The Gigolo Project Ch. 15

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Victor arrives at the Honey Private Academy for Women possibly for the last time since last night with The Starks women was his final gig as a professional gigolo. He enters the headmistress’s chambers and is taken aback by Cassandra’s self-control as the two of them would be fucking by the time he enters.

“Please have a seat,” she suggested.

Victor takes a seat in front of her desk, eagerly awaiting her intriguing proposal with a nice 20 grand bonus attached.

“Officially last night was your last obligation as a gigolo for the academy. You were chosen because of your amazing fat cock and you accepted because you needed the money. You were given eight girls as clients and every one of them has been reported as satisfied. I even heard you defrosted Ester and fucked our wealthiest contributor and former member of the academy Elaine. She hasn’t been involved in the gigolo project personally in years. You must have made quite an impression fucking her youngest daughter.”

Smiling, Victor replies, “I aimed to please and last night as well as my entire experience will be a memorable one.”

“Indeed it will be and I would like to up the stakes. Although you are no longer a paid professional gigolo, I would still like to offer you $20,000 to perform this Saturday at Kendra’s bachelorette party. Her matron of honor came up with the idea of Kendra’s last days as a single woman go out with a bang, figuratively speaking. There will be other women guests there including my 22-old-year niece Mallory. And yes, in case you’re wondering, she has ginormous titties and unlike my own, hers are a true gift from God,” teased Cassandra as she explained the offer to Victor. The old gigolo begins to wonder if Mallory’s breasts are anything like young Evelyn’s humongous fun bags, he might die a happy man.

“So are you up for one last unofficial job?” Cassandra asked.

Victor didn’t hesitate in his answer. “I accept.”

Cassandra gleefully smiles, “Good, good… There is one minor detail I left out. You won’t be the only gigolo at the bachelorette party. You will be meeting for the first time a young man named Cord. He has been working as a gigolo around the same time I hired you and coming out of retirement for this special night will be Demetrius King. He’s one of the most infamous gigolos this academy ever hired 25 years ago… And it has been nearly as long since I had his massive black cock inside me,” she concluded with a wicked smile.

Victor returns home immediately after the meeting and before he left, Cassandra advised him not to masturbate and to save up his spunky load for the big night. He took her advice and before he knew it, Saturday night arrived. He followed the location details given to him by Cassandra to a local bar that is closed to the public due to hosting a private event. He was told to arrive 30 minutes early so she can go over the details of the bachelorette party.

Upon arriving at the backstage area, Victor and Cord meet for the first time.

“Wassup old dude,” Cord shouted sticking his hand out to Victor. The young gigolo is taken aback by Victor’s age and couldn’t believe he was able to fuck so many young women.

“The name’s Victor, kid,” he replied giving Cord a firm handshake. Cord is everything Victor expected a younger gigolo would look and sound like.

Headmistress Cassandra, wearing a skin-tight red dress with her huge fake melons nearly popping out at the top and deep cleavage in the center, and a much older woman with sizable boobs housed in a button-up tight green blouse approach the two men.

Name: Cassandra

Age: 45

Height: 5’8

Eye Color: Chestnut Brown

Hair Color/Style: Reddish Brown, mid back

Bust size: 34E (Enhanced but moves naturally)

Occupation: Headmistress of the Honey Private Academy for Women

“Victor, Cord, this is Barbara. She’s Kendra’s aunt and owner of this fine establishment,” Cassandra introduced.

Name: Barbara

Age: 65

Height: 5’3

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Style: Brunette, classic bob

Bust size: 34D

Occupation: Bar owner and recent widower

Barbara greets, “Hello gentlemen, it’s nice to meet you both. I don’t have any children of my own, so Kendra and her sister are like daughters to me. I want to make sure Kendra has a night she will never forget because once you’re married, nights like these are over,” she laughed and quickly follows up, “Unless you’re a couple of freaks of course.”

“Where’s this famous Demetrius King?” asked a curious Cord.

“He’ll be here soon with his task,” Cassandra replied and continues, “But as far as you two go, servicing drinks among other things will be your duty for tonight.”

Barbara hands black garment carriers each to Cord and Victor. “These are your costumes, gentlemen. Can’t wait to see you in them,” gaziantep lezbiyen escort she ended with a wide pearly-white smile showcasing her false dentures.

As she walks out, Cassandra turns around and says loudly, “Get dressed, boys! The bride-to-be and all her guests are here. It almost shows time!” And on cue, hip-hop music blares on the loudspeakers thumping the bar.

Victor is to emerge from the backstage area to the dim-lighted, disco ball-spinning, loud-music barroom wearing a red bowtie and low-rise red thong that outlined the fat bulge of his dick. This is by far the most embarrassing situation he has ever been involved in dressed like a chip-n-dale stripper passed his youth.

The first person he spots in the barroom is the female disc jockey who goes by the name DJ Candy Yams for two enormous reasons.

Name: Candy Yams

Age: 35

Height: 5’4

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color/Style: Long dreads with a mixture of black and blonde

Bust size: 36J

Occupation: Disc Jockey and music producer

The animated DJ is wearing a see-thru black mesh top with big star pasties covering her nipples but failed to fully cover her massive dark areolas. As she moves to the tempo of the music, her humongous knockers sway and bounce erotically. The bulge in Victor’s thong rapidly grows bigger as his eyes bounce to the DJ’s oversize bosoms.

“I certainly hope she’s on the menu tonight, my god, those are some huge ass titties!” Cord commented as he enters the barroom. He’s wearing the same skimpy outfit as Victor except his thong is blue.

“Over here, gentlemen,” Barbara shouted from the bar on the other side of the barroom.

“Let’s go, old-timer. Time to get our dicks wet,” said Cord, patting Victor on the back.

As the two gigolos make their way over to Barbara, they are wooed and whistled at by Kendra and her party guests.

“Oh my god! Look at the size of the young one’s package in this thong!” screamed one woman.

“Hey, baby! I like older men with fat wallets and fat cocks,” exclaimed another woman.

“Is the older guy the one you had sex with?” another woman asked Kendra and Kendra replies, “Yes, that’s him.”

Victor and Cord greet Barbara at the bar and she hands them each a tray with shot glasses.

“All right, fellas. Tonight is going to a party in which the likes you’ve never experienced before. Let’s take these shots over to the girls for a proper introduction,” Barbara informed them.

Victor is thinking Barbara might be right, although would this night be able to compete against the sweat-dripping, loud-moaning foursome he was involved in a couple of days ago with 3 of the most beautiful and bustiest women he could ever imagine? And now he has been thrown into a group consisting of seven women and the task to satisfy them despite not being the only gigolos invited. He would have preferred to face this challenge alone.

Arriving at the bachelorette party table with drinks already scattered across the table, Barbara does the introductions while Cord and Victor hand out shots.

“Ladies, meet Victor and Cord. They are two of Cassandra’s best men at our disposal tonight.” All the women chuckled before Barbara continues, “You guys know the bride-to-be. Next to Kendra is her younger sister Piper. The woman next to Piper is Darby, Kendra’s fiancé’s sister. On the other side sitting next to Kendra is the one responsible for this party and her matron of honor, Nicole, and beside her is Cassandra’s beautiful niece Mallory.

Name: Kendra

Age: 38

Height: 5’6

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Hair Color/Style: Ash blonde, shoulder-length

Bust size: 30A

Occupation: Head of the HRD at the Honey Private Academy ginormous. Her calcium cannons were overflowing the top of her hot pink dress, showcasing mile-long cleavage. Mallory smiles at Victor showing off the mental braces in her mouth. The buxom Darby is also packing some serious heavy-duty sized jugs inside a skin-tight tan dress and Piper has enough boob flesh on her small body to share with her sister Kendra. Victor’s new affection for giant tits didn’t persuade him against women with smaller tits like Kendra and her matron of honor Nicole. At the end of the day, it’s the sex that mattered most.

“At ease, soldier,” Darby chuckled, mentioning the extended thick bulge in Victor’s thong.

“When can we get the real party started?” asked an impatient Nicole as she stood and grabs a handful of Cord’s junk, gasping at the size still in a flaccid state.

“ALL RIGHT, LADIES! STRIPPER TIME!” shouted DJ Candy Yams as she turns up the volume to the fast-beat music.

The women start going wild as an older Black-American male juiced on steroids dances his way onto the stage wearing a escort gaziantep lezbiyen stereotypical construction man uniform.

Name: Demetrius King

Age: 59

Height: 6’4

Eye Color: Charcoal

Hair Color/Style: Bald

Penis Size: 11 1/2 inches

Occupation: Part-time stripper, full-time porn star

“Wait, wait, wait… That’s Demetrius King?! Mr. Boa Constrictor!” Cord exclaimed a bit star stuck by Demetrius and continues, “Holy shit, no way. I’ve seen several of his films, holy fuck. We have to compete with him?”

“It’s not a competition, young stud. Just giving the women a variety to choose from,” Barbara informed a stunned Cord.

Victor didn’t know who Demetrius King is as he never watched a porno, but now he is getting his first look at the man Cord referred to as Mr. Boa Constrictor. He can only guess how Demetrius got that stage name.

Except for Mallory and Nicole, the other ecstatic women race to the stage to watch Demetrius strip out of his construction uniform. Once he’s down to his g-sting and brown construction boots, his body isn’t as ripped as it once was. He is still thick mixed with a dad bod belly, but one part of him stayed the same and that’s his gigantic cock as it swelled largely under his g-sting. His massive black balls had already escaped and hung dangling between his muscular thighs.

“SHAKE THAT BIG COCK, BIG BOY!” DJ Candy shouted mixing the music.

“TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF!” a vociferous Darby chanted.

Demetrius responds, “I’m going to need some help from the soon-to-be bride,” as he thrusts his pelvis, waggling his monster cock and balls in Kendra’s blushing face.

With a little push from her sister Piper, Kendra giggles like a school as she grabs the sides of his g-string and lowers it revealing his boa constrictor; an incredibly huge 11 1/2 inch penis with thick rounded balls attached underneath.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!” Kendra exclaimed in total shock. The rest of the women near the stage gasp loudly at the reveal of Demetrius’ near-foot-long ebony cock throbbing with thick veins.

Then suddenly out from behind the curtains, Cassandra walks onto the stage wearing a laced black bustier top with her huge fake tits heaving and wobbling inside and black leather pants. In her hand, Cassandra carries a bottle of massage oil and begins squirting the oil over Demetrius’ body and horse cock.

“Nice to see you again, darling,” spoke Demetrius, gyrating his hips causing his monstrous slab of meat to swing between his beefy legs.

Cassandra gasps, “No matter how many times I’ve seen your penis, I’m still amazed,” and begins to massage the oil in his bulky torso and continues, “This is certainly a three-person job. Do I have two volunteers?”

Both Darby and Piper hop on stage and position themselves on opposite sides of his muscular thighs, grabbing his hanging thick log and balls. Both girls took turns sucking on his monstrous fuck stick, stretching their lips over 3-4 inches of his lengthy meaty shaft and overworking muscles in their jaws they never knew existed. The girl that isn’t sucking his cock took care of his balls, licking and sucking big mouthfuls of his hanging scrotum.

As the action on stage is getting hot and heavy, Cord is getting some action as Nicole sat beside him in the bachelorette booth, kissing and licking his face while one of her hands is busy jerking his stiff shaft over his blue thong.

“You’re lips feel so good, baby. How about putting them to work on my dick,” Cord groaned, lowering his blue thong to reveal his huge throbbing dick to Nicole’s wide eyes.

Nicole confesses, “I’ve never sucked a white guy’s penis before, let alone seen so big other than in porn movies.”

Barbara chimes in, “Pucker up those big pouty lips of yours and suck that cock because I’m tempted too.”

Nicole chuckles as she lowers her mouth onto Cord’s cock, first licking around the bloated pink crown and then dragging her tongue up and down the pulsing shaft. After a few seconds, she puckers her lips over his dickhead and lightly suckle. She jerks and fist-pumps the base of his shaft while her lips stretch and stroke up and down the rest of his hardened meat. At times, Nicole would release his big fat dick from her warm mouth and slaps it against her thick tongue before resuming her sloppy head job making the young gigolo moan in pleasure.

“That’s it, baby girl. Suck him nice and good,” cheered an observing Barbara while unbuttoning her blouse exposing her plain white bra.

On the opposite side, Victor and Mallory observe everything unfolding.

“Wow… It’s getting pretty wild in here,” a nervous Mallory mentioned.

“Yeah… This is usually not my type of thing, but I owe a favor to Cassandra and I’m gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar being paid,” Victor replied bluntly.

“I see. Working for my aunt as a gigolo, huh? Never would have guessed a man of your age would do that kind of work. Having sex with women must younger than you must be exhausting.”

“Oh, I keep up just fine. Not too long ago I had a crazy foursome that lasted close to 2 hours. It was taxing but worth it. If you want we can go somewhere more secluded and rejoin the party later?”

Mallory smiles, “Okay. I would like that.”

The pair head to the backstage area, but not before passing Cassandra and getting a nod of approval. Once backstage, the two sat on a large green couch and Victor couldn’t help but marvel at the size of Mallory’s mammoth rack.

“You know, before I took the gigolo gig, I’ve never been with a woman with more than a handful,” Victor said pointing to Mallory’s chest and continues, “Becoming a gigolo, I’ve been with several women with some pretty big breasts and yours by far rank up there with some of the biggest I have ever seen or would like to see…”

Mallory blushes, replying, “Well they have always been quite enormous since my adolescence year and now that I’m 22, I filled out a double K.”

Victor groans, “Double K?! Oh wow. I bet the men in your neighborhood are lined up around the block to see them and touch them among other naughty things.”

“Sadly, I’ve only had 2 serious boyfriends in which neither paid much attention to my huge breasts and a couple of drunken one-nighters with a friend who was more than happy to receive a tit-fuck,” Mallory explained and continues, “I’m assuming you would like to receive a tit-fuck between my double K cups?”

“If I’m ever so lucky to receive one from such a more than generous pair, I’ll be blessed,” he mockingly replied.

Mallory reaches over to fondle Victor’s swelled package over his thong. “Then you’re about to be blessed.”

She stands in front of Victor pulling down the straps of her hot pink dress revealing a giant heavy-duty homely black bra with thick straps digging into her shoulders and the massive cups doing little to contain the abundance of tit flesh running over. She steps out of the dress and reaches behind to undo the multiple hooks to her bra.

After a few fumbles, the chesty 22-year-old manages to undo her frumpy bra allowing the mega-sized contraption to drop at her feet releasing two titanic-sized snowy flesh balloons that fall towards her bellybutton, crowned with huge light-pink areolas and red flat nipples at the center.

Victor has experienced some truly colossally epic tits during his time as a gigolo with the biggest cup sizes belonging to Maki, Liberty, and Elaine and Mallory’s full-bottomed meat bags of pleasure rank right up.

“Oh my,” the former gigolo gasped pulling his rock-hard fully erected cock from his thong.

Young Mallory chuckles at Victor’s dumbfounded response and facial expression as she bounces, flops, jiggle, sway, and slap her humongous knockers together for his viewing pleasure. The heavy soft flesh of her tits outmatched her small hands.

“Are you ready?” she teased, leaning forward to dangle her heavyweight melons, shaking her shoulders to move her oversized flesh udders from side to side.

Victor longingly stares and drools as Mallory moves toward him with her mammoth meat balloons erotically swaying. She leans over his lap with her colossal fat boobs dangling down and playfully slaps his stone-hard boner. She sways and shimmies her shoulders, beating and slapping his fat cock with her gargantuan succulent tits before resting them on his thighs. He groans in pleasure, “Uuuhhhhh,” at the sensual feeling of Mallory’s oversized soft-pillowed jugs covering every inch of his hairy thighs and smothering his turgid manhood.

Mallory gasps, “Wow, you’re so hard in between my breasts. A normal reaction I’m used to with my girls,” she chuckled and proceeds to bounce her glorious plump double K’s up and down his shaft, swallowing the entire hardened length. She frequently sends wads of spit down inside her cleavage for added lubrication.

A groaning Victor suggests, “Might be better if you take my dick out and suck on it a little.”

“Of course,” agreed a smiling Mallory. She releases his swollen member from the prisons of her titanic breasts and slides his dick in her mouth, milking his shaft for all its worth between her stroking lips.

Meanwhile, in the barroom, Demetrius is seated in a chair on stage being serviced with a double titfuck from Darby and Piper. The size difference between their breasts is alluring as Piper’s big perky soft jugs are stacked on top of Darby’s enormous golden-tanned mounds of pleasure. Demetrius grunts feeblemindedly with each stroke of the women’s huge tits.

“Okay, ladies, ladies, you’re hogging up all the fun. I think the bride-to-be should get the first taste of his big black cock in her pussy,” shouted Barbara.

Darby and Piper remove their breasts off Demetrius leaving his immensely hard dick soaked in saliva and pre-cum. While keeping her dress on, Kendra slips her drenched panties off, nervously eying the monstrous black throbbing cock.

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