughout her lifetime, or she would be ostracized forever by her peers.

Even with this knowledge, Jennifer had been totally unprepared for the extent to which her instructions exceeded her standards of behavior, but she wanted so badly to become a member. Her mother had been one of the founders of the sorority and had reminded her many times during her adolescence how important it would be to her future to achieve this honor.

Her father also reminded her very often how much it would help her find her proper place in society throughout her university years and for many years afterwards. He also made it clear that it would help his business contacts within their community.

The thought of failure was the only thing that allowed Jennifer to remain in the lobby, steeling herself to execute her orders exactly as given. She watched for the man whose description had been given to her a few minutes ago by one of the sorority sisters who was observing her ordeal.

Her eye was caught by the revolving door as it began to turn. At first, the man’s head was obscured by the door frame, but she could see the color of his suit. It matched the description and so did his shoes and his briefcase. It was too early to tell his age, but he moved like a mature man, someone striding through life with great confidence, not some young jock bouncing along on the balls of his feet.

“Oh no!”, she thought. They’ve assigned me to an old fart. Her fears were further confirmed as his gray hair came into view. Jennifer’s eyes squeezed out a tear as she imagined his clammy old hands grabbing at her tender young body. Thoughts of escape ran through her mind once more, but were routed by greater fears.

“No matter how terrible he is, I will be able to endure this day”, she told herself. “I will not allow myself to fail this test. I knew it would be difficult when I applied. Just relax and it will all be over soon.”

Then she saw his face.

All the blood left her face momentarily and for a few seconds, she thought that she would faint. “Women don’t actually faint any more, do they?” The thought ran through her head and she tried to hold on to it as the only thing that made sense in a world that had suddenly exploded on her. Her instructions had included dire warnings not to look at her monitors during her ordeal or points would be deducted, but she was able to see their gleeful smiles as they watched her reaction.

“Jennifer, my dear. You can do this thing. You must do this thing. There is nothing you cannot do if you choose to do so.” She finished her mental pep talk and strode firmly toward him across the lobby, extending her hand as she approached him.

“Hello Sir. May I offer you a warm welcome to our hotel. My name is Jennifer. I have been assigned as your sex slave during your stay with us. I have already taken care of your check-in and your bags will be delivered to your room. We can go there immediately if that is your pleasure or I will be happy to escort you anywhere that you may desire.”

“Well, Jennifer. I’ve never had a sex slave before, but I must admit that it has a nice ring to it. However, I must confess to a bit of astonishment at your offer. You must agree that it is somewhat unusual. May I ask if you are of legal age?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“May I see your identification, please?”

“M-my, uh, identification?”

“Yes, your ID. It would not be a good idea for a man in my position to be seen with a hooker and you must admit that this appears to be a distinct possibility, considering the situation. It occurs to me that this hotel does not routinely offer such services.”

Jennifer rummaged blindly through her purse for her driver’s license. She had imagined that the ordeal might be terrible, but nothing in her worst nightmares had prepared her for the feelings she now experienced. Finally, her fingers touched what must be her wallet and she drew it out quickly, handing him the entire wallet, not trusting herself to the task of fishing out the card.

“Well, well. Jennifer Ascot. It does appear that you are of legal age and this address is from a nice part of escort ataşehir town, so there is little likelihood that you are a hooker. Oh, here is a student ID, also. It says that you are enrolled at the university here in town. Are you a virgin, Jennifer?”

The question caught her off guard. “Uh, what?”

“I asked if you were a virgin, Jennifer. As generous as your offer appears, it would not be a good idea for me to accept it if there is a danger of contracting a disease you might have contracted from a promiscuous life style. I have heard that some girls get very wild when they first experience the freedom of university life.”

“Would this torture never end?” Jennifer tried to make sure that her posture remained correct and that there were no outward signs of her discomfort that were under her control. She could not be responsible for the flush in her cheeks or the quickness in her pulse, but she could certainly control other signs that she was on the verge of hysteria.

“Yes, I am a virgin.” Now she decided to go on the offensive to give herself a little breathing room. “Do you have a big cock?”

“My, aren’t you the forward one? As a matter of fact, it is quite large, but since you are a virgin, you will have little experience in the size of cocks, so you must take my word for it for now. Take off your panties and give them to me.”

“My, uh, what?” Jennifer felt her imagined offensive attack evaporate.

“Your panties. Take them off and give them to me. Now!”

“Bu-but, we’re in the lobby of a fine hotel. Come on to the room with me. I’ll give them to you there.”

“Give me your panties. Now!”

Jennifer’s last hope of escaping without humiliation evaporated as she tried to look carefully around the lobby without appearing to do so. Thankfully, she had received sufficient training from her mother in certain graces that enabled her to comply with his request without making it too obvious. She stepped out of the wispy thong and scooped it up quickly before handing it to him in a small ball.

“Why Jennifer! These panties are positively wet! You naughty, naughty girl. They smell like you have been creaming in them since we met. You must be dreaming of how exciting it will be when my huge cock tears through your virgin defenses. How big are your tits?”

Oh! Would it never end? “They are 38C. I suppose you will want my brassiere next.”

“No, you can keep that on for a few minutes. It may be more interesting to watch you take that off in the bar.”

“In the bar? I’m not old enough to drink.”

“Come with me, slave and don’t question what I tell you to do. You did say you were my sex slave, didn’t you?”

Jennifer was forced to drop her head slightly. “Yes, sir.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You will address me as master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good, now come with me. Walk in front so I can see your naked ass wiggle. Raise your skirt as you walk so that it reaches the bottom of your cheeks as we enter the bar.”

“But I’m not wearing any panties. My pussy will show.”

“This is your last chance, slave. The only thing you are allowed to say to me until I tell you otherwise is ‘Yes, master’. Is that clear?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Now start walking. Raise that skirt. Swing that cute little ass. Thirty-eight, C, huh?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. You learn quickly. Take a stool at the bar. Drape your skirt over the stool so your bare ass is on the cold leather.”

“Yes, master.”

“Oh, hello Mr. Ascot. Nice to see you again. Your friend seems a bit young for us. Are you able to vouch for her age?”

“Hello Jim. It’s nice to be back in my favorite watering hole. This is my daughter, Jennifer. She is less than legal drinking age, so I will not ask you to serve her anything alcoholic. Wouldn’t want to cause you to lose your license.”

“Thanks, Mr. A. I knew you would be straight with me. May I send a bottle up to your room in case you get thirsty later?”

“Good man! You certainly know how to earn your tips. Now bring us a couple of my regulars with no Scotch in one, then turn your head for a few seconds. Show him your tits, Jennifer.”

“Uh! Yes, master.”

“That’s good. Doesn’t she have nice tits, Jim?”

“They are very nice, Mr. A.”

“Can you see them well enough, Jim?”

“What I can see is very nice, Mr. A.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you could see all of them, Jim? Wouldn’t you like to see how far her pink nipples stand out when she is horny? Did you know she is naked under this flimsy dress? Her bare ass is soaking pussy juice all over your nice leather seat. Isn’t it, Jennifer?”

“Yes, master.”

“Take off your bra and hand it to Jim, Jennifer.”

“Yes, master.”

“How about it, Jim? Have you ever seen a nicer set of tits in your life?”

“No, Mr. A, I can’t say that I have.”

“Wouldn’t you like to lick them, Jim? See how much further they perk up when kadıköy escort bayan I merely mention it? How big is your cock, Jim?”

“Nearly ten inches at the moment, Mr. A.”

“How big do you think it will be after Jennifer strokes it a little?”

“It’s very hard to say, sir. I rarely have a ruler handy in situations like that.”

“Wouldn’t you like to measure it for him, Jennifer?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good girl. Good slave. I see that you learn quickly. If you are very good, perhaps I will give you to Jim. Would you like that?”

“Yes, master.”

“Put your finger in your pussy, Jennifer, and let me taste it.”

“Yes, master.”

“Umm. Jim, that is one tasty pussy. Would you care to try it?”

“Yes, I would, Mr. A. However, I need to serve those two gentlemen who just came in and the three young ladies at the other table. Will you excuse me for a moment?”

“Of course, Jim. Go ahead. Jennifer should have a lot more juice by the time you come back.”

“Turn around on your stool, Jennifer, and let those men have a glimpse of what you have hidden under your dress.”

“Yes, master.”

“Let your skirt ride up higher. Open your thighs a bit more. Make sure they can tell how wet you are.”

“Yes, master.”

“Now that we have established your status, you no longer need to answer in that manner. However, I will expect your complete obedience. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, have you ever been drunk?”


“You must answer all questions truthfully.”

“No, I’ve never been drunk. sir.”

“But you do like the feeling you get after a few drinks, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Would you like a drink now?”

“Oh, yes sir. Very much. May I have one?”

“You may take my drink, slave. While you drink it, take the cherry from your drink and stick it in your pussy.”

“Thank you, master.”

“Now turn so that both tables can see you and pull it out very slowly and put it in my mouth.”

“Yes, master.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. A. Are you ready for another round?”

“Thanks, Jim. Set us up again and give us a couple more of those cherries. Jennifer wants to give them a special treatment. Don’t you Jennifer?”

“Yes, master.”

“From now on, you will call me ‘Daddy’, slave. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are you getting wet thinking about how nice it will feel to have my thick cock sunk deep within your virginal pussy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Would you like for me to give you to Jim after I finish fucking you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Jennifer, let those men watch you take those cherries from your pussy and give them to Jim. Jim, set up another round for those gentlemen and make sure they see that you are putting the same cherries on a dish for them. Got it?”

“Sure thing, Mr. A. May I say, sir, that it is becoming difficult to walk?”

“How big would you estimate at this point, Jim?”

“Just a wild guess, but somewhere around 11 or 12 inches would be pretty close.”

“After you serve the men, make sure you stand close to the girls at the other table and give them plenty of time to decide if they want more drinks. Ok?”

“Gotcha, Mr. A.”

“The gentlemen thank you for the drinks, sir, and thank the lady for the cherries. By the way, the ladies at the other table ordered the same as the gentlemen are having.”

“With or without cherries, Jim?”

“They specifically ordered them with cherries, sir.”

“Very well, then we must not disappoint them. Open wide, Jennifer. I will insert these, myself.”

Jennifer’s head was in a spin. The drink she had nearly inhaled had rushed to her brain and the excitement of the things her master was forcing her to do was keeping her on the very edge of a monstrous orgasm.

As his fingers pulled her glistening pussy lips apart, she felt the first wave break. When he wet the first cherry in his mouth before pushing it all the way to her hymen, the second wave crashed.

“Would you mind inserting the others, Jim? Please make sure they are good and wet before inserting them. We don’t want to injure such a sweet little pussy, do we?”

“I don’t mind at all, Mr. A. Given the relative privacy in here, considering that everyone present is involved, might it be ok if I were to push them in with my tongue?”

The final wave crashed against Jennifer’s breakwater, sending spumes of spray high into the air. Feelings she had never known herself capable of having ravaged her body. Juices she had never before produced ran between her naked thighs, soaking the leather seat and making it so slippery that her thighs slid forward, opening her delights even more to her appreciative audience.

The monitors from the sorority slid further down into their own seats, to give better access to their own moist cunts.

The two salesmen from Poughkeepsie nearly choked as they watched a show they would never escort bostancı forget.

Jim knelt between Jennifer’s thighs and placed the first cherry in his mouth. Bringing his face closer and closer, he slowly extended the cherry from his mouth as Jennifer frantically rubbed her clit to try to get to the same place again that caused her such unbelievable rapture the first time. All thoughts of decency, propriety and good manners were lost as she entered a world of depravity. All that mattered to her sex-drugged mind at the moment was to find a way back to that peak she had fallen from a few minutes ago.

One cherry inserted. Two. Three, with difficulty.

“I’m sorry, sir. There isn’t room for more.”

“Quite all right, Jim. Thank you for your help. Please serve their order to the ladies. Tell them there will be a party in our room in a little while. If they are interested, they must send me their panties. By the way, they must allow you to remove them.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you sir.”

Jennifer and her master watched as Jim approached the sorority sisters and explained the terms of the invitation. With only a short delay, while the three queried each other with raised eyebrows, they each allowed Jim to kneel before them and reach under their dresses to slide their panties down and off. First one, then the others, decided to leave their skirts around their waists, to give better access to their busy fingers. Monitoring Jennifer was turning out to be the best assignment in sorority history.

“Here they are sir, and may I say that they are all three very wet.”

“Thank you, Jim. I have one more task for you. Please invite our friends to join us at that round booth in the corner and set up another round of drinks for everybody.”

The crowd quickly gathered at the booth.

“Thank you for joining me and my sex slave. If any of you please me adequately, I may give her to you. For now, I would like for you to sit alternately, boy-girl.”

“I want each girl to remove the cock on her right from its confinement and try to be the first to make it cum in her hand. The first two girls with cum on their hands are invited to join us upstairs.”

“What about me, sir? There is no man on my right.”

“Then I guess you will have to get under the table and suck me off. If you are able to get me off before the other two finish, you will get an automatic invitation.”

Soon, there was silence except for the moans, groans and heavy breathing.

Ashley was the first to bring her dripping hand from under the table and greedily lick it off with a triumphant smile on her face.

Brooke sucked harder in a valiant effort to make the closing bell. She reached over and pinched Leslie’s nipple to get her attention. After all, Leslie had nothing to lose, now. All she had to do was to slow down enough to let Brooke get Mr. Ascot off first and they could all go to the party.

However, Bret was showing signs of filling her hand with cum at any moment. The veins were popping out on his neck as well as along the length of his prick. Leslie pinched his dick in a place where a friend had told her about once and it slowed Bret down just long enough for Brooke to emerge from under the table with a huge grin still dripping with the overflow that she had been unable to swallow.

Jennifer’s head was thrown back against the back of the booth while her fingers dug frantically at the spot that itched so badly. To help her finish, Ashley and Brooke each took one of her nipples in their mouths and gave her just the stimulation she needed to finish climbing Mt. Cum.

Jim joined them as Jennifer slowly calmed down.

“My replacement will be here in a couple of minutes. I have arranged for some refreshments and champagne to be delivered to the room right away. If you are all ready, you can go ahead. I will join you soon.”

“Slave, you will suck me clean in the elevator.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The ride was too short for Jennifer. She had never imagined how much she would relish the taste of his hard cock in her mouth. The lingering remnants of his cum added the perfect amount of spice. She looked wildly up at the control panel as the elevator began to slow down. It was too soon. Much too soon. Just in time, her hand found the stop button and halted them until she could finish licking all the leftover cum from her master’s prick.

The rest of the gang was busy as well. Ashley was bent over, holding onto the rail as Peter plowed into her from the rear. Leslie had Bret’s prick way down her throat and was humming discordantly. Brooke pleasured herself in the corner.

“You girls undress Jennifer and prepare the Throne of Defloration. Guys, get naked and eat lots of oysters. You may need them.”

When Jim entered the room, Jennifer was widespread on the bed, with a soo-to-be sorority sister on each nipple and one licking her soon-to-be-lost virginity. Each girl had a prick in her cunt that she wiggled back onto as she sucked and licked Jennifer.

“Ah, Jim. You’re just in time. Ashley almost made me lose it there, with her tight, talented cunt. I need to save myself for the ceremony, so perhaps you can fill in for me.”

“Sure thing, Mr. A. All too happy to oblige.”

“You’re a good man, Jim.”

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