Tara Ch. 01


Chapter 1: : Homebase

“What?” I exclaimed as I spun around from the coffee maker with my fresh cup of coffee and stared drop jawed at my husband Art. The motion made my robe gape open just enough for him to see my cleavage. I pulled the top of my robe together to keep his mind on the conversation at hand. One glimpse of any breast and the man’s mind was gone.

“I said he watched them and that’s how Jones got the promotion over Samuels.”

” Unbelievable. So your grandfatherly looking boss, Mr. King, is a dirty old man, huh? What in the hell will you have to do before you interview as head of marketing?”

“Well, honey, I’m glad you asked…”

“Oh no Big Boy…”

My husband started to laugh and I joined him. My robe came open again and I saw him look at me with that twinkle in his eye. I placed my coffee on the counter and walked over to him. In anticipation, he scooted his chair back and parted his robe. His dick, my delicious dick stood at full good morning attention. I eased back my robe and took my rightful place on his lap facing him. My pussy moistened as I slipped down on to his morning wood pole. We smiled at each other because we knew it never took much for us to go after each other like hungry teenagers. Besides being best friends, we were excellent lovers together and that kept our marriage happy.

I began sliding up and down his pole, almost standing and then slamming my gooey cunt down on it. Art grabbed my ass to slow me down a bit because I could get carried away, fast. After a few more strokes we found our rhythm. Art closed his eyes and let my love nest cover his meat over and over again until he had to start thrusting back. I could tell he was close to cumming so I started to slam my pussy even harder on to his slick stick. Pleasure shot all through my body as I slid my self hungrily up and down his swollen manhood, my tits flapping so wildly he could barely capture a nipple in his mouth. Finally that one last trip down his long thick manhood and I exploded, Escort bayan luckily he did too and together when yelled at the top of our lungs like we always did, just for fun, just because we live in this huge house with just us two. Plus we always want to give the neighbors something to talk about. I especially hoped the new neighbors young college son would be in town to hear us.

“Oh shit baby,” Art says out of breath, “I’m gonna be hard all day if you keep riding like that.”

“Well, maybe I’ll come by your job and give you a little extra relief.”


Art thought I was joking, but around 2pm I showed up at his job. Since I work from home, I get my work done faster and have more goof-off time than the law should allow. I walked up to his secretary’s desk, Mina. She was a cutie, short and slim, with huge implants that made her look as if she might tip over any minute. She gave me a big smile as I walk up.

“Hello, Tara. Arts right inside.”

“Thank you, don’t you look sexy in all that pink.” I say.

“You like? I’m trying to get one of this lawyer guys on 5 attention.”

” I don’t think you’ll have any problem hon, come in a chat a minute if you can.”

I always told her that because I thought just maybe I could get her to do something office-naughty with Art and yes me too. I hadn’t had an encounter with a woman since my college roommate and still best friend Devon, but every once in a while, I’d get that urge. Of course I had told Art about it and he loved to tease me. Pointing to women on the street and asking me if I’d do her.

“Hey Big Boy.”

Art is on the phone but welcomed me with a smile and a wave. I tossed my purse on of his leather chairs and walked over to him and dropped to my knees. His desk was so huge, you could never tell I when I was back there. As he continued on with his conversation, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. At my first touch it was swollen, I loved to Bayan escort see that. I plunged his piece into my mouth and gave a long hard suck. He caught his breath, but continued the conversation like a pro. I licked up and down his shaft, sucking and nibbling until he could no longer hold it and blast my mouth full of his hot cum. And still he continued his conversation. I swallowed my husbands offering and walked over to his mini bar and fixed a club soda. He winked at me and held up a finger as if to say he would be one more minute. So I make myself comfortable on his leather couch. I turn towards him and open my legs revealing that I have no panties on. I slowly slide to cool glass of club soda over my pussy which is wet with excitement from giving him head. I slipped my finger in my juicy hole and began stroking myself. Art cleared his throat but the phone conversation was still going strong. I am so caught up in pleasuring myself for him I didn’t even hear Mina walk in.

“Is this a bad time?” Mina asked with her eyes on my finger buried inside of my cunt.

I smile at her and continue fingering myself, I know she will leave embarrassed and possible go tell a few girls around the water cooler what she saw.

“Not at all hon.” I moan.

Mina walked past me and I listened for the door to close, it does. But then I heard the blinds close too. What?

She then walks back over to me and bends down and removes my hand from my cunt and replaces it with her collagen injected pink lips. This girl was almost as good as my husband at eating my pussy. I grab the top of her head and edge her closer.

“Oh yeah, little girl, suck that pussy baby.” I coax her on. Art has such a big grin on his face, I don’t see how he can still maintain his conversation. I did see his other free hand though and it is slowly working his meat behind his desk. Mina darts her tongue in and out of my pussy nearly bringing me to the edge, but I have to stop her, I am such a loud cummer Escort that there would be no way to contain my voice. So I sat up and grabbed her pink top and slipped it over her head. Her tits were pinned into a hot pink lacy bra, which I quickly removed. I wanted to see those plastic boobs and so did Art, if he hadn’t already.

They were nice, very firm, I’d ask who her doctor was later but all I wanted were those rock hard nipples in my mouth. As I dove into her breast, I heard Art wrap up his call. I hear him up and out of his seat. While I work on Mina’s tits, he raised her short skirt and pushed his dick into her. It took her breath away, her eyes widen with pleasure as she slipped a hand between my legs and then a couple of fingers into my juicy pussy. I peaked at Art but he was lost in this girl’s pussy. He was slamming in and out of her so hard, I’m afraid he might hurt her. But she pulled her fingers out of my cunt and then pushed Art away and onto his back. Instantly she was on his pole pounding her pussy for dear life. I crawled over to my husband and planted my pussy on his face and now Mina and I face each other. We swap a warm kiss, she slid her hands under my blouse and squeezed my tits. I help her out by flinging my blouse off to the side. We slide our breast together. Mina was so over the edge I could feel her body tremble as she began to cum, I also see Arts legs shaking wildly which means he’s about to cum too. I keep my pussy planted over his mouth because I know he could get pretty loud too. They both cum at the instantaneously. Mina gripped my tits and sucked them like a new born as her juices gush over Arts dick. Art’s cry is muffled by my pussy. I want to cum so badly, but I sacrifice this one for another time.

Later after the office was clean and our clothes were back on, Mina hugged me like a little sister and walked back out to her desk. I took a seat on my husbands lap and chat. Then his boss walked into the office.

“Art. Oh I’m sorry.” Mr. King turned as if he may walk out. I raise up off of Arts lap.

“Mr. King, it is so good to see you again.” He turned and smiled at me. I figured he got instant wood from seeing me sitting on my husbands lap.

“You will have to come over and have dinner with us again. Soon.”

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