The Fantasy Weekend Ch. 02

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NOTE: The story will be more enjoyable and make more sense if chapter one is read first. However, just a brief recap–Jean “kidnaps” Karin for a surprise fantasy weekend of amazing lovemaking and all sorts of pleasurable debauchery. He has a beautiful weekend planned and has paid attention to all the details to make it just perfect. He has pleasured her until she has lost consciousness from sheer sexual sensory overload. What he doesn’t know is that Karin has some plans of her own . . .


I awake with a start. It takes me a minute or two to get my bearings and then I smile. I remember where I am. I am still warm and tingling from the amazing orgasms that you caused earlier. I hear your even breathing that tells me you are asleep. I take a few minutes to bask in the afterglow, remembering every detail, my body involuntarily jerking a bit as I recall your touch, your kiss, the feel of your tongue on my clit and dew lips.

Not wanting to wake you, I carefully slide out of your sleep-relaxed embrace to take care of necessaries—a trip to the bathroom and to freshen up. Ablutions taken care of, I try to remember what I’ve done with my bag. I quietly tip toe thru the house. Although the embers of the fire are still glowing in the fireplace, there is just a slight chill in the air. I shiver a bit, and the my nipples grow hard in response to the cold. “Where is that bag,” I mumble to myself, anxious to get back to bed, and to the warmth of being in your arms. Finally, I found it—I had left it on a rocking chair in the living room.

I took a few minutes to inventory my love arsenal. I half giggle to myself. “Won’t he be surprised that I brought along some surprises myself?”

First things first. Out to the kitchen. I grab a mug from one of the cabinets and fill it with water. I put it in the microwave and set it for 1 minute. Out of my love arsenal, I retrieve a packet of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix. “Hmmm.” I think to myself. He will definitely be surprised at this. I stop the microwave before it dings and wakes you up. While I’m mixing the hot chocolate, I look around for a tray. Finally, I find one and set the hot chocolate on it. Then I get another mug from the cabinet and put several ice cubes in it and that mug joins the chocolate on the tray. From the bag, I retrieve a container of Spearmint Altoids. As I am ready to make my way back to the bedroom, I pop a couple of Altoids in my mouth and suck on them.

When I get back in the bedroom, you are still sound asleep—or at least you look like you are asleep. The candles have burned about half way down, so the romantic ambiance still pervades the room. I set the tray on a table close to the bed.

You are warm-natured, so your only cover is the sheet. Very gently, I pull the covers away from your feet and off your legs. You stir a bit, but then settle back down. I start at your ankles, with the Altoids still in my mouth. A strong, cool sensation fills my mouth. I begin kissing your ankles and up your legs to your knees with light, sweet butterfly kisses. You stir again, but not quite awake. Slowly and deliberately, I continue kissing up your legs. I have my goal in sight, but I take my time. I want you to be somewhat awake by the time I get there. Butterfly kisses and flicks of my tongue tease your knees. Slowly, I continue up to your thighs. You are rousing from sleep now. You moan a bit as you come to realize that you are the one being seduced. I move up further. I run my tongue over your nut sacs. They retract in response to the sensation of my tongue. I move up a bit further, kissing the inguinal areas and the pubis—ignoring your cock for the moment—which quickly has gone from its relaxed state to one of direct attention. As I continue kissing your pubis moving in semi-circles closer and closer to the base of your cock, I start to tease Michel with light feather touches of my fingers. He begins to throb at the attention. There is pre-cum leaking from the head.

You beg me, “Please put my cock in your mouth. I need to feel your tongue and your soft wet mouth.”

I raise my head and smile at you, “All in good time lover—don’t be so impatient.” I go back to my butterfly kisses of your pubis and feather touches on Michel with my fingertips. Bostancı Escort Finally, I reach the base of your cock. I move back around so I am positioned centered between your legs. I start with my wet, Altoid-cooled tongue at the base of your cock, just above your nut sacks, and I flatten my wet, velvety tongue to your shaft, and I slowly lick up with a firm pressure all the way to the head. I tease the head at the frenulum just a bit because I know how sensitive you are there. Michel throbs in response.

I raise myself up a bit, and open my mouth wide. I go down, taking as much of Michel in my mouth as I can—as deep as I can. You moan in response. Then I move away, and off the bed.

“Where are you going?” you ask in a very disappointed tone.

“Don’t worry hon. I’ll be right back. It will be worth the wait, I promise.” I smile at you.

I go to my bag and rummage around for it—the something that I had forgotten. “Oh there you are!” I smile to myself. I take it out and move back to the bed and position myself between your legs again.

“What’s that?” you ask.

“A surprise for you,” I say, as I pump some clear, viscous liquid into the palm of my hand. The scent of wintergreen pervades the room.

“What’s it for?” You ask.

“Patience, patience,” I say. “All will be revealed momentarily—and you will like it, I’m sure.”

I put my hands together to spread the viscous fluid over both hands. I grasp the shaft of your schlong with both hands and begin massaging the liquid into your skin. Your nut sacs are not forgotten. I massage them too.

“It tingles!” you say.

I say, “It’s supposed to.” I lean closer and blow my breath on you.

“Oooh! Mmmmmm! It’s cold, but nice.” You murmur.

With that, I lean down and take you in my mouth again. I had secreted 3 more Altoids in my mouth when I went to my bag. I move down and take as much of Michel in my mouth as I can, all the while massaging your nut sacs and the base of your dick. I work slowly and meticulously with my tongue flattened against your shaft holding the altoids between my tongue and your skin. You moan in pleasure. I have a strong suction on Michel as I slide from having you deep in my throat to the head, moving my tongue and the Altoids all along the shaft. I release the suction and you moan again in pleasure. Michel throbs in my mouth. I move down to take each nut sac in turn into my mouth and suck and lick with the cool sensation of the Altoids. Your nut sacs retract in response to the cold sensation. I move to the base of your cock and slowly, languidly tease your dick from base to head with the cool wetness of my tongue. I pull back and blow. You moan again at the sensation of the cool air on your highly sensitized shaft. I take Michel back into my mouth, lightly sucking, licking, teasing. You seem to be enjoying the sensations caused by my mouth and tongue. You moan and occasionally say, “O my God” when something I’ve done causes you pleasure. I continue teasing and sucking and massaging with my hand. These things are all done until the last of the Altoids melt away. I then pull back and blow on Michel one last time. I take him back into my mouth for one sensuous last lick and kiss.

As I am moving up between your legs to lie on your chest and kiss you, you say, “I’ve never had my cock fucked by a woman’s mouth before. Baby, it was all I could do to keep from cumming in your mouth!! That was wonderful!!!”

I smile, and then I move up to straddle you and lay breast to chest with you and deeply, passionately kiss you. You put your arms around me and hold me tightly while we continue our deep soul kissing. I start to rock my hips against your groin area, just to make sure Michel knows that he’s not been forgotten. I pull back and tell you, “I have more surprises for you.”

You look at me kind of wide-eyed, and say, “This was supposed to be my surprise weekend for you.”

“I know,” I reply. “I was just prepared. You know that I have a lot of time to think and plot and fantasize about ways for us to pleasure each other.”

“Hmmmm—I guess you are right. So what’s next on your agenda? And by the way, who won that round?”

“I’m not telling you—it’s a surprise. And, I guess I’ll give you that round,” I laugh.

I Kadıköy Escort move off the bed again, and rummage around in my “love arsenal.”

“Close your eyes,” I command with mock authority. (Yeah right!!)

Amazingly, you obey me without a protest or even a mock whimper.

I move back to the bed, and tie a silk scarf around your head over your eyes—a sensual blindfold.

“Should I be scared?” you ask.

“No lover—no pain, nothing that will hurt. I just want to tease your senses a little bit. You’ve already had a bit of the senses being teased, and I know you liked that. Believe me, you will enjoy what will be happening to you.”

“Ok, baby, let me have it. My mind is open ready to experience your sensual teasings.”

I move off the bed to the tray where I have placed the hot chocolate. Fortunately, it was a thermal cup, and it is still hot. I take a few long swallows. The last one I hold in my mouth until I get to the bed. I climb back between your legs and lean in close to Michel. I swallow the last of the chocolate, and take Michel in my mouth—deeply, teasing him with the warmth of my mouth and tongue.

“MMMMM,” you moan, “Oh, that feels good. Your mouth is so warm!” I continue to take Michel deeply in my mouth and give him long strokes with my tongue. You moan in pleasure at the sensation. Michel throbs in response to my ministrations.

You move to take the blindfold off. I tell you with mock sternness, “Oh no you don’t! Did I say you could do that?”

“No, but I figured it would be ok.”

“You were wrong I say.”

I get off the bed and go to my bag once again. This time I come back with two more scarves. I gently, but firmly tie each of your hands to the headboard. (Slip knots so you can get loose if you really want to—but of course you don’t know that).

“I’m not so sure I like this,” you tell me.

“I promised you pleasure darling, and pleasure is what you will get. You have to trust me. I won’t do anything to you that I wouldn’t want you do to do me.”

“Ok, but you will let me go if I really want you to, right?”

“I promise. So, settle back lover for some intense sensations.”

I get an ice cube out of the cup from the tray and put it in my mouth. I smile to myself, “If he thought the Altoids were cold—this will really send him into orbit.”

I straddle you, and lean down to kiss your right nipple. I let the ice cube slip down to touch it. You gasp as you realize what is happening. “Mmmmmm,” is all you can manage.

I suck the ice back into my mouth and give the left nipple the same treat—and get the same response from you. I move up to kiss your lips. You open your mouth and take in the ice cube and our tongues battle over possession—but I win. I suck it back into my mouth, and move back down to your chest dragging it slowly down over your chest, your belly, your naval. I let it linger there a bit and melt. Again, the response I hear from you is “Mmmmmmm.”

Moving further South, I suck the ice back into my mouth and again take Michel deeply into my moist, warm/cold oral cavity, taking him as deep into my throat as I can. Using my tongue as a guide, I move the ice cube all around your shaft, up and down, around the glans. While doing this, I massage your nuts gently, but firmly. Michel is throbbing. You are moaning. Abruptly I stop. You are confused at the sudden cessation of sensation.

I still have more in mind for you. Time for another trip to my arsenal of love. This time, I bring out some massage oil. I bring it to the bed and after I position myself between your legs again, I ask you to raise your legs and bend your knees—almost the way I would be for a GYN exam.

You make a noise as if to protest. I remind you that I have promised only pleasure.

I squeeze some of the oil onto my right hand, and I start to massage your nut sacs. You moan in pleasure. Then I move down or back as the case may be to that area that has no name. I believe some people call it the “t’aint.” I use two fingers to gently massage the “t’aint.” Your moans become more intense.

You ask, “Where did you learn that?”

I laugh and say, “I read a lot!” I went on to remind you of a story I had sent you several months before that you had expressed an interest in experiencing.”

I Göztepe Escort put more oil on my hand and then rub both hands together. I begin massaging your upper thighs, and then down to your buttocks. You tell me how good that feels. Each pass I get a little closer to center. Finally, I am massaging inside and getting closer to the target without quite touching it. Then with one hand, I massage the “t’aint” and with the other I start massaging my target—digitally rimming you.

“Oh my God! Mmmmm!” you cry out.

I continue the digital rimming and begin to push my index finger in just a little. You resist a bit in spite of the fact that you are very obviously enjoying it. I tell you to relax. You make a conscious effort to do so.

With the massaging of your nut sacs, and the rimming attention your derriere is receiving, Michel is definitely at attention and throbbing. I continue the rimming with my finger, and each time I insert my finger, I go a little deeper—the first knuckle—the second knuckle and finally, all the way. I have my hand positioned palm up. Once all the way in, I bend my finger and begin massaging you internally—stroking your prostate. It doesn’t take long. Your breathing becomes quicker. Your sphincter muscle tightens around my finger. Your nuts retract in their sacs. Michel throbs even harder. “OhhhhHHHHHH! OhhhhhhHHHHHHH!!!!” you are nearly shouting with your orgasm. White cum shoots from Michel. I give your prostate a few more strokes with my finger, and you moan with each one. As I slide my finger out, you groan again—a mixture of pleasure and disappointment that it’s over.

I leave you on the bed, still bound to the headboard by your silken restraints.

“Where are you going?” you ask.

“Just to the bathroom dear. I have to wash my hands—you know that we always take care and practice safe sex. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere while I’m gone.” I laugh.

I do go to the bathroom and wash my hands with the antibacterial soap. I look at myself in the mirror. My face is flushed, red almost as if I had been the one to experience the intense orgasm that just occurred in the bedroom. I smile. “This is turning out to be an amazing weekend!” I think to myself. I grab a couple of washcloths and a towel from the closet. I wet both clothes in hot water. One I soap up and get it lathered well. The other I leave a little drippy with clear water.

I bring the washcloths and towel back into the bedroom. I pause to take a long look at you, still bound, still blindfolded, but totally relaxed, and get a smug little grin on my face. “You are relaxed because of what I did to you.” I don’t say this out loud, but am thoroughly enjoying the thought.

I climb back up on the bed beside you. I use the soapy cloth to wash Michel and his two little friends. “MMMMmmmm,” you groan. “That feels good.” I continue washing you up from front to back. As I reach the former target, I’m tempted to start the digital rimming again, but I don’t think you can take it again this soon, so I abstain, and just clean you up. I repeat the process with the wet cloth with no soap to rinse you off. You moan throughout the process, telling me how good that feels. Then I dry you off with the soft, fluffy towel. When you are all dry, I lean down, and take the glans in my mouth and give it a lick, a suck and a kiss.

In the meantime, you are still bound—and showing no signs of wanting to be released.

I quickly take the towel and washcloths back to the bathroom, rinse the cloths and wring them out, and hang everything to dry.

Back to the bed I come. I climb up and straddle you and then lie down so we are lips to lips, breast to chest, etc. I kiss you. You part your lips, and our tongues begin their ritual dance of passion.

I reach up to the slip knot binding your right arm, and pull it. Your arm is freed. You put your arm around me and hold me tight. We are still waging passion’s war with our tongues.

I reach up to the slip knot binding your left arm, and pull it. Your other arm is freed. You put that arm around me as well, and with both arms holding me, still kissing, you roll me over until I’m the one on the bottom. You pull back, take off your blindfold and look deep into my eyes and say, “That has to have been the most intense experience I have ever had. Thank you!”

I smile up at you, and respond by pulling your face down to mine and kissing you deeply again.

You pull back again, and say with that wicked grin of yours, “Turnabout is fair play.”

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