The Folded Piece of Paper


Do thoughts, dreams, and fantasies count as crossing lines and boundaries we set? Does getting caught up in the moment and not realizing what happened until it’s over count as crossing lines and boundaries? Or does it take planning and a conscious decision to act that crosses the line? At this moment I can’t reconcile if it really happened or a compilation of porn videos I’ve watched over the years influencing my dreams. Either way it’s something I would have never believed I would experience. Yet I can still see every detail and I can still feel the sensations of last night.

As I stood in the kitchen staring at the folded piece of paper laying on the table, I couldn’t pick it up and look at it, I had to write down my thoughts, whether they were actually real or only a dream, I just had to get them written before they faded…

Nica is my perfect partner, from the first time we met, I knew she was perfect. I will never forget the first time I saw her in person, this beautiful tall brunette walking towards me. I took in her overall beauty at five foot seven inches tall, no more than one hundred thirty pounds soaking wet, perky thirty six c breasts, slender hips, and small feet. Her long brunette hair flowing in the cool autumn breeze, half of her hair hung in front of her shoulder and teased my gaze as it gracefully covered her breasts. Her nipples poking at the material of her top made their presence known through the strands of hair draped across them. Her brown eyes and full eyelashes shown clearly beneath her trimmed bangs. Her supple lips glistened and seemed to beckon me to kiss them. The small birthmark on her lower lip only drew my attention to the overwhelming desire to kiss her and taste her full lips. The collar of her sweater drew my attention to her slender neck and I wanted to lean in and nibble the smooth skin. Her petite hands were tipped by French manicured fingernails. Several of her slender fingers were adorned with gold rings and precious stones.

Her long legs were highlighted by her well-fitting blue jeans that hugged her sexy curves perfectly. Her light weight white sweater clung to her body, showing her true from. Trim and toned, her outfit made no attempt to conceal the sexuality underneath. She walked with the confidence and stride of a goddess. With each step I watched her breasts moving slightly under her sweater as her nipples made their location known through the thin material. The blue jeans hugged her hips and the denim seemed to smile as it covered her hidden treasures. We had talked about both of our enjoyment of going commando, oh how I wanted to find out if she was at this moment. My eyes kept moving constantly from her eyes, to her moist and inviting lips, to her fantastic tits, across her toned torso, down her shapely legs, to her sexy shoes, and back up again.

I saw in her eyes that she was looking me over as well. Standing at an even six feet tall, my recent working out had trimmed me down to a healthy one hundred eighty pounds, I was in the best shape of my life. My thirty four inch waist and forty six inch chest showed beneath my clothes. My arms were strong and muscled from years of working in construction. My black hair trimmed just above shoulder length, my trimmed beard and mustache framed my face. My hands, arms, and face showed my dark tan from the summer I spent outside. I saw her smile in approval of what she saw. I took her hand in mine and led us into our future.

Nica and I enjoy a wonderfully active sex life. She and I have similar fantasies, similar sexual appetites, and enjoy an open conversation about what we want from each other. We were both open to new sexual encounters and experiences. I had always envied Nica, she had lived so many of the sexual experiences I had only dreamt about. I wouldn’t say I was sheltered or not experienced, but she had been to places and done things before we met that I wish I had been with her to do. I can remember her telling me about attending fantasy fest in the keys, being in public wearing only a tiny G-string and body paint. She told me about the time she spent at a nudist resort, and the times she belonged to a swinger’s club. All of these were things I had only experienced in exhibitionist fantasy and my adventures on the computer watching porn videos of others.

For me, although I have enjoyed spending as much time as I can in the nude, I’ve only been nude around the house. I did get a few chances to swing with a couple, but never been to an all-out swinger’s club. Until I met Nica, I’ve never been with a sexually open woman that would get naked outdoors, join me in unusual sexual encounters, or indulge my sexual fantasies. I didn’t know how wonderful it was to make fantasies turn into reality until I met her.

Through our time together we have had several new sexual experiences, fulfilled several fantasies, and grown to new sexual heights, each one better than the last. Yesterday we set out early to see what new sexual adventures we could enjoy. We began early in the afternoon, working on removing all of the inhibitions that may limit us Anadolu Yakası Escort in our search for sexual pleasure. Nica mixed herself a top shelf vodka drink, and I downed a few beers. She pulled out our stash of coke and cut us each a few lines. We spent the whole afternoon drinking and doing lines, talking about sex and trying to come up with some new fun sexual ideas.

By early evening we were both getting drunk and the coke had us wired for limitless adventure and ready to go. Nica browsed her closet and picked out a sexy club dress to wear. We still didn’t know where we were headed or what we were going to do, but we were going to find adventure somewhere. Nica slipped out of her clothes and into the shower. When she returned she was wearing only a towel around her hair, her beautiful naked body bronzed completely, her nude sunbathing left no tan lines. Her 36 C breasts perched perfectly on her chest, crowned by dark pink nipples, stiffly sticking out from her puckered areola. Her long legs led up to her perfectly trimmed pussy, her smooth shaved bright pink pussy lips were framed by a narrow strip of black pubic hair above her slit. She sat next to me naked, I was intoxicated by her beauty and sex appeal, as I watched her inhale more of the powdered inhibition remover. I joined her and did another line before I headed off to the shower. My mind swimming with ideas of what adventures awaited us.

I got dressed and drank a few more beers while I waited for Nica to finish getting ready. When she stepped into the room, I almost dropped my beer. My ultra-sexy wife was wearing an Indigo blue dress that may get her arrested depending on where we went. It had slits cut in both sides, showing clearly that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the scant bits of material. The front was a scoop neck that hung open almost down to her belly button, leaving her ample cleavage and toned stomach widely exposed. The two strips of material that covered her tits were pleated and hung loosely enough that her tits would show easily if she wanted to let them. The hem of her dress was about an inch or so from showing her pussy in the front, and the bottom of her ass cheeks in the back. She wouldn’t have to bend over very far to give everyone a good look at her pussy from behind. She could easily expose her pussy depending on how and where she decided to sit. There would be no way she could get in and out of the car without flashing anyone watching.

She leaned over in front of me to pick up her drink and the material fell from her chest, giving me a clear view of her erect nipples. I knew instantly that no matter where we went, she was going to give someone a show. She walked back to the bedroom and slipped on her favorite pair of sexy stilettos, which made her leg muscles show clearly. Her calves shaped beautifully as she stepped, the height of the stilettos shaped her ass beautifully and with the leather straps around her ankles, she had a sex appeal that was impossible to hide. She knew how much I liked it when we went out with her dressed to tease and flash.

Fueled by liquid courage, and high on coke, we headed for the car and started out of the driveway. I could hardly keep my eyes on the road, I kept looking over at my sexy wife in the passenger seat. Her sexy feet in her strappy stilettos were up on the dash, the hem of her dress teasingly close to showing me her treasures. I still wondered what adventures we would find. As I drove, Nica used her manicured nails to distribute some more coke from the small glass bottle she had, to our awaiting noses. With a good buzz going, we decided to stop at an adult toy store and pick up a few things we would play with later and ask them where a good club was.

I parked the car and stepped around to open the door for my wife. She gave me a good show of her pussy as she swung her legs from the car. She smiled as the breeze brushed past her exposed pussy. She stood up and adjusted the hem of her dress, pulling it back down just enough to conceal her freshly shaved treasure. As we stepped through the door every eye in the store was focused on my sexy wife, which turned both of us on even more. We started to walk around the store and Nica bent over to check out a video, and to let her admirers catch a glimpse of her tits. Her nipples were as hard as stone and standing proudly from her supple breasts. Some of the other customers tried to work their way behind her, trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt from behind as she bent down. Nica sure knew how to drive me crazy, teasing and flashing strangers so nonchalantly and casually.

As we continued to browse the aisles of sex toys, restraints, videos, and lingerie we found a few sexy outfits that Nica wanted to try on. The clerk pointed us to a narrow hallway in the back corner of the store where there was a row of changing rooms. Outfits in hand we headed down the row of closed doors until we found an open one. The room was small for the two of us, but I wanted to watch her try on the lacy and strappy outfits she had picked out. I sat on the bench in Pendik Escort the back of the stall as Nica stepped in and latched the door behind her. As she was removing her dress, I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to see a stranger’s dick poking through a hole in the wall between the dressing rooms. Apparently the dressing rooms doubled as glory holes. The stranger’s cock was fully erect, stretching about 7 inches from the base to its circumcised head. It curved upwards from its base in a gentle arch pointing the head almost halfway towards the ceiling.

Thick veins twisted under the skin of the narrow shaft, close enough to the surface that I could see the blood flow through them with each heartbeat. It was surprisingly similar in size to my own cock although the shaft was a little smaller around and curved, where my own cock was thicker and straight. Its mushroom shaped head was glowing a light purple as the blood stretched and filled it. There was a little bit of blonde hair surrounding the base and covering his large balls. The skin of the shaft looked translucent as it stretched to cover the blue veins beneath. The head of his cock was circled with ring of sensitive smooth skin that connected to his throbbing shaft.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol and coke or the total anonymous nature of it, but it didn’t feel like another man had joined us. It was more like a sex toy we may have picked up off the shelf, a real cock dildo stuck to the wall for our use. Either way, every fiber of my being was consumed with lust and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by.

Nica was caught up in giving me a private strip tease so she hadn’t yet noticed the hard cock sticking through the wall next to her. Her attention was totally focused on me as she finished stripping out of her dress. She proudly, seductively stood and gently swayed, totally naked and looked at me, knowing that I love to stare at her naked, sensual body. I stood, kissed her passionately, and wrapped her in a sensual embrace. My hands wandered all over her toned skin, lingering at her nipples, lightly pinching them. Sliding my hands down her slender hips, reaching around to feel up her firm ass cheeks. I slid my hand between us and teasingly touched her clit. Slowly I ran my hands back up her body, fondling her tits momentarily, across her shoulders, and down her arms. Kissing her mouth, sucking and nibbling her neck as my hands continued their journey across her soft skin.

I grabbed her hand in mine and while our mouths and tongues danced together, I guided her hand towards the hard cock toy that invaded our space. With our mouths locked in a deep kiss, Nica sucked all of the breath from my lungs when she inhaled deeply as her hand felt the strange hard cock. With my hand over hers, I wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft, and guided her hand to start slowly stroking. I could feel Nica’s bare nipples harden in excitement as they pressed against me.

Nica began to moan into my mouth as hand in hand we stroked a stranger’s cock. Our fingers intertwined, we continued to pleasure the stranger in the room next to ours. After several minutes, Nica, consumed with lust, inhibitions nowhere to be found, had to look at the throbbing member in our hands, she just had to see my hand guiding her hand along a strange cock.

Our bodies full of alcohol and coke, our inhibitions were totally gone, leaving us to act out the primal lust consuming us. Nica watched intently as our hands caressed, stroked, and gripped the cock in front of us. I watched her body grow more aroused with each stroke. She guided her hand over mine and without a word, she showed me what she wanted. She was getting turned on watching my hand masturbating another cock. I never had any desire to have sex with a man, but I do enjoy the feel of my own cock in my hand, and feeling this stranger’s cock in my grasp was turning me on. The look in my wife’s eyes as she watched me, along with the feel of the stiff dick responding to my touch had me filled with erotic lust and had me wondering what else may turn me on.

She bent down closer to watch the stranger’s cock throb and swell as my hand grasped the base and stroke towards the purple head. She studied the thick veins that lined the shaft disappear under my fingers as my hand slid across them. She moaned softly as my hand reached the end of the throbbing shaft and grasped tightly, causing the stranger’s cock head swell even harder and cause a drop of pre-cum to appear on the tip. Keeping my fingers tightly wrapped around the shaft, I used my thumb to spread the pre-cum all over the purple head of our stranger’s cock, causing it to glisten in the light of our dressing room. I could see Nica’s mouth water as I used my hand to massage the head and slide it back down the upward curved, vein filled shaft, spreading the natural pre-cum lubricant along its entirety. When I reached the base of his cock, I shook it at Nica, hoping she would get the hint. I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted to watch my wife suck this cock.

Nica Kurtköy Escort instinctively bent over and opened her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and lightly tasted the tip of the cock I was holding. I shook the cock by its base, moving it around her outstretched tongue. Nica slowly leaned forward, taking the swollen head into her mouth. I started to stroke the stranger’s cock as Nica’s mouth engulfed it more and more until her mouth met my hand. I could feel her wet lips on my finger as we slowly got into a rhythm, with my hand and her mouth sliding up and down along the entire shaft.

We worked as a team on the stranger’s cock, bringing it closer and closer to climax, when I saw Nica’s body jump and heard her moan loudly, muffled only by the cock filling her mouth. I looked back and saw a woman’s arm reaching through the hole in the opposite wall. Her hand was fondling my naked wife’s body. Nica’s hand joined the stranger’s hand, caressing, fondling, and groping her tits, nipples, stomach, and crotch. The woman’s hand slid around and appeared between Nica’s legs and her fingers started playing with Nica’s pussy. I took my free hand and pinched Nica’s dangling nipples turning her on even more. I slid my hand down between her legs and felt the unknown woman’s hand teasing my wife’s clit. I used my fingers to spread Nica’s soft wet pussy lips giving the strange woman’s hand better access to my wife’s clit and hot pussy. Holding her lips spread, I felt the stranger’s thin feminine fingers start to slide in and out of my wife’s tight pussy.

My own cock was now hard as a rock, pressing uncomfortably against my pants. I almost shot a load of cum as I assessed our situation. My hand stroking a strange cock, my naked wife, bent over, her mouth wrapped around a cock, her erect nipples dangling from her swaying tits, and another stranger’s feminine fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy from behind her. Never had we been in such a situation, we had decided limits to our sexual encounters, lines we would never cross, but here we were, in the middle of explicit activities, our minds numbed by the alcohol and coke, our bodies uncontrolled by the raw sexual lust. We would never have planned an encounter like this, we wouldn’t ever have set out to play at a glory hole, but here we were, unexpectedly partaking in random, almost public sexual acts involving total anonymous strangers.

We both felt the stranger’s cock throb in warning of his impending climax. I watched his balls draw up against his body and his shaft swell and tighten in my grasp, Nica felt the head of his cock swell in her mouth so she prepared herself for the inevitable.

Nica backed up, sliding the cock from her mouth, backing against the expert fingers already deep in her pussy. As she kissed me deeply, I could taste the distinct flavor of the stranger’s cock on her lips. The salty flavor of his pre-cum filled our mouths and turned us both on more than we would’ve believed. For a moment I thought about tasting the strange cock first hand. I wondered if Nica would get turned on watching me suck on a hard cock. Would we enjoy sharing a cock, taking turns sucking it deep into our mouth, our tongues licking each side at the same time? Is that actually something that would turn me on?

Before I could process my erotic thoughts, she stood up, giving me a clear view of the female fingers between her legs, disappearing in and out of her glistening pink pussy. She reached back to steady herself against the wall. Her eyes opened wide as she awaited seeing the cum explode from the stranger’s cock. She was rocking her hips against the strange female fingers penetrating her pussy, as she watched me masturbate the stranger’s cock. As my hand stroked faster and faster, a thick milky white stream of cum shot from the stranger’s cock, in a graceful arch, halfway across the small dressing room, and into a puddle on the concrete floor. Time was in slow motion as we watched. Load after load, the stranger emptied his balls in front of our eyes as I continued to jack him off while Nica and I watched intently. Ten or twelve streams of thick cum flew from the end of his cock, each one a little less than the one before.

I saw Nica’s legs shaking and her body tremble in an unmistakable orgasm as she watched my hand milk the last drops of cum dripping from the stranger’s softening cock. I could hear the wet sounds coming from her pussy as I watched the strange feminine fingers fuck her pussy from behind. I reached between my wife’s legs with my free hand and found her swollen clit. I teased and pinched her clit as the strange woman continued to finger Nica’s dripping wet pussy.

Once the stranger’s cock went limp, he withdrew it from our dressing room. Nica bent over and unzipped my pants, setting my own hard on free. With one hand playing with her clit, I used my other hand to play with her ass. I slid my fingers into her wet pussy, joining the stranger’s fingers and guided them up to her puckered asshole, spreading the lubricating pussy juice around her tight anal opening. Nica moaned softly, expressing her approval and desire. Once her ass was wet and well lubricated, I guided the strangers fingers back to my horny wife’s pussy. I could tell that the woman was using her fingers on Nica’s G-spot by the way Nica was moaning and moving her hips.

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