The Call Me…Oblivious


Guys, you remember that time in your life when you were just finding girls. You would sit around with your buddies and talk about how you want to “get” them, even though you didn’t know what you would do with them after you got them.

Remember, you always had that one buddy that said, “Why are we talking about this shit? Let’s go build a fort!”

You remember him don’t you?

Yeah, well, I’m him.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Theo Russell. No Theo isn’t a short name. My parents named me after the kid on the Cosby show, no joke. See, I was at the young age where I just cared about having fun and doing things that I enjoyed. Like building a fort. Girls were always problems, always getting in the way. We could never do anything fun around girls because they were just, well, girly.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, as I grew older I did admire the female form, I just did it from afar and was respectable. Since I didn’t dive in with my friends about girls, it has always been impossible for me to read them and figure out what to say or what to do. So I sacrifice girls with other hobbies and things. I started staying to myself and enjoying things in life such as photography or skateboarding. Things that were individualistic and I could show parts of me without constantly being ragged on by guys about not hitting on everything that walks. They didn’t understand with me being oblivious to women.

For example my friends and I could be out to dinner. They would be having a few drinks and a hot girl would walk by. They would be ogling her while I would be looking at the check and deciding on what size tip to leave. They would proceed to rag on me for the next two hours about not noticing the hot girl. If a girl was nice to me either as a waitress or anything, they would insist that I could go and jump her bones if I really wanted to. That’s not true, they were just being nice.

College got worse and really it made me a bit more oblivious if not more respectful. I’m not a rich man, so I have to go on scholarships. See taking care of myself also ment that I kept my grades up. I didn’t go out to parties. I didn’t want to chance anything stupid happening causing me to get expelled due to a drunken bender or making some drunken remark that gets me smacked with a sexual harassment penalty.

Yeah I know, I’m weird like that. So I kept everything respectable. Sure girls tended to hug me a lot, but I let them hug me without being all touchy feely back. Boyfriends threatened me constantly since they felt that their girlfriends were flirting with me. Since I was oblivious to flirting, I didn’t understand why. Okay I could see what they thought. I stood out visually. I had my hair spiked and purple. I had tattoos on my arms and legs. I didn’t do it for attention I just did it because I liked the individuality of it. I did have to start taking self defense classes and carrying around mace just so I didn’t have to worry about getting killed if the wrong girl hugged me. Finishing school is what was important.

Now I know what you’re saying, “Okay Theo, this is supposed to be an erotic story. Where’s the god damn erotica?!?!”

I’m getting to that, I did have to lay down the backstory though to make you understand the humor of the situation.

I was taking a photography course as an elective. It was something that I enjoyed and while I didn’t learn much from the course, it did give me an easy grade for something I already enjoyed doing, from taking pictures to developing film. It did give me access to a bit better facilities and equipment, which I couldn’t deny. I had already learned through many books and experiences about proper angling, equipment, and all that jazz. The instructor used me as teaching assistant with the class since I already knew what I was doing so I was making a bit of scratch for work-study along with doing something I enjoyed.

For our final project we were given two weeks to go off and make a portfolio of photos and develop them ourselves. While the portfolios themselves would be graded mostly on technical and artistic merits, an easy grade really, the best İstanbul Escort efforts would be awarded a photography package which was being donated by Masterson Photo and Audio. Sad to say with the expensive package they were going give, I wasn’t able to participate because I said I would have to help judge.

Which brings me to Rebecca Masterson. She was one of the best looking girls on campus and in the photography class. She took it while majoring in business to help her parents along with there photo shop. She was able to talk the talk about things, but she didn’t really have the steady hand and coordination with the cameras or the personal development of the photos. She either had a crowd of girlfriends around her and around them, groupies. I treated her like any other member of the campus though the few times she talked to me about class.

The day before the portfolios were due, my instructor asked me if I would go and pick up the photography package. It was a type of package that anyone in the class that was really into it would enjoy as it would give them more options for the next level of photography class. From a good camera, to film, to additional lenses, to a camera bag, it was what anyone could use and need. After my classes I headed down to the shop.

It was near closing time and one other person was in looking at various audio supplies and behind the glass counter, stood Rebecca. I was almost taken aback by her clothing as she leaned over the counter propped on her elbows reading a business textbook. I didn’t know if her parents knew what she was wearing while at work, but I wish I had a camera right there. That shot would have graced my portfolio and I was seriously considering changing majors to photography from English after seeing that.

See what I mean, hot chick, and all I can think about is changing majors. How dumb am I?

I entered as the man was leaving and she didn’t look up from her book, “I’m sorry we’re closing.”

“I’m not here to buy,” I said, “I’m here to pick up the photo package for Mr. Kenner.”

She looked up at looked startled for a moment, “Oh! Theo! Could you flip the closed sign? I have to gather some of the items together from the back,” she said stretching and yawning, her full form in affect. She was wearing barely there denim shorts, and a halter top shirt that looked like it was tie-dyed red. She walked out from behind the glass counter and walked up to me and gave me a quick hug and locked the door, “I’ll be right back.” She said as she walked away. She wore sandals that wrapped up her calves almost up to her knee.

Yeah, I was going to have to change majors. Art major here I come! I would talk to Mr. Kenner about it for suggestions tomorrow.

She came out from the back, carrying the camera and box of lens and put them down on the glass counter. I walked up as she put a few rolls of film and started checking the list that her father had left.

“Okay I just need to get the camera bag,” she said as she reached up, a little bit too short to get it. She started to perch herself up on the counter and reach higher.

“Do you need a hand getting it?” I asked politely.

“Don’t’ worry, I got it,” she said looking all business. I kept the picture in my mind, still wishing I had a camera, it would have been a thing of beauty.

And then she slipped and started to fall backwards. I lunged forward, the bag flying and bouncing off my head as I caught her before she crashed into the table.

“Whoa, are you okay?”

She looked a bit shocked at first and looked up at me, she brushed a bit of brown hair from her brow, and reached up, pulling my head down to hers, and kissed me.

SPROING! I think my brain exploded. This actually was my first kiss, and by the lust in the kiss, I think there was going to be other firsts. My loins gave the bowchickabowwow feeling you only saw in porno movies.

Yeah, I watched porn. I might be oblivious, but I’m still a guy. You didn’t think I was totally pure did you? Sadly I did look for nonsexual technical merits, but I still picked up a few things.

She broke the kiss and righted Anadolu Yakası Escort herself, and quickly walked over to the front windows and closed the blinds, and then attacked me again, shoving her tongue down my throat. I broke the kiss briefly as I backed her up against the glass case.

“Well, you’re welcome I threw my body in the way so you didn’t break the glass case,” I joked.

“You bastard. I’ve been flirting with you for months and now I’m just going to have to take it from you before Jenny or Tiffany or Sherri attempts it.”

More girls that hugged me, more girls that I was oblivious to the flirting. Yes, I honestly thought they were just being nice to me, but Rebecca currently was being really nice as she sat down on the counter and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me into her with her strong thighs. She pulled off my shirt as I undid her halter and both articles were thrown askew.

I looked at her boobs with all there glory. So round, so firm, so pert. I took both of my hands on them and squeezed them. She let out a small moan as her pubic bone grinded against mine, “Squeeze them harder Theo, I’m not a delicate toy,” she said. I looked at her and she gave me a look of nasty luck, “I dare you to try to break me.”

Who was I to refuse a lady, especially when the directions were so…well… direct. I squeezed them harder, pushing them together, pulling and pinching the nipples, causing all sorts of gasps and moans. She started to squeal when I bent my head down to take a nipple in my mouth to suck and lick and bite at it. When I bit she really bucked at me almost throwing me off balance. I was sloppy with my first set of boobs. I licked and kissed and sucked all over them and she enjoyed the attention, and her legs just got tighter and tighter around me until suddenly she pushed me away, both of us breathing quickly.

“Now I’m going to see if the rumor is true.” She said.

“Rumor?” blinking in disbelief.

“Well, I can tell you’re not gay,” she said reaching between my legs and squeezing, “But the other rumor is that you have this thing pierced.”

I’m not that individualistic, I thought, “No, that’s metal free.”

She undid her own shorts and peeled them off. No panties. I thought she might have at least had a thong on because I didn’t notice any panty lines. Yes that was from a photographer’s perspective. Before I could think twice she had my shorts and boxers down to my ankles.

“Oh baby!” she cooed as she sunk down to her knees and gave my cock a lick, “Now this is a fucking cock!”

I only had porno’s to go by, but I wasn’t small. I wasn’t dongzilla either, yet when she couldn’t wrap her hand completely around my cock I realized that I wasn’t average. I responded how any man I would think would respond. I leaned my head backwards, causing my eyes to roll back with the lean as she tried to take as much of it into her mouth as she could, jacking the rest of it with her thumb and two fingers. I felt her gag repeatedly as it banged against her tonsils, and I couldn’t help but putting my hands on her head to run my fingers through her head. I didn’t press, but I did massage at her scalp as she went in there trying to take me down. She backed up, burped, and coughed.

“God damn! This is going to be fun!” she said looking up at me as she bent over the counter, “Now I want you to take that dick and fuck me until you think you’ve broken me, and after you think you broke me, keep fucking me longer.”

I had other plans in mind though, hey, this was my first pussy. I understood the dynamics of doggy style, but I wanted to get other dynamics figured out. I walked behind her, and ran my fingers over her slit.

“Don’t finger me, fuck me!”

I slapped her ass which brought out a yelp. She was the one that wanted it rough, “Hey, you’re the one that wants to be fucked with, so I’m going to take my sweet ass time with your sweet ass,” I said. God this was all like a bad porno script. I looked around to see if there were any red lights from the cameras going just in case as I slid my fingers over her slit until I started feeling Üsküdar Escort a bump. She started to grind against my hand.

“Oh please Theo, please fuck me, I need you.”

“In a moment, but keep begging, it will only make me fuck you harder,” I said thinking it was a porno sounding line as I circled a finger over, what her body’s reaction told me, was her clit.

“Please Theo, please, I’ll worship your cock whenever you want, but I just need it. Please god fuck me.”

I fingered her whole slightly and got behind her and took aim of my cock with my other hand. I felt the head hit my other fingers and I started to push it into her.

“Oh god your fucking thick, my boyfriend isn’t even this thick.”


Remember the part I mentioned about boyfriends being pissed at me? I think I finally gave one a reason to be pissed if he ever found out. I went to go pull out but she slammed her ass back on me and shoved me completely in her sleeve.

“GOD DAMN! God Damn!” she shouted into a whimper, “What are you just standing there,” she said, “Fuck me!” and started to fuck herself on my cock.

I honestly didn’t see a way out of this and thought, well, if I’m going to get my ass kicked, I might as well continue with it. I grabbed her hips and started slamming away at her. The sound of flesh slapping together on top of the sound of her body on the glass counter echoed through the room.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh your so fucking big!” she kept saying, “Harder! Faster! Deeper! FUCK!” her body started to shake as she gasped quietly, “I’m cumming.”

So I slapped her ass as I felt her tighten on my cock, which caused her to scream. She tried to pull away but I pushed her into the counter so she couldn’t and continued to jackhammer into her. All she could do is mutter god’s praises. Everytime she mentioned the word “cum” I’d smack her ass. Either when she was going to cum, that she was cumming, that she liked to cum on my cock, when she told me not to cum inside of her. Her ass was going to be bruised. I’m surprised I didn’t shoot off within a minute of being inside of her.

Finally she fell limp.

“No more, no more!” she said. I moved her down to the floor, down her knees, her ass slightly in the air, her body laid limp in a worshiping bow as I got behind her and kept it going. I pushed her ass down to the floor and laid down on her back, trapping my hand under her to frig her clit as I fucked her and she could only make defeated moans and gasps as her eyes, when she had them opened, were constantly rolled behind her head.

“I’m gonna shoot,” I grunted. That seemed to wake her up.

“Not inside me, not inside me,” she cried. She took energy enough to push me back and flip over. I grabbed my cock and started blasting her and this time it was my turn for my mind to go numb. For the first time ropes of jizz flew out of my cock landing all over her. The first shot blasted her in the face. The next one landed right between her tits. Big ones, small ones, she moaned and gasped and as the last few smaller shots fell in-between her legs, a drop landing right on her sensitive clit setting her off in another orgasm. She laid back panting like I did. I was the first one up as I looked around, and noticed her cell phone. I looked at it. Hmmm… high quality. This one had a good digital camera on it too. I turned it around and looked at her “Say cheese.” I said and she smiled as I took a shot and sent it to myself. It dawned on her.

“What the fuck! You shouldn’t have taken a picture of that!” she said almost embarrassingly.

“I’m going to be a photography major, I had to at least get one beautiful picture when I had a chance, and I didn’t bring my camera this time.” She crawled over and took the tip of my cock in her mouth and sucked at it. I took the advantage of taking another snapshot. I might not have been eligible to win the camera package, but I wasn’t going to complain about this prize package, since it might come with an ass kicking might come with it.


I would like to say that Rebecca dumped her boyfriend and her and I went to have a long fruitful relationship. I did change my major, but let’s just say I didn’t get my ass kicked because her boyfriend. It turned out he was more oblivious then me. Being oblivious did have it’s advantages, especially since I’m oblivious to the rumor now on campus that I’m an expert lover.

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