The Facility Pt. 02


I’m startled awake by the wristband. This time there is no knock at the door, just the vibrating band and lights flashing. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust from the deep sleep I was just pulled from. Looking around I realize I haven’t moved from where I fell asleep which surprises me. Typically I’m a violent sleeper who tosses and turns, but I quickly let the thought go.

Sitting up, I find the towel and wipes that were used to clean me laying on the bed where Sabrina had left them. The robe I was at one time wearing, draped over the edge of the bed in the same place it was disrobed. Each of these visuals are reminders as to what happened just a short time ago. It really wasn’t a dream…

I slide off the bed and on to my feet. I pick up the towel and wipes, tossing the wipes away and the towel into the corner of the room. My reflection in the mirror catches my eye gives me pause. ‘Who is she, who is this person looking back at me wearing only a purple bra?’ She shows no shame and at least for the moment seems proud of her body and herself. She is a stranger to me but the same person who has been looking back for twenty six years.

As I approach the mirror, I study my reflection. The hair that hides my sex is a mess, matted against my flesh with dried sweat and vaginal secretions. I drop the bra straps drop down my arms and I turn it backwards so I can easily unfasten the clasps. Letting it fall freely to the floor, my hands cup my breast taking the place of the bra and I become aware that they offer much more than simply feeding young. The nipples respond becoming firm under my fingers, and the sensations spread from my fingers through my chest.

A knock at the door startles me out of my trance. Fully aware of my nakedness, I turn and quickly put on the robe while heading to the door. A few moments after swiping the sensor, the fans turning on and off and the door clicks open. Sabrina is standing there, alone this time, dressed in a robe like mine. Her warm and welcoming smile lighting up her face. “How are you feeling? Did your nap help?”

“I did. I didn’t move an inch. Woke up thinking it was all a dream but everything was just as it was left.”

She reach out and touches my arm. “It was the beginning of an awakening. You have a long way to go but you have taken a first major step.” She leads me back to the office separating our rooms and I notice immediately the chair I sat in is gone. A lone pillow sits in its place.

“Have I done something wrong Sab…” I catch myself, “Miss Sabrina?”

With a soft voice, leading me to the pillow, “No dear, that is your place. It may feel a little awkward at first but you’ll quickly find that it feels natural. Here, kneel down. Keep your knees shoulder width apart. If you grow tired you may rest back on your feet but I expect you to work on the ability to stay kneeling upright.”

She walks around me and takes a seat at the desk. The desk is glass and provides a clear view of its occupant. She has placed the pillow far enough back that my natural eye level is at her waist, leaving me to look up to speak to her. My hands are antsy, but I eventually get control of them and they come to a rest on my lap.

“I hate to rush a decision on you, but I need to know if you will be dining in your room tonight or joining us in the dining room. If you wish to join the group I will need to get the order in now otherwise you may order at your convenience from the tablet in your room. If you choose to dine with the group, there are some protocols we will discuss later. I personally encourage the social dining but ultimately the choice is yours.”

“I will join you in the dining room.” I say quietly.

“Good,” she slides the tablet across the desk. I have to stretch to reach and almost fall forward but catch myself in time. “I’ll let you go ahead and put your order in.”

The menu is unlike anything I have ever ordered from. Typically, my diet is a simple one. A large part vegetables and fruits, the occasional red meat but mostly chicken and on rare occasions I’ll include seafood. “This is so extravagant Miss Sabrina, I don’t know.”

She reaches back across the desk, gesturing for the tablet. I hand it back to her. “Let’s see here, we’ll keep it light. To start we’ll go with chilled mango papaya soup to be followed by the chef’s signature salad. Does this sound agreeable?”

I nod.

“For the main course, chicken roulade. To finish off, we’ll go with seasonal fruit platter…See, not too difficult. Now let’s move on to reviewing your file.” Her fingers move across the screen of the tablet, touching buttons and swiping. “There it is.”

She sets the tablet down in front of her. “All the medical results came back…,” she pauses briefly while slowly swiping upwards, “wow, exceptionally well. There is one red flag which explains the pills, but medically there are no marks at all.” She looks to me before continuing. “You are ovulating.” She slides the pills across the desk, “You will need to take these before bed.” She watches me for a reaction hatay escort but there is none. I was already suspecting as much. I have always been very adamant about tracking my cycle.

“How are you feeling? Are you okay with what happened earlier?”

“I…I think so. I’m still letting it all sink in, waiting for it to feel real. My mind keeps telling me to leave – that this is all so wrong but the rest of me won’t listen. And the sex, it felt so good Miss Sabrina and that scares me. You gave me the first orgasms I have ever experienced…ever. Is that why I’m broken, am I a lesbian?”

Sabrina uses the question to cut off my nervous rambling. Her smile is comforting and she shows patience and understanding. “Lesbian is just a label that one can only truly apply to oneself. I consider myself to be lesbian, but I understand my own desires and needs. We still have a lot of work and observations that needs to be done for you to reach the same levels of self realizations. You did submit to my wishes and demands, but you also offered yourself to Eric. He may not have given you an orgasm but that doesn’t mean it was unpleasant, correct?”

“I did. Feeling him reach his own orgasm, while physically exhausting after everything else that had happened, did make me feel good.” I look down, partially in shame and partially searching for words. “It felt right, Miss Sabrina. All of it.”

“You are inexperienced but that experience will come in time should you continue to allow it. The common consensus among the staff is that you are naturally submissive and sexually curious; it’s your innocence and naivety have held you back all these years. There is nothing wrong with that.” A pause as she readjusts her legs. “You deep down do want to change, and we’re here to help. If you’re a lesbian, we’ll help you discover that. If not, then we’ll learn your desires. Don’t focus on the labels.”

Pausing to allow me to process what she has said, a few moments pass and she continues. “Before we proceed I need to know, are you okay? Are you comfortable proceeding with the trials and therapy? There will be many different situations we put you through, some may not be enjoyable.”

I nod, speaking quietly “Yes Miss Sabrina.”

She pushes her chair back and stands, walking over to me. Her hand reaches out and gently grabs my elbow guiding me to stand. “It’s time to get you presentable for tonights dinner. We’ll go over the protocols you need to know while getting ready.” As we walk to the door, she grabs a small case.

We go through the procedure to access my room and she leads me to the tub where she disrobes me. “Oh…nothing under. I’m impressed.” She tosses the robe onto the soiled towel and opens the box she brought with her. She lays a fresh towel on the ground and retrieves a pillow from the bed and places it above the towel.

“Lie down, centering your butt on the towel. We are going to get you presentable.”

As I go to lie down, she grabs a wash cloth and turns on the water in the tub and soaks the cloth in warm water. Her knees part my legs as she kneels between them. A warmth rains down on my pubic mound as she wrings the washcloth over me. The water washes over my hips and through the creases of my legs forming little streams being collected by the towel underneath me. She then covers me with the cloth and slowly wipes. “Just a quick clean so we can give you a nice haircut down here.” After a few wipes with the washcloth, she pulls a dry part of the towel up between us and dries the area with soft pats.

“Jenn, I appreciate the natural look you have going here but many of our guest will not. This thick bush also hides a beautiful part of your body that should be seen. We’re going to trim you up a bit. I’m not going to get rid of it all…just a little maintenance.”

She attaches a comb to the end of the hair clippers and flips a switch and they spring to life with a vibrating hum. I close my eyes as the teeth of the attachment poke into my flesh and she guides the device through the forest. She takes a few passes, weaving her way around the countour of my body and when she is satisfied with her work brushes the removed hair onto the towel. “That was the easy part,” she says as she reaches for a warmer and container of wax from the case she brought with her. She places the wax into the warmer and turns it on letting it melt while preparing the other items needed.

After a few moments of melting, she test the wax for temperature before using a Popsicle stick to apply it to my bikini line. The wax is warm and sticky, hastily painted to my sensitive flesh. She quickly applies cloth strips to the wax as it solidifies and waits. She test the strips with her fingers and decides enough time has passed, “This will be a little painful.” Without further warning she rips the strips away. My hips thrust forward as if desperately trying to reapply the strips but it’s too late. The stinging pain travels through me, and I let out a whimper . My eyes water and voices shakes when I ask, “Is it done?”

“We ığdır escort have a few more passes up here to go, and then we have to do back here,” as she traces a finger up the available crease of my butt. “I’ll try to go as quickly as I can.”

She finishes the front leaving my crotch feeling as though it’s on fire. Doing a quick clean up, she tells me to change positions and get on my elbows and knees; I am hesitant. “I, I don’t know Miss Sabrina.”

“So far I have been nice and kind to you Jennifer. This can change in an instant. Do as your told so we can get this over with or I can call for assistance and use other ways to get you to comply.” Her voice is stern, impatient. Her personality has changed quickly, as though my defiance has flipped a switch in her.

The sudden change in her persona motivates me to listen, to do as I’m told. I slowly sit and turn over placing myself with my ass slightly elevated. Once in position, she guides my chest lower and onto the towel while placing my hands on my butt. “Hold yourself open.” Her voice still impatient. I feel humiliated and scared. More-so, I feel upset that I have disappointed her.

She applies the wax and cloth strips letting it harden. I jump each time, as she rips the strips away. I am relieved that she only has to reapply a few times andafter a few minutes she is done.

“Now, I want you to stay this way for a little while and think about your disobedience.” Still too terrified to move, I hold myself open leaving both my openings on display. She stands and begins cleaning up. I can feel her occasionally looking at me, still I am too afraid to move.

Once she has everything gathered up and clean, she draws a bath. I am left in this position while the tub fills. She squats behind me and slaps the insides of my thighs. “Open your knees, let me inspect my work.” I am overcome with shame and embarrassment. I can feel her eyes on my flesh as she conducts her inspection. Once she seems satisfied, she stands and turns the water off. I can see from the corner of my vision she adds something to the water, a bath oil that smells woodsy.

“Now, I am going to release you from this position. You are to get straight in the tub I have kindly prepared for you. There will be no more back talk or resistance, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Sabrina.”

“Go ahead, stand up and get in the tub. Remain standing, with your back to me until I give you further instruction.”

Standing slowly, I see the pile of hair she has removed along with discarded strips of wax sitting in the trashcan. I am amazed at how much there is, was I really that hairy? I step into the water. My toe breaks through the surface and shooting pain travels through my foot. I hold back my comments and take a deep breath and step both feet into the tub. My eyes shut and a deep breath fills my lungs; I try to focus away the stinging pain. The water reaches halfway up my calf and the skin immediately turns red.

“Good girl.” Her voice is degrading as though she is speaking to a dog who does what it’s told, however this simple act that took very little effort and has pleased her and makes me feel good. After a brief pause, she continues “Now, I want you to squat until your beautiful ass is just above the water. You should feel the heat against your skin. Use the tub for balance if you must, but stay flat on your feet.”

My left hand reaches for the wall of the tub and I stabilize myself as I drop my hips down. I slowly walk my feet out and bend my knees. The smell of sandalwood is strong and relaxing. The heat and humidity rising from the water causes me to break out into a light sweat.

Her voice behind me, sounding as though she has dropped to eye level with the edge of the tub, “Wash yourself, Jennifer. Use the water to cleanse away any shame and guilt you feel.”

I reach down and splash water against myself. I run my fingers over the still sensitive flesh. It feel so different. My fingers glide over the now smooth skin. I balance myself and then use the hand that was stabilizing me to hold myself open and rinse my inner folds.

“Stand up, turn around facing me and assume that same position.”

My thighs ache as I stand. I turn slowly and see her leaning up against the tub with her arm draped over the side. Her head resting over her forearm. She too is naked, her robe laying haphazardly where it fell. I slowly squat into position again this time facing her and she hands me a bar of soap. “Again, this time with soap.”

I again splash water and this time run the soap over myself. With the lack of hair, it takes a little more effort to get the soap to suds up. Her eyes are glued to me and I feel like a child being taught to bathe.

“Now lower yourself into the water to rinse and return to this position.” My legs are visibly shaking but I with little struggle I am able to do as instructed. The water has cooled a little but is still much warmer than I am used to. It still stings the sensitive skin. A few seconds, fingers running ısparta escort over myself removing the soap and I am again squatting. My weak legs struggling to stay up for the extended period.

“Relieve your bladder, and I will allow your legs rest.” I detect a slight grin in her face but she tries to hide it.

My face turns deep red and warm from embarrassment; I pray I misunderstood her. Her face is no more than a foot away from me.

“Did…do…” I continue to studder before getting the words out. “You want me to pee in the tub Miss Sabrina?”

“You will, and if you want to let those beautiful legs rest I would suggest you hurry.”

Being forced to focused on the task, I can feel the urge building but my body uses it’s natural response to fight back. She watches closely, waiting for me to follow her instruction. My legs burn and shake. Seconds feel like minutes and then I feel it, a little dribble. A few drops of urine traveling down my vaginal lip to my thigh. It’s hard to distinguish from the warm bath water. Then it comes in force. The stream travels through my labia, spraying wildly. My bladder empties, powerful and splashing off the surface of the bath. The sound of water colliding is almost tranquil if not for the overwhelming embarrassment. As the last few jets empty from me, my legs finally give out and I collapse into the tub. There is a soft thud followed by waves of water splashing against the walls.

The sense of relief overshadows the knowledge that I am sitting in a bath filled with my pee.

I hear contentment in her voice, “Relax while we drain this dirty water; we’ll get you properly cleaned up in the shower momentarily.”

As the water drains, my body grows heavier. My legs fall straight out and I am slouched back against the curve of the tub. I watch my breast as the cool air overtaking the warm humidity causing my nipples to shrink and become firm. My mind is overstimulated and leaves me in a trance. Embarrassed, humiliated, cold, legs weak…all adding to my current mental state.

I am brought back to this world by her hand cupping under my arm. Her voice is now soft, “Come sweet heart, let’s get you into the shower.” She helps me stand. My legs feel so weak but I manage with her assistance. We move slowly; she guides and supports me out of the tub and a few steps over into the glass shower stall. She sits me on a corner seat and makes adjustments to an electronic control system. Once everything is set to her liking she grabs the hand held shower head just as it turns on. Looking at me with a soft smile she gives me a kiss on my lips. “Since you were a good girl, I’ll take over from here.” She proceeds to bathe me, gently adjusting me where she needs. Once she has finished, she stands and washes herself quickly then shuts the shower off.

She again helps me up, leading me out of the shower. There are towels prepositioned and she wraps me in one and then herself in another. I am guided to the vanity where she finishes drying me off and has me sit in front of the mirror. She uses another towel and begins to dry my hair following up with a hair dryer.

There is an extended silence. Her fingers run through my hair checking for any areas that need more attention. Once satisfied my hair is dry, she trades out the dryer for a hairbrush and begins long strokes straightening out the tangles. Her eyes meet mine in the mirror and remain locked while she mindlessly strokes through my hair.

She breaks the silence first. “This is a formal dinner and I expect you to act as such. The general rule in eating is that you will go outside in with your eating utensils. Don’t worry too much, nobody will be upset if you make a mistake.” She pauses, pulling and twisting my hair, styling it to her choosing.

“The most important thing for you to remember is that you will only speak when spoken to. You will be dressed in a short sleeve robe. The sleeve length will let the table know you are submissive. You may have conversations with other guests but only if their sleeves are long and only when they choose to initiate the exchange. The exception to this is when you are seated; you will introduce yourself.” She continues pulling and tucking my hair, inserting clips randomly to hold it in place.

She inspects her work and once satisfied she turns the chair to the side and stands in front of me. Her towel had fallen and she never bothered to cover back up. She reaches over and and again switches tools.

She begins to apply makeup while she continues, “The chairs will be very shallow, this is by design. You will sit up straight with your knees parted approximately a foot apart. You should be seated comfortably on the chair it may feel as though you are going to fall. The seat is designed so that you must sit proper. The tablecloth will be long and once seated you will drape it neatly across your lap.”

She pulls back, like an artist getting a different perspective of their canvass. Her fingers lift my chin turning my head left and right and then lets it drop before slowly and continues. “I haven’t had a chance to review the guest list but generally there are men at the table. Understand that they are either staff here or married to another person at the table. They too must follow the same dress code and if they have long sleeves you will address them as Sir.”

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