Sweet Revenge Ch. 1


This is my first erotic story. Any comments and criticisms are encouraged so I can improve the writing. Please do email me if you have any feedback. That said, enjoy…

* * * * *

John wiped his brow and squinted at the setting sun. Another long day in the fields was nearing an end and he resigned himself to the long drive home. Tired and dirty, he picked up his tools and closed the tractor engine compartment he had been working on. As usual, he was one of the last people to leave work, the farm owner was losing money and people were looking for other jobs. Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before the banks moved in and closed the farm down. John thought he should start looking for a new job like all the others, but as was his habit, he preferred to finish one project at a time.

Tossing his toolbox in the back of his beat up truck, he climbed in and turned the key. As usual, nothing happened. Groaning to himself, he clambered out of the rusty truck and raised the hood. An hour and a half later, he was driving up the long windy road home. John lived in a small cottage an hours drive up a nearby mountain range. It was a small place, but clean and quiet. It provided him the solitude he treasured after a long day of old broken down machinery and unfriendly farm workers.

Halfway home, headlights appeared suddenly in his rear view mirror. The sun had long since disappeared and the twisty road was treacherous even to him and he had driven this road nearly every day of the past seven years. Yet, here was an impatient driver tailing him and swerving back and forth in a blatant attempt to intimidate the slower, struggling truck. He blinked and tried to pull over to the right of the lane to let the car pass. The engine roared just behind him and a silver Mercedes Benz pulled up alongside him. He glanced over quickly and caught a flash of purple just before he heard a high-pitched screeching of tires. Looking up he realized they had just come up to a very sharp turn. Holding his breath, he stomped on the brakes and watched out of the corner of his eye as the Benz skidded sideways attempting to hang unto precious asphalt that was rapidly running out. The rear end of the sports car began to swing out and John watched in suspense as the driver attempted to correct the dangerous slide. In slow motion, he gritted his teeth as the car began to fishtail in the opposite direction. The driver over compensated and the trunk of the silver car slammed into his left front tire.

“Damn!!” He shouted as his truck lost control and he saw the fallen leaves on the side of the road rushing up at him. The truck squealed as it turned sideways and edged up on two wheels before slamming back down and slipping into the ditch on the right hand side of the road. Crawling out of the passenger door, he watched as the red taillights of the Mercedes disappeared in the distance. Looking back at his car, he kicked at the crumpled door angrily. Tugging on his coat, he began the long walk home.

A couple hours later, wheezing from the long walk uphill, John neared his humble home. Walking up the porch to his front door, he pulled out his keys all the while mumbling about rich people in expensive cars not caring about anyone else on the road. A glimmer from up the road caught his eye. Curious, he closed the door again and started walking towards the light. As he got closer he recognized the silver Benz though the car looked very different now. It was crunched up into the trunk of a tree and the rear end of the car was hanging over the edge of the roadway. The car was completely totaled and John wondered if anyone could’ve survived the impact. He walked up to the passenger side door and gingerly pulled it open.

A waterfall of blond hair tumbled out startling John. He kicked back and fell unto his rump showering dust all over himself. The car began to creak and slid over the edge. John hesitated a moment and stared at the driver of the car. She was slumped over the passenger seat and her arm was sticking out in his direction still clutching an empty bottle of vodka. There was a loud crunching sound as the tree snapped and fell away over the edge. John leapt forward and grabbed the lady’s arm. Tugging her out of the car, he held on with both hands as the car followed the tree down hundreds of feet to the valley floor. There was a moment of silence before a loud boom shook the ground and the trees were illuminated briefly in shades of orange and yellow.

He looked over the edge, wondering how he got himself into this mess and wondering how he didn’t end up in that smoldering fire hundreds of feet below. Shrugging, he turned his attention to the crumpled form beside him. He picked the woman up and walked back to his house. He didn’t have a phone and with his car lying in a ditch somewhere down the mountain, he didn’t know how he was going to get help for this lady. Lying her down on his couch, he looked her over trying to see if anything was Bostancı Escort stretched out at the wrong angle or otherwise hurt. Aside from a few scratches and bruises, she looked fine. In fact, John thought to himself, she was very fine.

Dressed in an expensive purple business suit, she was young, perhaps in her early twenties. Glossy blonde locks of hair fell to her elbows, framing a soft featured, beautiful face. Her full lips were slightly parted as she quietly slumbered there on his couch. The business suit was what he had seen in the car, he thought to himself. It was professional but very daringly cut, a short skirt with a thigh slit and a matching jacket over a silky white blouse. John sat in silence, mesmerized by the steady rise and fall of her chest. He could see the outline of a bra beneath the blouse, the woman’s cleavage was obvious and her breasts teasing and straining against the fabric. Her breath was heavy and husky, laced with alcohol though sweet to John. He followed the curve of her body, down the long supple line of her legs shoed in high-priced white heels.

John swallowed; his throat was suddenly very dry. Leaning back in the chair, he took a deep breath. He wasn’t that bad looking, tanned and muscled with rugged good looks but he hardly qualified as a GQ model. He’d had his share of romances and sexual escapades but this was different. The air around him was stifling in the excitement, a sensual charge that delighted and frightened him. Here, in front of him, lay a young and beautiful woman, helpless. She was obviously quite rich or at least from a wealthy family. Her hair was immaculate; her skin deeply and uniformly tanned, smooth and healthy as only daily spa visits could result in. Her fingernails were carefully manicured and natural, no K Mart press on nails there. And here she was, lying on his couch, at his mercy. His desire built up inside, spilling over his normally calm persona and tinged with anger at the thoughtlessness of the accident that landed his truck in a ditch.

Quietly, John moved around his humble home shutting blinds and carefully checking the locked door. Then he returned to his unexpected guest. He began to unbutton her blouse, slowly and carefully slipping it out from under her skirt, revealing a flat and firm stomach. He put his palm down over her navel and felt the heat rising off her body, closing his eyes he reveled in the warmth. Her breathing sharpened slightly as he unclasped her bra but her eyes remained closed and as far as he could tell, she was still asleep. There was an audible snap as the clasp released and the bra came away in his hands. He muttered to himself in surprise, they looked like full C’s maybe even D’s. The woman’s breasts were full and firm and each was crowned with dark brown nipples that were already puckering and stiffening in the night air.

“No scars…” He wondered to himself. “Either a very expensive job or some miracle of nature.” And then something clicked in John’s mind and he smiled to himself as the reality of the situation dawned on him. He cupped one breast, feeling the weighty flesh, pliant yet supple and firm, and warm. He leaned over her and traced his tongue over her breast. He licked at her erect nipples and they glistened wetly in the soft light. He savored the taste, musky and heady. She moaned quietly underneath him. Slowly easing his weight down, he moved up and kissed her. Her lipstick was flavored, like strawberries and he kissed her deeply, hungrily. She responded quietly, still in a drunken haze her arms came up, holding unto his waist.

John left her lips and traced a line down her slender neck, pausing briefly at her breast before going lower to circle her belly. A few minutes later, he raised himself to his knees and slid her skirt down her legs and dropped it in a heap on the floor. He unsnapped her garters and unrolled her stockings slowly relishing the feel of her smooth skin. Planting kisses on her supple calves he moved slowly over the hot flesh of her inner thigh. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, he nuzzled against the crotch of her silken panties. He licked gently at her full pussy-lips and tasted a musky wetness. Spurred on by this, he raised his head and slid her panties off each leg.

A neatly trimmed blonde bush sat on top of sweet and full lips already beginning to drip juices. The lady’s clitoris, swollen a deep pink, unsheathed and throbbed visibly with excitement. She moaned loudly and cupped her breasts, teasing each nipple slowly. John began licking her cunt-lips coating them with saliva and her own pussy juices. As his tongue flicked over her clit she began to squirm beneath his grip. Her breathing became sharp and ragged and her body shook with small orgasms a few minutes later. John kept licking away, occasionally sticking his tongue between her lips and lapping at her juices. Then her body tensed suddenly and she arched her back pushing John off the couch briefly. She cried Erenköy Escort out and suddenly her pussy gushed streams of juices all over John’s face.

Karen was a rich, beautiful brat and she knew it. Barely twenty years old, she had never known what it was like to want something out of her reach. Everything was in reach to a heiress of a multi-billion dollar oil empire. Raised in the lap of luxury she had grown up in villas and castles all over the world. Her parents barely knew her and she had spent much of her childhood driving her nannies crazy. She had everything she ever wanted, expensive cars and an unlimited expense account. But Karen was unhappy. She took to drinking and cocktailing drugs to get away from a plush yet empty existence. After while, getting away took on a very literal meaning and she would fly to faraway places often having a favorite car shipped along with her to explore on her own.

Tonight she had a little too much to drink, and angry at a slow moving truck had sped past never bothering to look behind her. But the adrenaline rush was not enough to sober her and falling asleep at the wheel, the last thing she remembered was a horrific crash and slamming into the airbags inflating all around her.

“Aaaaahhhhhhmmmmm,” her own ragged voice bringing her back to consciousness. She clenched her thighs in pleasure and closed her eyes, drinking in the sensation. A moment later her blue eyes flew open in surprise. She looked down at the strange man clutching her thighs and began to scream. He quickly clamped his hand over her lips muffling her.

“Quiet,” John said in a deep stern voice. “No one can hear you anyway, no lives anywhere near here. And you’ll only make me angry. You don’t want that, do you? Especially after what you did to me and my truck earlier.”

Realization dawned on Karen. “Oh my….” Tears welled up in her eyes, obscuring the ruggedly handsome man’s face. “What have I got myself into,” she thought, vaguely remember the incident on the road earlier.

“I’m going to let you go now. Are you going to scream again?” John asked. Bringing her back to the reality of the situation. After a moments’ hesitation, she shook her head. John moved his hand away slowly.

“Are you going to hurt me?” Karen asked with tears streaking her cheeks. She flushed as she looked down at the damp spot on the couch between her legs.

“You nearly killed me earlier. I’m going to do whatever I want, lady” came the dreaded response. John even surprised himself at this point but didn’t give it a second thought. He was still angry, but he was also very, very horny. He gripped her trembling arms and raised them over her head.

“Puh – please,” Karen said in a quiet, trembling voice. “I’ve never done this before.” John’s eyes opened in surprise and he hesitated a moment. Karen had led a plush life but for some reason or another never actually had sex. Sure, she had done practically everything else but had always thought herself above those adolescent boys she had made out with. Thinking herself too good for them, she never let them go very far. Now here she was, about to be ravaged by a total stranger. It was frightening, then it was exciting and then frightening because it was exciting. Her voice quavered, “I’ve never gone all the way.”

John stopped short. Surprise melted away quickly and his eyes narrowed slightly in triumph. He smiled softly to himself and it seemed to relax Karen. She looked up at him with wide blue eyes. “Well, tonight you’re going to go as far as I want. And there isn’t anything you can do about it.” Still scared, she relaxed a little under him as if she were resigned to her fate. He leaned in and kissed her. At first she didn’t respond, but as he reached between her legs and cupped her pussy, she began to kiss back.

A short time later, he leaned back and took of his shirt. Karen stared at his well muscled chest, biting her lip nervously. “Come over here.” He said slowly. She complied getting on her knees and moving towards him. “Take off my pants.” Looking up at him she slowly unbuckled his belt and slid it off. Taking his jeans down, she pulled on pant leg off and then the other. He nodded at her and she unhurriedly lowered his boxer briefs to his ankles all the while keeping her eyes closed. Raising her head back to his waist level she gasped at the weight of his cock as he brought it to her mouth. “Suck it, slowly. I want to enjoy this.”

Karen opened her eyes and nearly doubled over it surprise. The man’s cock was huge!! Over ten inches long with a thickly veined shaft it glistened wetly with pre-cum. “Suck it.” He repeated and placed the head on her lips. Gingerly she opened her mouth and he slid in gently. At first, Karen did nothing. She just knelt there and let the strange man pump his throbbing penis back and forth in her mouth. Her saliva gave it a watery sheen and she tasted the salty pre-cum in the back of her throat as he rocked back and Göztepe Escort forth with his eyes closed and head lolling back.

John was in heaven, thrusting himself at her pretty little mouth. It was so warm and wet. Her tongue dragged on the bottom of his shaft and his legs shook in pleasure. He placed his hands on either side of her head and began moving faster.

Karen found herself strangely turned on by these unusual circumstances. She had no idea who this man was and certainly feared him yet he had not been forceful or hurtful. And she had to admit that she found him attractive in a rugged, unpolished sort of way. She reached up at grasped his thick cock and began to suck at each push, twirling her tongue along the veins on the shaft.

Surprised, John opened his eyes and looked down at the rich woman’s sudden enthusiasm. Without realizing it, he pushed to the brink and suddenly convulsed in an overwhelming orgasm. He grunted as huge gobs of cum splattered against the lips and cheeks of the young woman. Gripping him tightly she dutifully sucked at him.

Karen pushed caution aside and hungrily sucked at his cock milky the sperm from its jerking head. “Maybe he won’t take me now that he’s come already,” she thought to herself. Strangely, this thought disappointed her. And she lowered her head resignedly.

John was thrilled at the woman’s unexpected participation in his dark little fantasy and didn’t hesitate to continue to play things out. Excited, his penis throbbed with renewed vigor and droplets of cum splattered on the young woman’s shoulders as it bobbed up and down. Her eyes met his and then widened when they focused on his rampant cock. And for just a second, John thought he saw a hint of a smile. But then it was gone and she was scared again. “Could she be enjoying this?” He thought to himself. He pushed her back towards the couch but she stumbled backwards and fell flat on her back on the floor.

Thump!! The impact dazed Karen. It wasn’t a hard push but the man had thrown her off balance and she landed hard, the air whooshing out of her. Her vision blurred briefly and when it cleared she looked into the strangers deep eyes. They were so intense. There was anger in them, and lust, much more lust she decided. He knelt between her legs and brought her thighs up slowly but firmly. Her inner thighs tickled and she realized that she had been dripping juices all over herself when she was sucking him. Those droplets were now running back up her thighs and down to her ass wetting the carpet below. The stranger continued to hold her gaze as her brought his swollen cock to her pussy lips. She felt the weight and girth of it as he rubbed it over her glistening lips and closed her eyes in fearful anticipation. He moaned softly and suddenly there was more pressure at her virginal entrance. She quickly brought her hands to his chest as if to stop him, and he did briefly. The a few moments later he began pushing in again.

Karen cringed and her entire body tensed involuntarily. There was some pain and an unrelenting pressure between her legs. Her cunt lips wrapped themselves tightly around the strangers cock and there was a moment of relief as they closed about the head and then the pressure came back as they continued to stretch over the thick shaft as the man pushed inch after inch in. She bit her lower lip and groaned loudly. There was a squishing sound as her juices squirted out of her tightly filled pussy.

John couldn’t believe how hot and tight she was. Because she had climaxed earlier, she was very wet and that made things easier but it was an incredibly snug fit. At five inches, he stopped and the woman gasped like she had been holding her breath for a long time. Her eyes flew open and she was biting her lower lip. He felt her move her hips slightly, shifting the angle of his penetration. And suddenly he felt himself slipping into her, sinking his large shaft to the hilt.

“Aaaaaauuuhhmmmm!!” Karen cried out. She dug her nails into his arms and clenched her eyes. Tears streamed down past her cheeks. The pain was intense and she felt so full she thought she was going to burst. Her legs shuddered weakly and she was suddenly racked by wave after wave of pleasure as an incredible orgasm consumed her.

Gritting his teeth, John put his weight on the woman as she convulsed below him. Her pussy rippled over his buried tool and he suddenly felt a spreading warmth as more juices flowed from her to coat him. Cum squished out between them as the blonde continued to peak over an unrelenting orgasm. Minutes later, she quieted down and lay limp beneath him breathing shallowly. “Ka – Karen,” she gasped weakly. “My name is Karen. Please….” she closed her eyes in shame. “Puh – lease don’t stop.” Realizing he had been still all this time, he began to pump slowly in and out of her. She grunted huskily and arched her back in pleasure. The pressure was still there and she felt like her insides were being rearranged by his massive cock slipping and out of her ravaged pussy, but she was drowning in pleasure. She was getting used to the size and width of the man’s penis and continued to be racked by smaller orgasms as her cunt slurped noisily with each thrust.

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