The Good Girl Ch. 04


Simon Says: And so this concludes. Well for now. I may get inspired. Heck, send me notes with inspiration dammit! This was fun to write even if it took me forever. 🙂 Really, my writing on Literotica began with this storyline. I felt compelled to tell it.

Anyhoo, you may enjoy this without reading chapters 1, 2, and 3 but it makes more sense with those chapters having been read. And, per usual, this story is about the slow burn. Thanks to all of you that have gotten this far. 🙂


I watched Lauren’s face broadcast the internal struggle. I could tell that she felt fascination about this relationship her best friend and I had collectively developed, but she also felt the need to despise it. I was not surprised, this sort of thing went against what society told us.

But then doesn’t it make sense in some ways? The relationship was not a unidirectional state. Rachel and I both gave and both took in it. She chose as much as I did, even more so really. She contributed to the nature of the relationship as much as I did. She was not a consumer. We both were. And producers. We saw each other as essential and necessary and cherished.

And it was much more emotional than just the actions we took. We were even more emotionally invested. We were nearly one.

And once one understood the nuances of that negotiated state of relational being, well things made a little more sense. Rachel understood. I understood. Lauren was getting there. Maybe.

She still didn’t answer my question, seemingly incapable of doing so. She could not tell me how she felt. I found myself continuing to squeeze Rachel’s hand as we sat and waited on Lauren.

“Lauren, are you ok?” Rachel appeared to forget me for a moment as she leaned forward. I felt it best for her comforting and loving friend to take over instead of the older controlling guy, so I remained quiet and still, content to be an observer. If she was going to develop an appreciation of this she would need to do so slowly.

I watched Rachel stand up and move towards Lauren. And yes I glanced at Rachel’s lovely panty-covered rear as she approached her friend. The shape, the movement, the swells of a perfect rear. You can not blame me.

“I . . uh. . ” Lauren stammered as she tried to figure out where to start. She seemed to be trying to gather her thoughts. She didn’t look scared, just perplexed.

I had barely scratched the surface with her and yet it seemed the cut had been deep in Lauren’s case. At least it caused some discontent.

Rachel brought Lauren into a hug, a comforting one. Lauren looked at me with a confused expression as she wrapped her arms tightly around her friend, as if Rachel had become an anchor to sanity. And yes, again, I enjoyed the sight of my slightly undressed girl hugging her best friend. Again, you can not blame me.

Lauren’s eyes remained intently on me as she held onto her friend. Yes, she was a little freaked out by this but she was more analyzing it, processing it, than anything else. Her mind seemed to be working like a computer, running through the permutations.

I tried to smile a non-creepy warm and friendly smile. I am not sure I pulled it off, but she seemed unaffected. She hadn’t moved out of her thoughts yet. The inner struggle occupied all of her attention.

And then suddenly her eyes focused on me, clear and questioning. She stepped back from Rachel, seemingly having gotten a hold of herself to some level. “Why . . . do I feel this? I mean how . . .”

I think I knew what she needed to do.

“Lauren, let me help you with that,” I tried to speak gently. Lauren was shifting into a new world and making that sort of transition needed time. And care. But it also needed to be balanced with gentle pushes into the uncomfortable. There was a tightrope in front of me, and honestly the challenge excited me.

I stood up and walked up next to Rachel. She glanced at me curious, but was reassured with my touch and a smile. She remained by Lauren’s side. Well actually she was really standing by my side.

“Lauren, I am pretty sure I know what you are struggling with. And that’s ok. All of what is in front of you is wrapped up into your decision. Just like it was Rachel’s.”

Her eyes remained on mine as I spoke. She was absorbing data and processing. She nodded as she stored what I had said.

“When I took Rachel the first time, she had communicated that choice to me.” I saw Lauren’s face flush. She knew some of the details of that encounter. I continued softly, “And the second time as well. And each time that followed.”

I reached out and held her chin to emphasize my point. “It was always a choice.” I balanced her chin on my knuckle as I kept her eyes on mine. I sensed Rachel shifting next to me. This was all part of the tightrope.

“Do you understand?” Lauren nodded in assent, trying to appear confident. She wasn’t one to seemingly show weakness and uncertainty so I was sure that this convergence of emotions likely felt overwhelming.

I reached out and grabbed Rachel’s erzurum escort hand to hold it. She needed my reassurance. Maybe I did too.

“So let me ask you, did you enjoy your choice in following my directions?” She thought but a moment and then nodded, her lips slightly parted. I could almost hear her breathing as we stood there closely looking at each other.

“Good girl.” I looked over at Rachel who seemed to be watching my face closely. I rubbed her cheek with my fingers and smiled at her. I didn’t even bother looking at Lauren as I spoke my next words, “Well then I want you to be dressed the same as Rachel . . . ” I let the words linger as I watched Rachel’s eyes. She seemed nervous about what I was doing, and I cared for her deeply. I felt a deep need to help her feel safe even in this odd border-pushing exchange.

As the last words passed from my lips I heard a small gasp from Lauren’s. I didn’t need to look. I had made it clear that she always had a choice. I continued to watch Rachel as her eyes passed back and forth between mine and seemingly Lauren’s.

I knew this could be a huge push for her, or frankly an early wall. I sensed that she needed the push, but we would just have to see.


I panicked on the inside. And probably somewhat on the outside. I glanced at Dr. Lane, who hadn’t even looked at me yet, and Rachel, who just stared at me, not quite as shocked as me but maybe getting there.


My choice.

He kept assuring me that this was my choice. So what did I want to choose? I had made a few choices so far, mostly seemingly inconsequential but honestly each was extremely important. And impactful. As each tiny choice led me one step further down the path. And now he was giving me another choice to not just step one step down the path but rather to full out skip down it!

What do I want? I wanted to feel that feeling again, the one that makes me panic, the one that sends me into a frenzy.

But I also DIDN’T want to feel this need. I wanted to feel comfort. And normal. But why normal? Why not surrender? Why not make the choice to give myself over to it, to feel the crazy sexy feeling of letting someone direct me? Control me?

I want to feel .. surrendered . . and someone like Lane is what I want to surrender to. Like him. Or maybe actually him.

But how the hell does that work? My best friend is essentially in love with the man. She would, and has, done everything for him. And I barely know him.

But I do know him.

He represents strength. And confidence. And power. And protection. He represents this sexy dominance where he knows what he wants and essentially what I want. He even knows more about what I want than I do. How is that even possible?

I was used to being in control in relationships with guys, telling them what I wanted and where and how. Intimacy was at my pace. And I used to think that was what I wanted. Safer for sure. And shouldn’t I get to dictate my own terms?

But now.


Now I am not so sure. Nope, I am pretty sure it’s NOT what I want. I want what Rachel has. But maybe a bit different as we aren’t the same. But I want to be pursued. And desired. And directed. I want to feel a level of powerlessness.

I want that. So maybe I choose that.

I looked at Rachel. Not much needed to be spoken as I was sure I knew what was going on in her head. And I am guessing she had a sense of what was going on in mine. She looked nervous about the situation, which kind of makes sense doesn’t it? I mean here he was, the very ‘he’ that was her ‘he,’ telling her best friend to undress. Under any normal situation that would be at the very least scandalous. But what was normal about any of this? Or better yet, had we reached a new normal, just for us?

Where was he going to go? I had no idea. And neither did she. But she seemed to be trying to submit to it, as scary as that seemed to be.

So we locked gazes for a moment and then I started to kick off my shoes. I honestly couldn’t EXACTLY read her expression at that point, but she looked even more nervous. Maybe she secretly hoped I would walk out the door.

As I finished removing my shoes, my eyes happened to look up and catch Lane’s eyes focused on me. They were intense. I am not sure I was desirable, or intoxicating, or captivating. But at least this situation was. His direction. My assent. And Rachel’s presence. Kind of an apex of three people’s desires. And so I felt desirable, intoxicating and captivating.

I kept my eyes on his because I simply could not pry them away. I reached down and pulled my socks off one by one, tossing them aside as I did so. The corner of his mouth moved up in slight amusement. Yes, he enjoyed the power of it all.

Rachel’s eyes shifted back and forth as if she was spectating a tennis match. Nervous, unsure, anxious.

And then another step down the path. Or leap really. I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. His eyes remained on mine. His erzurum escort bayan lips only slightly smiled but his eyes grinned wide as he watched my expression. Not my fingers, just my expression.

I unzipped and then began pushing my jeans down over my hips. A few wiggles later I felt the jeans pool at my ankles. I stepped out and pushed them unceremoniously aside with my toes.

There. In panties and shirt per instruction. Maybe a new uniform. He continued to watch me silently, and I realized he was giving me time to process.

And so I did.

His silent eyes were asking me the same question that Rachel’s asked: how do I feel? I felt exposed. But also a bit free. And his eyes made me feel wanted. And desirable. I chose to do as asked and now this sexy man and his girlfriend (also my best friend) could see more of the real me. Literally. Maybe even figuratively too.

Sure Rachel had seen me in underwear before, but never in this context. It felt so unbelievably different. Sexy. It wasn’t that I was starting to get a hankering for some female loving. Not at all. It really was that her sexy man was lustily pursuing me, at some level, and she was allowing it, and watching it. It was rather erotic.

I watched his eyes as they dropped. He obviously started drinking me in. It’s as if everything he did was rather deliberate. Almost as if he was carefully leading me through emotions. I was pretty sure he was.

I felt a flush as his eyes alighted on my barely covered crotch. A small piece of fabric blocked his view from what lay underneath. I actually felt a little moisture at that moment.

Well that obviously answered the question of how I felt.

He stood still, his eyes still on my legs. His fingers remained interlocked with Rachel’s. She still seemed nervous about the situation, but also fascinated. Honestly, knowing her and her powers of empathy with me she knew exactly how I was feeling and why. And she knew because she had gone through something similar. Not exactly the same but maybe in the same neighborhood.

“Good girl.” His voice rumbled out his approval, soft and deep.

He remained rooted to his spot, some ten feet away from me. I wanted him to stay there, but somehow to also come closer. I wanted him to not give me any more instructions, but I also wanted him to rip my clothes off. I still felt conflict, but at least I felt the shift too. Some things were a bit clearer. I wanted THIS at some level.

I waited for him, because it felt natural. Natural. Standing in my little blue panties and my soccer tee shirt in front of my best friend and her boyfriend. Natural. Super duper natural. Totes normal. Yeah right.

His eyes finally came back up to my face. His fingers seemed to grip Rachel’s a little tighter as he watched me.

“Rachel, sweet girl, remove your shirt for me please.” I quickly glanced at Rachel. Still no idea where this was going and frankly I might choose to opt out if it got too weird, but I was feeling a bit intoxicated. He seemed to be relishing in slowly undressing us. And I loved it.

She glanced up at him, seemingly relieved to still be involved. She nodded and slowly pulled her shirt up and off. Her bra and panties matched. Cute. She of course looked amazing in them. Her perky breasts sat so well in the cups. Her flat stomach and the swell of her hips led to her low cut bikini bottoms.

The professor caught me looking at her body and smiled his mischievous smile. Yep professor, I was checking her out. I am sure that made you hard buddy.

Oh, that was a thought. Was he hard? For her? For me? Did that lust in his eyes reach his lap?

I found myself glancing at the front of his khakis. My eyes went back to his and his smile grew wider. Damn him! He could read me like a book.

His eyes remained on mine for a moment. Quietly regarding me. Probably reading me more. And then finally he nodded. A silent instruction that was clear as day.

Another choice. Another leap down the path. And I didn’t hesitate this time.

I slipped my shirt up and over my head, immediately dropping it to the floor.

As I hadn’t expected to be coaxed into stripping tonight for my bestie and her deviant yet dominant boyfriend, my blue panties had been matched up with a simple white sports bra. I tended to wear a lot of sports bras. More comfortable for me. I didn’t have a lot up top anyway.

I stood silently, watching the two across from me. His hand had snaked around her back and rested on her nearly bare hip, more or less possessing her. His fingers drew a shape on her skin. I felt a small ping of jealousy. I wanted those fingers to be on me. Possessing me. But instead I remained steps away.

I suddenly heard what I knew was coming. “Your bra, sweet girl.”

I imagined he said those words to me, but I knew they weren’t for me. So I waited and watched as Rachel smiled a slight smile, unhooking her bra and letting it fall forward.

Her breasts appeared in the whirl escort erzurum of falling fabric, her little nipples literally standing up at attention. I let my eyes linger there, mostly because I knew it pleased him for me to look. And looking back at his eyes I could tell I was right.

His eyes dropped back to look at her body. She blushed. I blushed. I wanted him to look at me like that. His fingers continued their drawing exercise.

After spending time enjoying the sight of his beautiful girlfriend he looked back at me again. He didn’t even need to nod. I knew exactly what he wanted. And the increasing wetness between my thighs reminded me that I desperately wanted the same thing.

The fact that I knew what he wanted, that I was in tune, just sent a shiver up my body. Each passing second brought me closer to seeing why Rachel did what she did.

Next leap on the path. Breathe in and breathe out.

I reached beneath my bra and pulled it up and off, revealing my small breasts. Rachel’s were probably a cup and some size bigger than mine, so I generally did not enjoy bringing them out for some guy to see. I felt a little self-conscious about that part of my body. But his eyes dropped and I could see the lust there. I felt like he wanted to take me right there. And maybe he did. But he remain restrained.

His eyes were on my breasts, my hard little nipples, my exposed body. Rachel’s were on him, oscillating between being pleased and being a little nervous about where things were going. And me? My eyes were locked on his. I loved watching how he looked at me. And her. Sexy.

He suddenly slipped behind Rachel, essentially forcing the two of us to face each other. My eyes dropped to watch his fingers move across Rachel’s stomach. Her eyes closed reacting to what must have been an amazing sensation. I could imagine that. I wanted that.

He moved his finger in a circle on her stomach, circling her navel. God that’s sexy. Live sensual porn with your friends as the stars. Could it get any more surreal?

My eyes moved past Rachel’s closed eyes to Dr. Lane’s. He looked at me intently, expectantly. Roger. I got it. I knew.

I moved my hand to my stomach, one of the areas of my body that I was proud of. I spent a lot of time running, moving, working out in general. Soccer made me lean and my stomach was pretty cut, so I felt my finger move across my skin, feeling the muscles beneath.

I travelled to my own navel and began circling. His expression slightly changed to a satisfied look. Good job Lauren. I was getting it.

My fingertip glided across my smooth warm skin. I am not one to focus on my own body and marvel in it but right then, in all of my sexy glory I felt like a freakin’ goddess. My skin felt so good and it was practically craving touch. For a brief moment I actually forgot about the other two in the room. But then I got pulled back into the very odd situation in which I found myself.

His free hand slowly slid up her stomach and ever so slightly touched the underside of her breast. Hot. I felt a little squirmy at that moment. I watched his finger connect slightly with the skin of her breast. God I wanted that.

His eyes remained on mine, giving me silent permission. I did the same. My breasts were decidedly smaller but I did rub the underside of the swell. I felt the tingle spread across my skin and over my nipples. I wanted him to be doing this, desperately. But my place wasn’t there, it was here. And my fingers were not his, but were directed by him. An extension of him really.

I actually desperately wanted to touch my nipple and so my eyes felt like they were pleading with his fingers. Almost like my desires and my eyes could direct his movements.

I watched his hand move up and onto her breast, his finger circling her nipple. I secretly celebrated. He watched me, and so I continued to mirror his actions. My nipple stood out completely, hard. It shifted beneath my touch, sending tingling sensations throughout my body. So good. Small breasts and sensitive nipples. And apparently he could tell as he watched me.

Each brush across my nipple brought out a small charge of electricity pulsing through my body.

Rachel’s eyes opened at that point. She focused on me for a bit. So surreal. Your friend and you watching each other in this very very erotic situation. And for some reason my actions made her relax a bit. And I knew why.

She and I both realized my part here. I played the role of eye candy. I was the backdrop, the imagery, a little bit of the decoration. And that was safe for Rachel. But I also realized something else: Dr. Lane was bringing me into his world without directly involving himself. I mean sure I was literally practically naked in front of him, and he was directing traffic for how things proceeded, but he kept an actual distance between me and him. And he wasn’t touching me. SO he had created this gap. And he obviously prioritized Rachel in actions, order and attention.

I have no idea what Rachel would have done had he strolled across the room, kissed me and then proceeded to devour me with his hands (I know what I would have done . . . I would have cum hard instantly) but I do know that she would have been upset. I doubt she was ready. And in her shoes I wouldn’t have been either. And he seemed to know that, so he was easing things along while protecting her.

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