The Girl – Stories: Mission 10

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The next days weren’t that taxing. Lilly with the help of Marianne managed to cover for the girls, Lilly taking the most of the weight. She did not understand how Marianne was doing it, but she got only the light, sensual stuff with rich clients, while Lilly got debasement, degradation, humiliation and rough sex. Maybe there was just something about her, which made people want to hurt her.

Jose clearly saw value in the two young girls, and used Lilly looks to draw perverts of all kind. He also enjoyed making her suffer. “Like most people in my life did” she thought. So he sometimes went out of his way to give her to a particularly kinky clients.

As Lilly’s ass was now open for business, Jose arranged a special private event for a client, who wanted to celebrate his sons’ recent successes. The pinnacle of the event was planned to be the triple penetration of Lilly’s body by his three sons, with pictures taken, of course. Lilly was thankful for the mask she was wearing that evening, as she would not want such a picture land on some amateur porn site.

She enjoyed the party, entertained the three young men with conversation, making drinks, and of course allowing them liberties with her body. Their dad was not interested in her, as he was in a different room with another, more senior girl. Before he left, he did manage to make her feel even more like trash, by specifically ordering the youngest boy to only fuck her mouth, as “he should not have his first time with a skank”. His words.

The small party progressed very nicely, with Lilly in the center of attention, gradually more and more naked. The talk became more intimate, and the jokes became more crude. Lilly made sure to satisfy each boy with a blowjob first, before she even had her shirt open. Now, as she was topless and already without panties under her skirt, the boys were ready again, and she decided to reward them with a very moist welcome in her pussy.

Of course the youngest boy was eager to get his dick in her pussy also, but Lilly persuaded him to fuck her throat instead, with her laying on her back. She did not want him to go against his father wishes. She felt that because he was the one paying, she should abide by his plan.

After the fuck, she got back to entertaining her “guests”. She made them bursa eskort some drinks, but made a show out of serving them. She took a serving tray, three small chains with nipple clamps on their ends. She attached one of the chain to the serving tray, pulled it behind her back and connected to the other corner of the tray. She then attached the other two chains to the front corners of the tray, and finished by closing the clamps on her nipples, and asking the boys to tighten the tensions screws “for it not to get loose”. After they did, she placed the three filled glasses on the tray, and clasped her hands behind her back.

She lowered herself, keeping her back straight, and took a piece of string off the table with her teeth. She then approached the eldest boy.

— “‘ou min’, sir?” — she said said with the rope in her mouth.

The boy took the piece of rope from her teeth, and she turned around, showing him her wrists. The boy immediately understood, and tied her hands tightly.

Lilly then proceeded to distribute the drinks, letting the boys have fun with her, while at it. Every boy made her jump through hoops to have the “honour” of giving them the drink, and she did whatever was ordered. She noticed that only the oldest boy had a streak for torture, whipping her bum with a riding crop, while she had to watch not to spill a drop.

After serving them all, conversation started anew. Talking with a serving tray attached to her nipples by some evil clamps, was like second nature to Lilly. The boys were sweet and made her laugh. As they were rare in a position to talk so openly with a girl, Lilly told them to ask her anything they wanted. She then proceeded for the next half an hour delving into more and more intimate details of female anatomy and sex. She made a presentation for them of usage of a butt plug, a dildo, and a vibrator. To her dismay the oldest boy forbid her to come while she presented how a girl masturbates.

The final humiliation came when, under their insistence, Lilly gave herself an enema, with the three boys crowded in the small bathroom, watching. She saw interest in their eyes, but was worried it would ruin the mood and their lust for her body. When she expressed her concerns the boys said she should not worry, and after bursa merkez escort her show, all of them wanted to fuck her ass. She also learned at that moment that the boy who was supposed get her ass in the final photo, was of course the oldest.

The intimate feel of their small group was soon broken, when the dad returned, with six of the boys friends (who were being entertained by other girls), an uncle and the coach of one of the boys. Although a hood was placed over Lilly’s face, in front of all these people she suddenly felt much more naked than before.

In front of the eyes of all the gathered, Lilly was made to straddle the middle boy, who laid on his back, and start to fuck him. She then was fed the youngest boy’s cock and soon was deep-throating him. Finally to the cheer of the public, the eldest boy forced his cock into her tight ass, making her wince in discomfort. Flashes started to echo around the room, as the guests were catching the moment, ordering Lilly to strain her back, move her hands or take the cock deeper down her throat.

The uncle got an round of applause when he tied her hands behind her back and took off the last piece of her clothing, the skirt, off. He attached a chain to her nipples, and proceeded to hang small weights on it. Lilly felt like her nipples were going to be ripped of her chest any second, when the chain swayed as the three boys thrust her between each other.

— “You can come only when all three of us jizz inside of you.” — whispered the eldest boy fucking her ass — “Not a second earlier.”

Lilly was really uncomfortable, her ass was being violated, her throat stretched, and half a dozen people were watching. But she still came, just as the boy ordered her, the moment all the boys came inside of her. The came in quick succession, first the boy in her pussy, followed by the youngest boy in her mouth, and just as she was drinking the last drops of cum from his cock, the boy behind her said out loud “Come for us whore!”, and fucked her anal passage with long strong thrusts, nearly pulling out his long cock with every go. And only just a few thrusts, he came, deep in her bowels. And the moment Lilly felt the first spurs of cum being pumped up her tight ass, she exploded into an orgasm bursa sınırsız escort which was building throughout the evening.

This of course brought a lot of comment from the audience.

Finally she was dumped on the bed, used and exhausted. The boys proceeded to open some presents they received from the guests, while anyone who wanted, went to her limp body, and raped any of her holes they wanted.

After the party wrapped up, and everybody left, Lilly laid on the bed, feeling cum leaking out of her holes, knowing Jose will make her take off the sheets and carry them to the laundry. As the door opened, Lilly got ready to get up, thinking it’s one of her handlers, but she realized it was the youngest boy. Not knowing if he came for dessert, she laid still.

— “I …” — he said in a whisper — “We … We just wanted you to know, it was fun talking with you.”

Lilly smiled.

— “It was fun for me also.” — she whispered back — “I hope you also enjoyed fucking me. I’m not only a smart brain, you know.” — she joked, making the boy exhale through his nose.

— “Yes. That too.” — he said — “Thank you.”

— “No need, sir.” — she said, taking his hand into her pal — “That’s what I exist for.” — she said kissing his hand gently — “I’m just sorry my filthy cunt is not worthy to be your first. Your first time should be with a girl, not a lousy whore like me.”

— “Don’t say that.” — he said, blushing.

— “I’m serious. I’m sure you’ll find girls lining up for you, so make sure to choose wisely.”

— “And what do you think should be the criterium of choice, wise ass?”

He clearly meant it as a joke, but Lilly pondered his question for a second in silence.

— “Apart from not being a house prostitute, available for use 24/7?”

— “Yes. Apart from that.”

— “Take the most intelligent, nerdy girl. The one with the best grades from science. The one everybody thinks is a geek, and is shy. And then fuck her brains out.” — she said

The boy smiled.

— “I may just do that.” — he said while rising up — “But I may have to go steady then.” — he smiled — “I don’t want to ruin some bright girl’s heart.”

Lilly smiled at him.

— “Until then, you are always welcome down my throat.” — she said with a playful wink.

— “I have to say, there are some cheerleader throats, I would want to probe.” — he said while grabbing for the door.

— “That’s the spirit!” — she shouted to him, as he was leaving.

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