The Delightful Surprise


This is my first submission. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK, I am a budding author and could very much use it.


I walked up the stairs towards my room without so much as a thought as to what awaited me there. My afternoon had been busy with preparations for going to college and I was exhausted. Thoughts of what was to come were not what preoccupied me, instead, it was the previous days events that filled my mind. I thought back to yesterday’s dreadful confrontation and felt a mix of shame and fear come over me. The memories of what had happened were too much and I couldn’t help but to think back to them as I reached the top of the stairs.

“What is this Bradley,” my mother had practically screamed.

“It’s not what it looks like mom,” I said frantically, “it’s just… a piece for some website I write for,” I spoke the words like a man grasping at a branch as he fell from a tree, desperation filling my voice.

“This is going on a website,” she screamed in shock. “Bradley, I am your mother and you are putting this on a website.” She stood at my computer, looking at the screen in shock and horror as she read my latest work of erotic fiction. “How could you write something like this,” she said, “it’s disgusting.”

“Mom, it’s just a story for a website, it’s not like I really think about things like that,” I told her, struggling to stay calm.

“Bradley, this is incest and you used my name in here, she spoke the words like a death sentence, as if my fate were sealed by those words. “I can’t believe you would think about me in that way,” her face changed as she spoke the words, as if a realization had come over her. She looked into my eyes; her gaze filled with uncertainty, and walked out of my bedroom. I barely had time to notice how red her cheeks had become or that her nipples were standing erect against her shirt. I didn’t know what to say and made no move to stop her.

I paused as my memory faded and reality seeped back in, this was the last day I would see this house I realized, I would never be able to come back here again after what had happened. After college, I would have to find my own way in the world. I looked down the hall towards my room and dropped my bag to the floor, “I may as well get this over with,” I whispered, hoping that speaking the words would bring me some measure of courage. “I’ll get my things, I’ll walk out and I’ll leave this place for good.”

I walked down the hall and turned towards my door, exhaling deeply and putting my hands to escort forumları knob, slowly I opened it, preparing to see my room for one last time. I opened my eyes and there before me was the most beautiful goddess I had ever seen, lying atop my bed, utterly naked. Her lovely toned legs shone in the dim light filtering through the window and my gaze wandered up from ankles to her smooth thighs just as she spread them for me, My mouth opened slightly as I caught sight of her erotically trimmed bush and I exhaled without thinking when I saw her glorious pubic mound. Her pussy was exquisite, its lips perfect; its little clit like a jewel begging to be polished with my tongue. I stood at the doorway to my room, completely unable to move but utterly desirous of the woman who lay before me.

Slowly, she raised her head and looked at me with a mischievous smile that betrayed no small amount of lust and I knew what she had in store. “Come in and close the door,” she said, her wicked smile growing more lustful with each word. “I know that you want me baby,” she almost whispered as I stepped forward, “I know you want to fuck me.” My heart was beating intensely and I felt a churning in my stomach but my cock had grown completely hard as I starred at her naked beauty, it strained against my pants throbbing so intensely that pain surged through it. I closed the door without looking away from her and my eyes moved to her perky, voluptuous breasts. I felt my cock throb as precum flowed from its swollen tip. I was getting lightheaded but gathered the will to step forward and look in to her eyes as she whispered, “that’s it, come closer and take off your clothes baby, come closer and give me what I need.” Her voice was hypnotic and I stepped forward almost as if in a daze. I took in her naked form as I reached the side of the bed and she smiled even more as I looked down into the depths of her brown eyes before being drawn back to her gorgeous, trim bush.

“You like what you see honey?” she asked, spreading her legs even wider. I saw her juices run down her labia as she slowly moved her hand to caress the bulge that had grown in my pants.

“Uhnnn,” I moaned, without willing it.

“That’s right baby,” she said, “let me know how much you like it, let me know how much you like it when your mommy touches your cock.”

“Oh god,” I whispered, not able to believe what was going on, that this was finally happening.

“Yes,” she whispered as she got up gaziantep escort forum on to her knees, her eyes looking into mine. Her hands went to my waist and slowly reached under my shirt, caressing my hard stomach. Her hands felt so good as they ran up my body, slowly gliding over my skin towards my chest. Her fingers ran over my nipples and she let out a small moan of pleasure as she pinched them between her fingers. I echoed her cry of pleasure as the sting came over me and my head tilted upwards.

“Yes baby, let it all out, show mommy how much you want this,” she said as her hands ran slowly back down towards my groin, flowing down my abdomen and over the trimmed hairs of my bush. She began to pull my pants down with an excruciating slowness and I felt them slide down over the base of my cock as she moaned again. “Oh yes baby, that’s the hard cock that mommy dreamed about, mmm you’re gonna fill me up deep,” she said in that low seductive voice that told me of the sexual animal within her that yearned to be unleashed. My jeans slid slowly down and a rush of sensation filled my body as they slid over the head of my penis, she must have seen the shiver that came over me because she giggled softly and said “oh ya, you need it don’t you baby, you need your mommy’s lips on your cock don’t you.”

I moaned again and looked down towards her, her eyes were staring into my own as she looked up at me, my cock hovering in the air before her mouth. “Tell me you want me, tell me want your mommy to suck it for you,” she said. The breath of her words was like a feather running over my cock and I just stared at her, unable to speak. “Tell mommy you want me to suck it and I’ll let you put it between my lips” she said sweetly.

I was almost overcome with the intensity of my desire to thrust my cock between her lips and fuck her mouth but I somehow managed to get the words out. “Suck me,” I said in a whisper.

“Mmm that’s it, tell your mommy what you want, talk dirty to me,” she said as she moved her mouth towards my throbbing tip. “You’re already leaking for me baby, I can’t wait to taste your precum,” she said with a giggle as her lips slowly kissed the tip of my cock. Her tongue sprang out from her mouth and lashed over the head of my cock before her lips ran down it and she sucked it deep into her.

“Oh god,” I said, the words coming out as a cry of ecstasy. My mother ran her mouth over my cock, sliding her head down towards my belly gaziantep escort forumları as I placed my hands on her head, running my fingers through her hair. She brought her nose to my belly, deepthroating me completely and let out a moan of pleasure that almost made me shoot my cum into her mouth right then.

“That’s right son,” she said as she pulled off my cock and began to stroke it, “give it to mommy.”

“Oh fuck mom,” I moaned, “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.”

“That’s it, cum for your mother” she demanded. She put her lips back over my cock tip and sucked with an intensity that was too much for me to contain, my grip on her hair tightened and I pulled her towards me with every thrust of her lips and suddenly it was too much, my cum was gushing out of me, shooting from my cock and filling her mouth.

“Oh god,” I screamed, “oh fuck”. An explosion of pleasure shook my body, my eyes closed and I moaned involuntarily as I felt my thick cum run all over my cock and down to my balls as it dripped from my mother’s mouth. She kept sucking me and her moans became so loud I almost didn’t notice the squeaking of my bedframe as she rocked back and forth with the rhythm of her cocksucking. “Oh god mom, if you don’t stop… it’s getting to be too much for me,” I said as she continued sucking me.

She pulled her lips from me slowly, giving my tip one last kiss as she let my cock fall from her lips. “Sorry baby,” she said as she looked up at me, showing the cum that had run down her chin and on to her beautiful breasts. My hands went from her head down to her mouth and my fingers ran over the wetness that covered her gorgeous lips. “I didn’t want it to be too intense for you baby, your cock just felt so good that I couldn’t stop sucking,” she told me. I looked into her eyes as my hands ran down over her breasts, rubbing my cum into her skin. She moaned and said “you like rubbing your cum into my tits baby?”

“Uh huh,” I said as I leaned forward to kiss her, devoid of concern over the cum that coated her face. My lips met hers and our tongues reached out and danced over one another’s, our embrace, the most blissful thing I had ever felt.

Slowly, she broke our kiss and pulled away from me to look into my eyes. “Now, aren’t you glad that I read that story of yours and came back to say goodbye to you honey,” she asked.

“Yes mom,” I said with an exhale of relief and satisfaction, “yes I am.”

“Good, now you know it doesn’t have to be goodbye, this is just the beginning, we’re gonna have a lot of fun before you go to college and you’ll be coming back to give me more of your cum every weekend, like a good little boy, won’t you Bradley?”

“Yes mom, yes I will,” I said as I kissed her once more, thinking of how good it would feel to fill her pussy with my cum. It almost made me wish I was staying home for one more year.

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