The Enforcer Ch. 17


Sarah continued her story: “The next morning we were awoken by our parents’ screaming. We were scared and shocked, because our parents never screamed at each other. Kim and I held onto each other, frightened, and tried to listen to what was being said. The more we listened, the more evident it became that our parents were not screaming at each other, but were yelling at somebody else. We could not determine exactly who, or what was being said, but we could tell that a man, or two, was threatening our parents. We got up, still naked, moved to our bedroom door, and cracked it slightly open.

The conversation became quite clear; two men with deep voices were threatening our parents. They claimed to be detectives, but from the way they talked we had our doubts. They cussed too much, and were threatening to kill them. We were scared, not certain what would happen. Our parents were openly hostile to the men. They even threatened to rape me and Kim! Upon hearing that we quickly decided to get dressed. Our father was asked what he thought of that and he replied that since we were not home then it would be a hard threat to carry out. He said we were at a friend’s house.

One of the men smiled and said: “We have been watching this house all night, we know they are here. Heck let’s go and get them. Then we can see how tough you really are.”

We were not dressed, and decided it was time to help our parents. We both had played a little baseball in school, so we each had a bat and knew how to swing it. We quickly grabbed our bats. With a little luck we could surprise them; our closet was by the door to our room while our beds were at the other end. We quickly put pillows underneath the covers to stand in for us and hid in the closet, bats in hand, ready to pounce. Luckily our parents had been slowing down the men’s progress, and we had plenty of time to hide.

The two guys led our parents into our room. Mom and dad’s faces flushed when they saw our beds. They must have thought we were still sleeping. Their assailants motioned for them to go to the beds and remove the sheets. As our parents hesitantly moved to the bed, Kimberly and I snuck out of the closet and got ready to strike. The men did not hear or see us. The one in front of me hollered: “Remove the sheets, now!”

As the reality that we weren’t in our beds hit them, so did our bats. As the two men collapsed to the floor, unconscious and bleeding from the large gashes on their heads where the bats had connected, our parents turned around.

They were happy to see that we were alright, but at the same time, we now had two bleeding men on our floor. They hugged and comforted us. Then our father made a quick call to the leader of their gang while mom checked the men’s pockets to see if they were actually police. She found their fake badges, and then found something really bad. They were members of a local Mafioso’s defence force. She told our father, and when he learnt of this he told the gang leader and organized it so that the men would be stripped naked and dropped off in the forest. He said that hopefully that would buy us enough time to disappear. We packed up as quickly as we could, leaving all the furniture, and packing only as much as we could carry in the two duffle bags we had. By lunch time we were ready to leave, the gang bought the house from dad at reduced cost and we left.

Our parents were given a van by the gang; it was designed so two people could live out of it comfortably. That would mean it would be cramped for the four of us, but it was better than nothing. The van was a full-size commercial van, about six feet wide, and fifteen feet long, and it stood seven feet tall, creating a ten by five by five inside living area. There were a couple on foldable side mounted seats over the back wheel wells, and the floor and wells were carpeted. The roof and walls had thin wood paneling covering them. Two long horizontal windows had been fitted at the back of the vehicle, and coupled with the two windows at the back, permitted sunlight to flood in during the day. A curtain separated the cab from the back, and, with the curtains that could be drawn over the windows, created a rather cozy personal area. Two foldable cots were stored in a box running along the driver side, between the wheel well and the driver’s seat.

We also were given contact info for a friend in a friendly gang that was in the city we were headed towards; it was doubtful that we would be able to stay there for any real time but we could use any help we could get right now. It was a rough couple of days as we travelled across three states. Eventually, we reached the border town where we were going to stay for a couple days. Our parents had to make a choice, and they decided that this was as good a place as any to make it, so they decided we should get a hotel room. They would stay in the room while Kim and I would sleep in the van. We had no choice so we agreed.

They had to choose whether to escort gaziantep stay in the States or move back to Canada, where we were born. Thankfully we all had dual citizenship so there wouldn’t be any real issues either way. Kimberly and I were a little overwhelmed by the situation and we had hardly been able to sleep for the two days since we’d left and so fatigue was finally catching up with us. Our parents went into the hotel and left us in the van. The windows were curtained so you could not see inside it, but it was still a rather uncomfortable place for two sisters to be sleeping alone. The van had a pair of military-style cots and a few pillows. Really not designed for comfort, and definitely not designed for sleeping close together.

After what we had been through in the last few days, Kimberly and I both knew that we wanted to be in the same bed close together and, if we could not make love, we at least wanted to feel the other’s naked skin rubbing against our own. We were looking at the lousy sleeping conditions, both thinking the same thing, when Kimberly said: “Sis this really sucks! I mean not only do we have to leave our home, but now we can’t even sleep together, and after the wonderful night we shared on my birthday, I really wanted to go further with you. Damn those assholes who interrupted our lives!”

I hugged her as I tried to soothe her: “It will be ok Kim. We are still alive, our parents are still alive, and we have each other, it could be a lot worse.” She knew I was right and just sobbed softly into my shoulder as I stroked her hair. It really did suck, just as I was about to cry myself, but I decided that I was tired of being a victim and said: “Fuck them all!” Kimberly looked at me in surprise as I continued: “I am not letting the world get the best of me sis. I want to make passionate love to you tonight and God help me I will.”

Kimberly smiled as she stood up, wiped the tears from her face, and said boldly: “Fucking right! I am tired of feeling like a victim. I want to make love to you and god damn it I am going to.” We smiled at each other and valiantly cleared a space and put a sheet on the carpeted floor of the van. We made a solemn vow that night, and to this day we have never broken it. We vowed to never let others choose our future for us.”

The two sisters turned their faces towards me and, smiling, Kimberly said: “Well I think I’d be willing to make an exception in your case Vinny.”

Sarah added lovingly: “I think we have already let you make a choice for us, but rather than losing power over our future, it seems you will be the one to grant us the control over our lives that we could never wrestle from our parents.”

I smiled as I said proudly: “I help those I care for and those who need it, I always have. Why should you two be any different? I am only sorry that I won’t get any combat training out of it if everything goes as planned.” All the girls laughed whole heartedly at my words.

Sarah teasingly said: “You already put dad in the hospital once, I think it would be boring to do it again, don’t you sis?”

Kimberly replied: “That would be so cliché, we can’t have that happen.”

I replied giggling: “What would the boys think of me if I did something so passé?”

We all broke out laughing. When the giggling fit finally subsided I was beginning to feel tired and said: “Your story is really interesting, but I think we should all hit the hay, it’s getting really late.” The girls all booed. So I said: “Alright let’s continue, but promise you won’t be angry at me tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep.” They all nodded their agreement.

Sarah turned her head towards mine and placed a tender kiss on my lips, then whispered: “I love you, don’t ever change.” She then faced the group and said: “Ok, let’s keep going. Kimberly and I were both determined to take control of our lives and destinies,” she giggled as she added: “and we were also incredibly horny.” Everyone broke out laughing. When the laughter had finally died down, Sarah continued: “Kimberly was standing, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, I was sitting at her feet, wearing basically the same thing. She smiled at me, and said: “Sarah, do you want to undress me? Or would you prefer it if we just strip?”

I replied enthusiastically: “Do you really have to ask, after the fun we had last time? Get ready … Actually, close your eyes, I don’t want you to be able to see what’s coming.”

Kimberly giggled as she said: “Aren’t we the kinky one tonight.” But she closed her eyes and waited, impatient for my assault.

I moved my hands to the floor and quickly shifted my weight to my knees; then I pivoted to face my sister’s luscious body. She shivered ever so slightly as my motion moved the air around her bare legs. I revelled in the knowledge that Kimberly was leaving herself completely open to my touch. The joint power I had and the incredible trust escort gaziantep bayan it showed was intoxicating. I decided that I wanted to have a little more fun. So I lovingly asked my sister: “Sis, I want to blindfold you, so you don’t need to keep your eyes closed.”

Kimberly trembled with anticipation as she said: “Please do it. The feeling of not knowing what is going to happen is intense.”

I quickly reached for my duffle bag and removed a black silk scarf that I had been given as a prize at school, I don’t even remember what it was for, but it was soft and I knew it would make a great blindfold. I lovingly wrapped it around Kim’s head and tied it in place, then moved back a little and said: “Kim, tighten it to your liking.”

She took hold of the soft material and drew it up, and then made certain it covered her eyes completely. After that she opened her eyes and said: “Perfect, I can’t see anything, and this feels so nice.”

I smiled and rejoiced in her approval, and said: “Time to play. Hands by your side, just relax and let me lead.”

She sighed in approval. I felt giddy with power and anticipation. Slowly I moved closer to my sister and, without touching her, I ran my hands down her arms, just barely grazing the fine hairs there. Her breathing grew shallow. I felt empowered, and decided to tease her a little more. Slowly I moved my left hand close to her face, far enough away so I didn’t touch her, but close enough so that she could feel the turbulence in the air as it moved.

She shivered as my hand passed in front of her mouth, reflecting her breath back at her. I moved my hand back and extended my index finger. Slowly I moved to her lips, they parted, and she sucked it into her mouth, licking it till it glistened. I pulled it out slowly, and her lips hung upon it. I let it trail out of her mouth down her chin, and then drew it along her throat lightly, leaving a small wet trail. It reached the collar of her t-shirt, so I moved it onto the fabric, and continued down the front, not pressing hard enough to force the cotton to her skin, but enough to cause it to flow under my finger. It sailed between her soft orbs, leaving a small crease, and continued lower. Eventually I reached her navel and my finger traced down till I reached the hem of the white cotton garment. Slowly I drew it up; her arms rose up as fabric cleared her belly. I continued to draw it up, and soon her bra-clad breasts appeared, she was wearing a skimpy white night bra, but the way her breasts filled it out still excited me. She shivered as the cool air enveloped her soft flesh.

I had to make a choice; on one hand, the faster we got naked, the sooner we would be making love, but on the other, the longer I prolonged Kimberly’s experience, the more desperate for release we would both be. My carnal side lost and I decided that I wanted to make this night memorable, so I decided to keep pulling on her strings. We had both changed into our night clothes earlier, and had decided to put socks on to keep our feet warm. So I decided they would make a good next target. Kimberly was standing close to one of our cots, and when I asked her to sit down, she complied willingly. I sat at her feet on the floor; the carpet had hidden the noise produced. I moved both my hands to her left knee. She jumped at my touch, but calmed down quickly and waited expectantly, licking her lips.

I ran my soft hands down her smooth legs till they met the top of her dainty socks. They weren’t very practical socks, they were short, thin and had a red edge, and they really were only good at keeping your feet warm. But they were soft, and I loved how they felt sliding on or off, so I removed them painfully slowly. Kimberly loved it. She softly said: “Oh that feels nice.”

I replied: “Just enjoy it sis, I am just starting.”

She moaned softly as the sock finally fell from her left foot. Her foot was small and soft. I rubbed it lovingly, warming it up. Even though it had been a few days since we had showered, we always took the time to wash up when we stopped at gas stations, so her feet were quite clean. I was sorely tempted to see what effect it would have upon her if I sucked her toes into my mouth, but restrained myself and moved to her right foot where I repeated the process.

Kimberly’s feet were now bare, so I had her stand up again. When she was standing I got up. I stood in front of her and decided to continue undressing her, so I moved my hands to her upper thighs and gently lowered her shorts; she exhaled as they slid down her hips, she wasn’t wearing any panties so her sparse bush that was glistening with her juices had rubbed against the back of my hand as I lowered her shorts, it left a small amount of her juices, not enough to feel wet, but when I brought my hand to my nose, I got a good whiff of her unique odour and it sent shivers straight to my sex. Her odour was intoxicating. escort gaziantep kızlar The added sexual desire in me caused me to move forwards, so I moved my lips to hers; she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I could feel her passion and desire.

I had acted on impulse, so our kiss ended quickly, but it left us both flushed and out of breath. I pulled myself from her body and then stealthily moved around her till I was standing a foot behind her. I removed my shirt and bra as quietly as possible, and then dropped my shorts and panties to the floor and quietly stepped out of them. My socks also left me, I had not intended it, but they really weren’t designed to stay in place, so when my panties caught on them, they just slipped off. I moved my hands to her shoulders, she was startled a little and quickly turned her head in reflex, but since she could not see, she returned to her previous stance. I ran my hands down her shoulders, along her back and gracefully undid the single clasp holding her bra, liberating her breasts. I lovingly slid the garment down her arms, softly brushing the hairs covering them.

We were both naked now, but Kimberly wasn’t aware of that yet. I moved forward and wrapped my arms around her, slowly moulding my body to hers. She gasped when she felt my naked breasts press into her bare back. I whispered into her ear: “Your skin feels so soft on my tender nipples.” Then as she exhaled deeply I licked her earlobe lovingly. Her body shivered as her senses took in the unexpected feeling. I moved down to the nape of her neck and softly kissed it, she moaned her approval. Slowly my breasts left her back and I shivered as the cool air engulfed my erect nipples; my body longed for the warmth my sister’s had brought to it. I moved down her back, placing a soft kiss between her shoulder blades, then another in the small of her back. By now I was on my knees on the floor and her firm ass was inches from my face.

I lovingly massaged her cheeks, spreading them slightly, and for the first time in my life, I looked at my sister’s asshole, and had deliciously dirty sexual thoughts. I restrained myself, but the way her rosebud pulsed as I played with her bottom caused me to wonder exactly how it would feel to put my finger in it. I filed away my desires, at least until another day, and placed a kiss on each cheek. Goosebumps covered her supple skin. I slowly ran my hands along her sides as I rose. When I was standing behind her once again I decided that I wanted to feel her hands upon me, so I moved my hands to her shoulders and made her turn around. Our faces were less than a foot apart, so I moved forward, causing our bare breasts to meet, and then I placed a soft kiss upon her succulent lips. Kimberly wasted no time and wrapped her hands around me as we kissed.

Slowly, I snaked my hands down to her bare bottom, once again kneading her firm orbs. Kimberly soon had her hands massaging my bare ass too. We ground our hips together, trying to get a little relief from our pent up sexual urges. I could feel my juice sliding down my thighs. I moved my legs over a little, placing one of them between my sister’s, thus permitting me to rub my pussy on her thigh, which also permitted Kimberly to do the same. We were soon grinding our excited sexes against each others leg, covering each other with our copious vaginal secretions, and our excitement quickly mounted as we neared climax. Our breasts were still close enough to permit our nipples to occasionally graze as we moved, and soon we came. Our simultaneous orgasms left us weak, and so we slumped against each other in a post-orgasmic high.

We recovered for a few seconds, and then slowly we rose and removed our now dripping legs from each others crotch. The small area provided by the van was now filled with the odour of our arousal. It did nothing to clear the now overwhelming erotic fog that had a grip on us, but we didn’t mind. I decided it was time to take it to the next level and, even though I greatly enjoyed the power I felt by keeping my sister’s eyes blindfolded, I wanted Kimberly to have all her senses available for the next stage, so I softly said: “Sis, it’s time for you to remove your blindfold.”

She slowly complied. Removing the silky material from her eyes, it took her a few seconds to adjust to the light. But soon our loving gazes locked and she said: “That was interesting.” She smiled before she finished the sentence: “I loved it; we will have to try that again.”

I nodded my agreement.

Our love for each other grew by the moment, as did our desire to be together, and seeing each others eyes filling with love we quickly decided to kiss again. Our breasts mashed together as we firmly hugged each other. I had never felt closer to my sister, or anybody else for that matter, than at that moment. Emotionally overwhelmed, and physically aroused, our hands began to explore each others body. In seconds our hands were freely roaming over the other’s small frame. I could feel her excitement permeating through me and looked into my sister’s eyes and said: “I have been dying to try a little oral sex with you. So what do you say sis, do you want to feel your older sister’s tongue exploring your body?”

Kimberly replied lovingly: “I thought you’d never offer. But I want to do you after too.”

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