The Fan Club Ch. 01-04


Chapter 1

The matter-of-fact remark left me stunned. Sure, I knew that the girls at the office found me attractive, because that was part of the territory of being single. Plenty of these women were married or just recently divorced, but that didn’t stop them from looking.

Anyway, the statement in question affected me, although I’ve grown accustomed to being propositioned since my divorce. Casey, a sassy brunette in her late twenties, simply pointed out that I had quite a fan club. When I asked her to elaborate as to why I’d have such a following, she simply said that I was a superstar in her dreams and those of her colleagues.

“I would have thought that you’d dream about your husband,” I teased her.

“Hey, milord, we’re getting a divorce! Besides, he’s not a dream, but a nightmare!” she retorted.

“Hence the divorce, I see. I wouldn’t know anything about that. In any case, where do I come in?” I probed out of sheer curiosity. I should have known better.

“For one thing, Sir Cecil, you’re the first knight I’ve ever met. It’s not every day that a girl runs into the real thing. You’re the closest thing to a celebrity that I’ve ever known and the same goes for my friends. That’s where you cum in,” she punned.

“Actually, I’m not a knight at all. I’m a baronet. I was born with the title and if I’m ever naturalized, I’ll have to give it up. Don’t look toward to being ‘Lady Evans’, even if I were to marry you. There’s already two of those, anyway. The first is my mother and the second is my ex-wife,” I corrected her.

“Do you have a castle? If so, can you take me there?” she continued with the double entendres.

Erica, another of the associates at the firm, overheard that and giggled.

“Really, Case, you’re shameless! Your divorce isn’t quite final yet. You have a month to wait. Shouldn’t you give it a little time before acting on your fantasies?” she pointed out.

“Yeah, right. That’s a technicality. The marriage is over. Percy was a damn prick! Why should I wait for the red tape or some emotional watershed? I have needs and I’m a full member of the club now. I’ve paid my dues. Remember?” Casey retorted.

“True. I guess that I’ve been guilty of thinking conventionally. Don’t tell June. She’ll start lecturing me about it,” Erica blushed.

“I won’t tell her if you help me a sister out. You know, sharing this stud here some time,” Casey offered.

“I could go for that. He’s on the rebound, too, so it’s not as if marriage is possible, anyway. Just remember the rules. It’s up to June and ultimately up to Cecil, of course,” Erica shrugged.

Foolishly, I didn’t wait around for the rest of their discussion. If I had, I would have learned some useful facts sooner to counter my wrong impression of the women. Then again, things turned out alright in the end. I had my reasons for fleeing the scene.

Both ladies were very hot and their attraction flattered me, but I was still on the rebound from the dissolution of my own marriage, as Erica observed. I recently caught Gwen in bed with my mate Dafyd and that was over with both of them. I certainly didn’t become celibate when I left Cardiff and Gwen behind me. Quite a few ladies gave me whatever I wanted.

Erica was a rather sexy blonde and Casey had her share of charms, but her wounds were fresh, too. As for the former, well, I thought that she was “husband-shopping” as well. The last thing that I wanted was a new wife, damn it!

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t to be left alone. It was that kind of day. June Thomas was there. At the time, I assumed that June was a lesbian. This meant that I wasn’t as annoyed to see her. However, I still wanted some time alone with my thoughts. I didn’t feel like having a conversation, even with the one girl that I felt certain wouldn’t try to snare me into wedlock.

“Cecil, you can’t run away from the girls here forever. You’re going to have to deal with their obsession with you. I know what you’re thinking. You just want to meet the ladies at the pub, drink with them, and have as many one-night stands as you wish.

“You’re not too thrilled with the women here, because you think they’re looking for Mr. Right … I can understand that. You’re still bouncing back from your divorce and betrayal. You’re jaundiced on the whole idea of marriage.

“I can’t blame you. I felt the same way when George left me. As a matter of fact, I’ve been chasing people off for the same reason. I still don’t want to marry. Then again, I have my own reasons. Be that as it may, you’re going to have to confront their pursuit of you,” she explained.

“Seriously, June, what’s your interest in this? You’re a lesbian, right?” I expressed my bewilderment.

“Honey, we’re good friends and all, but you don’t know me as well as you think. I’m bi, dear, not gay. I share their fascination with you. In fact, I’m the president of your fan club,” June commented.

“Fan club? That’s the second time I heard that phrase. Is this an inside bahis siteleri joke or do you gals hold meetings?” I wisecracked.

“Believe it or not, there is an official Sir Cecil Evans Fan Club. It started as a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ thing when you first joined us, but it has mushroomed to the point that we have thirty members and a website dedicated to both your virtues and your vices. They elected me president a while back.

“I can’t believe that you didn’t know this. Then again, you’re blind to things like that. That’s one of the things that we love about you. You’re not a conceited prick. Confident, yes, but not a jerk,” Ms. Thomas stated baldly.

“Jupiter! You’re not joshing me? This thing really exists, a fan club devoted to me. What the bloody hell for? I’m a strapping bloke, but I don’t think of myself as a celebrity, whatever Casey said. Having a title and an accent isn’t reason enough for that,” I teased her, albeit gratefully in light of her information.

“See what I mean? You have healthy confidence, but you still underestimate yourself in terms of how women see you. You have a strong natural charisma and a real manliness about you that draws women in. Your title and accent are something out of fairy tale fantasies, too.

“We women still dream of Prince Charming at times, even if we know better. It’s something ingrained by culture, I guess. Not sure what women in other cultures dream about, of course. But that’s women here, at least. Blame Walt Disney, if you must. Works in your favor, however, so don’t gripe too much.

“There’s something deeper at work, though. A natural attraction to rich and powerful men. That’s an innate thing. Alpha males are very real, even if the feministas and others hate the fact.

“The biggest resentment of that ironically comes from the strongest advocates of monogamy, who contradict themselves by then urging such romantic notions of a knight in shining armor. They don’t know their history, of course. If they did, they’d know better. I suppose that ignorance is bliss for them.

“I have no such illusions, as you can see. I’ve seen the real world and know the difference between most guys and those who are thankfully throwbacks to what we’ve lost with the ‘metrosexual’ thing. Not the judgmental side, of course. That crap is sadly still around.

“What we’ve given up is something great: backbone. Men these days are gutless and spineless. They drift without any purpose or character.

“I can’t picture John Wayne or Winston Churchill putting up with such rubbish as political correctness, for example. Rock Hudson is another case in point. See? He was gay, but still very masculine. It’s not about their stupid morals. It’s about strength of character and manly virtues.

“I guess that I’m a Stoic at heart, or at least an adherent of Aristotle. What we admire about you is your virility as well as your pride and intellect. You don’t seem to have doubts about your role in life. You haven’t let the feminists emasculate you.

“There’s a Nietzschean Superman quality to you. I mean that how Nietzsche himself did, not how his sister and the Nazis twisted it. It comes down to individuality, which you have and the wimps these days lack.

“On a different note, to think of something less depressing, I have a proposition for you. As president of your fan club, I would like the honor of being your first friend with benefits or booty call. Whatever you want to call it. You know, sex without any romantic obligations.

“Not to say that I’m ruling it out, but I’m a practical woman. If you needs, you take care of them. You don’t wait for Mr. or Ms. Right. You leave that door open, but you enjoy yourself in the meantime.

“So, that’s my offer to you. We fuck, but don’t ask questions about whom else we have. This is not about love or commitment, certainly not about monogamy. It’s just friends fucking friends for fun. How does that strike your fancy?” June declared.

So, there it was. The one woman that I thought didn’t want my body was just like the others in that respect, though not in the other aspects. Then again, lust was never the issue that bothered me. I’m not a bloody prude, after all.

I just didn’t want some controlling bitch insisting on a rock in two months and spying on me. I wanted to have the right to come and go where I pleased, enjoying my new freedom. After all, I sacrificed that to be with Gwen and look what she did to me! I was in no mood to trade in my newly recovered manhood for the prospect of regular companionship.

June, however, proposed something wonderfully different. She always struck me as being unusually down-to-earth and this proffered arrangement was no different. It was vintage June Thomas: candid, direct, and practical. Once again, she impressed me with her common sense, realism, and honesty.

“Very well, June. I trust you in a way that I can’t with the other women here. You’re not politically correct or sanctimonious. You’re straightforward, canlı bahis siteleri gutsy, and pleasantly concise about things. You’re strong and smart, but not emasculating. And you’re attractive without being prissy or vain.

“I have to admit to finding you sexy, so let’s go ahead with this idea and see where it leads. It would be nice to sleep with someone who isn’t given to bullshit,” I smiled at her.

“Well, I’m a Capricorn, after all. We’re very sensible people. What about you? What’s your sign, out of curiosity?” she asked me casually.

“Libra, I think. I’m all about fairness and honesty. I like common sense and justice. That’s probably why I’m an attorney. You know, it impresses me that you’re not ashamed to mention astrology. A lot of people see it as junk science and dismiss it too quickly, whereas I think it has real value. That’s a major difference. There’s more to the zodiac than daily horoscopes devised by editors and columnists,” I stated.

“True. On a different matter, though, I think that you should eventually give these other girls what they want as well. Just stand your ground and don’t take any crap from them. In other words, be yourself. They should accept you without any terms or conditions, I think,” June winked at me.

“Pragmatic to the end, eh? Well, your advice makes sense to me. I also admire you for doing your best to help the members of your little club. That indicates loyalty to your girlfriends. What do you get out of being president of the club, though? Other than a fancy title, that is,” I inquired.

“I get the first turn with you. That was part of the Club Charter, believe it or not, that the president gets the first roll in the hay. Another is that I get to arrange the schedule, subject to your approval.

“That’s also in the Charter. I get to lecture them, too. Last, but not least, the girls have to pay their dues by eating me out,” she grinned diabolically.

“So, that explains a lot about what Casey and Erica just discussed. I was a bit bewildered by their chat,” I realized.

“What did they say?” June wanted to know.

I then outlined the details of their discourse. June licked her lips when she heard that.

“I guess that I need to give Erica an earful. Or should I let her off with a warning this time? I’m president of the club, but this is your fan club, as noted. It exists to worship and serve you. Almost like a cult, I guess. Except that real cults are trouble. I should know. My ex joined one,” June asked me.

“Let her off, just this once. Warn her, as you said. Don’t lecture her. I’m sure that the warning and maybe some ‘community service’ will suffice, if you please. So, since this is my own fan club, do I get to attend meetings or not?” I raised a question which nagged me.

“Oh, God, yes! It would make all of us so damn happy! You’d be the guest of honor, of course. And you could take your pick of the ladies, since it’s your fan club. Meanwhile, could I have my turn tonight? By the way, I love anal as well. The idea of being first in the office to get your nice cock in my ass would please me very much,” June pleaded rather uncharacteristically, making it impossible to say no to her.

That night, I showed up at Ms. Thomas’s flat and she met me in something from one of the lingerie stores. I didn’t know what store it was from, but I didn’t care. What mattered was that I would get to enjoy my new “friend with benefits” at the firm. It was all mind-boggling for me to even think that I had a fan club and its president now wanted me to fuck her.

“I suppose that you want a nightcap before we do this, Cecil. After all, I don’t intend to sleep alone tonight. If I have my way, you won’t be driving home. You like Scotch, right?” she flirted with me.

“Yes, thank you, darling. I’ll take a shot, no bloody nice and no chaser,” I agreed.

“Very well. I have some Glenlivet left. Yes, I spent a little extra to please you, hoping to have the chance. I’ll make a Long Island Ice Tea for myself. That’s my absolute favorite drink. George used to like Brandy Alexanders before he became a Moonie. Now he’s a teetotaler. Guess he saves money on milk, anyway. I suppose that he traded one drug, namely alcohol, for another,” June commented, as she poured me a shot of twelve-year old Scotch.

June then mixed herself up a Long Island. We stood in the kitchen together, drinking our poisons and looking at each other in a more obviously lustful way than in the past. She had straight, shoulder-length black hair. Her eyes were a colour that I could have sworn was turquoise. June had a fair skin that easily burned in the Sun. Despite the usual tomboyish front that she put on, she could be quite charming and feminine when she chose to be.

June was hardly a thin lady, but she wasn’t obese, either. In spite of her smoking habit, there were few signs of tobacco on her. Apparently, she must have cleaned up the traces a lot. Since I smoked cigars, güvenilir bahis I’d hardly condemn her for inhaling a pack of Virginia Slims, or whatever brand she used.

June, who reverted to her maiden name after her divorce, became an associate a week after me. Fulton, Morton, and Steiner was a “strict seniority” kind of firm. Experience and knowledge of the law mattered to them. They promoted you only when you qualified in their opinion. They looked at each case separately and gave no special favors to anyone on the basis of sex or race. Despite their personal misgivings about an associate, anyone who deserved it got it.

I was thirty-six and June was thirty-eight. I got the impression that she let many people think that she was gay, just so there would be no pressure to marry again or give in to the unwanted advances of married partners and associates. Me, however, she chose to enlighten. Obviously, she wanted to encourage aggression on my part. She knew, as did most lawyers, that sexual harassment laws were a double-edged sword. They tended to repel both the desirable and the undesirable colleagues.

Before I knew it, June and I were busy making out and groping each other. My hands wandered all over her delightful ass and she put hers down my pants. I learned immediately that she had no panties on underneath her nightie, which made caressing her bum much easier. This frantic foreplay kept up for a decent interval, getting us very much in the right mood to shag. June turned me on even more by almost tearing my clothes off me as if I were her Christmas present.

June continued her aggression by kneeling to give me a blowjob. Her mouth seemed to savor my flesh as she sucked my dick to complete stiffness. She even licked my balls, causing me to nearly cum right then. Naturally, my normal self-control returned quickly and I motioned for her to drop her negligee.

I now discovered that June shaved her cunny. Her quim was as bald as it could be. All of the passion that submerged beneath her cool façade erupted like a dormant volcano long presumed to be extinct. June was in earnest about her lust for me.

Inviting me to follow her into the bedroom, June planted her face on a pillow and stuck her arse in the air. She waved it hungrily at me to urge me to butt-fuck her. I looked around for the lube, not wishing to wreck her wonderful bum. I didn’t want to ruin our special friendship, either.

“If you’re seeking my lube, it’s right here,” June pulled a bottle out from under the pillow.

“Edible lubricant, eh?” I noted.

“Sure, if you’re not opposed to rimming me. I love a good butt-licking,” she encouraged me.

Her bottom dripped beads of sweat, but I still zeroed in on her crack to rim her. This raven-haired tart reacted to being eaten by moaning with arousal. She delighted in the sensation of a man tasting her arse. My mouth soon explored June’s cunny as well as her bum, French-kissing both holes. I alternated my oral attentions between her pussy and her arse. June squirmed a great deal, especially after I landed a number of swats on her arse. I told myself to remember that June liked it rough and enjoyed a little pain.

My cock was now as hard as I could get it. After a few minutes, June gave in to the ecstasy that my reaming caused her. Her orgasm was undeniably real. It was far more felt than heard, for one thing. She stretched her limbs to nearly the snapping point and turned almost purple in color as her juices gushed out of her cunny. I could smell and taste them as well as I lowered my tongue to clean them up. The flavors mingled with the edible lube (cherry) to please my palate.

“I’m guessing that you also require the club members to rim you as part of their dues. I note that you didn’t say that you just made them lick your pussy,” I teased her as I smelled her wet cunt.

“Oh, for God’s sake, please stop teasing me and fuck my ass!” June begged me.

I wasn’t one to be cruel, so I slid my large cock into June’s arse. I waited a few moments and then started pounding her butt in slow strokes. I wanted her to have time to adapt to my dick burying itself in her bum. I soon thrust into June’s arsehole, loving the heat and tightness of her bottom. Instead of whining or complaining, she bucked her hips and met me halfway as I probed deeper into her. Her pussy was soaked and her groans suggested a second, smaller climax.

I continued to plunder June’s booty, feeling my dick twitch at her reaction to sodomy. Her bunghole milked my cock as I buggered her. I didn’t have much chance of restraining myself any longer. I’d have pulled June’s hair at this juncture if it was any longer.

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum in your butt!” I exclaimed as my cream filled her bum.

“I’m glad that you came when you did. For one thing, I enjoy feeling your cum in my ass. It feels slimy in a good way. I also need a chance to recover from the soreness. It’s nice, but I need a breather,” June admitted with some embarrassment while I pulled out of her.

“I guess we should relax a bit and start again later,” I proposed.

“Yes and this time in my pussy. That hole needs some attention, too,” she observed.

“So, where are you from, anyway?” I tried some small talk once we reached the living room.

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