The First Time Pt. 02


The man whose name I still did not know continued to drink his coffee while naked looking at me and stroking his cock.

My mind was racing. My wife was out for the day, no one knew where I was. My cellphone was turned off & locked in the truck. I was in trouble.

I heard a shower running and in a few minutes his wife returned wearing a red corset which left her tits and ass naked. She was quite well proportioned with short blonde hair. More importantly for me, she was wearing quite a large black rubber cock. I could plainly see the veins in it when she stood near my face and tightened the straps.

“So where’d you find the meat?” she asked her husband.

“I answered his ad in Craig’s List” he replied. “He said he wanted to be tied up & fucked, so I did!”

“Did you enjoy his ass darling? He has a very nice ass.”

“Oh yes “he replied. “It is nice to look at and nice & tight to fuck and will be even nicer once we open him up properly and add a little colour.”

“Well let’s start then shall we??”

“You go ahead, I am going to find his keys and move his truck out back.”

As he left she stepped up to his face and removed the tape & plug from his mouth. She adjusted the strap-on and I noticed that there was a portion at the base which was lodged inside her pussy. She stepped up to the table but she was too short to be comfortable and she said “Shit , now don’t go away- I need to get taller!” I could hear her padding up the stairs as well as the sound of my truck engine starting.

When she returned she clicked down the stairs wearing very sexy & very high red heels. She stepped up to my face and I started to speak, but she swiftly slapped my face and said “Too late for any begging now slave you are going to have all your fetish wishes come true- in spades. Maybe even a few you had not thought of yet..”

She held her hand around the black rubber implement and slid it into my throat. I gagged and tried to accommodate it and she began to thrust in & out while she held the sides of my face and then started raking my back with her nails. My jaw muscles were already stiff from the plug and I had to work hard to relax them enough for her appendage. I knew that she was not going to come & get soft so I tried to prepare myself for a long face fuck.

I was not wrong. I heard the door close and a breeze on my bare ass before receiving a hard and loud slap on my ass. I jumped forward as much as my bonds would allow and she squealed as all of the black cock disappeared down my throat. I assumed it was her partner smacking me with something while she face fucked me.

After several more of those smacks he eventually appeared in front of me wearing a hard on and nothing else- except he had what looked like a ping pong racquet in his hand.

“His ass is nice & rosy now sweetie, why not give his rear a good fuck while I pound another load down his throat. I hope Bill & Mary get here soon, or we are going to be all fucked out.”

She removed the black dick from his mouth and moved behind him while her husband shoved his cock into the space recently vacated. He felt the tip of the dildo entering his ass and pushing past his sphincter. Thank god he had been somewhat warmed up because it was bigger that her husband’s member. She grabbed his hips and started to thrust deeply in & out while her husband did the same with his mouth.

They were both grunting loudly- as I would have had I been able to make any sounds but his cock was deep in my throat. yalova escort The pace began to pick up and I knew they were close to coming. She started to moan & screech and was going in & out of my ass like a jackhammer. Finally they were both done and I swallowed the second load of come from him. She withdrew and put her rubber dong back in my mouth to clean. I was in no position to refuse.

They both pulled up kitchen chairs and relaxed with a coffee leaving me there dazed and gasping for breath after being spit roasted & fucked within an inch of my life- or so I thought. I thought it best to keep quiet.

The doorbell rang and he went to answer it returning with the two neighbours.

He was a very tall guy with a bald head and she was shorter and a bit on the heavy side. They were both wearing robes and quickly doffed them. She was wearing crotch less black panties and a bra which left her nipples showing. He had on only a pair of white briefs with a large bulge in them. She bent down to look me in the eyes and kissed me with lots of tongue before going behind me and stroking my cock while inserting a finger into my hole.

“Can I make him come now?” she asked to no one in particular.

“No not yet the first wife replied, we need to ride him first.”

Her mate rose & removed his shorts. He stepped up to my face and put his already firm cock in my mouth- Immediately it began to grow and soon it was larger than the rubber dick. He rocked back & forth until he exploded a huge load in my mouth which I was barely able to swallow.

In the meantime his wife had somehow sat on the floor behind me under the table and had my cock in her mouth. It was about time, I could stand some of this kind of attention. But it was not to last.

Someone said “Let’s change his position” and I felt four sets of hands firmly on my wrists and ankles. They straightened me up, turned me on my back and laid me back down on the table-lengthwise this time. The restraints I had provided were retied and I was helpless and spread out face up like a Christmas turkey. The new lady (I had heard them call her Mary) straddled my face and the original lady climbed up on the table and sat on my stiff cock.

The pussy on my mouth was warm and wet and I always liked eating pussy so I went to town on her while the other one slowly rode up and down my cock wile fingering her clit. In each of my hands I felt a stiffening cock which I tried to stroke. It was a lot of sensation.

Somehow I did not come and the one on my cock sat down heavily on me while and gyrated in orgasm as the one on my face tried her best to rub off my mustache until she came & gushed all over my face. She stayed on while I licked & swallowed all I could reach.

I now had a hard cock in each hand and the boys were getting restless.

“Let’s put his ass in the sling” the tall neighbour said. My hands were untied and I sat up on the table while my cuffs were re fastened together behind my back. Then my ankles were released and got off the table standing up for the first time in a couple of hours.

“I have to pee” I said. I was blindfolded and the ladies each took an arm and marched into the bathroom where I had originally changed. They turned me & sat me on the toilet and tucked my penis through my legs. I felt a breast against my lips and started to tongue and suck on it. One of them began to tug on the damn nipple chain. Eventually I was able to empty my bladder.

They yozgat escort then pulled me up off the toilet and herded me unsteadily upstairs. Truthfully I was thinking I’d be ushered downstairs to some sort of makeshift dungeon in the basement where I would never again see the light of day so I was actually relieved. This proved to be a false feeling.

I was forced to sit on the floor, while my ankles were pulled so far apart that I thought my crotch would split. I heard the clinking of locks or shackles of some sort and my ankles were locked in place spread at least 5 feet apart. My wrists were then unclipped from each other and likewise pulled wide apart and snapped to something else.

“Time for the big reveal!” One of the ladies said. My blindfold was removed and I found myself in a room painted black, with dim electric sconces on the walls and lots of other implements hanging from the walls- the uses of most of them I could only imagine.

I was on my back on some sort of rubberized floor. My wrists and ankles were clipped to long steel pipes which in turn were strung to pulleys fastened to rails in the ceiling.

The short blonde picked up a remote and I heard whirring while my feet and hand s began to be pulled towards the ceiling. Soon only my ass was on the floor and then it too was swaying in the air. I was doubled up with my wrists & ankles nearly touching far above my head and looking through my wide spread knees. The lift continued until I was about 3 feet off the floor. The tall man came up to my ass and nodded to the blonde who hit the button again until I was obviously just the right height for a hanging ass fuck. A wide strap which hung from the ceiling was then slung under the small of my back just above my ass and ratcheted to the right height which helped to stabilize me and took some of the strain off my wrists & ankles.

He grabbed my ankles and quickly slid his long cock deep into my now compliant but tender ass and began to use the swing to help piston in & out of me while looking me in the eyes. I was too far gone to realize at first that there was no condom on his cock. This went on for some while as the audience of three urged him on. He came in great lunging gasps and when his shrunken cock left me I could feel the come running out of my ass and hear it splat on the floor.

Through the haze I heard someone say “OK time for the rest of us to get involved.” I heard the motors whir again and my legs and arms were pulled in opposite directions until it was almost like I was on the table again- without the table.

My head hung back and the tall guy immediately stuck his sloppy cock in my mouth while the original fucker took his cock to work in my reamed – out ass. Another double fucking as the cock in my mouth began to grow. They had each come a couple of times by now I guess and this one went on for some 20 minutes or so. It went on long enough that the ladies went to a bar in the corner and poured themselves a brandy.

I was making strange gurgling noises which seemed to be coming from somewhere deep inside me, and yet it did not sound like me at all. My shoulder & hip joints felt like they were being pulled apart. The original guy in my ass started to stroke my cock and incredibly it began to respond. I tried to thrust into his hand but only succeeded in making him laugh.

“Look at this ass whore!” he yelled “He’s trying to gobble my cock further up his ass!” Everyone laughed at that and ankara escort they continued to pound me until the both came. Now the men went for a drink while the ladies tried to decide what to do with their sex toy.

The blond said “What do you think Mary, you are the only one who hasn’t had his ass yet. What would you like?” Mary slowly walked around the room eyeing the various pieces of equipment. Eventually she stopped and took down a huge cock attached to a harness.

“I want him in the same suspension, but face down,” she told her husband. The two men lowered me to the floor and without removing my ankle & wrist cuffs, they flopped me over on my stomach.

“Wait a minute first I want the Pile Driver”! They flopped me back over so that I was face up. Then the bar holding my feet was raised over my head and down toward my wrists where both bars were fastened to a ring in the floor. I was now bent double as well as spread wide and could almost suck my own cock. Mary stepped up and sunk that huge rubber cock into me in a single thrust. I could see it plunging in and out with the skin of my ass clinging to it as it was withdrawn each time. She pinched her nipples and rubbed her pubes while she was pile driving me into the floor.

I think I must have passed out because when I regained consciousness, I was in the face down suspension with the sling just under my hips being fed a cock in my mouth and ass again- I was not sure if the one in my ass was real, but the one on my mouth was the black rubber one I had been doubly fucked with before. After many minutes my tormentors tired and my suspension was changed so that I was hanging by my wrists with my feet still shacked to the spreader bar but just touching the floor. I hung there looking like I had been ridden hard and put away wet. Actually that was exactly what had happened but I was not yet put away..

Everyone was tired finally and they all seemed to doze in a tangle on the sofa while I hung there wondering what was next. Incredibly I passed out or slept too. When I came to I was still spread hanging on the wall opposite a full length mirror. I had on a blond wig, with a padded bra and some sort of ring gag in my mouth with the bright red lipstick I was wearing outlining a perfect 0. My hard cock was tied at the base so that it would not go soft. I saw a short hose hanging behind my balls and it must have been attached so something in my ass which was thankfully almost totally numb.

A male voice said “Well what do you think Sissy Boy?” How would you like these photos posted on the internet- maybe on your Facebook page?

I shook my head and tried to say “No!” but it came out like “Oh”.

He said “Well there is another alternative Sissy Boy. Two more actually. One is as I previously described.

Another is that we take your truck out to the highway, and park it with you tied on the back facing traffic. Maybe passing motorists will be tempted to take advantage of you. Undoubtedly the authorities will get involved eventually and lead to all sorts of questions, all of which we can deny.”

“The third is that next weekend my team is sponsoring a hockey tournament in town and you will be the star attraction. When the tournament is over you will be released and you will never come here again or mention what happened to you or video files will begin to appear where you do not want them to appear. Lucky for you there are only 6 teams this year. Your choice Sissy Boy. Well what’s it gonna be?! Hurry up bitch we don’t have all night.”

I heard another voice say “Lower him down I want some of that lipstick on my cock.”

I heard a faint click and whatever was in my ass started to inflate as the winch began to lower me to the floor. I guess next weekend was going to be a hell of a ride…

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