Taking Care of Business

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Special thanks to Peterpeck for his help with the guidance and edit

Paul Burns looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk and decided enough was enough, we’re definitely getting an office manager. He had discussed the issue with his partner, Dale Rowe, on several occasions and they were in total agreement that an office manager would free up Paul to put his talents to better use, namely on site helping with construction. Partners Dale and Paul owned Cotswold Design and Construction; a successful building concern based just outside Oxford. They specialized in house extensions and more recently up market barn conversions and their geographical location had opened up some very lucrative doors.

The company had been trading for just over ten years and business was booming, but it had reached the point where it needed better organization, particularly on the administration and accounting side. The business had the man power and the skill sets, but the clerical aspect was taking up far too much of Paul Burns time. So the partners drew up a job description and fired it off to a few employment agencies.

There was no shortage of applicants for the job and after going through all the CV’s, Paul and Dale narrowed it down to a short list of six people. Dale charged Paul with the responsibility of interviewing the candidates, a task he readily accepted.

“You know that’s not my sort of thing. But try and get some decent eye candy for the office.” Dale said in a joking manner, but beneath the levity Paul knew he was serious.

Paul allowed himself a full day for interviews allowing an hour for each candidate. The first two girls were in their early twenties but lacked management experience; they were basically call center staff looking to move up in the world. Admittedly, both would have fitted Dales requirement for eye candy as regard to looks, but Paul judged them to be incapable of the tasks required.


A short drive from the office’s of Cotswold Design and Construction, Karen Morris was putting the finishing touches to her make up. She checked her appearance in the mirror and smiled inwardly. Financially, the job wasn’t essential to her lifestyle, but she felt the need to keep busy and from the job description sent to her from the agency it seemed right up her street. Plus she would be working in an all male environment, and that was something that really appealed to her.

Karen toyed with a button on her white satin blouse that was puckering. The creasing was caused by her large breasts that nestled sublimely in an expensive, white, half-cup balconette bra. The sensual item of lingerie did more than emphasise the size of her tits, it also compelled them to protrude authoritatively against the white satin of her blouse. She checked the mirror again and flicked open the button hoping to ease the creasing. Now there was too much cleavage on show. What the hell she thought, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Next, Karen ran her hands down the knee length, grey pencil skirt that fitted tight around her thighs and hips. She smoothed it down feeling the tell-tale bumps of suspenders beneath, her preference for holding up nylon stockings when she wore them. But sometimes, if her skirt was a little too short, she would go for sheer to the waist glossy tights. However, today stockings were her preferred choice of leg covering. Karen checked her appearance one more time and adjudged herself not bad looking for a woman of fifty five. She still enjoyed turning heads and that was her goal today. She had all the right qualifications for this job and the thought of working with a group of men added spice.

By the time Karen had driven to Oxford in her open-top Audi TT, she felt composed and ready for her job interview. She was stationary at traffic lights when a van pulled up alongside and a guy in a hi-viz jacket leaned out of the window and leered down at her. She made eye contact and smiled.

“Nice fucking tits lady.” The young man in the cab called out. “What about giving me and mate here a tit wank?”

Karen stared back and winked in acknowledgment of the guy’s assessment of her breasts, her mind flashing back to a couple of nights previous when she had picked up a young guy, roughly the same age as the one in the van, in a bar and took him back to her place. The size of his cock had delighted her and he had given her an enjoyable, satisfying fuck fest with him finishing off between her tits and shooting his cum over her face and neck. Karen sat waiting for the lights to change happily recalling the sensation of his hot come on her skin and the feeling of satisfaction following a very enjoyable fuck. Lost in her erotic daydreaming, Karen didn’t notice the lights turn green until the car behind tooted angrily. She waved to the young man in the van and drove off.


Sat behind his office desk Paul checked the CV of his next candidate, Karen Morris. It detailed her experience as office manager at a large local private school where she was also in charge Sarıyer escort of building maintenance administration; on paper she looked like a good candidate. There was a knock on the door and a man’s head showed.

“There’s a lady to see you, boss. Says her name is Karen Morris.” Paul got to his feet and told him to show her in.

They say first impressions count and as Karen walked in Paul heard a voice in his head saying, ‘please be qualified for this job and ready to start quickly.’ She was a stunner, not Dale’s idea eye candy of someone young and slim admittedly, but certainly Paul’s preferred choice of someone mature with lots of curves and so far Karen was ticking all the right boxes for him. He offered Karen a seat and returned to his side of the desk to consult the questionnaire he’d compiled, but right from the off he struggled to stick to his written list.

Paul thought Karen looked not only the epitome of an office manager, but also as sexy as fuck with her hair perfectly styled and make-up flawlessly applied. He checked Karen’s date of birth on her CV and was shocked to discover he was a decade out on his assessment. Christ, he thought, she could easily pass for a woman in her early forties! Paul looked up from his list of questions in disbelief in and gazed across his desk at the woman opposite. She had obviously chosen the tight pencil skirt and heels as seductive weapons for this interview and they were having their required effect on him, especially the open top button of her satin blouse that offered a plunging neckline he found difficulty not staring at. And because of the nature of the blouse material there was a tantalising hint of her bra’s outline — the perfect ‘office’ look Paul thought.

Karen was aware of the effect she had on men and she saw how Paul Burns was looking at her at the moment. Yes, she said to herself, I’m going to enjoy working here.

The plunging neckline of Karen’s fitted satin blouse was not wasted on Paul. He tried not to stare at her breasts and cleavage and concentrated on his script, but it was difficult for him. Paul, so normally cool and chilled, was becoming unnerved by the way Karen Morris was dressed; she was everything he liked in a mature woman., even down to her neat bobbed shoulder-length hair.

Paul’s two previous candidates had answered Paul’s basic questions without showing too much interest, whereas Karen showed lots of confidence. She wanted to know how old Dale and Paul were. Where had they met and what had led them to starting the business. Paul explained they were both mid-thirties and had known each other since school. Karen complimented Paul and Dale on how well they’d done building up such a successful business in a relatively short time.

Everything Karen was asked about running an office she answered with the self-assurance of someone experienced. Her professionalism impressed Paul so much he wanted to offer her the job there and then, but held off that final decision until he’d spoken with Dale. Eventually, Paul exhausted his questionnaire and the conversation turned to more general things. He offered Karen a coffee and while making it took the opportunity to leer at her legs. Seeing where Paul’s gaze was concentrated she crossed them to an accompanying swish of nylon and while doing so revealed the merest glimpse of her stocking tops; Paul’s eyes were like a moth to a flame.

Karen knew precisely what she was doing in flashing her legs so obviously and showing just a little of what might become a regular thing if she got the job. That’s it Paul, she said to herself, take a look at my nylon clad legs. If I get the job, then you will be seeing plenty more of them. As was her wont, Karen loved teasing men, she loved the control it gave her and she knew most men loved stockings and big tits, and Paul was the stereotypical sort of male she’d been exploiting for years. Paul showed no sign of bringing the interview to a conclusion so Karen used the time to expand on her grasp of effective office management. For Paul, it was a no brainer

The hour Paul had allotted for each candidate had passed but he remained listening to Karen expand her ideas and how she’d grasped the issues facing Cotswold Design and Construction and how she could possibly address them. For Paul this was a no-brainer, she was the total package in more ways than one. He said he’d let her know within a couple of days if she’d been successful and shook her hand, before walking her to her Audi TT; who was he kidding, she had the job. She was also one of those women who could dress very sexily and not look tarty….. she was sex on legs and so classy with it!

Karen arrived home knowing she was going to be offered the job. She’d had Paul eating out of her hand. It excited her feeling Paul’s eyes drinking in her cleavage and watching her cross her legs, she just hoped there had been sufficient stocking top on display for him. Karen decided to shower and change into something comfortable for the rest of the day and later maybe order a take -away. But first there was the matter of that itch Escort Silivri between her legs. She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the large shower, the needles of hot water cascading over her full mature body. Karen’s fingers meandered between her legs to locate her clit. She began pleasuring herself, as she thought of Paul staring at her boobs and pinched a hard wet nipple between her fingers to provide further stimulation in her quest for an orgasm. She came quickly squeezing her boob hard and playing with her clit, the intense feel of the hot water spraying her body adding to her overwhelming pleasure.


Paul discussed the applicants with Dale saying that there was only one suitable candidate and that she was damned attractive. It fulfilled his desire for some eye-candy, but thought it prudent not to mention Karen’s age. Paul emailed the job offer to Karen and much to his delight she accepted. There would be a couple of weeks while Karen worked her notice, but it was a relief for both Dale and Paul that they now had someone experienced in management administration. Dale was keen to know what Karen was like, but Paul played down his interest by telling him she was intelligent, smartly dressed and most importantly, he felt she could do the job.

On the day Karen started work, Paul was in his office overlooking the staff car park. He wondered if Karen had power dressed just for the interview or whether she’d be wearing more comfortable attire today. He got his answer just before eight o’clock, when Karen’s Audi roared into the yard and parked up. The car door opened and she swung out a leg. Due to the low slung nature of the Audi, Karen’s skirt had risen and from his vantage point he could clearly make out her glossy nylon leg. Karen swung out her other leg and got to her feet. This welcome sight on day one of Karen’s employment was not just wasted on Paul, two of his employees loading a truck ceased their action and nudged one another, before moving positions to get a better look.

So Karen hadn’t overdressed for the interview. She had her own particular take on what constitutes business attire for the office, which she emphasised with the tight fitting blue dress she was wearing today.

In all honesty, Dale and Paul hadn’t reckoned on Karen settling in so quickly, but within a week she had started to make changes. Karen would meet with Dale, who she had won over with her sexual charm, and Paul at the end of each day detailing the changes she’d introduced and other plans to address wasteful habits. She joined everyone on their Friday evening visits to the pub and was the topic that filled most of their conversation when she was out of earshot.

“Fair play, Paul, I thought you only gave her the job based on those big tits! But fuck me, she is good. I reckon we’re covering her wages with the money she’s saving on efficiencies alone. Fuck, she is good.” Dale said

“You two talking about the posh madam in the office?” Phil the site-man wanted to know. “All the guys fancy her, any excuse and they are up in that office to get a look. They’re even getting in early to watch her get out of her car, I hear it is a right stockings fest. Shit, for an older woman I’d give her one any day of the week.” Phil was what you might describe as a bit of man’s man.

“You’d fuck a frog if you could stop it hopping, Phil.” Dale said making the guys standing around laugh.

“You need to watch yourself, Phil.” Dale said. “She’s checking time sheets, expense claims and all sorts of stuff, so make sure you and the boys are squeaky clean.” He laughed.

“No problem boss, she can check me out any time.” Phil answered.


It had been six weeks since Karen joined the company and in that time she had improved the business admin massively. But for Paul the best thing about having Karen around was the constant hard on she gave him on a day-to-day basis. He found himself seeking her company whenever he was in the yard and wondering what she would be wearing. Even the lads outside were taking bets as to which outfit she’d have on that morning and after a month the kitty had grown exponentially, because Karen had never worn the same clothes twice. Paul had thought of letting Karen in on the daily kitty and getting her to wear something he could place a sure bet on, but decided it was more fun the present way.

At the end of Karen’s sixth week she was trying to agree some invoices against store withdrawals and was having difficulty. There was no way they matched up, so she went to see Terry, who was in charge of the stores.

“I don’t know if I am missing something here, Terry, but some of these invoices don’t match the store purchasing orders.” Karen told him. Terry had been on the fiddle for a while, nothing massive, just helping himself to a few building materials. But he was starting to shit himself knowing that this smart new office manager had rumbled him.

Karen looked Topkapı escort bayan and felt out of place in the scruffy stores. Her eyes took in the disorganized shelves and other materials lying around; it was all a bit of mess.

“You need to get this lot sorted Terry!” Karen said. ‘You can’t work effectively in this muddle. I’m guessing that, while it’s a tip like this, Dale and Paul won’t notice the odd bit of kit going missing.” Karen’s directness worried Terry, he didn’t want his job on the line and she was giving him fair warning, for which he was grateful.

“I want to see this place sorted. You can work a couple of Saturday morning freebies, then I want a complete stock take. Are you OK with that, Terry?” Karen looked at him waiting for his reply.

“Is that it, you are not going to grass me up to Dale and Paul?” Terry wanted to know.

“I’m giving everyone a second chance. After that I won’t hesitate to dob you in it. Besides, I have seen you checking me out and I’m guessing you are a legs and bum man.” Karen’s change of mood had Terry confused. Shit, he thought, was his letching at Karen over the past six weeks going to get him in further trouble? “Don’t worry, I want you to do something for me — go and lock the door, Terry.”

More confused than ever, Terry did as he was told and locked the stores door. But when he turned around he saw that Karen had removed her wrap around skirt revealing legs encased in nylon stockings held up with suspenders.

“Fuck me” Terry couldn’t control his surprise.

“There will be no fucking, not today anyway!” Karen announced. “But I wonder, do you like the taste of pussy, Terry?” Karen asked her voice low and sexy. She lifted a foot high onto a workhorse and sliding her black lace panties to one side exposed her neatly shaved pussy. “Come on, eat me out. Make me cum and the present discrepancy will disappear. But you have to be good to make me cum!” Karen said. She had the man in the palm of her hand and it excited her knowing the kind of power she could exude over him.

Now, Terry had always prided himself on being a good pussy licker, so he dropped to his knees to oblige Karen smiling confidently to himself. But he took out time to gaze at Karen’s pussy and stroke her labia before opening her up to expose her clitoris, something that pleased Karen, especially when the tip of his tongue made contact.

“Oh yeah, that is good! I have felt so fucking horny all morning! Fuck, I need this!” She said, head thrown back enjoying Terry’s technique. Karen loved being eaten out and to her delight discovered that Terry was good at it, one of the best in fact. He sucked and teased on her clit, lapped at her pussy lips and slid a couple of fingers between them making Karen purr with so much pleasure her legs felt weak.

Terry suddenly and without warning stopped abruptly and got to his feet. He manhandled Karen forward to bend her over the workhorse and then kissed each arse cheek. She felt her panties being pulled down to her ankles and thought for a split second that Terry intended to fuck her, and after the expert oral she had just received from him she was ready for a cock. But it wasn’t what Terry had in mind. He was back on his knees pulling Karen’s arse cheeks apart and pushing his rolled tongue as far as he could get it up her hole, probing and licking her tunnel with gusto.

“Oh fuck, you dirty bastard, that feels incredible!” Karen gasped as Terry’s tongue continued its exploration of her tunnel; she was loving it! The intensity climbed as Terry re-introduced his two fingers into her pussy.

“Karen,” He hissed taking a break from licking. “I’ve had my eye on this arse since you started on day one. I love an older woman with a nice rounded arse and yours is the nicest I’ve ever come across! So, if you ever fancy a cock in your ass, just give me a call. It would be a pleasure to fuck you in the butt lady.”

“I will keep that in mind, Terry. I must admit its been a while since a took a cock in my ass.” Karen revealed. “But all I want right now is a quick orgasm!”

Terry’s fingers reacted speedily while his tongue continued fucking her arse, and within seconds Karen was screaming in pleasure as she climaxed. He allowed a few seconds of post-orgasmic relief then stood up.

“I am serious, Karen. I am an ass man. I love fucking women in the ass! So, if you like anal lady, then I am your man.” Terry assured Karen as she slid her lace panties back up her stocking clad legs.

“I will definitely keep that in mind, Terry. However, I would appreciate your discretion regarding what has just occurred, especially as I loved you tonguing my arse, that was something special!”


Friday night rolled around once more and the guys from Cotswold Construction headed for the pub after work, leaving only Karen and Paul to secure the premises. Paul did a final check of the yard and made his way back to the office to grab his car keys. The door to Karen’s office was open and he heard her moving about. He entered but was stopped in his tracks by the sight of Karen, her skirt hitched up adjusting a suspender, oblivious of Paul’s presence. Karen’s performance fascinated Paul, as watched her run her hands down her legs smoothing out a few wrinkles in her stocking; it was a sensuous sight. Karen looked up and caught Paul watching her.

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