The Day of Family


I wrote this out of horniness, but then I became interested in the logic of the situation, so the rest of the story after the jerk off material is world-building and the setup for a potential sequel.

In a distant village, a festival is about to begin. About a dozen men, who have just assembled in a clearing at the outskirts of the village, had just gotten married, and they were about to be anointed by their fathers. The tradition served both as an acknowledgement of their fully realized manhood, which had now been affirmed by a marital bond, as well as to reinforce the relationship these sons have with their father, thus tying them back to the family that they had grown up in. Essentially, the holiday was both a symbolic farewell to the people these men once shared a roof with and an initiation into their new life with their spouse. To do so, the sons will have to learn from their paternal figure exactly how they are meant to behave as patriarch of their new family and husband to their wife. This instructive experience will require a hands-on demonstration, where the fathers will pass on their knowledge and paternal status, and the sons shall know the pleasure they will soon bestow on their wives. For these young men, the prospect was certainly an enticing one that they had looked forward to ever since maturing into adults all those years ago. One of them adjusted his ceremonial loincloth, trying his best to hide his excited erection. The other toned lads didn’t bother at all, their rigid cocks all straining against the cloth, leaking small streams of pre-cum down their sturdy legs.

Suddenly, the drums signalling the arrival of the fathers began to sound. The sons all stood at attention, their stoic expressions betrayed by their erect dicks. Finally, the fathers came out from the surrounding crowd, each of them dressed in an elaborate ceremonial robe. As the village shaman prepared the ritual drink, the older men each made their way to their sons. Some of them exchanged the vilest obscenities in excited anticipation of the upcoming ritual, the son and the father each unabashedly reveling in their lust for one another. A few of the other men took a more solemn and orthodox approach, reminding their sons of the knowledge and experience they should draw from this occasion. Neglect to learn, and they will find themselves ill-equipped to please their wives and honor their marriage. The sons, likewise, vowed to their fathers that they will strive to be most receptive students, and that they shall imprint upon themselves the techniques and sensations that their fathers will impart to them. The young man who earlier had tried to hide his stiff dick decided that he would go the extra mile, passionately declaring to his father that he will not only learn much from him as a son and new husband should, but that he will also take and know his cock as a lover would. The dad of that particular man gulped, fearing that by the end of the ritual, he will no longer know this man as just his son.

With a dramatic end to the beating drums, the shaman presented the fathers with a bowl containing the drink that would begin the anointing. Each of these large muscular men took a long deep gulp from the bowl of thick, creamy fluid before they handed it off to the next one of their peers in line. Finally, all of them had partaken in the drink, and the changes that it brought were immediately obvious. The men’s enormous muscles bulged even more so than usual, and they started breathing rapidly as something down between their legs grew so large that even their robes couldn’t hide them anymore. The shaman then gave a loud triumphant shout, signalling the anointing to begin!

The fathers tore off their robes in an instant, revealing their stark naked bodies, bulky muscles, and, of course, the engorged cocks that now stood at attention between their legs. The sons all ripped off their loincloth too, now being fully bare for their fathers to see. The sight of each of their son’s dicks seemed to snap something within each of the men’s heads.

With a vicious, guttural roar, they all leapt forward, pouncing on their sons and forcing them to the floor. The fathers pressed themselves against the their son’s faces, pushing their leaking cocks as far into their mouths as possible. The young men didn’t seem to mind one bit, and even the previously concerned fathers were maddened with lust and enjoying the savage fucking they were giving their own sons. Soon, they all, without warning, yanked their rods from the mouths of these men, and each of them subsequently shoved their cock deep into his son’s ass.

The fathers’ bodies started trembling as they kept thrusting their mammoth cocks deep into their sons, their hips pumping back and forth wildly as they fucked their sons to their limits. Then, they all let out a deep bellow of pleasure as they came inside their sons. The father of that man, the one who had tried to hide his erection, nearly passed out from the huge orgasm he sahibe escort had, so much so that his cock slipped out of his son’s ass and sprayed some of its load onto the man, who gasped and groaned in euphoric bliss. And as the fathers withdrew their cocks from their sons’ holes, each of them proclaimed that their sons would all be “properly blessed”. The shaman, nodding in agreement, declared that the fathers must now anoint their sons, thus passing on their paternal title to the next generation.

The sons obeyed eagerly, quickly falling to their knees in front of their fathers, who each then offered their slick cocks, still covered in the load they spilled inside their sons’ asses. Each son, with perverse enthusiasm, kissed the head of their father’s cock before using their tongue to begin cleaning away all the semen. Finally, with all of the cocks cleaned to perfection, the fathers ordered their sons to assume the positions in which their marriage shall be affirmed in the eyes of their family.

The sons shouted with joy as they each prepared themselves. Some decided to simply keep kneeling as they stuck out their tongue and opened their mouth wide, readying themselves for a facial. Others got on their hands and knees, wiggling their asses up at their dads as they feverishly jerked their dicks. The young man who had tried to hide his rod had a different idea, as he leapt up into his father’s arms to be flipped upside down. Soon, his dad, who had a secure grip on his son’s hips, lifted his cock up to his mouth and began sucking it. The son, on the other hand, now had his face at the level of his father’s dick, which he proceeded to suck on, drool all over, and lick as he greedily coated his dad’s dick with his drool.

Then suddenly, as if both the fathers and sons were connected by a single mind, they all screamed together in a orgasmic chorus as they shot their spunk out of their cock shafts in multiple, strong spurts. The seeds of the fathers coated their sons, the paternal load now officially passed on to the next generation of husbands and to-be-fathers. To mark this passing of the torch, all twelve sons got on their knees as one and kissed the slit of their dads’ cocks one more time. They then rose to their feet, now officially new patriarchs within their village. The fathers and sons embraced one another as the village men in attendance cheered in jubilation, welcoming these men into their folds. The ritual was now over, and the celebration afterwards would now commence.

The fathers still locked in embrace with their sons, who still labor under the effects of the drink, began kissing their man with wild abandon. The sons, who themselves were not even close to being sated, met the lust of their dads with full force, lashing their tongues together while each of them reached for the other’s already hardened dicks. The fathers’, having already waited for far too long, threw their sons on the floor once again, though this time, the men who could only watch from the sides during the ritual now walked forward, stripping their clothes on the way, until they were fully nude, erect, and descending upon the submissive sons with maddening lust.

The shaman watched with solemn eyes as the son who had been embarrassed of his own erection was now pleasing a man with his mouth and hand, the long, thick cock being pumped into and out of that exceedingly tight mouth. At the same time, another man, who the son was straddling, shoved his dick right into his ass, while his father did the same thing with his own gargantuan cock. The son screamed in glee and euphoria as his own penis throbbed and spasmed, being unable to contain his premature ejaculation as the two men inside his ass began to move in sync.

The son began pumping the man’s dick with so much vigor that he, having not anticipated this much pleasure being given to him so quickly, bellowed into the air as he clutched the back of the son’s head, his own dick now a solid, pulsing mass of spunk. The increased tightness of the son’s ass, helped no less by the fact that there were two massive cocks shoved inside, began working its magic, causing both the man and the father to tremble with bliss. The two of them, desperate not to cum so quickly, could barely move given the pressure that had already arisen inside their balls.

The son, having grown impatient of the two muscular men inside of him, wiggled his ass to entice them, knowing that his own dick was about to shoot his load at any moment. He was also more than a little eager to show his father just how capable he was now, being able to please not just him but two other men simultaneously. Trying to stop himself from screaming as he came, the son quickly bent forward and started kissing the man he was riding, causing the semen inside his mouth to mingle with the other’s. The sensation of the kiss, particularly the soft tongue that the man now felt against his own, was spell-bounding, and any sahibe escort bayan amount of resistance that he had against his oncoming load that he had managed to conjure up instantly collapsed. The son’s ass also proved too stimulating for his father, who had gotten a perfect view of his cock as his son lightly bounced his ass on and off it.

The two men inside of the young man grabbed onto the body in the middle of their sandwich as they began yelling at the top of their lungs, the orgasm overcoming them too powerful to describe in their language. Looking down at where he was connected with his son, the father watched as his dick visibly pulsed, the divine sensation of blowing his load inside his son washing over his entire being. The son, having felt an unearthly pleasure that would have rendered some insane, cried out into the man’s mouth as they kissed, also as his own cock began to spasm uncontrollably, shooting his seed all over the toned abs of the man he was riding.

All four men, having ejaculated within seconds of each other, collapsed in a tangled heap of convulsing limbs and muscular torsos, all of which gleamed with sweat. These four men would soon manage to compose themselves enough to scramble to their feet. As the other two rushed to join the rest of the orgy, the father and son embraced each other once more, looking deep into each others eyes as they hugged. The younger man smiled adoringly at his dad. He knew that he had made him proud, and that soon, his wife will get to experience the transcendent euphoria that his father had imbued him with. The older man, on the other hand, gazed into his son’s eyes with apprehension and affection. What he feared had come to pass, for he now knew this man both as his son and his beloved. Collapsing onto the ground together, these two continued to make love to one another for the next few days as the orgy around them raged on.

The fucking, sucking, and cumming would all come and go in waves as the orgy participants would lose and regain their energy and semen, over and over again. The shaman, knowing that the intense sexual energy in the air would carry on for some time, had prepared a tub full of the ritual drink so that the men may rejuvenate themselves whenever they find themselves with no more cum to shoot. He made a note to slip away later to bring the food that the men would gorge themselves on as they fucked into the few next few days.

Of course, the shaman, the only man in the village who felt no desire to lay with other men, or anyone for that matter, had other duties to attend to. Every few minutes, he would scan the road leading from the village into this clearing where the orgy was being held. It would not do for a woman to wander in here and get pulled into the action. This wasn’t too much of a concern for the shaman, for he knew that his female counterpart was keeping the women busy on the other side of the village. It was the Day of Family after all, and the celebration was for the sons and daughters who had become the village’s newest husbands and wives, as well as for their proud fathers and mothers who will be instructing them on their new responsibilities in order to pass on their familial roles.

The shaman, having made sure that the road was clear, turned to his other main priority during this time of celebration: supervising the orgy, since oftentimes, whether it be due to an overdose of the fluid or simply because someone got too carried away, he would have to step in to break apart a coupling. At one point, he had to pull a father off and out of his son after he had held his throat for so long that the son’s eyes had rolled into the back of his head, which the highly mortified father insisted was simply because of the immense bliss he had put his son in. The shaman rolled his eyes, who, given his comparatively sound mind, tried not to feel too disgusted with the father’s overindulgence.

Of course, out here in this distant land, nobody, save those who carry no sexual drive at all, are of sound mind during these few days of the year, when the mysterious plants of the surrounding forest bloom collectively, basking the nearby villages with an intoxicating scent. The order of the shamans and the rituals they lead the villages in were formed many centuries ago precisely to combat this environmental danger. Before their formation, the villages would have descended into orgies of exceptional size, leading to explosions in population that would far exceed sustainability. Those were times of incalculable suffering.

Some villages tried to do the humane thing, as they cleared away as much of the dense forest as they could in order to build and harvest from enormous farm fields in anticipation of the annual event. And yet, these gargantuan feats of labor were never enough to feed all the new mouths, at which point, there existed a few options, none of which were easy to contemplate. Various customs had emerged before escort sahibe the Day of Family to attempt to resolve the problem before it could arise, some of which included contraceptive concoctions and devices that would all disappoint year after year as well as medicines that would prevent the birth entirely. The latter worked for a time, the period known to the people as the Great Moderation. Then along came a ruler who hoarded the ingredients for said medication in order to make himself immensely powerful. And indeed it did, that is, until the artificially scarce resource became so highly sought after by the common people that these immensely delicate plants went extinct.

There was some initial resistance to the Day of Family when it was instituted, or as it was known and practiced at the time, the Day of Separation. While the idea of keeping the men and women apart had always been discussed and attempted, it was always more difficult said than done. The scent of the plants overcame people with lust, but it certainly didn’t steal away their minds. Walls could be scaled, buildings broken out of, and every time people just tried to get as far away from the opposite sex as they could, they would run up against the dangers and vastness of the intoxicating forest. So what better way of handling the affair than to keep people close to the safety and food of the village. The proximity of the men to other men and women to other women would also be quite convenient in keeping both groups thoroughly… distracted.

However, the custom still took several generations to fully establish itself, in spite of its overwhelming success, for one very obvious reason: No father wanted to lay with his son, and no mother wish to make love to their daughter. The shamans would respond with certain concessions: people that wished to bear children anyway could stay together in the village and family members were told to mark each other with paint so that they may know one another even in the midst of unbridled lust, a practice that proved highly inconsistent.

Over time however, these concessions became less commonly taken advantage of for a rather peculiar reason. As instances of incest occurred over time, people found that these forbidden encounters would awaken something in them. It became quite common for a father and son or a mother and daughter to fall in love after accidentally laying with one another over the course of a few years. Even those who did not grow romantic with their family became less bothered by acts of lust between members. People learned to divorce acts of lust from relationships of love.

This shift in culture did take time though, and during that period of painful adjustment, those incestuous couples became persecuted for their love. Then along came a famous pair, a father and son who had fallen for each other. In an act of defiance against those who hated what they shared with each other, they ran to the ritual grounds where the orgy would be held soon, and they would make love to each other, even as the rest of the village poured into the clearing to prepare themselves for the forest’s blooming. Persecuted couples, inspired by this pair, would do the same right before each annual celebration, until it became a yearly expectation for the village to see a small group of incestuous couples fucking each other before the orgy began, so much so that small crowds would start forming each year at the clearing to watch and enjoy the spectacle before the formal orgy began. The shamans decided to integrate this into the celebration as a ritual. What better way to counteract the greatest criticism of their customs than by glorifying it before everybody, and thus erasing the taboo that was the source of the criticism? And so it was: the Day of Family, as it became practiced today, was born.

As of late, the shaman duo of this particular village have been making the long and arduous journey to the world outside of their own. Past tens of miles of dense woods, several thousands of feet of climbing through the surrounding mountains, and yet even more untamed forest, the shaman couple had discovered a small settlement of locals who would regularly receive visitors from beyond the wilderness. Today was a good day, for it seemed the group that the shamans were making their acquaintances with had a strong interest in the goods they had brought from the village to trade. With any luck, they may be able to get the medicines that they needed without trading away too much in return.

The male shaman watched the translator before him relay his explanation of the forest’s intoxicating aroma and the customs that the village had to adopt to the foreigners in their language. There was some murmuring amongst them, some rather unsettled, whereas others were rather excited. “Don’t you realize what this means,” one of the bulkier men said to his compatriots, “We may have finally found what’s been turning all of our freaking frogs gay!”

“Were you listening Al?” a woman with a truly horrendous amount of mosquito bites all over her face asked incredulously, “The entire point of this holiday is to separate the men from the women to keep each other distracted from the other. Though now that I’m thinking about it, I’m guessing that’d make the entire village either gay or bisexual?”

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