That Damn Imp Ch. 02

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Koshka had dressed herself to the nines, going for a combination of elegant and sexy by dressing in black and various shades of red. She was a vengeance demon, but no one could be blamed for thinking she was a succubus. She stood outside the shop, garnering a couple of catcalls as she waited for Malcolm. Through the barred window of the shop, the TV she had ‘liberated’ earlier this morning was visible. She was certain the thug would come with a couple of his friends, and fall into the snare she’d set for intruders, but for once, she had something she looked forward to more than visiting her judgment upon would-be thieves. So she’d have dinner with Malcolm, and then who knows what might happen later…

From up the street, in the shadows, Puck admired Koshka. She had on a burgundy dress that ended just above the knees, with a tasteful hint of cleavage displayed from the vee of her collar. Knee-high black suede boots and a jacket completed her look, making for an appealing package that would warm him on this cool night. And to think she was dressed like that, just for him! Rawr. Slipping backward into the darkness, he weaved his magic and gave things a few minutes more.

A black Rolls pulled around the corner and came to a gradual stop in front of the shop before Malcolm climbed from the vehicle. Like his suit from earlier, this one was double-breasted. The black fabric, coupled with the navy blue tie, was something that Puck had agonized over, trying to decide on the right combination of colors. He normally preferred brighter and warmer colors, but understood that some colors weren’t appropriate for a suit… at least, usually. Since Koshka had responded so well to him earlier, he’d decided it was a safe option to dress Malcolm in something similar, if a bit more dressy and appropriate for an evening out with a date. From the way that Koshka studied him in an open and admiring glance, he deduced that he’d judged correctly.

“Good evening. Since we are going out for dinner, I feel it would be appropriate to call you Koshka, instead of Ms. Dengiov. Are you comfortable with that?” he asked.

“Only if I can call you Malcolm,” she replied. He gave her a faint but warm smile and nodded before offering her his hand, palm up as he bowed slightly. She lifted her hand, languidly letting it drop into his own. “You cut quite the handsome figure.” Her gaze moved to his car. “It certainly warms my heart to see someone take the time and effort to be so dapper.” Though her tone was controlled and her expression was calm, Puck could practically taste the heat radiating off her.

As an ancient nature entity, Puck could sense arousal in others. After all, sex was part of nature, the way to continue the cycle of life. He could nearly taste Koshka’s desire on the tip of his tongue, and imagined that it might carry the flavor of cinnamon. Her raw need beckoned to him, and he wondered when she’d last had sex, or an orgasm. Should Koshka invite him to bed – and it seemed almost a certainty at this point – he would ensure that she did not regret her decision. The implications of his disguise would be considered later, after he’d had his fun.

He brushed his lips across the back of her hand, lingering a moment longer than he needed to, his eyes moving up to meet hers.

His light kiss sent shivers along Koshka’s spine, and she imagined his lips elsewhere. Gods, she almost wanted to melt. She’d been thinking about Malcolm all day and how much she wanted to see him again. She saw another brief smile at her comment.

“I do try,” he offered, opening the passenger door for her, making sure she was comfortable before he slipped into the driver’s seat. He took a deep breath as he turned the keys, feeling the engine hum smoothly. He would be flying almost blind in this, or at least it would feel that way. He’d learned all he could about safe, proper driving of a car in a short time, and though he was prepared to use his magic if absolutely needed, he didn’t want to give away his true nature – at least not yet. After asking her if she was comfortable and pulling on his seat-belt, he leaned his foot against the gas.

Koshka sensed that he was nervous. She glanced over at him, noting how he seemed to be putting all his attention to his driving, as if he was afraid that even the most fleeting lapse in attention might cause an accident.

“Everything all right?” Malcolm asked as they idled at a light that had turned from yellow to red just as they approached it. He took the welcome lull in driving and glanced at her. She nodded.

“I’m just… sitting here, admiring the sight of you.”

He relaxed, a smile coming to his face. “You flatter me, Koshka.”

“Malcolm, you will find that I am not the kind of woman who gives meaningless praise.”

“Well then, I am honored. I hope I will continue to earn that honor.”

“Relax,” she whispered. He raised his eyebrow a bit. “Take a deep breath. Just have fun, all right?”

He did as she asked. Was his nervousness really that apparent? Well, at least she Maltepe Escort was being nice about it. This kindness did a bit in helping him relax, and by the time they arrived at the restaurant, he took comfort in the fact that hey, his driving skills were pretty damn good.

Terraneo’s was decorated in a modern look, with just a hint of Mediterranean culture displayed in photographs and paintings on its walls of places around the sea. The establishment presented itself as high-end, though the food was at reasonable if high for several items, prices. It seemed like a reasonable place for him to take Koshka, according to a common human tradition.

The hostess took them over to one of the alcoves that offered diners more privacy than the usual seating. After looking at the menu and discussing things, they decided to go with some wine and stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer while making some talk about their respective jobs. He worked in personal finance, helping clients to dispose of estates or possessions discreetly. She shared a couple of humorous stories about her work, and both of them laughed as they sipped their wine.

“So, I noticed you have a bit of an accent. I must say, I find it sexy,” Malcolm commented. Here in America, foreign women were supposed to be highly desirable. With Koshka’s looks, he didn’t doubt that she was aware of her appeal. She’d never been one to flout her beauty, but was not above using it to her advantage now and then. “So where are you from?”

“Oh, here and there. Mostly Russia and Eastern Europe,” Koshka replied casually. Puck knew that much was truth, at least for almost the last half-century. From the late fifties to the two-thousands, Koshka had indeed spent most of that time in Eastern Europe and Asia. Through that time, he’d always found her somewhere in that area.

“So how many languages do you speak?”

“There’s English, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Turkish,” Koshka commented, counting off the fingers on one hand before she stopped herself. Modest, are you? Puck thought bemusedly. He knew that Koshka also had a good command of Mongolian, Mandarin, Romanian, and German, and was fluent in Latin, Ukranian, and Greek.

Puck had spent some time deciding on what Malcolm would know for his other languages. Like Koshka, he was going to be modest.

“I know some Russian, and am fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, and French,” Malcolm offered. “Perhaps you could help me brush up on my Russian?”

“If you can help me with my Mandarin.”

“I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. I do not doubt you know you are a beautiful woman, but what I find even more attractive is your intelligence.” Though Puck had chosen these words to please her, he also meant what he said. “I do know enough Russian to know that Koshka is a word for ‘cat’, and I must say it suits you rather well.”

Koshka’s smile was warm, and she rested her chin on her hands as she studied him. Fuck, Malcolm looked like he belonged on the cover of GQ, and she noticed that he got a bit of attention here and there from other women who walked by, and couldn’t help but feel a bit possessive of him. She could almost swear her fingers were tingling. She was no stranger to desire and had had her share of lovers in her long life, but she couldn’t recall a time she’d ever felt the urge to literally drag someone to her bed and have her way with them. That he was easy and fun to converse meant they could have conversation after sex. Unless he was the kind of guy who fell asleep after orgasms. Hmm.

For his part, Malcolm was personable, professional-acting when it came to dealing with the hostess and waitress, but doting on Koshka when they had time to themselves. He refilled their wine glasses himself, having ordered a fine bottle for the two to share. He did not miss the glances he drew from other women. However, when the woman he’d desired for so long sat before him, enjoying his company, how could he even consider any other woman? Trickster, imp, free spirit he was, but Puck did not have it in his heart to treat a woman that way, especially not Koshka.

“I see people looking over here, checking out the most gorgeous woman in the place,” Malcolm commented.

“What? No no, the women are staring at you. You’re quite the handsome gent. And you do look very nice in the suit, so I can’t complain.” Their main courses arrived, and she raised an eyebrow after her second bite. Malcolm sampled his own plate and nodded in approval. After taking several more bites, Koshka spoke.

“This is a pretty good place, didn’t expect such a place in this neighborhood. So it’s interesting that we both like money, though I prefer old money and you work with new.”

“I work with what’s available, really. Old money’s nice and all. It just doesn’t circulate quite so much, so I find ways to make it work for my clients. As for this place,” he looked around, “it’s nice. I like the variety a place like this offers. And, of course, the pleasant company.”

“After dinner, do you want to order desert, Ümraniye Escort or did you have something else in mind?” Koshka asked casually as they neared the end of their meal, having poured fresh glasses of wine.

“There’s always dessert, and then something else…” he said with a faint smile. “I’m fine either way though. You?”

“I’m good with whatever you want,” Koshka said with a small smile. “Of course, I can respect a man who wants it all.”

“Good to know,” he quipped, turning to request a dessert menu from the waiter. “Whatever we do, I hope the date doesn’t have to end after dinner.”

“Well, we’re mature, consenting adults. I assume you don’t have a curfew?” she asked with a grin before she selected the mint gelato for dessert.

“As long as I show up to work sometime in the next couple of days, I should be fine.”

She smiled at that. “A man who can keep his own hours. Nice.” Their treats arrived, and Koshka made a small sound of delight as she took a bite, her moan almost erotic.

Malcolm watched her enjoy the cold treat, focused less on his food and more on her, barely registering the peach and date gelato. He smiled, leaning a leg forward to brush his foot teasingly against hers. Of course, the touch was hidden beneath the long, white tablecloth. He’d made sure to select a restaurant with this feature, among other exacting criteria.

Her own foot slid forward a bit. Both of them had on shoes or boots, but could still feel the heat of one another through their footwear. It appeared that Malcolm desired her as much as she desired him. Sensuously, she ate the last few bites of her food, licking her lips as she did so.

He ate his dessert just a bit quicker, finishing up and paying the bill. Though he did his best to be subtle, it was hard to hide the fact that he was prepared to get out of there and have her alone. As they made their way to the car, she decided to take the next step and leaned against him as they strolled, wrapping her arm around his middle, enjoying his warmth on this cool evening.

Malcolm wrapped his arm around her in kind, giving her a playful squeeze to pull her close. He leaned his head down, resting his cheek against her temple affectionately. For a moment, he wondered if he’d gone too far, but she leaned into him more.

“Mm. So, where to?” Koshka purred. “My place, or yours, or do you prefer the anonymity of a motel?” The last part came in a teasing voice.

“Whatever would be most comfortable for you.” He’d already secured an apartment to fit his Malcolm Allaway persona, though it did need a bit of breaking in. “Though I believe, your place is closer to here than mine, if that makes any difference to you?”

“What’s the address?”

He gave her the address, and she tapped her chin for a moment. It was in a decent neighborhood, and of no great distance. However, she shrugged. “If you’re fine with my place, let’s go there.”

“You live next to your store, right?” Malcolm asked, pretending he needed clarification.

“On top of it.”

“I’m sure that’s very convenient for you.”

“Hey, why pay for two different places when you can have it all in one?”

“There’s that,” Malcolm acknowledged. They slid into the car and sat there for several moments.

“Oh by the way, do you have condoms?” he heard her ask as he settled into his seat.

The question caught him a bit off-guard, but he was quick to recover. Condoms, condoms… yes. That was something a responsible human male did, and Malcolm Owen Allaway was a diligent man who would not make rash decisions. He thought things through because that was the proper thing to do. Plus, of course, using magic for birth control was a big no-no in his plan to woo Koshka. She would sense any outward use of magic, he was certain.

Still, he was the Puck, and despite his best efforts to maintain and upkeep his new persona, a bit of the Puck would glimmer through, displaying itself in a glib comment from the stoic Malcolm.

“You mean you don’t?” he looked over smiling lightly, reaching a hand out to touch her leg. He ran it upward, pulling the dress up just a bit.

It felt like a jolt of electricity had gone through her. For a moment, she assessed herself. She could wiggle her fingers and toes. She took a deep breath, feeling the pads of his fingers slide along her knee. He leaned in closer. “Don’t worry, Koshka. I did not get where I am by not taking care. As is often said, always better to be on the safe side.” His hand slid up just a bit more.

A soft sigh escaped her throat as his hand moved away, and she was aware of a faint warmth in her cheeks.

“Should we be going then?” he asked, though he did not seem to be trying to rush her. She blinked and nodded. The drive was as quiet as before, and Koshka considered about what could transpire. She did not need condoms, due to her magic. However, Koshka was aware of the importance of birth control to many humans, and honestly, it wasn’t a bad idea. It’d also been a test for Malcolm, and İstanbul Escort to her relief, he passed. If a seemingly intelligent and prudent man such as Malcolm was so cavalier about sex, that would have been a warning sign. And it would have been a shitty turn of events if the man of her dreams had turned out to have such a fatal flaw.

As he pulled down the street that her shop was on, she directed him to the private parking in the back, and Malcolm acquiesced, even though he’d felt a fresh surge of anxiety at maneuvering the car into a space. There was a car nearest the back door, a sleek pomegranate-red number with license plate that spelled VENGER. His lip twitched a bit in amusement while his back was to her for several moments. Like her shop, he sensed magic guards around the car.

She tugged at his hand almost impatiently, leading him up the back stairs to her apartment, which was furnished comfortably in a pleasing mixture of tastes. The kitchen was a mixture of old and new, seemingly brand-new appliances sitting amidst dark wood and marble counters. In one corner, he saw food and water dishes for a cat or a small dog. Just beyond one side of the kitchen was the living room. Some of the furniture was modern, but he also saw an antique here and there, which was fitting for a woman… demon of Koshka’s age and disposition. Several tasteful paintings adorned the walls, depicting views of places he recognized such as Istanbul and St. Petersburg. A nice television sat on an entertainment podium, decently-sized but not overlarge.

“You have a nice place,” Malcolm said with genuine enthusiasm as he looked at the lush, dark blue carpet that marked the living room area from the foyer and kitchen.

“I’m not going to not enjoy the fruits of my labor, Mr. Allaway.” She stopped short of the carpet and started unzipping her boots, bending over to do so and giving him a welcome view of her rear end.

“Nor should you.” Quickly slipping out of his shoes and setting them aside neatly, he reached over to caress her behind as he stood next to her. His fingers curled in a slight squeeze, unabashedly sliding the dress up a couple of centimeters as he did it.

“Sorry. Couldn’t resist,” Malcolm whispered, though the purr in his voice indicated that he wasn’t the least bit sorry about it. She lifted her head and smirked at him.

“Resistance is futile,” Koshka responded smartly as she turned around to loosen his tie. He certainly had a nice tie, and she wondered how he’d look tied to her bedposts with several ties. Now there was an idea. After draping the tie loosely around his shoulders and unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt, she gave him a light kiss on his lips, barely brushing her lips against his own. She leaned over, giving him an even better view of her ass as she unzipped her other boot and stepped out of them

“Mmm,” Malcolm removed his tie, his suit jacket following quickly. Undoing a few of the shirt buttons, he stepped forward, coming up against her as she stepped out of the second boot. He pressed against her eagerly, his ample hardness already apparent beneath his slacks.

Koshka wiggled back against him, thrilling at what she felt against her, feeling her own arousal go up some.

“Damnit, Malcolm,” she breathed as she stood back up, turning to face him. He was a delectable sight with his shirt half undone, and she unbuttoned the rest, undoing his belt as well, leaving him bare from neck to bellybutton, his chest and abs peeking out from the opening of the shirt. He looked down at himself for a moment before regarding her with a small smile, taking another step forward. He undid the buttons of his sleeves, rolling them up loosely to his elbows. Koshka regarded the bared flesh with a renewed hunger for this man.

He reached out with his hands, his glasses reflecting the lamplight for a moment. His fingers brushed against her breasts before his palms pressed against them. His eyes met hers, and he gave her a small but warm smile, one of his hands reaching up to stroke her chin. Her nipples felt rock-hard, bordering on painful, as he leaned forward to kiss her, eagerly tasting of her. A soft moan escaped from his throat as his hands slid around her sides, pulling himself close, pressing against her and further illustrating his need. His hands slid down to the curve of her rear end, inching up her dress further.

Koshka wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as she felt him slide the dress up even more, inch by inch until her panties became visible, red satin with black lace. She wiggled against his hands as he ran them along the smooth satin that hugged her most private areas. Her nails lightly stretched along the back of his neck before reaching up to run along his hair. Gods! It was so soft and thick, with a texture many women would envy.

Malcolm slid his fingertips beneath the soft fabric of her panties, giving her ass a firm squeeze.

“So, what were you thinking? Bedroom? Couch? This carpet?”

“As long as I get your cock in me, I don’t frankly care where we do it.” she replied, wiggling against him, his hardness impressing her abdomen, just above her groin. She slid down one hand to cup it aggressively, pressing into it with her palm and feeling him twitch and stiffen further.

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