The Gift


It was our fifth anniversary, and my husband had told me to hurry home from work – he said he had a special evening planned. I was incredibly excited. After a big rough patch, Dave and I were finally really happy in our marriage once again- and having some of the best sex we’d ever had. I was hoping maybe he had decided to buy a special new sex toy to spice up our evening. It was torture counting down the minutes until I could leave work.

On my way home I grinned while thinking about the night ahead. Recently we had begun exploring some real kink together, and I was hoping for maybe a little bondage, a sensual paddling, something truly “special”. Dave had a very creative mind, and I knew he would make it an evening worth remembering.

When I got home, I noticed a strange car in the driveway and frowned. Company? What lousy timing. Practically pouting, I made my way into the house. When I entered the kitchen I heard two male voices coming from the living room- one was Dave’s, the other I didn’t recognize.

“Honey?” I heard Dave call

“Yeah, it’s me.” I called back, removing my shoes

“Come in here. I have someone I want you to meet.” Sighing, I made my way into the living room. So much for kicking off our special evening. When I entered the living room, I saw Dave was seated on the couch, and a strange man was sitting on the loveseat near him.

“Honey, this is Paul.” He nodded at the man on the love seat.

“Hey.” Said Paul, extending his hand. I took his hand briefly, noting how big they were, enveloping my own small hand easily. I took that opportunity to look him over a little more closely. His eyes were dark blue, set nicely in a strong face. He smirked a little, a few strands of sandy blonde hair falling into his face. His shoulders were broad, but it was hard to judge his size while he was sitting.

“Nice to meet you Paul.” I said pulling my hand back. Dave gestured for me to go to him and I did. He pulled me abruptly into his lap, and I couldn’t keep the shock off my face. He wasn’t really into displays of affection this drastic, especially in front of people I didn’t even know. As he pulled me back further into his lap, I felt his rock hard erection against the back of my skirt. I tried not to grin.

“Cat, I invited Paul here to help enjoy our special evening.” I looked back at Dave confused, and then to Paul who was still wearing a casual smirk.

“Um, what is it he does exactly? Tricks?” I laughed nervously, gaziantep escort ilanları but neither of the men laughed with me. I shifted uncomfortable on Dave’s lap. “Seriously, what does he have to do with our anniversary?”

“Why Cat, he’s your present.” At this both of the men finally laughed. Before I could ask another question Dave buried his fingers in my hair and pulled my mouth to his, kissing me deeply, his tongue aggressively caressing the inside of my mouth. As he kissed me, I felt his other hand quickly unbuttoning the front of my blouse. I pulled back from his mouth, ignoring the sudden painful jerk again my hair.

“Dave, what the hell are you doing?” Dave just grinned, tightening his grip on my hair as he continued to work my buttons with his other hand. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Paul stand and move towards my back. Before I knew what was happening, Paul’s large hands were sliding down the front of me moving inside my bra to cup my breasts. I froze in shock as he fingers found my nipples, pinching them gently.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I raised my hands to push Paul away, but Dave grabbed my wrists in his free hand, the other hand jerking my head back painfully.

“He’s giving you what you want honey. Just relax and enjoy it.” He pulled my face to his once again and began to kiss me while my mind reeled. Paul’s fingers continued to work my nipples, tweeking them a bit harder, and I fought the urge to moan again Dave’s mouth.

It was then that I remembered that when Dave and I had been fixing our marriage, we had opened up about our deepest, darkest fantasies. After a lot of prodding, I had revealed that I had always wanted to be with two men at a time. When Dave said he might be willing to try that with me, I had shut down the idea quickly. I had protested that it was just a fantasy, that it would cause to many hurt feelings and lingering issues. I was happy to leave it a fantasy. Apparently Dave hadn’t believed me.

I felt Dave grind his hard cock against my ass while he kissed me, and one of Paul’s hands came away from my nipples to work the clasp on my bra, freeing my breasts completely. He tugged off my open blouse and the bra, and then went back to playing with my breasts. I felt myself grow wet, on the verge of whimpering in total pleasure, and fought to hold myself together, pulling away from Dave’s mouth again.

“Please Dave, Paul, stop this. I didn’t mean it. It was just a fantasy. We can’t do this.” I struggled against his and he gripped my wrists tighter.

“I know you want this baby. Paul is here to help. Just be quiet and enjoy it.” I didn’t know what to say. I felt Paul remove his hands from my tits and then heard the telltale signs of him removing his clothes. Unzipping his pants. I trembled a little against Dave and he grinned, his warm brown eyes full of wickedness. He placed both hands on my arms and turned me on his lap to face outward again.

I was met with the sight of Paul’s bared cock, large and erect. Seeing him standing, he was quite imposing, his deep blue eyes staring at me intently. I felt Dave’s hand at the back of my head, pushing me forward towards Paul’s cock. Dave’s mouth was at my ear, his breath hot and heavy

“Suck his cock baby.” I pushed back against his hand in protest, but he pushed me forward firmly and Paul stepped forward, the head of his cock pushing up against my closed lips. “Do it Cat,” Dave purred against my ear “Just do it, I did this all for you. Please just appreciate it. “With that, I felt my lips open, taking the head of Pauls’ cock into my mouth. He pushed his hips forward abruptly, and I felt his cock fill my throat, nearly choking me.

“Good girl.” Dave breather in spproval. Despite myself, I basked in his approval, sucking on Paul’s cock now with true enthusiasm. As I did that, I felt Dave raise my ass up slightly, working the zipper on my skirt and putting my feet on the floor. Making sure I remained bent over Pauls’ cock, Dave moved to stand behind me, pulling down my skirt and panties, leaving me in just my black thigh highs as I sucked Paul’s cock. Paul gripped my face and began to fuck my face in earnest, making me grasp and struggle a bit. Dave pulled my hips back gently to sit on his lap once again, only this time, I felt his skin against mine as he settled me into his naked lap.

I groaned against Paul’s cock as I felt Dave’s fingers slip inside my incredibly wet pussy. After working me with his fingers for a few minutes, Dave moved my hips back and slid his big thick cock inside me. I pulled my mouth of Paul’s dick, gasping and groaning loudly at the feel of Dave’s cock inside me. He fit me so perfectly he almost always brought me to orgasm within minutes of being inside me. I watched through half closed lids as Paul stroked his cock, lubricated in my saliva, as I moved eagerly on Dave’s cock.

Paul knelt in front of me, taking one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking it hard, and flicking it with his tongue. His hand, played with my other nipple, and seconds later, I was cumming hard on Dave’s cock. I shuddered and whimpered, my body shaking with the intensity of my orgasm. Dave patted my ass in approval.

“Get on your knees” Dave said, lifting me off his cock. I obeyed, done with fighting. I got down on the floor on all fours, and felt Dave move behind me. Paul slid himself beneath me, and his mouth found my pussy, his tongue moving over my clit. Dave moved his fingers against my ass, and I felt the familiar slickness of lube against my ass. Gently, Dave inserted his finger in my ass, working it gently. I had only recently come to enjoy ass play, but I pushed against his finger eagerly, Paul’s skillful tongue driving my excitement. After a minute, Dave inserted another finger and I moaned loudly, feeling another orgasm build.

Once he felt he had me properly warmed up, I felt the head of Dave’s cock against my ass, and I tensed slightly. We had only had anal sex a few times, and I knew how much Dave loved it. As Paul worked my pussy with his mouth, I relaxed against Dave’s cock as he pushed it gently in my ass. Before I knew it, his entire cock was inside my ass, then moving slowly.

“Oh yes!” I cried, and before I knew it, my body was in the grip of another powerful orgasm. Paul’s mouth worked against me hard, licking up my juices as Dave fucked my ass a little harder. “Oh yes, fuck me.” I moaned. I watched as Paul slid out from under me, turning and sliding back beneath me. He raised his hips and his cock was in my pussy, both men now fucking me hard.

I had never been doubly penetrated before, and it threatened to completely overwhelm me. I steadied myself with my hands, feeling like the men would split me in half any moment. I felt Dave tense and knew he was close to cumming- he never lasted long when he was inside my tight ass. Paul grunted beneath me as well, fighting against his own orgasm.

It was Paul who gave out first. I felt him pull out of me abruptly, and then his hot cum was hitting my breasts from below. The sensation pushed me over the edge and I came again as Dave continued to fuck my ass. Soon, he couldn’t handle it any longer, and I felt his cock spasm inside me, filling my ass with his cum. When he was finished he pulled out, drawing me down to the floor, to lay my head against his chest. Paul’s strong, warm legs pushed against my back, his cum still hot and sticky against my tits. I sighed contentedly against Dave’s chest.

“Happy Anniversary Honey. Hope you liked your gift.”

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