The Chauffeur (#30) Red Door, Part One


The Chauffeur (
0) Red Door, part one


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After the day of bowling, things went on in a normal fashion. Day by day BJ became more accustomed to the play group. At work, we are letting all the district offices of all the brands become aware that their district office will close over the weekend and on Monday there will be no access. Clearly that news was making the rounds as more than 85% of those who worked in a district office called Sharon or BJ and decided to move to the Hawk.

However, there were still those few that acted like they get to make their own rules. By the time Thursday rolled around I made a company-wide statement. It said, “If you haven’t moved over to the Hawk by close of business on Friday, you will not have a job with Jaxson, Inc. on Monday.” I got several emails Thursday night explaining why they couldn’t do the task being handed to them. I replied to each one that the statement stands.

We made the decision as a group to utilize Sharon’s idea. She suggested that after close of business on Friday send the four (the twins, Belinda, and Marcus) along with several file boxes to start boxing up anyone’s desk that wasn’t moved. We would spend Friday evening boxing things up, writing employee names on the boxes and then transporting them to the Hawk to be stored in an empty office. Yes, it might have seemed harsh, but Jennifer had some buyers already lined up for several of the district office properties.

By Thursday night, we had three district offices completely empty. Sharon and Jennifer worked together to have the district offices professionally cleaned up, but not until the desks were moved over to the Hawk. Jennifer noted that we had way more desks than we had employees. She assigned Diane to find an office supply company that dealt with used office furniture. They assured her that they would be at each of the district offices on Saturday morning. They offered us $25 per desk and $5 per chair. We countered with $30 per desk and they could have ALL the left-over chairs for free, they took that deal knowing that they could make a much larger profit on the chairs than they could on the desks.

Our locksmith guy was working his ass off for us. I told him to not worry about the safes as this held more importance to me. I also gave him a large leeway on finishing the lock changeover at the Hawk. I had suggested to him to hire some temporary help, but he said that since his name was on the job, he wanted to ensure that the job was done properly. I suggested to him that when he gets caught up in a couple of months, we should go have a beer and talk business. He said he would really like that.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the gang was putting in 14-15 hours of work per day. It was John who surprised me the most, taking charge of each district office ensuring that the offices were professionally cleaned, including the carpets. He coordinated the pickup of the desks and chairs. He arranged for a local moving company to move miscellaneous office equipment such as copiers, printers, fax machines, and projectors. Jill took over the task of having the phone systems checked to ensure that they worked properly. She took count of how many stations were needed at the Hawk and decided for them to be installed before close of business on Friday, with a small window of finishing up on Monday morning.

It also turns out that BJ was good at giving direction. When the phone people started wandering around, she took them to several offices that needed the phones set up. She gave them a deadline and came back to check on them, not allowing them to be non-productive.

Dakota helped a lot by making phone calls and arranging things. It didn’t dawn on me until Friday that Diane was supposed to be assisting Mom. She was supposed to be helping her shop for furniture for the Chateau. When I called Mom, I found her at a furniture store named The Joneses. They specialize in custom couches. Mom said she had already been to Rooms to Go (which she laughed at) as well as Macy’s (which she also laughed at).

She said that so far, she has had no issues and that what she has bought from the Joneses will be delivered in 10 days or less. I offered to send Diane, but she seemed content getting around on her own. I inquired how she was getting around, she said she is having the time of her life using something called UBER. I just laughed, a woman of high society having never used Uber before. I dialed up Paula, told her that I wanted Fred to be at Mom’s beck and call. He is to drive her wherever she needs to go, and he is to make sure she is guarded. He is to be her shadow when she gets out of the vehicle. Paula assured me that would happen beginning tomorrow morning, Fred would be at the Chateau by 8:00am every morning unless Mom directed something different. I knew that Mom and Fred seemed to be hitting it off rather well, so I figured that he would be a better choice for both driver and protector.

As Jill was signing for a bunch of subs from Jimmy John’s I got a call from Mark Newberg. He started off sounding a bit strange. I finally had to pull it out of him the reason for his call, he wanted to know why Kim and Kay were being excluded from the Chateau.

“Are you kidding me Mark?” I asked completely floored.

“No, Kim said that you invite others to the house, but as of yet, they haven’t gotten an invite,” Mark says to me.

“Mark, you’ve been to the house, you know what types of debauchery goes on there. I didn’t want to make any assumptions because they are your nieces,” I tell him.

“David, trust me when I tell you, they will hold their own with your play group. They look all nice and sweet, but they can party with the best of them. I probably shouldn’t even tell you……nah, nah……I better keep my mouth shut,” Mark says to me.

“OH, NO! You don’t get to chastise me for not inviting them into my own little debauchery group then start a sentence like ‘I shouldn’t even tell you’ then stop in the middle…. c’mon spit it out,” I tell him in a direct manner.

“Well, OK. But you must promise me you won’t say anything, or my name is mud,” Mark says.

“Um, no. I can’t make that promise,” I tell him.

“Well, OK, I guess I have to trust you,” he says.

There’s a long pause.


“To make some money when they were in college, they ended up doing a porn,” Mark tells me.

I laughed loud and I laughed hard. “Really? THAT’S THE BIG SECRET?”

“Yeah, they don’t want anyone to know. They are worried that you’ll find a reason for them to be let go,” Mark tells me.

I’m still laughing when I tell him, “Mark, you don’t understand, I have four people in my play group, that you have already played with that are in that industry. The twins, Belinda, and Allison. The twins and Belinda are all actors and Allison is a director/producer,” I tell him still laughing.

Mark is laughing now as well. “Damn David, you surprise me all the time. Here I was worried about my nieces and here you have actual current people from that industry. Hell, Kim and Kay only shot one movie, but the director liked them so much that he keeps calling them even today,” Mark explains.

“Mark, I don’t know how much play will be going on this weekend as we are still trying to get all these district offices closed and the people moved over before Monday. Which reminds me to ask you a couple of things. First, has there been any interest in the house that Jill and I are selling? Second, have you been contacted by anyone from the auditing center in Montana that wants to move here to LA? Three, I have a couple of people in my play group that will need to sell their houses. I told them to contact you directly,” I say to Mark.

“Well, so far no real progress on your own home. We had two very lowball offers that I just turned down for you like you and Jill told me to do. Second, yes, we have had about a dozen people from Montana that want to move here. Those who want to move and own their home up there, I have arranged for me to receive a commission when their home sells up there. Third, just have them call me directly, you know that I’ll personally handle their homes,” Mark says.

“Oh, one more thing Mark, you need to start working out of the Hawk. We have a desk and computer set up for you. On Monday, I expect you to be there. We’re on the top floor, I’ll have Sharon speak to the security guard to let them know you will be there,” I say to Mark.

“Uggggh, I was trying to avoid that. I hate going downtown. I prefer to work out of my house,” Mark tells me.

“And I would like to stay at the Chateau and just keep having sex, but there is work to be done,” I say to him. He reluctantly agrees to show up on Monday at the Hawk.

I check in with both Diane and Dakota to make sure that they are not overworking themselves. Our plan on using my project four (the twins, Belinda, and Marcus) didn’t come into play until after work on Friday. Until then I utilized them everywhere John needed extra hands. Dakota called a local moving company and had them bring a couple of box trucks to move desks that we were keeping to the Hawk. I called Donna and asked if there was anyone that we could borrow for some extra hours rather than them being sent home. She was delighted that I called she had about 30 she could send me. I told her to send all of them over, but they will need to wear jeans or shorts as this will be dirty work. It was only two hours later, and we suddenly had an army to help.

Almost all of them were guys, but we did have a several women mixed in. One that particularly caught my eye was this broad-shouldered woman that could easily be a linebacker for the LA Rams.

Dakota took charge of making sure we had lots of beverages (iced tea, Gatorade, water, and Coke and Diet Coke) I kept my eye on both my pregnant ladies to make sure they were drinking lots of water, which they were. As close of business came on Friday, I called Donna again asking how many of these workers that I can keep for a few days. She told me as many as I want, reservations are way down and thus she is glad to be able to offer them hours, which I was glad to be able to do as well.

As we reached mid-afternoon on Friday, I had Carrabba’s bring over a mountain of food. I knew that we were going to be working long into the night and I wanted everyone well fed. Yes, even John.

We all took up and entire floor in the Hawk. The Carrabba’s group brought food. They had three big salad pans, a spaghetti and meatballs pan, a grilled chicken pan, a lasagna pan, and a chicken marsala and steak marsala pans. They had pans of steamed broccoli, sautéed green beans, and two pans of garlic mashed potatoes. What was nice to see was John being the good fiancée and getting Diane a plate of food first.

I just sat back and smiled seeing everyone having a good meal, chatting with each other and making plans on how to attack this project. While we were eating our locksmith guy showed up at the Hawk. I pointed him in the direction of making a plate of food, which he tried to avoid. He tried to politely decline but I kept after him and he gave up when he realized that I wasn’t going to back down. He made himself a big plate of food grabbed two bottles of Gatorade and found a place against a wall to eat. I did notice Jennifer go over and sit down next to him. They just chatted it up.

Of course, Dakota was right next to me. She was looking so cute in a pair of short shorts and a tee shirt.

“Daddy, how do you do it?” Dakota asks me.

“Do what?”

“You seem to always find just the right person to add to our group. Everyone of them are willing to work their ass off for you. It’s like you have a magic wand that you wave, and people transform into who you want them to be,” Dakota says.

“I have no magic wand, well, not the kind you’re referring to my darling,” I say smiling and giggling a bit.

I get playfully slapped on the shoulder by a smiling and giggling Dakota.

“I think that there are lots of people who just want to know that what they do for a company is of value and that their work is appreciated,” I tell her.

“Yeah, that’s true. That is one of the reasons I was so glad that you brought me here. Bob Jaxson didn’t understand that. He just used his power to steamroll people to do what he wanted,” Dakota says to me.

As Dakota and I are eating and having this discussion, I see Jennifer scooch closer to our locksmith guy. That would be nice, I know that Jennifer has the whole Sindee thing going on, but having a real relationship with a guy, a good guy, might be a better solution for her.

“Daddy, may I make an observation?” Dakota asks.

“Of course, my darling,” I reply.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to have Amy wear her collar. I think with her that needs to be a private thing. She’s willing to do anything for you, but being that she runs the house, it might take away from her control of what’s going on. I think that if you’re going to have her continue to be your sub, that maybe, just maybe that needs to be a much more private affair. Allison clearly has the want to openly be your submissive, but she has no responsibility inside the Chateau. Amy does, she runs the house for you,” Dakota explains.

“Darling, that’s a great observation. Text her that I say to take off her collar and that I want to speak to her privately. However, please make sure she understands that I am not unhappy with her. I don’t want her worrying that I’m suddenly mad at her,” I explain.

“OK, Daddy, I’ll take care of it.” Dakota says.

“And my dear, it’s nice to see you eating a salad and a piece of grilled chicken with garlic mashed potatoes,” I tell her before I lean in and kiss her. I hear a couple of whispers around me, but I ignore them.

John comes over to me and lets me know that virtually everyone is done eating. I tell him to round everyone up in one place and let’s get back to work.

“Hey, everyone, lets all gather around here. David needs to speak to everyone,” John announces loudly to all.

Everyone gets up tossing their paper plates in a trashcan that John brought over.

“You’re on boss,” John says to me.

“OK, we’re essentially in the home stretch, but this will be the hardest part. Jennifer, how many district offices are we closing and locking now?” I ask.

“Um, hold on let me check,” she says.

There is a pause as she runs over to her desk, pulls up some information on her computer. She hits print. The printer spits out the information and runs it back to me. She takes a pen and marks three off the list as we have already closed them.

That leaves 21 offices.

“OK, here’s the game plan, I need three people for each district office. You should pick two people you want to work with making a threesome (there’s some giggles with me saying threesome). BJ will assign each group of three to a district office. I need each threesome to have a car to be able to drive to their assigned district office. Please take a couple of minutes and get in groups of three,” I tell everyone.

As the group is mulling around and making their parties of three, I speak to the locksmith.

“Hey, we need you to start changing the locks on each of the district offices. Let’s do what we did at my house, one key opens every door. We’ll change the lock once the office is sold,” I say to him. He tells me that he would need to stop at his office to get enough material to pull this request off. I reach into my pocket and hand him some money, he hasn’t received any money yet and I wanted him to have something, so I put 5 $100 bills in his shirt pocket. He tries to politely decline, but I won’t hear of it. He’s done such a great job for us already and want to make sure he has some money. I also whisper to him that he should ask Jennifer out. He seems a bit embarrassed that I saw them. I smiled just saying that they looked good together.

When we have everyone in groups of three with a car available for each team, I have Jennifer and BJ begin to assign each team to a district office. BJ digs out a set of keys to hand to each team for their assigned building.

I see lots of cell phones being pulled out and addresses put in the GPS. As groups are ready to go, I remind them to take at least 10 file boxes to pack up any desks that are still there. Put the name of who the desk belongs to and store the box by the front door. Call John and he’ll have someone stop by and pickup the file boxes and bring the back here.

Dakota and Diane take Marcus and a couple of the other guys to a couple of office closets to get as many cleaning supplies as possible to send with the teams, just in case there is little to no cleaning products at the district offices.

Teams begin to leave. Before anyone steps on the elevator, I remind them that Sharon needs at least one contact number from each team. People begin to furiously write phone numbers on pieces of paper along with who is in the team.

As they hand Sharon their contact information, they grab some cleaning supplies and step on the elevator.


The room clears out quite quickly. Everyone seems excited as the groups get onto the elevators.

I look at the clock, it reads 4:59pm. By the time anyone reaches their district office, there should be no one left. Sharon does field a couple of calls from employees that want to know if they can bring their box of stuff on Monday to the Hawk or must they do that tonight, I tell them that to just be here at the Hawk by 9:00am Monday morning will be fine. They breathe a sigh of relief.

I leave John to run things as I head to my office and turn on the computer. I nearly faint looking at all the emails. 1,275 of them. I guess I should have at least kept checking them the past three days. I start with multiples of the same email, that deletes nearly 300. Then I begin to look for ones directed at me alone. One catches my eye. It’s from Polly Nestor, a member of the board of directors. She has made the decision that I should be removed from the position of CEO and her daughter who just graduated law school should be the new CEO. I read and re-read the email.

I called Sharon to send Jill over to me. A few minutes passed before Jill showed up. I pulled the email back up and let her read it.

“That cunt!” Jill spewed with much venom.

“Problem?” I ask smiling the whole time.

“Really? Her daughter, who has no business acumen, no experience, and isn’t even a lawyer, she’s only finished law school,” Jill says really pissed off.

“I’ll call my skip-trace girl and have her do a deep background check on both her and Polly, bet we come up with some juicy stuff,” I say to Jill. I’m not even sure Jill heard a word that I said. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed up my friend, gave her the names of Polly and her daughter. My friend said she would have all the information she can get by Monday at the latest. She did ask if I still partied, I told her that I still party, but more of a swinger’s type party. She told me she would be interested. I promised her that I’d include her really soon, really soon.

Jill stomped out of my office, slamming my door behind her.

I saw another email from Roger, he updated the events for New Orleans Pinetree. Apparently, he had forgotten to make mention of the original reason he went to New Orleans, the night manager at one of the hotels being murdered. New Orleans Police caught the guy who was high on Meth and is now mobil porno in county lock-up. The judge denied bail. I sent a thank you to Roger.

There was a sweet apology email from Kim and Kay. They said that they had such a delightful time bowling and that they really want to do some well needed work for me and Jill. I replied that I am very happy with what her and her sister have done for me so far.

There were two emails from the Horse Track buyers asking if we would like a quick close on the deal or would we prefer it stretch out into next year for tax purposes. I responded that a quick close sounded good to me.

I began to work my way through the read-only emails, deleting each after I read it. I spent about 2 ½ hours before Jill came back to me. She was getting tired.

Sharon says that we have five additional offices ready, so that leaves 16 offices. I ask Sharon to move the five who are done to another office to help those at that office. She begins to make calls moving people around once again. In less than an hour, we have 9 more done, that takes us to 7.

I walk over to Jennifer, put my arms around her and push her back towards a desk. I lift her by the waist and sit her cute little ass on the edge of the desk.

“Darling, did I see you get a little closer to our locksmith guy?” I ask.

“Yes, is that alright?” she asks.

“Of course, it is. It’s your life, you don’t need my permission to date a good-looking hard-working guy like that, you deserve someone good,” I say to her.

She looks to her right, then her left before she kisses me passionately.

“Why are you so good to me?” She asks

“Um, because I love you and your son? I want him to be able to handle the responsibility of being a full-time Dad. And as for you, you should know by now that I have strong feelings for you. I want you to have a great life, maybe fall in love once again,” I say to her.

She leans in and kisses me again. Thankfully, I’m not standing in the middle of the office with lots of people watching me. But I do see BJ, Sharon, and Jill all looking at me smiling and talking amongst themselves. Dakota comes around the corner and swats Jennifer on the ass and giggles as she continues walking to wherever she was headed. Jennifer just giggled, kissed me again and walked away swaying her ass towards me on purpose.

All I can do is smile.

My phone buzzes, it’s Mom.

“Hey Mom, what’s up?”

“I need help. The UBER driver’s car broke down and since it’s Friday night, AAA said they will be about 2 hours before they can get here,” Mom says.

“Give me where you are, I’m sending Dakota to come get you,” I tell her. Mom puts the UBER driver on her phone, and he gives me a deion of where they are.

I call Dakota over and give her the information, she asks to take BJ along, which I tell her is fine. I let Mom know that Dakota and BJ are on the way. Before each of the ladies’ step onto the elevator, I get a nice kiss from both.

Sharon finds me and asks when we might be ending the day. She was asking to see if she needed to order dinner for everyone or not. I suggested that she should call either Bobby or Sammy and give them an idea when we will be home. She said she would take care of that for me.

I saw Kim working hard at a desk, I walked over to her and sat down on a chair right next to her.

“Hey there, I spoke to your uncle today. Did he talk with you?” I ask Kim.

“Yes. He told me that he talked about what we did while in college. His name is now mud,” she says giggling.

“Well, how do you feel about what you found out about my house and the debauchery that goes on there?” I ask her.

“He told me that he’s been there, and you throw some parties that would rival anything done by Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt. If you want to invite us, we are fine with that. We love to party, and I think we can pretty much run with the best of them,” she says to me.

“So, let me put all the cards on the table. Let’s have a frank discussion before I invite you and your sister to my house,” I say to her.

“OK, shoot,” she replies.

“I have what I call my play group. Sex is free flowing amongst everyone. Many of the people you’ve met are part of that play group. Sharon, Jennifer, BJ, Dakota, Diane, John, and you uncle just to name a few. I trust all of them to protect the company, but they come and go at my house as they feel. How much will it weird you out to see your uncle naked?” I ask.

“That won’t weird us out at all. Hell, there was a time in college that we would tag team him because he’s such a good guy and we were having trouble finding guys to date,” She tells me.

“Did he tell you about the four ladies that live in the pool house behind me?” I ask.

“No, what about them?”

“Three of them are actresses in the porn industry, the fourth one is a director/producer in the industry. However, Mark did say that the guy who directed the movie that you two were in still calls you wanting you to come do another movie,” I say to her.

“Yeah, his name is Rocco Seefreed or something like that. He was different, he seemed to get off on stuffing his huge dick down your throat until you upchucked. I didn’t get the reason why, but we did it. We really have no interest in doing that again, at least not with him,” she says.

“Well, if you do decide to do another one, and I’m not suggesting you do, but if you choose to explore doing that Allison would be a wonderful person for you to seek out, and she lives in my house,” I tell her.

“Look Kim, you and your sister are beautiful. If you want an invitation to come to the house, you have it. Anytime you want to come over, but you can’t be shocked when you see how we play. However, we probably won’t be playing until Sunday with all this work around the district offices,” I say to her.

“How does our play or not play affect our jobs?” she asks.

“It doesn’t. Not at all. All play is consensual and has nothing to do with your job. Which leads me to another question, are you or your sister bisexual? Most of the ladies are in the play group,” I ask.

“Well, sort of. We used to play a lot in college with gals, but that’s been a couple of years ago,” she tells me.

“OK, then, come over to the house whenever you want to. Bring an overnight bag at the very least. You and your sister can stay in one of the many bedrooms that I have,” I tell her.

“Boss, I’m glad that what we said to you at lunch the other day didn’t get us fired. We were just frustrated,” Kim says.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s over,” I tell her. She smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I put my hand underneath her chin and give her a more passionate kiss on the lips. She responds by putting her arms around my neck and kissing me back.

I feel my cock stirring. She breaks from the kiss, but she sees my cock tenting my shorts and reaches down and gives it a squeeze. I smile, stand up, and pull her to me. I kiss her long and hard, before we break from the kiss, she rubs her hands up and down my hard cock. I am looking directly into her eyes and whisper in her ear, “You’re going to love the play group. I’m pretty sure we will rock your world,” I say hearing her moan as I’m caressing her back.

Jill enters the office, “There you are. Are you recruiting newbies for our play group?” She asks. Kim seems a bit startled. I assure her that everything that I do is OK with my wife and to not worry. In fact, I tell Kim that Jill will most likely make her cum again and again. Jill smiles. She comes over to me and kisses me as well.

John comes in and tells me that all the offices are empty, and the desks and chairs are loaded by the door for the used office furniture place to pick up from us on Sunday. I thank him and tell him to start dialing everyone and send them home for the night with my thanks. Also, tell them that we will check in with Donna to see if she needs anyone of the group tomorrow, otherwise we will have more for them to do.

John heads out and begins to make phone calls.

My phone buzzes, its Dakota, she tells me that she has Mom back at the Chateau and is heading to pick us up. I thank her for taking care of Mom, she says to me, “I think you owe me a good fucking,” giggling as she says that.

Sharon, Diane, Jennifer, and John finish making the calls to send everyone home for the night.

“You know, its not too late, if you and your sister want to come over to the house tonight, feel free to do so. You can have dinner and maybe have some mind-blowing sex…that is if your up to it,” I say smiling.

She puts her arms around me again and tells me that yes, her and her sister will come over tonight, they just must get home to pack a bag. I text her my address and tell her to just show up.

I kiss her and she heads off to find her sister, who at this point has no idea of Kim and I’s discussion.


When Dakota arrives, she loads her car, Sharon loads her car and we all head to the Chateau.

I just sit in the seat and lean my head back. Since we are heading into the sun, I close my eyes. I feel three hands on me. One hand was from Sharon, who had one hand on the steering wheel and the other one on my cock making it hard through my shorts. The other pair of hands was from Jennifer behind me in the back seat. She was rubbing my shoulders and massaging my temples. I reach to the side of my seat and tilt the back lower for Jennifer to have more access to me. Suddenly, I feel a soft pair of lips on mine. Jennifer has figured out a way to plant her lips on mine as we are driving. I reach up and pull her face down into mine. My tongue snakes out of my mouth into her open mouth.

“Do you have anything left for us gals tonight my darling?” Jennifer asks.

“I hope so, I just invited the two new gals, the twins from work Kim and Kay to join us tonight,” I tell her. This causes both Sharon and Jennifer to giggle. So far BJ is just sitting quiet.

“BJ are you alright back there?” I ask.

“Um, yeah. I’m hungry and tired, but I think some dinner and a shower will get me going again, and who knows more of your wonderful sex,” she says smiling at me. This causes a bit of a laughter from Sharon and Jennifer.

Sharon asks, “BJ, what do you think about our play group? Are you feeling more comfortable with us since David brought you home with the new cars?” Jennifer is giggling at this point.

“Boss, I’m having more fun in the past couple of days than the whole time I dated my ‘boss’ from the car dealership. He just wanted me to bring more of my friends’ home for him to play with. It always seemed that I was just the gateway for him to get into their pants and let me tell you many of those gals no longer speak to me because of him, Mr. quick dick,” BJ says causing a big laughter from the other two gals.

I chime in, “You haven’t found that to be the case with us, have you?” I ask even though I know the answer.

“No, not at all David, or am I supposed to call you Daddy? I hear several of the girls call you Daddy, but I don’t understand why,” BJ says to me.

Jennifer answers before I get a chance to answer, “It started out from Dakota. She teasingly began calling David ‘her Daddy’ and it just took on a life of its own. However, now it’s true. Dakota went to David and Jill and asked them permission for David to get her pregnant, which she now is, by our boss David!!” Jennifer says in a celebratory manner.

“What? You mean David, with permission from his wife, got Dakota pregnant…. on purpose? That’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. Sexy, but bizarre,” she says.

“Oh, then this will really rock your thinking, there’s at least two more who want the same thing, and possibly a third,” I say out loud before my brain engaged the filter.

“C’mon Daddy, tell us, please…. tell us,” Sharon says.

“You can guess, I’ll tell you if your right, but only if you guess,” I say to the ladies.

Jennifer goes first, “One of the twins that live out back in the pool house,”


Sharon thinks for a moment, “Um, Dr. Ronda. I get the impression she’s got her eye on you,”

“So far, no. Dakota got that same feeling about her as well, that she might be thinking about me, but I’m not sure she is ready to change her life for a baby just yet,” I tell them.

“BJ you have a guess?” I say.

“Well, it can’t be either of the two ladies in the car with you because they wouldn’t need to guess if it was one of them. It’s certainly not me. Hmm…. whom does that leave? The girl that runs the house, I don’t remember her name,” BJ says.

Jennifer says in a questioning manner, “AMY?”

I just not my head yes.

“No fucking way,” announces Sharon.

“Hey, what can I say, Dakota told me the other night that Amy is very interested in my getting her pregnant,” I tell everyone.

“And Jill agreed?” Sharon asked.

“Why wouldn’t she? We’re trying to have a baby ourselves,” I tell them.

“Really?” Says Jennifer.

“Yes, really smarty-pants,” I reply.

“Holy shit, you’re going to be one worn out puppy. We may need to recruit the nephews of Fred to get some sex in the Chateau,” Jennifer says laughing.

“Go ahead, but I think that the porn twins have them locked up right now. They seem to be making a whole bunch of trips around the pool to their door,” I tell everyone.

“Damn, good looking bitches like them always get the good guys,” Sharon says.

“Um, what am I? Chopped liver?” I ask with a smile on my face.

“David, we all love you, you know that. But you’re going to be so busy trying to get Jill AND Amy pregnant that when you’re not working, you’ll be fucking them into submission,” Sharon says.

“Submission, you say?” looking at Jennifer through my visor mirror. Jennifer stays silent.

We finally turn onto our little service road to get to the house.

“We’re home,” Sharon announces as we pull into the courtyard.

“Sharon, why don’t you pull your new car into the garage? That will keep it out of the weather,” I tell her.

“Ok, I will. I guess I never thought it would be OK to do that,” She says.

“Of course, it is OK,” I say.

I get out of the car at the front door, Jennifer and BJ also get out. Jennifer takes my arm in her arm and walks with me into the house. BJ just follows behind us.

When I get inside, Amy comes right over to me and kisses me. Both Jennifer and BJ just smile knowing what I just told them in the car.

“Daddy, how was your day at work? You’re not too tired, are you?” Amy asks.

This question gets a giggle from both BJ and Jennifer.

Jennifer leans into my ear and whispers, “into submission,” she says giggling.

“No darling, what’s Sammy and Bobby making for dinner?” I ask, hoping that it’s simple.

“How does spaghetti and meatballs with a meat sauce sound? They’re also making garlic bread. Oh, and they said that we need a fresh pasta maker,” Amy tells me.

“Well, you have a card order one. Have it shipped here, let them show you which one they want,” I say to her.

“Is there a salad for our two pregnant ladies and did we get lots of fruits liked I asked?” speaking to Amy.

“Um, yes. I think they made a salad, but I’ll check to make sure. Sammy and Bobby left for a couple of hours getting three big boxes of fruit. They’re in big bowls scattered around both kitchens and TV room” Amy tells me.

“That’s good. You know I worry about our pregnant ladies,” I say to her.

“Yes Daddy, you always worry about your ladies,” Amy says to me before she kisses me passionately. I feel her hand reach around and squeeze my ass.

Jennifer whispers again, “into submission,” smiling and giggling. I take Jennifer by the hand and lead her to my bedroom. This gets a shocked look from her.

I walk her into my bedroom.

“Jen, please sit down somewhere. I want to talk to you privately,” I say to her.

Jennifer takes a seat on the edge of one of the play beds.

“Darling, you know that I love you, right?” I ask.

“Yes, of course,” she replies.

“I’ve been thinking about opening the red door, but I’m nervous about doing so. I love you and your alter ego Sindee, but before I do this, I want your input,” I say to her as I put my arms around her.

“David, I have no idea what’s behind the Red Door,” she says.

“It’s a professionally designed BDSM room. I’ve been worried about it and didn’t want anyone in there, so I had a special lock put on that one particular door,” I tell her.

“Uh huh. I’m not sure how I feel about something like that. I mean, I trust you implicitly, but the submission thing is just for fun, it certainly is not a true lifestyle that I’m seeking out. Can we look at the room together, all your submissives and you so we have an idea what we may be getting into,” Jennifer says to me.

“Absolutely. That’s a great idea. Therefore, I wanted to talk to you privately. I really enjoy being your Dom, but this is consensual play. I don’t want you to feel as if this is taking a weird left turn. I want you, and now all the submissives to go with me and look at what is in there, see if you are comfortable, if you or any of the ladies are not comfortable then the room will stay shut and locked,” I explain.

“David, if I was just a few years younger, I would be in the line asking you to get me pregnant as well. You’re handsome, you care for all of your ladies, you work hard at helping John become a better man, you take steps to make sure we are all safe, you brought Melanie Jaxson here to help her start her life over again, you are just an amazing man, which is why all the ladies love you,” Jennifer tells me. After saying all that she leans into me and puts her arms around me and kisses me. She holds the kiss for quite a while. I kiss her back, hard and passionately. I do love all the women who surround me. When she breaks the kiss, she says to me, “Let’s go eat, I’m starved,” and with that we get up, kiss again and head towards the kitchen.

On the way to the kitchen, I get a snicker from Sharon when she sees Jennifer and I walking hand in hand to the kitchen.

When we get to the kitchen, it’s no surprise to see our boy John with a plate full of spaghetti and meatballs. I do a quick count and see 9 meatballs on his plate.

“John, did you get any salad?” I ask chuckling.

“Um, I thought the salad was for the ladies. I didn’t want to hog it all,” he says in a heartfelt manner.

“John he’s just teasing you, you dufas,” Diane says to him giving him a playful swat on the shoulder.

I’m really liking the dynamics that continues to grow between Diane and John.

I look around and sure enough there are big plastic bowls full of fruit, all different types peaches, plums, oranges, grapes, bananas, kiwi, and apples…lots and lots of apples. I also see a smaller bowl of nuts, peanuts, walnuts, and almonds. I think to myself that these guys are doing a great job stocking the house for the ladies.

Jill comes up behind me and kisses me.

“Darling, I think we need to get both Sammy and Bobby a credit card to be able to buy groceries and any supplies they may need, can you please order them each one?” I ask her.

“Absolutely,” she replies.

I hear a knock at the front door, Jennifer goes over and opens it. There stands Kim and Kay with an overnight bag each. I wave them into the house. They come over to Jill and me.

“Hello ladies,” Jill says.

“Hi boss, um, alman porno is it boss here or Jill or Mrs. Greene or what do we call you?” Kay asks.

“Jill is fine, in fact you can call me Jill at work as well,” She tells Kay.

I tell them, “Dinner is being served in the kitchen around that corner. Bobby and Sammy made spaghetti and meatballs, but you better hurry because John, our resident garbage disposal is already had one plate,” I say laughing as I tell them.

They set their bags down in the corner and go into the kitchen. Jennifer and Sharon welcome them to the house. Bobby hands each of them a clean plate and then promptly fills the plate with spaghetti, meat sauce, and several meatballs, along with a couple of slices of garlic bread. After their plates are full, they are offered salad, which they decline.

Since the CG boys were done with their plates, they both got up, so Kim and Kay had a place to sit at the table.

Kim and Kay began eating like a couple of people who hadn’t eaten in several days. Bobby noticed right away, “Ah, women who love good food,” he says.

Neither Kim nor Kay even stop eating long enough to say anything to Bobby, they just keep eating.

I walk over to Paula, take her by the hand and walk her back to my bedroom.

“Darling, we need to talk,” I say to her. She looks nervous as if I’m going to scold her.

We get inside the bedroom and I sit on one of the play beds. “Darling, it’s been brought to my attention that you are wearing your collar all the time here will create an issue. People might think that you are available for submission to them and not just to me. I have been thinking about that, and without a doubt, it seems like the correct thinking. So, I have an alternative plan,” I tell her.

“So, I’m not in trouble?” Paula says to me with her eyes tearing up.

“Oh, no darling. You are NOT in trouble. I love you and I don’t want our play to create an issue for you, which I’ve been told it will. So, here’s my alternative plan. First, all my submissives will join me in opening the red door room. All three of you ladies will go in there with me and look around. I don’t want anyone to be afraid of that room,” I explain to her.

“What’s in there, Daddy?” She asks.

“It’s a professionally set up BDSM room. If you or any of your submissive sisters are uncomfortable with the room, then I will keep it locked,” I tell her.

“Daddy, you know I trust you completely, if you say it’s OK then I’ll just learn to like it,” Paula says to me.

“No Darling, that’s not how this works. Even though you are my submissive, this is for your enjoyment as well. We will all open the door together and go inside, you and your sisters will look around and decide what you think about the room,” I explain to her.

“When are we going to do this?” She asks.

“I was thinking one day next week. Right now,we are all are busy at the Hawk and at the district offices that we are trying to get emptied and prepared to be sold,” I say to her.

“Daddy just pick a day and I’ll be ready to join you and my submissive sisters. Thank you for caring so much about me Daddy,” Paula says to me.

“Of course, I care about you, I love you,” I tell her before I lean in and kiss her passionately. We hold the kiss for several minutes.

“Daddy, did you see the new security setup on the desk next to the kitchen and there’s matching one in the big kitchen, so we can keep an eye out on what’s going on out front of the house,” Amy tells me.

“Show me,” I say.

We get up and head to the kitchen and she points out her desk over by the door to the pantry that has a large monitor and wires coming out of the wall connecting to it. After I look at the security setup in that kitchen we go over to the big kitchen and see a similar setup. I am very happy with both setups, I’ll call them on Monday and thank them.

My ass is beginning to drag from the day’s work. I head to my bedroom and strip down putting my wallet, keys, and cell phone on the dresser. I throw all my clothes in the laundry hamper and head into the shower. I still love this shower, hot water immediately. I just stand under the running hot shower water letting it soak into my back, neck, and shoulders. I take a couple of moments to wash my hair. I rinse and turn off the water and step out to dry off. I half expected one of the ladies show up while I was taking my shower, but alas, none did.

After drying, I walked out into the bedroom. I just climbed into my sleep bed, covered up and it didn’t take very long for me to drift off to sleep. At some point, I felt a small petite body climb into bed with me. By the perfume, I could tell it is my darling Dakota. She just wraps her legs and arms around me as I fall back asleep.

Later, Jill joins Dakota and I curling up behind Dakota the three of us stay in a nice slumber for several hours.


When I woke, Dakota and Jill were intertwined. I quietly got out of bed. I noticed the wall clock said 5:45am. I got dressed, shorts, tee shirt, sneakers and socks. I put my stuff into my pockets and headed out to the kitchen.

I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice and grabbed my laptop and sat down to log onto my work email.

Even though I spent several hours yesterday working on reducing the number of emails, it was back up over 1,000. I started with the usual, deleting the ones that were just multiples of the same email. I scanned through and saw another email from Polly requesting a board of directors meeting middle of next week. I responded that Jill and I will be there and forwarded the email on to Jill.

Again, there was lots of emails that were read only. I read, I deleted and moved on to the next one.

I wasn’t reading too long before a pair of hands covered my eyes. This time I had no idea whom it might be. I gently removed the hands from my eyes, turned around to see both Kim and Kay standing there naked. I thought to myself, Damn I’m a lucky boss.

The ladies took me by the hand and lead me to their bedroom. Once they had me inside, one began taking my tee shirt off and the other taking my pants off. Once I was naked, they both knelt in front of me and began licking my hard cock. They had a wonderful technique. One licked the shaft, while the other one sucked on the head of my cock. I felt a pair of fingers playing with my balls as well.

They pulled me over to a bed and pushed me back onto it. As one of the ladies swallowed my entire cock, I pulled the other one on top of my face and began to lick her womanly parts. She moaned as I licked and sucked my way into her. The sister’s blowjob was marvelous.

The one on my face didn’t make a sound as she came her first time. I just felt the womanly juices run out of her and into my mouth, the juice tasted so sweet. I felt the one giving me a blowjob stop and move herself onto my cock. She impaled herself in one move, almost as if her and I had done this many time. She began riding me with a passion, but again, no noise. This kind of set me off as I was not used to women who came without making any sounds.

I felt both sisters lean towards each other. I was able to peek from between the legs of the one on my face to see the two sisters in a passionate kiss, which turned me on even more. I reached down and began to hold the hips of the one on my pelvis. I thrust into her as hard as I could. After a few thrusts, the one on my face removed herself. This allowed me to roll her sister over on her back. I put her ankles over my shoulders to get better penetration and I began to fuck her hard. As I gathered up speed, I reached Sasha-mode rather quickly. Only now did the sister that I was fucking began to make any noise. She was breathing quite heavy and started to moan. Her sister moved over to her face and planted her womanhood on top of her sister’s face.

Suddenly, the sister that I was fucking tensed up and spasmed right underneath me. I felt the wetness of her pelvis squirting woman juice on my cock and balls. As I watched her spasm in an orgasm, I felt that familiar twinge that my own orgasm was fast approaching. I kept up the hard pounding of her little pussy until I reached my own orgasm, “OH GAWD LADIES, HERE I CUM,” I said. Both just smiled as I shot my entire load of man juice into the sister that I was fucking. The other sister leaned into my ear and said, “that is so sexy boss,” I just smiled letting my body shoot rope after rope into her sister.

As my body began to come down from the orgasm, I rolled off the one sister, who put her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I responded and we held the kiss for several minutes. The one that I wasn’t fucking whispers in my ear, “I get you next time boss,” she says very seductively. She kissed me hard and passionately. When we broke from the kiss, they both got up and headed to their shower, leaving me on their bed. I got up, wiped myself off and got dressed and headed back out to the kitchen. When I got there, Sammy was already beginning to prepare some food. He asked what I might like for breakfast.

“Maybe a mushroom and cheese omelet with a side of fried potatoes,” I tell him. He just smiles and says, “coming right up,” as he begins to crack open some eggs.

Dakota comes into the kitchen wearing only one of my white tee shirts. She straddles my lap.

“Daddy, you smell like sex already. Who got to you this early?” She asks.

“The new twins, Kim and Kay,” I tell her. She smiles and kisses me. She feels my cock getting hard again. I know that she has no panties on. However, I don’t think it is appropriate to sit in the kitchen with Sammy cooking me breakfast and fuck Dakota. But it is difficult not to pull my cock out of my pants an put it into Dakota.

Dakota knows me well enough that I am very horny for her lithe little petite body. She teasingly wiggles her ass and pussy on my hard cock.

“Darling, you need to tell Sammy what you want for breakfast,” I say to Dakota.

“Sammy, may I have a serving of Daddy?” She asks him smiling and giggling.

“Well my dear, since he owns the house, I think you can have whatever you want of David. I don’t think he has any objections of giving you all the protein you want,” he says laughing.

“Oh Daddy, is that right? You’ll give me all that I want?” She says still giggling.

I’m cornered now. “Darling, Sammy is making me an omelet. Would you like him to make you one as well?” I say trying to steer this conversation. I know the answer for Dakota is both of us getting naked and having some fun.

Dakota puts on that pouty face that I find so incredibly sexy. I whisper in her ear, “if you eat something healthy for breakfast, I’ll give you a mouthful of protein to wash it down,” Her eyes lighten up and have a twinkle to them.

“Sammy, can you make me a healthy omelet?” She asks.

“Absolutely,” he replies.

My cock is hard, real hard. While Sammy’s back is to us, Dakota reaches down and unzips me and fishes out my cock. She moves her cute body over me and puts my hard cock inside of her. She begins just rocking back and forth. At this point, I am putty in her hands and she knows it. I decide to just let her do all the work, which she seems to enjoy doing. We’re just rocking back and forth. I feel her reach a couple of small orgasms. I know her well enough to feel her body begin to approach one of her big orgasms.

As quietly as she can she says in my ear, “Oh Daddy, I love you so much. You stretch out my little pussy with that delicious cock of yours. I want as much of you inside of me as often as possible. I love you Daddy,” she says as Sammy is working on our omelets.

Suddenly, she puts her arms around my neck and pulls me in tightly as a huge orgasm wreaks havoc with her petite body. I feel my cock and balls getting all wet from her lady juice. I keep rocking back and forth, I feel that familiar twinge telling me that I’m now approaching my own orgasm. I whisper in her ear, “Here I cum for you baby,” in as quiet a voice as I can. While I’m shooting into Dakota, Sammy turns around to ask us something, realizes what is happening and turns back around. I see what he did and smiled.

After I stop putting cum into Dakota, I gently push her off me. “Sorry Sammy, I got distracted there for a moment. You were going to ask me something?” Dakota is now blushing as she realizes that Sammy saw the both of us fucking.

“It’s not a bother boss, you were busy. I was just going to ask if you would like some sautéed onions to go along with your potatoes, but since you were busy with Ms. Dakota, I made the decision for you,” He says smiling.

“Thank you, Sammy,” I said to him.

“Sir, may I ask you a couple of questions that Bobby and I have?” Sammy asks me.

“Absolutely,” I reply.

“OK, how is it that you have a beautiful wife and several equally beautiful women, and they all seem to want to have sex with you. How did you get your wife to agree to that?” Sammy asks.

“Well, my wife and I share ourselves with anyone. Plus, we tell each other everything. We completely trust each other. I didn’t have to ‘get’ her to agree to our lifestyle, we both just wanted it that way. She lets me fuck anyone that I want, and I let her do the same,” I say to Sammy.

“WOW sir, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple who was so free with their partners. You sir have the best wife on the planet,” Sammy says with a big smile.

“That I already know, but thank you for the compliment,” I tell him.

“Have you and Bobby played with Melanie yet?” I ask.

“Yes sir, but both Bobby and I think she got a thing for your man Fred. She seems a bit smitten with him,” Sammy tells me.

“That may be true, but don’t feel you can’t ask her. She’s a grown woman whose husband just died. I really don’t think that she’s looking for love, just a real nice time, lots of sex, and people who will treat her like the lady she is,” I explain to him. He smiles and goes back to cooking, apparently my words struck a chord.

I look at the clock on the microwave, it says 7:54am. I get up and head down the hall to make sure Jill is up and getting ready. When I open the bedroom door, I hear the shower running. I pop my head into the bathroom and tell her how much I love her.

I head over to Jennifer’s room and find her in the shower as well. I open John and Diane’s door and find them still in bed sleeping. I gently shake Diane. When she opens her eyes, she smiles her big beautiful smile, puts her arm around my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. I tell her that breakfast is being made, she shakes John who still doesn’t want to get up but does when she tells him that food is being made.

I open the door to Allison’s room. She’s not in her bed. I head outside to the porn studio. The lights are on. I walk in without knocking, which startled her.

“Hello Darling, what are you doing?” I ask her.

“Um, setting up for a shoot for this afternoon. Did you talk to my landlord, is he ticked off at me?” She says smiling to me.

“No, in fact he loves you very much. In fact, he told me that you are his favorite submissive,” I tell her smiling.

I put my arms around her and pull her in for a nice passionate kiss. She responds pulling her body tightly against mine.

“David, can you explain that when I get this close to you my body, my mind, and my entire being just wants to do whatever you want,” Allison asks of me.

“Well, maybe you have a mental deficiency,” I say chuckling.

“Do you really think that, or are you just playing with me?” She asks.

“Darling, I’m just playing with you. Every time I’m within arm’s reach of you, my cock gets hard. Every time!” I tell her. She kisses me hard. She reaches down and begins to stroke my now hard cock.

“Do we have enough time for you to fuck me? I really would like to feel your hard cock inside of me,” She says to me.

“May I ask you a personal question first?”

“Anything.” She tells me.

“Do you want me to make you pregnant?” I ask.

“How did you know?” She says completely shocked that I knew.

“I thought you told me at one point that you weren’t ready to have children, what changed?” I asked.

“You. You convinced me that I can still do this job that I have and be a Mother. You are handsome, you’re generous, you don’t judge people, and you love all your ladies. What woman wouldn’t want a Father such as that,” She tells me.

“By the way, who told you that I wanted you to Father my baby?” She asks.

“Dakota, she protects me. She just wants me to be aware if someone’s mind changes on big topics like being a Mother,” I tell her.

“Well, I said something after her and I played for a couple of hours. She is hot, beautiful, sexy, and she has your baby. That made me envious of her. She’s beautiful, she smart, and she’s carrying your baby,” Allison tells me.

“Darling, I’m not opposed to becoming the Father of your baby, I just want to make sure that you really want a baby. A child changes your life entirely,” I tell her.

“Oh, do you know about the Red Door room?” I ask.

“Only that we’re not supposed to go into it. Why?” Allison says to me.

“I want all three of my subs to go with me next week and open the door. I want all three of you to look around at what’s inside. If it doesn’t appeal to you, no worries,” I tell her.

“What’s in there?” She asks.

“It’s a professionally built BDSM room. Look, our Dom/Submissive is just fun consensual play. I don’t want it to become a lifestyle or for you or your submissive sisters to feel you must do anything in there. If you’re not comfortable, then I will lock the room back up and nothing will happen. Are you OK with this?” I ask.

“Yes sir, I am. But you already know that I will do anything you ask of me. I love you that much,” she says with her eyes filling up.

I pull her into me and just hold her. I look into her eyes and kiss her on the lips, and she responds by kissing me back.

I hear my name being called from the back doors.

“C’mon breakfast is ready, come eat with me,” I tell her. We walk out of the porn studio hand in hand.

When we go inside, everyone there is already eating. I see John with my mushroom and cheese omelet. I just smile to myself, I would rather he eat it than we throw it away.

Mom is talking to everyone about all the furniture she bought yesterday. It dawns on me that I never gave her my credit card, nor did I give her cash.

“Mom, I think I owe you a whole lot of money for yesterday,” I say to her.

“Nonsense my dear, I have way more money than you. I wanted to buy you good furniture, so you have a house to be proud of,” she tells me.

I walk over to Mom, put my arms around her and kiss her passionately. As I’m looking out the back door, I see both CG boys come out of the twin’s house. They kiss the twins before coming over to the main house.

I look at the clock, its time to get moving. I take my omelet and potatoes to go. Sharon offers to drive me. I kiss Allison and ask for her forgiveness for not eating breakfast with her. She gives me forgiveness.

Jill, Sharon, and Dakota all pull their cars out of the garage. Everyone gets into a car. As Sharon is weaving through the traffic, I am trying to eat. I’m sure I looked like a Laurel and Hardy scene trying to put food into my mouth when Sharon keeps turning the car to move ahead. Thank goodness I didn’t spill any on her new Mercedes, but I was close a couple of alexis texas porno times.

I call Paula and ask why Fred wasn’t at the house by 8am. Melanie had told her that she didn’t need Fred until about lunch time. She was going to take it easy this morning. I thanked her and ended the call.

When we got to the Hawk, we all parked next to each other on the second floor of the parking garage. The 12 of us entered the building as a group, the security guard said hello to us and told us that there was a large group already waiting for us on the top floor. I was happy to hear that.

We rode the elevator. Sharon on one side of me, Dakota on the other. Thankfully, Dakota had put on jean shorts, although I knew she didn’t have any underwear on. She stood on her tippy toes to kiss me before the elevator doors opened. When they did open, we all stepped off. John again took charge asking what district offices still had furniture in them that the used office furniture place needed to get into.

He made a list. We only had 15 boxes of people’s stuff in an office. I had Sharon make a note whose stuff was here waiting. John had the group start putting desks and chairs at various offices in the top floor and the two underneath it. He made notes of what desks were empty.

Jill again went around making sure all the phone stations were working. Diane and Jennifer took some cleaning supplies to polish the desks and make the chairs look decent. We didn’t need to spend all day as we got everything done by 1pm. I promised everyone that I would pay them for an eight-hour shift and give them an extra two hours of pay for coming in on a Saturday. I also needed to know whom drove and how far they drove. If they didn’t know, give us the address of the office that they went to and we will Google the distance. For those who went to one office then to another I asked for both addresses. I also promised that we would pay them 12 hours for Friday and another 12 for Thursday even though they didn’t work 12. When I sent everyone home at 1pm, I felt that everyone was happy.

Sharon came over and kissed me, Jennifer did as well. Dakota, well even though she kissed me she made it clear she wanted to fuck me. Kim and Kay both kissed me telling me that they expect to get ahold of me tonight. I had John lock everything up before we got in the elevator and headed down stairs.

I called Donna and thanked her for all the help she sent us. She was happy we could offer some extra hours for the group. I told her that we need to discuss why reservation calls are way down, but we can do that next week.

I let all of Donna crew leave. I asked my play group if we wanted to play at the office or head home and have lots of great sex. Everyone chose to go back to the Chateau. We got in the elevator and headed down to the second floor and out to the cars. I rode with Dakota this time, she kept reaching over and grabbing my cock through out the drive.

When we got home, everyone piled out of the cars and the three drivers put their cars into the garage. Once we were all inside, Dakota got naked almost immediately as did Sharon and Jennifer. Kim and Kay had no hesitation to getting naked either. Sammy and Bobby saw all the naked women and smiled. I invited them both over and pushed Jennifer and Sharon towards them. They were trying to be really polite, but both Sharon and Jennifer unzipped each chef and fished out their cocks and began licking and sucking them.

Kim and Kay came right over to me and took me by the hand and led me to the TV room. The one that I fucked before began giving me a blowjob. The other one pushed me back on the couch and told me to lick her to orgasm, which I proudly did. I licked. I sucked. I nibbled on her clit. I used my tongue as a pointed spear into her pussy. It didn’t take that long, but she was cumming all over my face. I licked and sucked all her womanly juice. As she settled down, she slid down my torso and impaled herself on my hard cock. We found a rhythm and as she thrust down, I thrust up. We kept this rhythm for several minutes before she came loud and came hard. As we let our bodies go back to normalcy, I felt that I had done good with the new twins. Mark was right, these gals can go. In my head, I was curious as to why John didn’t seem all that interested in this set of twins. Could it be that they weren’t in the porn industry? Could it be that they were part of our work group? Could it be that he was finally maturing enough that he realized that what we talked about (him and Diane playing with others) has him more interested in being a good man for Diane?

Jill came over to me as Kim and Kay were getting off of me.

“Mind if I take my husband back?” Jill asks.

“Yeah, you can have him. We’re done with him for the moment,” they say smiling before each of them kiss me and leave the TV room.

Jill, will you do something for me. Gather my three submissives and have them meet me in our bedroom. I think I would like to take them up to the Red Door room and let them look around.

“Absolutely my darling,” she says before she kisses me and heads off to find the three gals.

Amy was the easiest to find as she was in the kitchen. Jennifer was busy giving Bobby a blowjob, so Jill told her to meet me when she was done. Allison was the difficult one to find. I suggested to Jill to check the porn studio. She went outside and over to the studio.

A few minutes later, they both came into the house. Jill asked me if they needed their collars on, I told her no, not at this moment.

Just the thought of my three submissives got my cock to full hardness. Each one has a special place in my heart. Jennifer/Sindee because she is the original. Amy/Anabelle because she is so young and beautiful. Allison/Penny because she is the only one which will openly be my submissive in the house, plus she is so beautiful as well.

After a few minutes go by, I get up and head to my bedroom. When I open the door, all three of the ladies are kneeling in a submissive pose. I ask each one to rise and follow me to the RED DOOR room.

Before I leave the bedroom, I grab the key to that room from Jill’s jewelry box on our dresser. As the four of us leave the bedroom, Dakota has now joined us.

We walk through the house, up the stairs and to the RED DOOR. I stop at the door taking a deep breath and exhaling before the key strikes the lock. I unlock it, turn the knob and push the door open. I hear 5 gasps. All four of my submissives plus Dakota all gasp loudly looking inside from the hallway.

I step through the doorway, holding the door open for the ladies to enter. Hesitantly, each one comes into the room.

Each one looks around, almost as if they were Alice in Wonderland and they are just coming out of the rabbit hole.

“Ladies, look around, touch anything you want to touch. This room is designed for our consensual play. If you don’t feel comfortable, there is no issue. If you have questions, feel free to ask now. You all know that I love each and everyone of you. This is designed to be for fun and enhancing your submissive play.

Dakota leans into me and whispers in my ear, “Daddy, you can do whatever you want to me in this room. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve played in this lifestyle. However, you are the only one that I know will treat me well and not be a sadist,” She tells me in a very heartfelt manner. I had no clue that Dakota every participated in this lifestyle ever in her lifetime. Certainly, this is a conversation for just her and I at some point.

I found it interesting that she used the work sadist. It carries only one connotation and that is the types of things that I worry about with my ladies.

Jennifer went immediately over to the large X wooden cross. It had thick boat rope weaved through the wood to securely fasten someone to the X. There was also a thick rope that was held in the intersection of the X to bind someone’s waist.

Amy seemed fascinated with this low bench that had metal shackles. It appeared as if the submissive laid belly down on the bench and one leg and the opposing wrist would be shackled to the bench not allowing the submissive to move or retreat from the bench.

Allison jus walked around the room. Looking at her face and watching her gently touch the items gave me the impression that there’s a history with her and this lifestyle, something that I may need to privately ask her about.

“Ladies, are there any questions?” I ask.

“No, sir,” I get from all three.

“Tell me what you are thinking then,” I say to them.

“Master, will you be having sex with us in this room, if we choose to play here?” Amy asks.

“Yes. How does that make you feel?” I ask.

“Excited. This is something that I have never played in. I don’t know what to expect, but I trust you more than I trust anyone,” she says to me.

“Daddy, maybe they will be less nervous if you explain to them what your brand of BDSM is, there are so many different forms of it from simple Daddy Dom to a hard-core sadistic Dom that physically hurts and abuses for no other purpose but that they can,” Dakota says to me.

“That’s a great idea Dakota,” I say to her as I kiss her.

“Ladies, I want to play with all of you, but each of you probably have in your mind what you want as me being your Master. Let me first say that I too have a history in this lifestyle. Many years ago, before I met and married my first wife, I dated a sexually active woman, much like Dakota and Amy. She had this fantasy of playing in a BDSM lifestyle. We moved very slowly and asked lots of questions. We met the guy named Dante. He seemed very nice, he gave us direction and offered to play with us. We brought him to our house, and we played several weekends and all seemed to be going well. At some point, he suggested that he take my lady and take her home with him for three days to ‘train her’. I was very reluctant and very, very nervous. But my girlfriend was over the top excited. I finally relented. He came by the house before I got home from work on a Friday night and took her, leaving me a note telling me not to contact them as he would return her on Tuesday. That was the longest weekend of my life. Something in my mind told me that there was something completely wrong in this scenario. By Sunday night, I couldn’t stand not knowing any more. I dialed her cellphone only to get a message that this number has been disconnected. I freaked. I dialed up the cellphone carrier asking what happened and was told that I had turned the phone off. I assured them that I hadn’t, they basically told me there was nothing that I could do. I phoned the police. I told them that I believed that my girlfriend had been abducted. They told me that since she went willingly, there wasn’t much they could do, but they would file a missing persons report. I sat and waited. I called all of my friends and explained to them what had happened. I got a lot of sympathy, but no results in finding her. Finally, on Tuesday night, that bastard came by the house and pushed her out of the car and sped off. I ran outside only to find a shell of a woman. She had been getting hard core heroin injections while he had her. She was a broken woman. I took her inside and tried to give her a shower and clean her up. When she heard her own cell phone go off, she ran to it and read the message and went outside to wait for her new ‘Master’. I called the Police, who did nothing. I tried to get her to come back into the house. I took her phone for a moment only to see that he had deleted all her friends, family, and work and only his number was left in her phone. When he showed up at the house, she jumped into his car and he sped off. I collapsed on the front lawn. I don’t know how long I stayed there. My friend from the bail bond agency came by and saw me just sitting in the rain on my front lawn. She stopped, picked me up and took me inside. My mind was a blank. I didn’t know what to do next. She called a friend of hers that worked in the airline industry. Her friend said that they had already left the country for South America. I filed a report with the FBI, and even though they had information that he was a known heroin trafficker, there was little to nothing that they could do unless they try to reenter the country, and to this day they haven’t. There you have it my ladies, my own personal history with the BDSM lifestyle.” I tell them.

All four of my ladies, with tears in their eyes, come over and give me a group hug. I hear a couple of sniffs and feel a couple of the ladies wiping their eyes on my tee shirt.

“This is why I wanted all of us to look at this room together and make sure we are all comfortable with us playing here,” I tell them.

Jennifer leads the group, “David, there is no way we would expect you to play with us in that manner. You are just to nice of a person. We all love you and trust you more than you will ever know. Yes, there are a couple of pieces of items that sort of make me nervous, but I believe in my heart that you won’t take any of this to any sort of extreme and hurt any of us physically, emotionally, or sexually. You are both our Daddy and our Master, and we all give ourselves to you willingly,” she says with her heart in her eyes.

Allison follows with, “David, you know that I love you. Even though I have a history in this lifestyle, it is nothing compared to what you went through my darling. I trust you, implicitly. However, let me ask, if we feel things getting out of hand, is our safe word still in play?” She asks.

“Absolutely!” I tell her.

“Then I’m in. There’s no way you would hurt anyone of us,” she says. The other two girls just nod their heads in agreement.

“OK then, let’s make some plans to come play here. I’ll pick a time and all of you will wear your collar. We will meet in my bedroom once again and come as a group to the RED DOOR room, but it will remain locked at all times when I’m not with you, are all of you OK with this setup?”

I get four ‘yes Masters’, even Dakota answered in this fashion.

I kissed each one of them, hugged them. Only Dakota and Allison squeezed my cock. All four of the ladies and I left the room. I shut and locked the door.

My mind was a million miles away as we went back down stairs. On the stairs, we passed Jill and a couple of the play group all heading up to the gaming room. I knew that I had lost Jill for a while as once she gets into gaming, she is so focused on winning that she is in her own little world.


I saw the group that Jill was taking to the game room. Marcus, Diane, Belinda, and Mark Newberg, which surprised me. That left me with everyone else in the house for us to have a play session, to make up for last week.

Once we got downstairs, all the ladies began to shed their clothes. Mom saw what was going on and shed her clothes as well. It didn’t take Bobby or Sammy to get naked, John of course was naked almost as fast as Dakota and Amy.

Even though I was trying to get my own clothes off, Amy and Dakota came over to me and helped me remove my garments. I directed all the guys to the TV room, instructing each one to take a seat on one of the leather couches. Each of the ladies lined up on their knees and began giving blowjobs. Allison put herself in front of me before Dakota or Amy had the chance to do so.

It was nice feeling Allison’s oral skills, specifically since she had that tongue piercing, which gave me a sensation that I had never encountered before. It just felt wonderful, and her technique was awesome. However, I didn’t just want some oral from her, I wanted to fuck her in the worst way. I pulled her up to me and began kissing her. She responded beautifully, kissing me back hard and very lustful.

I picked her up off her knees and pulled her little pale blue panties off her. I spun her around and laid her on her back on the couch where I was sitting. Without hesitation, I put my hard cock at her entrance to her sex. She began moaning as soon as the head of my cock entered her. I pushed myself as deep into her as I could get. I realized that I could get a bit deeper if I was to put her ankles over my shoulders, which I did. She began to squirm underneath me as I fucked her.

“OH GAWD DAVID, I AM SO MUCH YOUR SLUT, FUCK ME,” she says to me as her first big orgasm rolls through her body, splashing my cock and balls with her orgasmic juice.

I continue to fuck her and soon there after a second big orgasm ravages her body, “David, what is it you do to me. I’m cumming so hard on your cock, your beautiful cock,” she says as her eyes begin to glaze over.

I hear other announcements of orgasmic peaks being reached. I look to my left and to my right and see that most of the guys have begun fucking the gals that they were with just as I am with Allison. I decide to change tactics again, I move my hard cock, that is bathed in Allison’s wonderful woman juice and slide it into her ass. She yelps a bit before she settles down into an orgasmic rhythm. I’m thrusting myself into her as deeply as I can get. She is moaning and announcing yet another orgasm. “OH, GAWD DAM DAVID, YOU ARE FUCKING ME SO WONDERFULLY, I’M YOUR WILLING SLUT, TAKE ALL OF ME DARLING,” she announces as yet another big orgasm ravages her body. She is beginning to shake underneath me as I keep fucking her.

Finally, I feel that familiar twinge that tells me that my own orgasm is not long away.

“Darling, Daddy is going to cum in you, are you ready?” I ask.

“OH, GAWD YES, DADDY FILL ME WITH YOUR WONDERFUL CUM, I’M HAPPILY YOUR SLUT,” she says to me looking me right in the eyes as I begin to shoot rope after rope into her anal cavity.

I lean down and begin to kiss her passionately. She whispers in my ear, “Take me Daddy, I’m yours forever,” as she looks into my eyes before kissing me hard and passionately.

I thrust into her hard to complete my orgasmic crescendo. I feel her body tighten up underneath me as once again another orgasm rolls through her body. “GAWD DAMN DADDY, YOU FUCK ME SO WONDERFULLY AND MAKE ME CUM SO HARD, SO, SO HARD,” she says to me.

I pull her to me hugging her and just holding her. As I pull out of Allison, I see that Paula is on the couch next to me. I slide over to her and kiss her. She says to me, “David, it’s been a while since I’ve had this wonderful cock in me. Fuck me please, you know I’m a willing slut to you,” as she reaches down and guides my still hard cock into her pussy. Thankfully, there was a wash cloth on the table behind the couch for me to clean my cock off before putting it into Paula.

Paula began moaning almost as soon as my cock entered her pussy. I began kissing her, it did seem as if we hadn’t played in quite a while. I thrust in and out of her making her orgasm rather quickly. I could feel her juices getting my pelvis, cock, an balls all wet.

I look to my right and one of the CG boys has taken my place inside of Allison. She is still moaning and orgasming. He is really fucking her hard and she is responding by bathing his cock and balls over and over with her love juice.

We are all enjoying each other. I heard John ask if there was going to be a dinner at some point. Dakota offered that we should just order pizza to be delivered as both Bobby and Sammy were balls deep into two girls who were moaning and orgasming as well.

Clearly, becoming a chauffeur changed my life for the better. We will probably spend the rest of the night creating orgasm after orgasm. I know that in my head, tomorrow I’m going to surprise my submissives and take them to the RED DOOR room and play with them.


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