The Game

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Note-I can be SOOOOO dumb. I should know better about the twins age difference, out of common sense, and my Dad is a twin.

* * * * *

“It’s SOOOO great to see you,” Michelle squealed. “Come in,” her twin ushered.

Her 21 year old twin walked inside. Her name was Wendy. She has blue eyes and straight blonde hair that went down to the middle of her back. Some people called her Claudia, after the supermodel Claudia Schiffer. Her body was slim with perky breasts. B cup. She wished they could be bigger like her sister’s, but they could still turn people’s heads. Her waist was her proudest feature, with fairly nice thighs, long legs, and a ass to die for. She’s noticed men,(and some woman,) staring at her as she walked down the hall of her college.

Wendy looked around her sibling’s house, mesmerized. “MY GOD. You have such a nice place.”


The teen walked down the hall, fixing her gaze on a picture of them, putting their arms around each other.

“I remember this. It was the best day of my life.” She felt breathing on her neck.

“I remember it, too.” Michelle whispered in her ear. Her hands groping her butt. “It was the day I made you a women.” Her hands slowly rubbed her silk bottom. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.”

“Aren’t you expecting Nora?”

The lovely woman wasn’t listening. She grabbed her sister’s snatch and massaged it through the tight black material.

“OH. Just like that. Finger me.” she muttered.

The blonde’s expert fingers slid down her pants and traveled around her shaved entrance.

“Mmmm. Make me cum on her hand, nasty slut.”

Her fingers quickened at the mention of “slut.” She was pushing her digits into Wendy so fast that her teen sister’s bottom was slapping against her cunt. “You like that, don’t you?” she hissed.

“YESSS. I’M SOOOOO WET. Can you feel my juices?”

“UM HUM. CUM, YOU DIRTY GIRL.” Her sister thumped her organ against her twin’s backside, pretending she had a cock.

I’M CUUMMING.” she announced.

Just then they heard a knock on the door.

“GREAT. Perfect timing, as always, Nora.” The blondes composed themselves, before Michele opened the door. “Hi, cous.” she said, beet red.

She waved. Their cousin wasn’t much of a talker. She had shiny brunette hair that went to the middle of her back. People told her she looked like Jennifer Aniston before her haircut. “I though I heard noises.”

“Nope,” Wendy said, trying to conceal her embarrassment.

“GOD, Micky, you look so hot. Do you have a temp?”

“I’ll be alright.” However, she was still looked beet red.

“Bull. I know you would never complain of being sick, even if you are.”

Stupid nurses, always so protective.

“I can’t take thermometer’s orally.” she lied.

Nora knew this to be a lie, However, she nodded. “Ok, well have to do this rectally.”

OH MY. she thought exited. She LOVED anal, even if it was a little plastic utensil.

Her cebeci escort older cousin, 23, fumbled in her purse. “Here it is. Never can be too prepared.” she shook the small tube. “Here we go. Ready?” Without waited for a response the lovely woman buried the thermometer up her hole.

“Ouch.” she squealed, in mock pain.

“Relax.” she soothed, rubbing a cheek.

Wendy just observed this right in front of her twin. Mine, this is hot. However, she kept her hands folded in front of her chest, trying desperately not to touch herself.


UM. “Hey, what’s the deal, cous?”

“Sorry. Just keeping you awake.” She watched intensely as her relatives ass shook. Why is this turning me on? she wondered. “Ok, all done.” she released the thermometer from her cousin’s anus. Looking at it, she looked upset.

“What’s wrong? I’m not sick?”

She smiled at Michelle. “Your fine.”

“Told ya.”

Wendy chimed up for the first time since Nora came in. “How about we play a game.”

Her twin pulled up her black Jeans. “What kind of game?” she asked, sitting down on the couch. “OW.” she winced.

“That doesn’t hurt.

“Truth or Dare.” I love that game.”

“All right. You go first.”

“K.” The beauty looked longingly at Michelle. “Have you ever had sex with a woman?”


“Answer the question.” the twin unabashedly pinched both nipples. “Oh.”

“Y-yes.” she stuttered, getting flushed again from looking at her sister.

“That’s so naughty.” Wendy whispered, rubbing her crotch. “YEAH. It is REALLY nasty.”

Their cousin just stared, shock at her relatives bold behavior. “What are you doing?”

Michele looked at her lovely sibling. “Ok, Wend. Same question.”

She put her hands under her tights. She violently shoved her fingers inside her tunnel. “YEAH.” she squealed. “OH GOD, YES. I LOOVE A WOMAN’S TOUCH.” the beautiful vixen had her eyes shut. “FINGER MY PUSSY, SIS.” she barked.

Michelle coughed.

“What’s she talking about?” the brunette asked, confused.

“I-I’m n-not sure.” she shyly looked at her cousin. “I-um…”she just gave up and kissed her. She put a hand on Nora’s waist.

Nora was stunned by this situation, however she kissed her back. Not as a relative, but hot and hard, like a lover.

“Mmmmm.” they groaned.

“YESSS. I’M CUMMING.” they heard the blonde screech. “AHHHH.” Wendy’s massive eruption exploded around her hand and dribbled down her creamy white thigh.

Nora took the initiative and pooped her tongue in her cousin’s mouth. She was forcing herself on Michelle so furiously that the blonde fell flat on her back. At last their kiss broke. “Your so lovely.” she panted.

“I love you to.” the teenager put her finger in the brunette’s waistband and pulled them to her knees.

The teen kicked them off.

The twins cousin put her lips on the beauties thigh and nuzzled it.

“OHHHH. cebeci escort bayan LICK ME.” she whimpered.

The lovely older woman grabbed the her by her hips to steady her and slowly licked her silky thigh.

“YESSS. MAKE ME CUM.” Michelle arched her back and grabbed the back of Nora’s head. “FUCKING BITCH.” she roared. “EAT ME.”

She teased her wet entrance with her tongue. circiling it.

“YEAH. I LOOVE IT.” Michelle barked. She humped her face violently. “UM. GOD. NASTY GIRL. YOU LIKE MY CUNT?”


The blonde closed her eyes and shoved her wetness into her cousin harder, getting a gag reflex from her.

“OH. I LOVE IT. GAG ON MY PUSSY.” she gave the woman one final thump. “I’M CUMMING.” she screamed. Micheele opened her eyes. “AHHHH.” The teenager lowered her gaze and looked at her relative as she lapped up her sticky filth. “Lick it.” she insisted. “Clean me up.”

As she licked the last drop, Nora straightened herself out.

“I love you.” she whispered.

“I love you, too.” she responded, and gave her a quick peek on her moist lips. “Wait here.” she said, as a wicked grin graced her lips. Getting up, she grabbed her twin by the wrist. “Come with me.”

They walked down the hall and went into the bathroom.

As the door shut, the brunette turned her attention to her tits. “Mmmm.” she groaned, squueezing her large nipples. “Oh, Mic.” she muttered. “Lick my breasts.” Nora massagged her chest and watched them bounce under the touch. One thing that they all were blessed with is large jugs. She tortured her boobs for 5 more minutes. Geeting angry, she wheeled around on the couch. “What the hell is taking so long? Constipated?”

Just then the lovely nurse heard the twins giggling uncontrolably.

“What’s so funny?” Just then she got the answer. The 2 sister’s walked into the hall wearing huge black strap-on’s. They were laughing because they were about to break their cousin into this tremendous pleasure. “Oh my.” she said, astonished. “I don’t know if I can take that.”

Wendy just stroked Nora’s hair, which was matted to her shoulders after the exercise she just recieved. “Hush. Will take good care of you.”

Her sister nodded. “That’s right.” The teen massagged her leg. “We would never hurt you. Well…”she grinned.

“Get up.” the lovely girl commanded.

Nora obeyed.

The lovely teenager took her cousisn’s place on the sofa. “Now.” she snapped her fingers and pointed to the cock. “Sit.”

The woman bend down and the plastic tickled her anus. “NOOOOO.” she sqealed.

“Shut up.” Wendy grabbed her waist and impaled her hole on the device.

“OW.” she whined.

The beauty ignored her and thrust her hips on the didldo harder. “NASTY WHORE.” she hissed. “OH. Your ass is soooo tight.”

As it should be, since this was the first time I’ve had something up my poop chute.

Micheele just gaved, lovingly at the escort cebeci sight. She stared at their cousin with glazed eyes. “You like that?”

No response

The blonde grabbed her by a lock of hair. Michelle hissed “I said, do you like it?”

“YESSSS.” she lied.

This only enraged the twin more. She violently pulled Nora’s hair again. “Don’t you lie to me, slut.”

“I LOVVE IT.” she whaled. This time it was the truth.

“SUCK IT.” the teen commanded.

Nora bend over and Wendy pounded into her shitter harder. “YEAH. YOUR SO HOT.” she screamed in enthusiasm. Her own hips were furiously bucking against their relatives.

The older girl put her lips on the strap-on and teased the blonde with her outer lips.

“SUCK IT.” she grabbed the back of her head and forced the cock to enter Nora’s mouth.

“UMPH.” she grumbled, shocked. As she was giving the teenager a blowjob, the brunette put a finger in her pussy.

“Yeah. Finger yourself.” the younger girl commanded. “Make yourself cum.”

Wendy was still stabbing the penis into her rectum. “Oh. Yes. You like it?” It was a rhetorical question. “Nasty girl.” She thumped her bowels harder with each new thrust. She was shaking so fast that her soft breasts we rubbing against their relatives back. “OH MY GOD.” she screetch.

Nora was pumping also violently pumping her finger in her cunt.

“Um.” she moaned between the dildo.

Michelle was bucking her hips harshly. “Nasty whore. You like that cock?” She pulled it half way out, then shoved it in, gaging the older woman. Her moist tongue licked the length of the plastic. The brunette opened her mouth to show this to her cousin.

“Yeah. Lick it.”

Their relative seductively twirled her tongue in a full circle and slowly licked the tip. As she finished the chore her tongue made a long trail of saliva which looked like pre-cum. “I’M CUUMING.” she announced, as Nora gave her twat one last thrust. “AHHHHH.” Just then the rest of her juices spille on her hand. “I love you guys.” the vixen aditted, offering a finger to Wendy, who greatly accepted it. “Suck my jism.”

The teen gave her cousin a innocent glance as she seductivly cleaned of her digit. “Um.” she said, VERY pleased.

“What about me?” Michelle whined.

Nora faced her and popped a finger in her mouth.

Her lovely blue eyes sweetly looked at the older beauty with heated passion. Her tongue also did amazing tricks on her cum-stained finger. As it twirled in a cirle, the teenager groped their cousin’s large breast.

“UM.” they chimed.

At last she had the entire finger clean.

“You guys are the BEST.” Nora mutterd, giving Michelle one final wet kiss. She twisted her body around and longingly kissed Wendy. Then they all exchaned a hot kiss.

The 3 lovely women composed themselves and hugge good-byes. “Plase cum back. Your ALWAYS welcome.

“We will.” Wendy and Nora chanted. They walke out the door and got in their cars. As they started the engine, both waved. Finally, they were gone.

Note-I apologies for the length of this story. I hate long stories. I am grateful to those that took the time to read it. I hope it kept your attention, if you know what I mean. Feedback is welcome.

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