Teasing the Teacher Pt. 03

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The next School day, John had difficulty focusing on his lessons, his thoughts and gaze kept drifting toward Bobbi Jo and Annie. Particularly Annie. He could see an intense heat and passion dancing in her eyes.

It turned him on to know that she had watched him getting off and that she eagerly admitted to liking it.

She was blonde and much taller and full bodied than Bobbi Jo, with larger breasts and a round firm ass. John had always preferred petite, thinner women but Annie had something intriguing…something worth exploring.

He wished he knew what these two were really up to. John wondered what they talked about And what they wanted to do with him. Maybe just a panty tease and a blow job. Maybe that’s all he would get. He could settle for that if he had to.

After class, Annie stayed and waited for the other students to leave. She was wearing black knee high boots with jeans and a tight blue sweater from which her breasts protruded like a pair of sharp hills.

She had been in trouble before, flirting with teachers. Last year the math teacher, Mr. Barnes complained to Principal Winters that Annie had groped him. She had gotten in trouble for that one. Everyone knew. Barnes was a puerile idiot John thought. He could’ve just told her to stop.

Annie walked over to where Mr.Stark was seated, sat on the top of his desk and leaned back casually on her palms.

“That was so hot watching you, daddy,” she said.

John’s eyes widened in surprise and arousal and he scooted back in his chair.

Daddy? He thought. No one had ever called him that.

“I want you to fuck me and make me your slut right now,” Annie announced.

She leaned over to him and licked the inside of his ear. Her tongue sent a shock wave down his body and his cock began to swell. Annie slid her hand quickly down the front of his pants and grabbed onto his balls tightly.

John listened to the chatter in the hallway. What the fuck was he doing? Could he get arrested for this? Yes she was 18, but fucking students in the classroom? Surely there were laws about that.

Annie rubbed his cock and balls and French kissed him so intensely he could feel his mouth filling with her spit. God how she aroused him.

John heard the knob turn on his classroom door and pushed Annie aside quickly. She sat back down on his desk.

“Sorry to bother you Mr. Stark,” said a voice.

John looked up to see Principal Winters standing in the doorway. She noticed Annie seated on his desk and frowned.

“Hello Annie,” she said in a perfunctory tone.

John didn’t like Alice winters. The old pedagogue was out of step with the times. It seemed she would jump on any chance she had to cause trouble.

“I would like to remind you Mr. Stark, you are tardy for our monthly staff luncheon.”

John looked at the clock and at Annie and then at Principal Winters who appeared to be observing them both with skepticism. He was Glad Annie had left his pants buckled and zipped.

“Well Annie,” he remarked. “Again, I think your rough draft essay on Washington Irving is excellent. Please make the changes we talked about.” John rose from his seat and followed Principal Winters out the door.

He hated these luncheons. Principal Winters usually attempted some stupid motivational speech, interjecting quotes or themes from Gandhi, Mandela or some other deceased charismatic figure and their immortal struggles against oppression. Admirable but impertinent. Fortunately Annie texted him.

“So…Bobbi Jo and I were wondering something…”

What were they wondering? “? yes?”, escort gaziantep he replied. His thoughts fixated on the two hot-bodied teens.

After the Principals speech, the teachers took turns summarizing monthly highlights or scheduling events for the school calendar. John’s phone lit up right as it was his turn to speak.

“Umm, so would you be down with a 3-some?” read the message.

Everyone was looking at him. He stared at them blankly. Should he tell them that his highlight was a panty teasing and sublime deep throating from Bobbi Jo? That he was in the process of scheduling three way sex with her and ultra-sexy Annie Hansen. That should go on the calendar he thought. sure.

John instead reiterated the efforts and progress his class had made in obtaining funds to attend the annual Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon. That ought to cover it, John thought. He texted back to Annie.

“Umm, yes.”

John lived out of town about 20 minutes from school. He had a nice cabin on a popular lake. The girls followed him there after school. No more teasing in the classroom or encounters in the parking lot.

From his west facing bedroom, John had a wonderful view of the lake. The sun was just setting.

“Wow, it’s beautiful Mr. Stark,” observed Bobbi Jo.

The pink and reds in the wispy fading clouds reminded John of his students’ lips. He stared at the darkening horizon for a moment in reflection. Had he seen so beautiful a sunset before? Maybe he had. Maybe he never took the time to notice.

Annie stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Leaning her head lovingly on his shoulders. John kissed her forehead as the twilight faded.

“Lay down with me Mr. Stark,” Annie requested.

John reclined on the bed withe Annie and they kissed softly and sweetly. Bobbi Jo sat on the edge of the bed watching them. She watched as Annie slowly unbuttoned his slacks and began playing with his cock. Their kisses grew stronger.

Bobbi Jo began rubbing her clit. She and Annie had talked about this and planned it all summer.

Annie had worked John’s pants down near mid thigh fully freeing his cock and caressing it. Bobbi Jo began to softly kiss his balls and licked the base of his shaft with her warm tongue. The girls continued to strip him naked as they kissed and teased him.

It was a fantasy John could never have imagined could become a reality. Yet here he was, having done virtually nothing to get to this point.

Bobbi Jo was soon sucking his cock like she had the day before in his car. It felt so amazing. But he couldn’t cum yet. Not even close. He watched Annie stand beside him and undress.

She took off her top and unlatched her bra. Her huge firm breasts stayed where they were on her chest as the bra fell away.

“I want to take all of that cock, daddy,” she said.

Bobbi Jo was hammering down on his cock wildly now. Annie turned and dropped her jeans slowly, her firm round bouncy ass just feet from John’s face. She knelt on the bed.

“My turn Bobbi Jo”, she said.

Bobbi Jo stood and removed her clothes as Annie straddled Mr. Stark and began kissing him again. He could feel her nipples rubbing over his chest and sense her soft pussy hair touching the underside of his cock.

Annie reached between her legs and guided her teacher’s cock to her vagina, rubbing herself with the tip if it. She slowly began to take it in. Annie had never had anything so big in her before. It hurt so good.

She started to fuck the first six inches of it, moaning with wild gaziantep escort pornoları pleasure as she slowly rocked her hips up and down.

Bobbi Jo was naked on the bed, sitting against the headboard. John began to rub her pussy as Annie fucked him. He looked tenderly At Bobbi Jo.

“I want to taste you Bobbi Jo. I want to taste your pussy,” he said.

Bobbi Jo straddled his face and held onto the headboard. John opened the lips of her wet pussy with his tongue and began to pleasure her. Her clit was love swollen and easy to find.

She had never received oral sex. Only given it. She loved to give it. So did John and he had a lot of experience doing it.

Annie was fucking him harder, sliding a little further down his cock. She put her hands on Bobbi Jo’s shoulders for support. Her weight forced Bobbi Jo’s pussy harder against John’s mouth. She began to rock her clit back and forth across his tongue.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god! It feels so Good!” Moaned Bobbi Jo.

John thought she would cum fast with his tongue in her pussy. Bobbi Jo rubbed and ground her clit as fast as she could against his tongue. He felt her juices running into his mouth and she began to quiver with pleasure. She had several rapid orgasms in his mouth.

Annie was still fucking him after Bobbi Jo had received all the oral sex her body could take for now. She laid down on the bed beside Her teacher basking in satisfaction, watching Annie slide up and down her teachers thick cock.

John leaned forward and kissed Annie as she slowly rode him She was a little intimidated by it he thought. Scared to take it all. Still she moaned with pleasure.

” I want to fuck you Annie,” he said.

John kissed her hard on the mouth and rolled her to the side. He kissed down her neck and teased both of her hard nipples with his mouth and tongue.

Then down her taut tummy to her dripping wet pussy. He licked and teased heir vagina, driving his tongue forcefully inside her. Then he focused on her clit. She drove her hips upward to meet his mouth. John was slowly driving her mad with lust. That’s what he wanted.

“Please fuck me Mr. Stark! Please!” she implored.

That’s what he wanted to hear. John rose up on his knees and slowly began to push his cock into her body. He couldn’t wait to watch Annie cum.

John could tell that his cock caused her some discomfort. He would work her through that. Very slowly he pushed it in until his pelvis was firmly against his students. For a moment her breathing was rapid and unsure. John held it there for a while and kissed her until she was comfortable with the feeling of his whole cock inside of her.

Annie ran her hands up his arms, fascinated by his strong triceps and shoulders. She felt totally dominated and helpless and loved it.

John eased his cock out until just the head pushed against Annie’s vagina. He rubbed it over her clit then slowly again eased down against her pelvis, completely filling her with all that he could give. He repeated this motion several times until Annie’s discomfort disappeared.

John increased the speed of his long deep strokes, pushing down harder against Annie’s pussy with each one. Instinctively, she braced her hands against the base of the headboard.

He began to fuck her hard and forcefully. She felt every vein and contour of his cock pressing and gyrating against her clit. All of her boyfriends now seemed like little toys that she had been playing with. She had nothing to compare this to.

Annie’s mind went wild gaziantep escort portalı with desire and she pushed against the headboard forcing her pussy as hard as she could against her teachers strong thrusts. She thought, if she could go to a moment and live in it forever, it would be this; on the verge of cumming and being fucked to insanity and bruised senseless by Mr. Stark.

“Cum in me daddy!” she demanded. “I’m your little fucking cumslut!”

John watched her intently. He wanted her orgasm to possess her, make her regress from human to primate.

“You ARE my little slut Annie” he said. “Cum for me!”

Annie’s hips began to quiver and vibrate so badly that she lost rhythm with John’s cock. He drove it into her as hard as he could and held her torso firmly against the bed rubbing and suffocating her clit with the base of of his cock. She screamed in wild ecstasy.

He finished just like he started, his cock buried deep in her pussy. Annie could feel his quickened pulse beat softly against the walls of her vagina. He held her there until her long deep orgasm stopped completely.

Bobbi Jo had a look of shock and desire on her face. While Annie had climaxed she laid her head on her friend’ stomach and watched Mr. Stark drive his cock into her pussy.

Bobbi Jo didn’t think she could take it like Annie. She was bigger, stronger. But still she wanted to try. God, Annie was so awesome, she thought. She deserved to be Mr. Stark’s cumslut.

Annie was so deeply relaxed and satisfied she nearly fell asleep. Bobbi Jo on the other hand was horny and wet beyond measure.

She sat up and looked at her teacher, reaching out and taking his hot, wet cock in her hands, admiring his muscular, hard, mature body. She wanted it just like Annie but she didn’t want him to hurt her. The thought frightened her and excited her.

John could see the apprehension in her face. He laid down beside her. They kissed and fondled one another aggressively.

When John thought her pussy was wet and relaxed enough he knelt in front of her and pulled her legs up over her shoulders. He spread her pussy lips with the tip of his cock and masturbated her for a while until she began to moan with pleasure.

Slowly he inched his cock into her wet, tight but strong pussy. Bobbi Jo seemed nervous but took his whole cock easily. Soon, her reluctance turned into intense pleasure as Mr. Stark began to fuck her a little harder.

“Do you like taking it all Bobbi Jo?” He asked.

“Hell yeah! Fuck me Mr. Stark! Fuck me!”

John pulled out of her and quickly got Bobbi Jo on her knees. He could get deeper penetration from behind. She liked it the harder and deeper he went. Soon John was pounding into her like a jack hammer.

“Ohh, fuck yeah, fuck me…” She begged and moaned.

Bobbi Jo’s tight ass was slapping loudly against Mr. Stark’s hips. She was cumming

Annie leaned up and watched John’s cock glide in and out of her friend.

“I want your cum!” She demanded. “Put your cum in my mouth, daddy!”

When he knew Bobbi Jo was satiated, John quickly pulled out his cock and gave it to Annie. She held the tip of it in her mouth and stroked it violently.

John began to climax and leaned his head back in ecstasy. Bobbi Jo knelt by Annie.

“I get some too!” She insisted.

That was too much for John. Two teens fighting over his cum. Even before his full orgasm started it was freely running out of his cock from the stifling pressure in his balls.

Annie swallowed it down and put his cock into Bobbi Jo’s mouth as she jerked him off.

Her mouth was filled as John began to Cum. The girls shared it all, not spilling any and not stopping until he was milked completely dry.

John laid down on the bed embracing Bobbi Jo and Annie. God they were amazing!

He had no idea if he would ever have an experience like this again but he knew he could never forget it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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