Tender Discipline (Part 2)


As we walked into the bedroom, I was shocked at what I saw, or actually, what I didn’t see. There weren’t any of the usual array of punishment tools: leg spreader, crop, whip or paddle. Instead, there just two chairs facing each other. Also, strangely, he had locked the entrance into the bedroom. I did see something foreboding, it was a tissue box between the chairs. That simple cardboard box was there for me. This, was actually the true torture device. It was there to catch and absorb my emotional pain. “Marissa, sit down please,” Mark said solemnly while gesturing towards the chairs. When my given name was used, it always caused an eruption of body shivers. He used it to punctuate the seriousness of any situation. So much fear and worry bubbled up in my stomach, that I truly felt like I was going to be sick. I wanted to run out of the room to avoid having this serious talk with Mark. The lock on the door just reminded me how well Mark knew my tendencies, my tendency to run when I cannot face a problem. Call it weakness, cowardice, or some sort of self-preservation instinct, it’s just what I felt comfortable doing. This realization, that I am trapped in this room to face something serious enough to cause me to bolt, and Mark already anticipated my reaction by enforcing the door to prevent my escape, was ominous, to say the least. I reluctantly sat down in one of the chairs, my head down, trying to ignore the tissue box. Beaten down, saddened and dreading what was coming next. I knew it was over. This was going to be the talk were Mark would release me from his ownership. Essentially, he was going to dump me. I struggled to hold back tears, but this was never something I was especially good at, that is, dealing with rejection. He sat down across from me and placed my necklace on the foot of the bed which was near Escort Küçükköy to his chair. He put out his hands and pointed to my feet. I lifted them up and he removed my heels. He picked up the tissue box and stared at it with a grim look on his face. He reluctantly looked up at me, and when I saw the pain behind his beautiful eyes, I knew. I just knew. I began to sob. He took a piece of tissue out and blotted my tears. He gently used the moisture to remove my makeup. I was truly stripped naked now. Figuratively and spiritually, totally bare. Feeling the last bits of humanity leave my body via my tear ducts. He started to meticulously go through the list of all my infractions. As I had not been with any Master but him, I hoped for some leeway. Although he did not drop his eyes while he talked to me, and remained straight face, his body was betraying him. His form gave way to a gradual dropping his head and his shoulders. His body language was one of a tired man. After a short while, I was amazed he had been keeping tabs on all my bad behavior, and that he could recite it all from memory. “Do you think you are the right sub for me, Marissa?” he asked. “If you cannot follow my rules, why are you with me?” his eyes pleaded with me. “I am not asking if you think I am the right man for you, I am asking the reverse here. Only you can answer that question. That determines our future.” He himself almost looked close to crying, and this only made me feel worse. I had crossed a line I had never crossed before and had hurt Mark. Really hurt him. “Understand that love is important, and there is no person more loving than yourself, but we are in a specific kind of relationship here. We have a written agreement, which you are technically in breach of,” his voice lightly cracking on the word ‘breach’. “Who I am, is a Dom,” Mecidiyeköy escort he continued. “This will always be who I am, just as sure as me sitting here in front of you now. To deny that, is to deny my existence. So you see, I cannot keep allowing these infractions and be who I am.” “What is happening here, Marissa, is you losing focus on the foundation of our relationship, which is that you must be submissive and follow my rules. If you cannot stay in the submissive role, and continue to drift in and out of this role, I have a problem with that,” he said with his eyes ever closer to the verge of filling with tears. I thought back in memory to a major infraction that occurred not to long ago where I had gotten into a scuffle with another woman. We were out at a club, and while I left him on the dance floor to refill my rum and coke, some woman had the audacity to swoop in and start dancing with him, not two-seconds after I walked away! I was admittedly tipsy (infraction number one), and I got jealous and decided on my own to start shit with this hussy (infraction number two). I remember how vivid my anger was, I was literally seeing red. I had removed my heels and earrings and left them on the counter of the bar. I pulled my hair back and moved my rings on both hands to the middle and index fingers. Once ready, I proceeded to walk towards them, with the expressed decision to teach that bitch a lesson. I grabbed the back of her long wavy brown hair and snapped her head back. While her head was pulled back, I raised my hand in the air readying a back hand when Mark caught it and stopped me (infraction number three). Mark was the angriest I’d ever seen him. He had the presence of mind not to yell my name, which would have help identify me to witnesses. He did grab my wrist and pulled me straight out Merter escort bayan the club. I grabbed my heels on the way out, my feet barely touched the ground, he pulled me so hard and fast. “Why the fuck did you do that Marissa?” he yelled at me once we had fled a couple of blocks away and were almost at his car. “That slut took less than two seconds to swarm in on you when I walked away!” I slurred. “It is disrespectful of that bitch, and I had to teach her a lesson,” I tried to explain. “I will dictate what is disrespectful and not Marissa,” he tried to calmly tell me, but after he witnessed me roll my eyes, and as this was the ultimate sign of disrespect, the calmness rapidly was expelled. “I own you! You do what I tell you!” he yelled at me, infuriated. “I own you too, bitch!” I yelled back in anger, letting all decency and respect spray out of me in one sentence. ‘Oh fuck!’ I thought. I didn’t mean for that to have slipped out. I was making a bad situation infinitely, worse. That evening he had sent me home to my own place, and I was to stay out of his sight for one week. This punishment was horrendous on me physically. I had no appetite and my eyes were swollen for straight seven days from so much crying. When he took me back, we missed each other so much, I had felt perhaps our bond had grown, but clearly it hadn’t because here we now where and he was asking me to basically, release myself from his ownerships. I wished I could have gone back in time and caught myself before I made all these mistakes. I did not realize how all the little infractions plus one or two big ones would add up and damage the relationship so greatly. It was all my fault. “Marissa, I cannot continue in a relationship with you, as my sub, if you cannot abide by our agreement. It is not fair to either of us, or the sanctity of this relationship.” He searched my face for some hint of recognition and understanding to what he was saying. I nodded my head to indicate my understanding. “Tell me Marissa, why can’t you honor me as your Master?” he pleaded again. And then I saw it.

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