Taking It the Hard Way

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He very gently pushed his head into me, stopping to wait for me to become accustomed to his size. This was the first time I had ever had a hard cock inserted into my rectum. Although I wanted to enjoy it, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of pain. I had found the lubing of my ass hole and his cock very thrilling and exciting but once we got down to the actually insertion, the wave of pain that ripped through my body caught me by surprise.

“You ok, Dad?” I heard my son say several times as he pushed his length up into me.

All I could do was nod. I couldn’t get anything to come out of my mouth. Finally, I felt him stop for the last time, with his balls, laden with come, resting against my cheeks.

“There, I’m all the way inside you,” he said as he waited for me again. “If this hurts too much, I’ll stop.”

“No son,” I managed to say through gritted teeth. “Don’t stop. I want you to fuck me.”

The pain was subsiding rapidly now and I found the feeling of his large, hard cock buried deep inside my ass a little intimidating but at the same time, so overwhelming. I wanted him to fuck me with long, slow strokes, taking his time before filling my canal with his hot load.

“Go ahead, son. Fuck me,” I told him after a few more minutes as the pain had now just about disappeared. “Take your time. Do it slowly. I want to feel every stroke and every thrust.”

I felt his head start moving back down my canal and it sent a shiver through me. I could feel every ripple as his crown slid along its path and then he pushed back fully into me, sending me over the edge in excitement.

“Fuck that feels good,” I said, pushing back against his thrust. “Umm, I had no idea that it could feel so good.”

He started to speed up a bit, thrusting harder in and out of me.

“Yes, that’s it. Fuck my ass,” I almost hissed at him. “Oh yeah, that feels good.”

I felt his hands on my hips, pulling them back towards him every time he thrust fully into me. The pressure was tremendous but the feeling of his cock replaced any discomfort and I began really enjoying what he was doing to me. His balls slapped my cheeks softly at first, every time he thrust into me and soon I could hear them getting louder and louder against my cheeks as he thrust faster and faster.

“Oh fuck, Dad. Your ass feels so good. I love fucking tight holes,” I heard him say over the noise his balls slapping me made and our intermingled groans.

I pushed back against him as I supported myself. I could tell he was close to coming but I didn’t want him to stop yet, there was something else I wanted. I turned my head slightly and I could see his face. It was a mask of concentration and pleasure as he pounded in and out of me relentlessly, not stopping but picking up speed and roughness.

“Come for me, son. I want to feel your come fill my hole. Oh fuck, yes. Please come for me.”

I felt his cock twitch and then a hot feeling of liquid being spewed into me overtook my senses. I felt the warming effect of his hot come filling my canal filter through my balls and cock and around my hole as he held himself deep inside me, emptying his balls into me.

“Dad, are you alright?” I heard him ask after a few moments and between groans.

“Yes, I feel fine.”

I can’t describe the feelings I was having right then as he finished coming. A new world of pleasure had opened up to me and I was feeling the excitement that I had only imagined. I started to relax as he slowly withdrew his cock, his head sliding effortlessly down my canal and out of my ass. I felt liquid on my legs and around my hole as his head popped out of me. His come ran down my legs and across my balls, sending another shiver through escort gaziantep me.

I heard him behind me but I was too engrossed in my feeling until I heard his voice.

“Dad, that was one of the best fucks I have ever had. Your ass was so tight and firm, I’d love to fuck every day, if I could.”

I turned around to face him, my ass and legs still wet from his come and smiled at him.

“Son, you can fuck me whenever you want. I loved the feeling of you inside me.”

He smiled back and I reached up and pulled him down to me, wrapping my arms around him in a big hug.

“Thank you,” I whispered in his ear. “Thank you.”

He just held me tight and didn’t say anything.

That night when my wife and I went to bed, I couldn’t help myself. Pulling her over to me, I asked her, “Have you ever had anal sex?”

She didn’t answer right away but didn’t pull away from me either. After a silent moment, she answered.

“No, I never had. Why do you ask?”

I hesitated.

“Well, I thought we should try it. We enjoy each other’s bodies so much, I thought we could maybe, try something different.”

This time, she hesitated. She raised herself up on her elbow and looked straight at me.

“You know, I have always wondered what it would be like to be fucked in the ass but I was afraid of saying anything to you about it.”

“Let me ask you another question then. Have you thought about having two men make love to you at the same time?”

She looked at me inquisitively.

“Where is this coming from? You’ve never talked about this before. Why now?”

She put me in a position where I had to make a quick decision. I wasn’t sure how she would react if I told her that our son was fucking me but I thought that maybe this was a way around it. I sat up and turned towards her.

“I think its time we experimented before we get to the age where we can’t do the things we’ve always thought about and maybe fulfill some of our fantasies. I’ve always wanted to fuck someone in the ass and try a threesome or group but I didn’t know how to bring it up.”

“Well, we’re not that old. I agree that maybe we should try different things but I’m a little confused as to why you’re bringing this up now. Did something happen that I should know about?”

Decision time again.

“I’m going to tell you something I hope doesn’t upset you but I let Jay fuck me this afternoon,” I said softly.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped.


“This afternoon. I let him fuck my ass and it felt so good.”

I couldn’t tell by the look on her face whether she was upset or just confused.

“Hmmm, you and Jay fucking. I’ve heard about fathers and their sons fucking before but I never thought it would happen under our roof.”

I didn’t say anything but kept searching her face for her reaction.

“Did you enjoy it enough to let him do it again?” she asked.

Without hesitating, I told her I would.

A look of happiness came over her making her eye sparkle.

“I’d like to try it,” she said moving back into my arms. “But I want Jay to fuck my ass too.”

An image instantly came into my mind of Jay, pounding his hard cock in and out of her ass as I watched. I felt my cock starting to rise too, thinking about watching her and him and remembering what it felt like this afternoon. Without a word and my cock swaying as I walked, I got out of bed and headed down the hall to Jay’s room. I knocked and heard him answer, telling me to come it. I opened the door and found him lying on his bed, his hard cock sticking straight up in the air, his hand wrapped around it, pumping it.

“Son, how you like to have gaziantep escort forumları some help with that?” I asked, nodding towards his cock.

Not waiting for an answer, I said, “Follow me.”

I turned and he followed me back to our bedroom. When he got to the door and looked in, seeing his mother in bed made him stop. He had a confused look on his face but I told him to come in. He did somewhat hesitantly. I got onto the bed and pulled the covers off my wife’s naked body. Jay’s mouth dropped when he saw her nakedness and his cock twitched.

“I told your mother about you fucking me this afternoon and now she would like you to fuck her too,” I said, inviting him to join us in bed.

Jay walked around the other side of the bed and slowly got onto it, kneeling beside his mother, looking at the both of us.

“Are you sure, this is what you want?” he asked, searching our faces and our bodies.

“Yes son, this is what we want. Your father and I have been talking about having anal sex and I told him that I wanted you to fuck me too. It’s alright,” she said, holding her arms out to him. “Come down here. I want to feel your body next to mine.”

Jay slowly lowered himself into her arms and their lips met. I could see their tongues probing each other’s mouth as Jay’s hand went to her breast, caressing it softly, pinching her very hard nipple. She groaned as they continued tonguing each other then Jay moved down and took her breast into his mouth as she held his head in place. I leaned over and took her other nipple into my mouth and started to suck while she moved her hand over to hold me in place too.

I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, her legs were spread and I watched Jay’s hand snake down over her belly and into her crack, making her spread her legs even more. She groaned again as I saw him start to run a finger up and down her crack, stopping to dip it into her cunt then up to circle her clit. She groaned loudly at his touch. I looked up at her and she had such a contented look on her face, her eyes were closed and she seemed to be off in another world.

I looked down her body and Jay had moved between her legs, his nose mashed against her as he ate her cunt, making her squirm in delight. Her breathing was getting shallower and faster as he ate her, circling her clit with his tongue. She moved her hips up against him and cried out, as he raised her legs over his shoulders, tonguing his way down her crack to her ass hole. I saw his tongue probing her hole and run up and down her crack, soaking it, making it more pliable.

“Fuck me son,” she cried out all of a sudden. “I want you to fuck me.”

Jay lifted his head and moved up between her spread legs. He pointed his hard cock at her cunt and thrust his hips forward, entering her easily. She gasped as he plunged completely into her.

“Oh god. You’re so big. It feels so good. Fuck me now.”

He started thrusting in and out of her as she grabbed me and pulled me down to her breast again. As I circled her nipple with my tongue, she groaned loudly as Jay fucked her harder. I could hear the wetness between them and I raised my head and looked at Jay.

“Fuck her in the ass son.”

He thrust a few more times then withdrew from her cunt. Raising her hips and legs higher, I saw his head probing against her ass hole. Suddenly, it disappeared as she cried out. He was inside her ass easily and pushed his length further and further into her as she screamed out. He was rougher with her than he had been with me that afternoon and soon he fully inside her canal, his balls resting against her hairy mound.

He waited and looked at me before escort gaziantep bayan started to move back and forth. He went slowly at first but soon I could hear and see his balls as they slapped against her thighs while she writhed under me, reaching up to hold her legs wide open. I watched them as Jay pounded her ass, making her thighs giggle a little every time he thrust into her. She was beside herself, getting fucked like she had never been fucked before. I was a little jealous about Jay being the first but I knew I would get my turn in due time so I continued watching them.

“Oh fuck,” my wife cried out. “Don’t stop.”

Suddenly, Jay lurched forward.

“I’m coming,” he cried. “I’m coming inside your ass, Mom.”

“Yes, baby. Do it. Come inside my ass. I want you to fill my ass full of your hot come. Do it.”

With that, Jay grunted loudly and a satisfying look came over his face as he started coming deep inside her bowel, sending rivers of hot, liquid come deep into her.

“Oh fuck. I can feel your hot come inside my ass,” she cried out as Jay held himself against her, emptying his balls into her.

He finally finished and started to pull out of her. When his head popped out of her, his come ran down her legs, just like it had on me that afternoon. He slowly lowered her legs to a more comfortable position and I saw he was still semi hard.

“Son, now its my turn,” I said looking at him and moving down beside him.

I grabbed his greasy cock and felt it twitch in my hand. I quickly turned around and offered my ass to him. He mounted me and with a little trouble, he pushed his head into me. This time the pain was slight as I pushed against him, wanting his full length inside me. He thrust slowly, until he was completely inside me and I felt his cock growing until it filled my canal with its hardness again.

“Oh yeah,” I cried as he started pumping his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of me faster and faster.

“Oh yeah. Use my ass as your fuck hole,” I cried. “Fuck me harder.”

I felt Jay, straddle my hips as he pushed me down on my forearms. He then started to really thrust in and out of me from above, his grunts and my groans mingling in a noisy crescendo of joy.

“Fuck me son,” I said, my voice muffled somewhat by my arms.

Jay pounded me and pounded me. His balls, slapping against my ass were making a sharp cracking noise every time they hit my cheeks and I felt his sweat drip onto my back. He pounded me and pounded me until I heard his breathing getting very rapid. Then I felt his cock explode inside me, sending his hot come deep into my ass, filling my canal with it and sending my head into a spin. I swear I saw stars as he emptied himself into me.

Finally, he pulled out of me, his come running down my legs over my balls and pooling on the bed under me. My cock was straining. My wife noticed it and pulled me up so she could wiggle under me. She wrapped her legs around me and I found her cunt, thrusting myself into her with a sudden fury. I fucked her fast and hard, our thighs slapping against each other until I came, my cock spewing come deep inside her cunt. I collapsed on top of her and rolled onto my back, completely spent but happy.

I opened my eyes and found two faces above me, looking down at me.

“Dad, you ok?” Jay asked, a big grin on his face.

“Yeah son. I’m fine.”

Jay stayed with is that night and fucked us again. Since that night, we spend as much time together as we can and I know my wife is enjoying him when I’m at work because she’ll phone me and tease me.

“You know where I am?” she’ll ask. “I’m sitting on top of Jay’ s cock which is buried in my ass. I bet you’d enjoy a good fucking right about now, wouldn’t you?”

She’d then hang up, leaving me totally frustrated and eager to get home. I’d walk in the door with a huge hard cock and go immediately to our bedroom where I would find one of them waiting for me. We have found out about different things and now we totally enjoy our new freedom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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