Tending to Things


To my friend Ais!

I’ve always wondered what his first real impression of me was. I mean it’s hard to imagine what’s going through a guys mind when he walks in on a girl leaning against a shelf of assorted wines with her legs spread wide and one hand shoved in her shorts while the other hand tugs on her nipple rings. All I remember about that encounter was opening my eyes as the tremors from orgasmic bliss spread through me and smiling a wicked smile at him. At that moment he ran, redder than a bottle of grenadine.

True, it was his first night working at the bar and true, I knew he’d follow me, but what’s the harm in teasing?

I’d been working at the same bar as a server and sometimes tender for almost five years when he started working there as the new bar tender. I suppose it was the accent that hooked me, it was a well-traveled one, a mix of Irish, Scottish with a little true English thrown in for good measure. He was attractive, but unconventionally so, and a lot older than what I was used to, but the overwhelming need for me to take him clouded all judgment. The first time I heard him talk I was across the room taking orders, but I had to tuck my hair coyly behind my ear and turn slightly in his direction. He didn’t even look at me, which I have to admit only made me want him more.

But I am not an aggressive tigress, I like to sit back and examine my prey before striking. I took care for the first time my boss introduced Leiland to the wait staff, that I was close to last and that when I shook his hand I let my fingernails slide softly along the inside of his wrist. I could feel him tremble slightly as his eyes bore into mine and as I looked at him I could tell he wanted to look at me still but was polite about meeting the others down the line.

After that I felt his eyes on me everywhere that night. We were slow, with another tender and two other servers besides him and I, but I kept busy and I felt his gaze follow me around the space every time I went from table to the bar. I never let him know that I felt his eyes on me, the only thing that gave me away was my erect nipples that always tell a tale a mile long. So by the time that half my shift was over, my thighs were wet and slick with my juices and my clit throbbed in time with my pulsing sensitive nipples. I needed release so bad that at some point I even considered stripping naked in the middle of the bar and fucking my fingers on table six. Just thinking of him watching me made me hotter.

I walked towards the back storeroom and almost immediately went into orgasmic shakes as my fingers slid slowly up my thighs. They rode over the fabric of my shorts and up to the button of the fly, my hands discreetly covered by my short apron, but I’m sure if anyone saw my face they would know what I was doing. My slender fingers undid my shorts quickly, Şerifali Escort letting them gap open. I heard the door swing open slowly at this point but I didn’t open my eyes but I could feel his eyes on me. My fingers slid slowly down between the denim onto my bare cunt, feeling the freshly shaven skin before opening my lips slightly. When my fingertip hit my sweet button I thought my legs were going to collapse but I just leaned against the shelf harder. I could swear my ears heard a zipper moving softly from across the room, but I still didn’t open my eyes.

My thighs were dripping as I slowly slid two fingers into my wet open hole. My head fell back slightly and I moaned silently. Though my hand was covered by my apron anyone that saw the slightly rough rise and fall of it could imagine what I was up to. My walls were sucking in my fingers like a hungry animal and I could feel my body heating up fiercely. I could feel myself nearer to release and I let my other hand rise to my breasts and through my shirt they tugged softly on the small hoops that hung from my puffy nipples. My sensitive nubs were so hard they felt like pieces of rock candy that needed sucked on badly, I moaned again softly. As I tugged on my rings harder I felt my vaginal walls clench on my fingers harder as a small stream of clear hot liquid ran down my thighs. My body shook softly as I opened my eyes for the first time. He stood across from me, red and breathing hard. I looked down to notice his raging erection that stood out proudly from his pants and I smiled. Almost shyly he gently put his erection away and backed out of the door in a quick walk. I stared after him, smiling wickedly.

I gathered my clothes and my thoughts, I knew we were closing soon and that my boss, being the pure and lovely genius that he is, had told me to stay and show Leiland how to clean up. I only kept thinking in my head, ‘oh I will.’ When I walked slowly from the storeroom there was only Leiland and I left, with a few customers staggering in their seats. I again felt his eyes on me but I never looked in his direction. I went over to the few patrons and told them last call was coming. They were regulars and had gotten a little more familiar with me than the other servers. One man drunkenly and tenderly slid his hand around my waist to stay on my ass. I laughed softly down at him and played into his drunken game, leaning into his hand softly before walking away. I looked at Leiland for the first time behind the bar. He filled it well and I could feel my clit swell at the thought of him only in that short apron. I set my eyes softly on his and again coyly tucked my hair behind my ear.

My eyes never left his as I walked behind the bar. I walked behind him and as I did, my hand slid slowly and seductively over his ass, anyone looking from the floor would İstanbul Escort only see it as a polite gesture that you give when you walk behind someone and don’t want them to back up, but I could feel his skin shiver slightly. I look down with a grin as I saw a still highly visible lump in the front of his jeans and apron. I looked up at him with a slight smile before I crouched down by his feet to grab my bar towel. As I came up my fingers slid up the inside of his thighs to quickly trace the outline of his erection. I slid behind him again this time my fingernails digging slightly into the flesh where his thighs meet his rear.

I walked back out onto the floor and could feel his eyes on me again. I made myself busy wiping tables off and cleaning up peanut bowls, until all the customers left. Once all the tops were clean I asked him from across the room to get the broom from the back. He walked slowly to the back and I walked quickly to the bar. I swiftly undid my shorts and let them fall, leaving my lap clad only in the short apron. I hoped up to sit on the bar top, my ass against smooth wood felt heavenly. I leaned back in a seductive pose and waited for him to come out of the door.

His form came out from the back and dropped the broom as he saw me. I saw his bulge twitch and I smiled. I spread my thighs wide and spoke to him softly.

“I know you must be thirsty Leiland.”

I could see his throat contract as he looked at my open thighs. I was almost afraid he wouldn’t move but he surprised me by grabbing my legs and placing them on his shoulders. I laughed slightly as my ass slid against the slick wood. He smiled into me. I could hear him groan loudly as he saw my thighs were wet already. His face disappeared under my apron. I felt his nose nuzzle my clit and it made me cry out softly and grip onto the edge of the bar. His fingers opened my secret lips slowly and I felt him slide a finger into me up to the knuckle, he crooked it towards my abdomen and I jumped slightly crying out to him. In his accented tongue he spoke.

“Don’t make me tie you down.” At that thought my walls clenched and I felt a small amount of wetness creep down my thighs. He laughed softly. “I can tell you’d like that too much though.”

He slid his finger from my tight wet cunt and I could feel it slip out with a small wet sound. He made my body cry out for him as quickly his tongue replaced his finger. It dove in and out of me like a mini version of his cock. My hips couldn’t stay still as I moved against him. His mouth felt wonderful on me. My body leaned back against the top rung of the bar, where the glasses had been. He only was bent slightly as his tongue drank from me beautifully. His mouth clamped onto my clit as he slid two fingers into my tight wetness. I cried out as an orgasm hit me at this small gesture. Ümraniye Escort He held my thighs steady with his other hand. As he began to suck on my sweet nub I felt like I was loosing my mind. His fingers pumped in and out of me slowly. I moaned and squirmed all over the bar like a cat in heat. I looked up into his smiling face.

“I want you to fuck me with that hard cock of yours Leiland.”

He smiled back into me. I watched him as he began to untie his apron.

“Leave that on.” He shook his head and laughed softly at me.

His fingers undid his jeans and let them fall around his feet. He grasped my thighs and flipped his apron up slightly over his cock. My eyes bore into it as I watched it disappear between my thighs. My body rose off the bar in a loud sweet moan as he slipped his cock into me slowly. He drove it slowly in me to the hilt. I heard his sac slap sweetly against the skin of my rear. My thighs clenched in orgasmic release and I felt my juices coating his member. He moaned to me sweetly, loving the fact that I ejaculate. He began to pump his cock hard and slowly in and out of me. I felt my ass sliding and sticking to the wood, causing sweeter friction. He rocked my body to another orgasm before pulling out to cum on my thighs. I moaned his name sweetly over and over.

I sat up slightly, sliding on the bar with my wet thighs. I laughed gently. He smiled into me and kissed my lips for the first time. I could taste myself on him and I drank from him. He moaned into my mouth loudly. I felt his member against my thighs as I hoped down from the bar, it was still hard even slightly limp. I sank on my flanks to kiss the tip of his cock sweetly. He moaned and grasped my hair. Taking that as a sign that he liked my mouth on him, I suckled his head between my lips in hard short bursts. His fingers gripped into my hair as he moaned louder and shoved his cock against my mouth. My tongue flicked on his tip as I took it entirely into my mouth. I sucked on him in hard bursts, deep-throating his hard cock. I tasted my juices on his shaft, making me moan softly, the sound of it vibrating onto his member.

He moved my mouth away from him, not wanting to cum in my mouth. I licked my lips absently, he groaned and shoved his cock back into my mouth and began to fuck my face fiercely. I moaned and grunted in delight. I sucked him hard as he came in loads in my mouth. I drank him all, not wanting to waste a drop. My tongue roamed over his head as he stroked my hair lovingly. I rose to kiss his lips, his tongue invaded my mouth like it had invaded my cunt and I moaned against him.

We dressed silently, our eyes boring into each other in unspoken tenderness. We never spoke and I left him to clean up on his own. Every night we work together our eyes follow each other around the bar but we never touch. But at night, when we close, we fulfill a shifts load of lust on each other. And the night Leiland left the bar I gave him a fierce and fiery farewell so he would never forget working with me and I would never forget the way he tended to things in his own special way.

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