Teambuilding Ch. 2

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This story is a collaboration written by two colleagues who have very active sexual minds and often they are the subjects of each other’s dreams. This is posted with the permission of both parties. We have compiled this story from those dreams/fantasies and hope that you enjoy the story. The narrator for each chapter will alternate back and forth so if you are joining this story in a later chapter, you may want to go back to previous chapters to will better understand the activity in this chapter. Please let us know what you think of the story by emailing us with your comments using the link at the end of this story.


Lily & Sam

* * * * *

Chapter 2 – From Sam’s perspective

WOW, that was an incredible dream…it was about me and my colleague, Lily, and what we might experience on this business trip that we are on if I had my way…but wait what’s that warm feeling on my cock….wait, maybe it wasn’t a dream after all…OUCH…yep when I pinch myself it really hurts so I’m not dreaming….and there she is cleaning off my cock, and massaging it with some baby oil as it stiffens back to it’s rock hard state…I can’t believe it, I just had the most amazing sex with the woman that I have been fantasizing about ever since we laid eyes on each other…she’s ready for more and we’re only a couple of hours into our 3 day trip…I’m in heaven…

As she’s rubbing my cock with her nipples and tits, I reach over to her still dripping pussy and slide my fingers along her slit and up to her clit, where I concentrate my efforts. She moans loudly in encouragement and I encourage her to slide her body over so that we can both fully enjoy each other at the same time. As she straddles my face, I reach out and playfully tweak her nipples before she gets back to work on my cock. As soon as that delicious looking pussy is within reaching distance, I snake my tongue out and run it up and down her luscious lips, savoring her sweet juices as they escape. I find my way to her clit, which by this time is begging for my attention, and trace circles around it, not wanting to lick it just yet. I slide a finger into her hot pussy and send it in search of that magical spot that drives all women crazy…as it finds her G spot she lets out a moan on my cock, which she has worked back into her mouth now. I slide a second finger into her honey pot and begin my assault on her clit with my tongue. I feel her body tense as the waves of orgasms yenibosna escort begin to roll through her body. I feel her swallow my cock deep in her throat and I can feel her throat muscles trying to milk my juice out of my cock, but I’m not ready to give it up just yet. My tongue continues its venture around this delicious pussy that is resting above my face, trying to lap up all the sweet juices that are now flowing from it and down my fingers.

I slide my fingers out of her wet slit and replace them with my tongue and start to fuck her with my tongue….my pinkie finger slides up to her puckered hole, that I had the pleasure of putting my cock in earlier, and spreads some of the juices around it. As I slowly tease her hole, I can once again feel Lily moan on my cock as she sucks it down. I now feel my cum starting to boil deep in my balls and pick up the pace with my tongue and fingers so that we’ll cum together. Lily lifts off my cock for a moment and screams “Fuck me with your tongue and fingers, don’t stop………I’m cuuummmmiiiinnnnnngggggg” and plunges my cock deep in her throat just in time for me to announce that I am cumming as well. She lodges my cock deep in her throat and takes jet after jet of my love juice, her throat milking it for every last drop. She cums a third time as I continue to lick her and remove my finger from her pussy…she slides her lips up my cock and licks the remaining juice from it.

Exhausted from our hot 69 session, Lily swings around and kisses her way up my body, finally planting her beautiful lips on mine and our tongues begin their battle. Each of us can taste hints of our juices as we kiss passionately, which adds to the enjoyment of the moment. I break the kiss and say “Thank you!!” “For what??” she replies. “For making some of my wildest dreams and fantasies come true!! And for confirming that you shared some of the same feelings I’ve had for a long time now!!! I think this is going to be a very interesting and fun trip for the two of us.” “We’re only just beginning!!!” she snickers in her cute, sexy way of messing with my mind. We lay there in each other’s arms for a short while, waiting for my manhood to make one last appearance for the night.

Lily gets tired of waiting and decides she wants to jumpstart the process a little so she starts kissing my ear lobe and my neck right behind my ear, which instantly brings zeytinburnu escort him back to life. Lily strokes my cock a couple of times to make sure that it will stay at its full 7 inches for another round. Once she is satisfied that it is ready, she whispers in my ear to lay back and enjoy the ride, so I put my arms behind my head and watch as she straddles my hips. Holding my cock, she rubs the head back and forth on her slit, which is still very wet, teasing me much like I had teased her earlier. I try to defeat this move by thrusting my hips up at her, but she is quick to move my cock so that it only slides up her slit and hits her clit causing her to shudder. Finally, after several minutes of this, she takes my cock and aims it right at her hole and plunges all 7 inches deep in her warmth and holds it there for a moment while she flexes her pussy muscles around it. I close my eyes as I enjoy this feeling that is new to me, what muscle control this woman has.

After what seems like an eternity, she starts slowly moving up and down my pole and as I open my eyes again I notice that she is tweaking a nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other…so I remove my hands from behind my head and offer to help…she leans forward so that I can get at her tits, they are perfectly matched for her body, although she might not agree, and just begging for me to massage them with my tongue. I reach for her left breast with my hand while my tongue traces similar circles around her right nipple…I suck it into my mouth and gently nibble on it. Lily moans with pleasure and picks up the pace on my cock as I switch over to the left nipple to give it the same treatment. “Oh, suck my tits, bite my nipples” Lily exclaims in her sexy, passionate voice…she picks up the pace even more throwing her body up and down on my cock. I feel her body tense up with her first orgasm of this session and as it overwhelms her body and mind she collapses into my arms and we kiss again.

Not quite ready to end this session, I roll her onto her back and climb in between her legs and plunge my dick back into her as hard and as deep as I can trying to keep her orgasm going in one continuous event. I start fucking her with long strokes, my balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. The look on her face is pure lust and tells me that she is truly enjoying every moment of this. A acıbadem escort short while later, I feel my balls tense up, once again, as they get ready to shoot my juice deep inside her. I tell her that I am cumming and she tells me “Cum in me!!!! Fill up my pussy with your love seed!!!” And I feel it leave my cock jet after jet. Tired, we once again collapse in each other’s arms, happy and content that we have finally found the time and place to express our feelings and desires for each other. We drift off to sleep, still cuddled in each other’s arms, so that we will be at least somewhat productive in the morning.

The next morning we wake up, shower and get ready for the day’s meetings. I notice, when I get out of the shower, that Lily has pulled her hair back in one of her hair clips, which always drives me absolutely crazy every time I see her with her hair that way. She sees me admiring her in the mirror and winks at me as if she knows what this does to me. We finish getting dressed and head out for the day. As we eat breakfast, I notice that she is wearing a very low cut top that shows off her awesome cleavage. I think to myself that it is a good thing that we will be in separate meetings because I would not be able to concentrate with her in the same room in that outfit and with her hair back like that. Although I look forward to our breaks and lunch time which usually end up occurring at the same time. The van ride to the hotel, where our meetings are being held, is crowded with morning commuters and Lily and I just keep glancing at each other fondly remembering last night and wondering if anyone else will notice us.

At lunchtime, Lily is waiting for me with a smile on her face that hints that she has been thinking about me all morning. We get our food from the buffet and sit down to enjoy it, the tables are a bit crowded, which doesn’t bother me at all because it will force us to sit closely together and afford a few “accidental” touches of our legs under the table which I know will drive her crazy and keep her thoughts going for the afternoon and lead to a very interesting evening. After we finish eating, we descend to the hotel atrium where we relax together on a couch and chat about our meetings and other happenings of the day.

I find that our legs rest comfortably together and she sneaks playful whacks on my knee and thigh as we kid around with each other. One of the times, I catch her hand and the sparks seem to flow right through our hands and we move our hands so that we can discreetly continue to hold on to each other. Eventually the time comes to head back to our meetings, we are both a little saddened that our together time had to end, but both with active minds thinking about the “teambuilding” activities to occur this evening.

To Be Continued…

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