The Daddy Diary Pt. 02

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Big Dick

Danni and I had been fucking for 2 full months now. We had some form of sex or another at least 3-4 times per week. We even made a video so she could show Mellie (Mellanie) and prove that she actually fucked me. Mellie made a video too that showed the SHE fucked her OWN daddy. It was pretty hot watching Mellie get nailed by her dad. My cock was stiff as a rod. I could tell that watching Mellie had really gotten Danni worked up. I figured it was just a matter of time until she wanted to invite Mellie over for a 3-way, which was good by me. But what ultimately happened was more than a shock to me, but just as exciting.

“Daddy, do you think Mellie is hot?”

“I sure do baby doll. She is nothing like you as far as looks, but she is very hot in her own way. Why do you ask?”

“Well……..Mellie thinks you are hot too, for an old man. And I thought maybe you 2 could fuck if you want.”

“If that’s what you want me to do baby doll, I will.”

“I do, I do daddy. I wanna watch you fuck Mellie and I may even join in the fun.”

“Any time baby doll. All you gotta do is make it happen. Daddy will take care of the rest.”

Just like that the wheels in her mind were turning and I could tell she was gonna come up with something quick. She did not disappoint me as she told me that we had plan, but she could not give me details. Over a week went by with Danni not saying anything and me not asking questions. We fucked like rabbits as usual, but Mellie’s name never came up. Sure enough, a week later, I got a nice surprise. Danni and I planned to go out on our big pontoon boat on a weekday when there is no crowd on the lake. This is nothing unusual, we go out at least once per week. But this time I was in for a shitload of shock and surprise when I least expected it. Actually….MORE than I expected.

As Danni and I launched the boat, I saw Mellie walking through the parking lot and my heart skipped a beat. But just as fast, I realized, she was holding hands with some guy. As they go closer, I recognized the guy as……….her dad. I had recently seen him fuck his own daughter on video, so I knew right away, that Danni had planned some seriously fucked up shit. I’m not exactly sure what it is yet, but the fact that both daughters and both dads are here is a good indicator.

I had met Ron a few times years ago. Considering the girls have been best friends since kindergarten, it’s kinda crazy that I haven’t been around him more often. But we greeted each other with a certain amount of nervousness, each of us knowing what the other has done. But we also sensed a calm of knowing that our secrets are safe with each other. We shook hands with both of us exhibiting sheepish grins.

“Good to see you again Ron. I have a hunch you are as surprised as I am.”

“Yes Loo I am. Your video was pretty hot and Mellie can’t stop talking about you guys.”

“Same at my house. Danni has been extra charged up since she saw yours. I have a hunch that today is going to be as wild as the girls have hinted. I know I sure am ready, so let’s get going.”

“It looks to be a wild ride, let’s hang on.”

Just like that, things were comfortable. During our ride out to the cove, Ron and I talked about everything under the sun, but the topic of fucking our own daughters actually never came up. The girls were up front on the sunpad and they just chatted and giggled away. Every so often, they would throw us a glance and then giggle again. I guess it’s time to set the stage for the lake and the players.

Mellie (Mellanie), is 18 and has been best friends with Danni since kindergarten. She is about 5′ tall and maybe 125 lbs. with nice slightly chubby curves. She still has a smidge of baby fat which makes her very youngish hot. Her boobs are a slightly saggy and jiggly 34 full D-cup kinda like firm water balloons or a pregnant woman whose boobs are filling with milk. She has naturally dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes with very fair skin that doesn’t tan well. She too has kept her braces for the same reason as Danni. She is wearing a pink/black/white tiger striped string bikini that is a size too small for her and barely covers her ample curves. Body wise, she is built like the teen porn star named Cindee from the porn site WATCHING MY DAUGHER GO BLACK. They are both the same amount of chubbiness and have the same hanging boobs like water balloons.

Ron is my age which is 50 and has dark hair peppered with some streaks of grey. Like me, he has kept up with his age and is not a fat lard like some dads. Neither of us are muscle guys, but in good overall shape. During the movie, I noticed that he is a packing some heat in the neighborhood of 8″ and very thick and veiny. He pounded his daughter’s pussy pretty good on the video and I can’t help but wonder what will be happening today.

Our boat……. What can I say, but that it is the ultimate fuck pad. We have a 27′ pontoon boat with some serious custom stuff. We took out the face to face couches up front and built a full width sunpad that is 8′ wide x 10 front to back. escort blog It is about the same height as the kitchen table which comes into play later in the day. We have a custom stereo system and night time party lighting. We had a margarita machine built in that makes up to 10 gallons of frozen slushies. We can do 2 separate flavors at the same time. Needless to say, our boat is very popular on weekends when we go out to party cove.

We live near a huge lake in Georgia and have an EAST COAST party cove which is similar to the one out west at Lake Havasu. Our cove is about the size of a football field and is only 3′ deep all around. The bottom is soft sand and the water is crystal clear. It’s pretty regular for the cove to have over a hundred boats on a given weekend for some serious partying. Much debauchery and craziness occurs, most of which ends up in drunk nakedness and open fucking. Our boat is usually one in the center of attention.

Today is a weekday and the cove will be empty. Danni knows this and that’s why she suggested we go there. No doubt my little conniving daughter is setting us up for some serious shenanigans. My cock is actually getting hard thinking about the possibilities, of which I know no details at all. Soon enough, we enter the cove, which is empty and drop anchor. I poured each of us a slushie (my version of a Slurpee but with alcohol) and we all lay back and enjoy the good summer day. Ron and I were getting antsy wanting to know what was going to happen, when Danni suddenly spilled the beans.

“Ok old guys. Listen up. Mellie and I have been seducing our daddy’s for a while now. We both got very hot and bothered when we saw each other’s videos. So here is the deal. Today is going to be the DADDY SWITCH. I am gonna fuck Mellie’s daddy, and SHE is going to fuck MY daddy. Remember the other day, daddy, I asked if you wanted to fuck Mellie?”

“Uhhhh…..mmmmm……baby do……”

I was stunned and I looked at Ron with major panic in my eyes, but he had the grin of a Cheshire cat. Then Danni made a fake apology and sarcastic response to her own question.

“Oh, I see you did not get the memo. Anyhow, daddy, today is the day. And you, Mr Ron, you told Mellie that you wanted to fuck ME. So today is YOUR day too. Me and Mellie are gonna get fucked by the opposite daddies during the daddy switch. Do either of you have any objections?”

Everybody looked at everybody else in wide eyed amazement at Danni’s statement. We all smiled and gave approving nods and thumbs up. Ron had initially looked nervous too, but when he saw that I relaxed quickly, he followed suit.

“I didn’t think so.” Today, Danni was gonna get plugged by Ron’s big dick and I was finally gonna get the green light to fuck Danni’s chubby little friend. My cock is instantly hard and I am ready to go. Ron and I were on the bench seat that spans the back of the boat. The girls sauntered over and got down on their knees. They looked at each other and smiled nervous yet excited smiles and began to tease the daddies.

“Me and Mellie are gonna do things at the same time right next to each other. That way our daddies can watch us fuck the OTHER daddy. I know that’s pretty slutty, but we may as well keep the theme going, right?”

Both girls knelt down and giggled as they came before our wide spread legs. Mellie was wearing a big mesh trucker hat that said I LUV DADDY on it and she was wearing those big nerdy glasses that were bright blue. When she smiled, those braces flashed and it gave me the same tingling feeling in my balls that I get when Danni smiles.

I guess I can describe Danni now too. She is 5′ tall and barely 100 lbs. She pretty much has non-existent A-cup boobs and never needs a bra. She is soooo small, she could be one of the teeny bopper porn stars on She is wearing a black shimmering glittery bikini that is also a size too small. She has slight yet sexy curves of a small teenage girl who has not filled out yet. Quite the opposite of Mellie, but equally as sexy.

“I know you like Danni’s braces Mr Loo. My daddy likes mine too. They make him get a big boner when I kiss him with them. Is your boner big yet Mr Loo?”

“It sure is Mellie. As soon as I saw your cute little body in that bikini, I got a HUGE boner. Come check it out for yourself.”

She did. She leaned in and ran her hands up the leg of my loose fitting shorts. I didn’t wear any drawers today, knowing that they would just get in the way.

“Wow Mr Loo, you ARE glad to see me. This thing feels bigger than what it looked like in the move. I think we are gonna have a good time Mr Loo. I can promise you that.”

She looked over at Danni who had her hand up Ron’s shorts and was checking out his package for the 1st time. The look in her eyes was of pure animalistic lust as her hands fondled inside his shorts. The girls looked at each other again and motioned for us to lift our butts off the seat. They proceeded to yank our shorts off exposing our rock hard gaziantep escort blogu erections. As I saw on the movie, Ron had a full inch over my 7″ and his cock was thick and full of crisscrossing veins. Danni was gonna love it as much as I was gonna love fuckin Mellie.

I reclined on the couch with my ass at the edge of the cushion and Mellie gripped my cock which sticks straight out from my body when I get hard. Her tiny hand made my cock look even bigger than normal. Her chubby little fingers looked so cute as she began to slide them up and down my hard shaft as they barely wrapped around my stiff rod. She spit a little on my knob, so her fingers would slide more smoothly. She smiled as she did this which made my cock twitch. She felt it and emitted a satisfied smile.

“Wow Mr Loo. Your cock sure does love my braces. I just felt it make a hiccup.”

“It sure does little honey. I am a horny old man and I can’t wait for my cock to go inside that mouth with those braces.”

“Oh…….you mean like this?”

She leaned down wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Because of her angle being so low, we made eye contact and she sorta smiled which showed some silver that was right up against my boner. I damn near shot my load, but did a good job of holding off.

“Yes little honey. Just like that. You just suck old Mr Loo’s cock and he will give you a nice sweet and sticky reward.”

She began to slowly bob up and down with her lips clamped tightly around my cock and her chubby little fingers hold my base still. She purred and cooed as she did this which emitted a humming sensation and vibrated my shaft as she worked. I looked over at Danni who was doing the same thing on Ron’s meat stick and her braces had him in a daze too.

“I gotta tell you Ron, we are soooooo going straight to hell when we die. First of all, we fucked our own daughters for Christ sake, and now we are sitting side by side and our daughters sucking the OPPOSITE dad’s dick. This is some pretty fucked up shit Ron.”

“Sure is Loo. And we are the lucky fuckin schmucks to be getting it though. I will see you in hell good buddy. We are gonna earn the trip.”

With that, we high fived and laughed. Our attention was brought right back to the blowjobs as we heard Danni’s loud slurping sucking noises. She was taking his full length all the way to the root each time she went down. Mellie switched to licking my knob like an ice cream cone. She made sure to show her braces while my cock was in her mouth and she flaunted that fact very well. She looked up at me while she licked with a serious, yet young look on her face of sheer determination.

“Danni, you look soooooo slutty hot sucking Ron’s cock baby doll. Slurp him up and make him cum in your mouth. Mellie, you can stop for a minute and watch if you want. Then they will watch YOU suck MY cock.”

Mellie stopped and my request really charged Danni up and she began giving him the cock sucking of a lifetime. She sucked and slurped his big veiny meat stick and made sure to glance at each of us as she did so. She even showed her braces a little as she could. After a minute or so, she squatted down and began to lick and suck his dangling ball sack. She sucked each of his testicles into her mouth one at a time and basically gave them a tongue massage. Again, she made sure to add slutty slurping sounds the whole time. The 3 of us stared in a mesmerized state as she sucked his cock and balls.

“My god daddy, Danni is such a little slut. Look at her sucking your cock right here in front of her own daddy and me.”

“She does a good job honey. You 2 must have compared notes.”

Both girls giggled with an innocent yet guilty look on their faces.

“We have practiced daddy. We used some boys from school and practiced licking and sucking their penises so we would be good and ready for our daddies. And we swallow, unlike some of the LOSER girls our age.”

“God honey, that is soooooo fuckin slutty, but that’s why daddy loves his little girl. You are gonna make Mr Loo a happy old man, that’s for sure.”

“Give her a facial daddy. I wanna lick your cum from Danni’s face and we will show you what little sluts we have become.”

Danni sucked his cock with major league youthful enthusiasm. She was good and I already knew that. But I sure didn’t know about her practicing on other boys. She sucked and slurped and jerked as Ron’s balls began to draw up tight signaling his impending cum shot. His face contorted and his breathing became ragged as he began to buck his hips.

“Here you go Danni. One facial, cumming right up.”

The 1st shot of sperm caught her deep in the mouth and she swallowed without hesitation. She pulled her mouth off his cock in time for him to release a long thick blast of molten ball juice which landed with a splattering noise from her chin to the top of her head. She continued to jerk his cock while he produced 4 more very generous servings of warm pearly jizz that she caught on her tongue gaziantep escort sitesi and all over her face. As her mouth was open, her braces shined brightly in the hot sunlight.

Mellie jumped right in just as Ron finished his last shot. Mellie sucked her dad’s cock to make sure there was no jizz left. Then she went to work on Danni. She licked and slurped cum as it dripped down my daughter’s shiny splattered face. She they settled into a deep French kiss while both their mouths were full of Ron’s fresh semen. They made a special slutty show of pulling away from each other as the strings of cum were stuck to both their faces. They showed us mouthfuls of pearly jizz as they covered their braces with it and swished it around in their mouths like mouthwash. As if my cock wasn’t hard enough, I just about busted another nut. But I was able to hold off knowing my turn was approaching.

They finally swallowed the remaining cum and settled back in order to proceed with the next chapter. They both knelt down again and Mellie proceed to begin sucking and jerking me off. By this point, my head was so far gone and into the zone, I knew that my normal ability to prevent cumming too soon was not going to work. I was so over stimulated already that I was gonna drown her in sperm sooner than later. But that was ok, because I can produce multiple porn star quality cum shots per session than most guys. And my cock can stay hard for hours. Just give me a few minutes between performances and I can keep up with the best of them.

She seemed very interested in visual stimulation, so she spent more time giving me a hand job than she did a blowjob. But I am not one to complain. It’s not every day that you get a hand job by a cute little 18 year old hottie while HER dad and MY daughter are watching. So I was more than glad to go with the flow. Her chubby little fingers did a great job of squeezing my cock with some serious pressure.

“Holy shit daddy. It is soooooo fuckin hot watching Mellie jerk you off in front of us. Shoot some jizzy on her face like Mr Ron did to me. Make sure to get it on her big boobies daddy, I wanna lick your spunky off my best friends boobs.”

“No problem baby doll. I love how this worked out. Thanks for surprising your daddies with this little slut fest.”

Sure enough, with all the previous activity, I didn’t last long, and my balls tightened up and began to deliver as the sperm made its trip of its life. Mellie sensed this and began to massage my balls as she jerked me off to the finale. “Uggggg……fuckkkkkkkk….yeahhhhhhhhhh…….uhhhhhhh.”

She aimed my cock right at her face as the 1st load was being launched. AS with Ron, my first shot left a trail of pearly man goo from her chin to her hair and splattered her glasses. Each subsequent blast of warm man lava landed with an audible squish on her face, glasses and neck. She still had on her bikini top as the cum began to mix with her sweat and dribble down her slightly chubby body.

“That’s hot daddy. Look at all that jizzy on Mellie’s face and her boobies daddy. You made her all cummy. Fuck that is sooooo slutty hot daddy.”

Danni swooped in and began to the reciprocation of licking and sucking my sperm right from the body of her best friend. She even bent down and licked the gooey jizz from the cleavage area of Mellie’s succulent boobs. She made all types of slutty sounds and then they kissed and swapped more cum and showed us their cum covered braces again. Mellie even took her glasses off and licked the sperm from them. Ron and I just sat back in utter amazement watching our daughter’s do this. The reality of it hit and we looked at each other with newfound friendship. We high fived again with very satisfied and devilish smiles. Here we are, a pair of 50 year old guys, and we just gave our daughter’s facials. Not only that, but in front of each other and the girls loved it so much that they cum swapped after each turn. What a fucked up world.

“Time to switch it up baby doll. Let the daddy’s give their little slutty daughters some lovin.”

Ron and I got up and the girls sat side by side on the bench seat with us on our knees in front of them. We pulled each girl so her butt was right at the edge of the seat and they leaned back in a reclined position. I leaned forward, half laying on top of Mellie with my cock smashed tightly up against her plump coochie meat and my chest pressed to her full jiggly boobs. We became engrossed in a very deep passionate kiss with our tongues exploring new mouths for the 1st time ever. She kissed very well and we had good chemistry, just like Danni and I when we started out.

She put her hand behind my neck and pulled my face in tighter, so she could stuff her tongue deep into the confines of my warm mouths. After tongue fucking me, she pulled a little further out and alternated with sucking my tongue, blowjob style and just flicking our tongues together outside our mouths. It was then that I realized she had used her other hand on my butt to pull my hips in closer to provide more pressure between our fuck parts. She had no hesitations at all which was evident by the fact that she thrust her hips out and began to dry hump me. She cooed and breathed heavily and sort of hummed while we kissed and I was very turned on. I love kissing, and this slightly chubby 18 year old was doing a great job of keeping me interested.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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