Strangers at the Lodge Pt. 03

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It was nearly noon by the time we both started to stumble out of bed. Sharon was the first one up and while she made the coffee I shuffled into the shower. My calf was still sore from the hardcore charlie horse I had gotten last night and the hot water was doing it some good. I was almost done when Sharon joined me, so I traded spots with her to give her the better access to the shower head and I helped her soap up her breasts and back…and then her breasts again. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of soapy, firm, full breasts sliding through your hands. Sharon seemed to approve as well. We got out and toweled off and had our coffee with a few bong hits. Soon we were ravenous, but instead of ordering food for the room, we decided to get dressed and go eat at the actual in-lodge restaurant.

We were seated at a table for four since all the tables for two were already full with the lunch crowd. Sharon was studying the menu intently when I saw her glance up and smile at someone over my shoulder. I looked behind me to see Tyler and Maya walking up to our table. They asked if they could join us and Sharon immediately assented and they sat down. The waiter came by with more menus and took our drink order. Tyler gave his menu a cursory glance and set it down.

“We just wanted to say thank you for assisting us last night. I tried to tell Maya that the pool would be locked for safety reasons, but she was sure our key would let us in. 3:30 in the morning really IS the best time for some lap swimming. Mostly because you get the pool to yourself. So again…thanks for helping us get our morning workout in. I would ask how you two managed to get inside, but I know better.”

Sharon favored him with her mischievous smile.

“Trade secrets and all. If we weren’t leaving when you were coming in we could have shared the space. We weren’t using the pool.”

Maya gave us all a mischievous smile of her own.

“No…you two were in the hot tub. The timer on the bubbles hadn’t quite run out by the time we got there. Plus, I’ve been to Colorado enough times to know what that faint smell on the air was.”

Sharon and I shared incredulous looks as if to say ‘what smell?’ but we were both chuckling. Sharon continued in a somewhat quieter tone.

“Well, 3:30 may be the best time for some laps but in MY experience 3 AM is the best time to smoke a jay naked in a hot tub without any squares giving you static.”

THAT got raucous laughter from both Tyler and Maya, and Maya especially gave Sharon a look of feigned shock.

“Y’all were NAKED in the hot tub? How deliciously naughty! Y’all must be some fun people to vacation with!”

Her accent and the continued use of the word y’all led to my next inquiry, and we learned that indeed they were from Texas, but instead of Houston, they hailed from San Antonio. We chatted about sports rivalries and which town had the better breakfast tacos. Our waiter came back and we ordered our food, and continued chatting as we waited for our food to come. The discussion came to a halt when our food arrived as we all dug in, and when plates were finally pushed aside and we all had our fill the waiter came to ask how we wanted to handle the bill and Tyler spoke up.

“This one’s on us, we owe these two at least a meal for their assistance. Charge it to room 223 please.”

The waiter nodded and left. We thanked Tyler for his generosity, which he causally brushed aside.

“It really is the least we could do. I don’t know what your plans are for the day, but Maya and I are going to head into town, walk around and do some shopping. No pressure, but if you would care to join us we would be delighted to have the company.”

I looked over to Sharon, who looked back at me.

“He’s the one who has had plans so far, so I have no idea what is in store for today.”

“Oh, I didn’t tell you? I made plans to encounter another couple last night and charm them into inviting us to join them for a shopping expedition today, so really this is what I had planned all along.”

That settled, we determined that we needed to change into warmer clothing if we were going to brave walking outside so we told Maya and Tyler to meet us in half an hour at our room and we could head out from there. As soon as we were back in the room Sharon was stripping off clothing and went to the room to figure out what she wanted to wear. I was mostly set already so I tidied up the room a bit from the romp we went through last night. Presently there was a knock at our door and I went and let Maya and Tyler in. They ogled the room and looked over at me, and I gave them the short version of how I was supposed to be here with three other friends who all had to back out for one reason or another. Maya asked where Sharon was, and I pointed to our bedroom and told her that she was still working on what to wear. Maya walked straight over, tapped on the door and Sharon ushered her in. Tyler came and sat with me on the couch and he started to admire The Gorgon. I asked if he would like to partake, and he gave an enthusiastic nod. We could hear giggling coming from behind the bedroom door.

“Hey Sharon! Maya! You want us to wait for you or should we spark it up?”

“Wait ataşehir escort bayan for us! We’re nearly done!”

I prepared the bowl and ground up some extra weed to have a supply ready to go for refills. Tyler looked over the various brands of weed available and we talked bud as the girls finished getting ready. ‘Nearly done’ turned out to be another ten minutes of waiting interspersed with Tyler and I sharing curious glances to the room when more fits of giggling burst out from behind the closed door. When they finally emerged, both Sharon and Maya were red-faced from giggling and were walking arm-in-arm, already the best of friends. Sharon was wearing a long sleeved black top with a plunging neckline, black leggings tucked into knee high boots. If you asked me it looked like she had changed into something that was less warm than she had on before, but it WAS decidedly better looking on her. Maya sat on the couch next to Tyler, while Sharon grabbed The Gorgon and plopped into my lap in the chair across from them. She subtly wiggled her butt against my crotch as she bent over to grab the lighter and went to spark up the bong, then paused.

“Where are my manners? Here, guests first.”

She handed the bong to Maya who sat up straight and with perfect posture took a nice healthy rip, promptly started coughing, and handed The Gorgon to Tyler, who did the same thing. We waited for them to recover before taking hits of our own but having some experience on The Gorgon already we both managed to hold our hits in without our lungs protesting. Tyler especially was impressed.

“Fuck ME! This thing kicks like a mule! Why aren’t you two dead like us?”

Sharon smiled as she leaned over to reload the bong, once again making sure to tease my cock with her ass, and I imagine Tyler was getting quite a good view of her cleavage as well. Maya certainly was not shy about looking and when she noticed I had caught her at it, she just smiled and bit her lower lip, flushing slightly at the cheeks. She was a strikingly beautiful woman about a foot and a half taller than Sharon with long flowing dark hair that went down to the middle of her back, a skin tone which was a warm brown and hinted at some Hispanic heritage with a figure that was athletic and shapely. I had noted her legs the previous night when she was just clad in her swimsuit, but today her outfit accentuated all her curves, and while she wasn’t as boobalicious as Sharon, neither was she having any trouble filling out the neckline of the flowery top she had on. Tyler was built like a linebacker, tall and muscular, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. I imagined he could throw all three of us onto his shoulders and walk about with no problems at all. Sharon told the story of how The Gorgon got its name as we passed it around once more, and then we all went down and got into a car to go into town.

Tyler, easily being the largest of us sat up front, while Sharon, Maya, and I shared the back seat with Sharon in the middle. We learned that they were here to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, and since they met here in Colorado that is where they wanted to come. I gave a slightly edited version of how Sharon and I met on the plane here and how it worked out that we were staying at the same lodge, and since my other friends bailed on me it meant we could have that whole room to ourselves. Maya was shocked to learn that we were in the infancy of our relationship.

“You two look so comfortable together! I can’t believe you just met a few days ago. I would have pegged you for having been together a LOT longer.”

Sharon did most of the talking for us and explained how she got a good read on me early and decided I was a worthy paramour. Then she leaned over and whispered conspiratorially into Maya’s ear, just loud enough that I could make it out.

“It helps that he has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen outside of a porn film.”

Maya gasped and fluttered her hand in front of her chest in feigned shock, but looked over at me and gave me an appraising look up and down, which led to both of them erupting into a fit of girl giggles. Tyler turned to look at them, then shot me a quizzical look. I shrugged.

“We’ve got a pair of gigglers Tyler. What are we gonna do?”

“I guess we’re gonna take em shopping and see what kind of trouble they can get us all into.”

“The very best kind Tyler. The very best kind.”

It was OUR turn to share a hearty laugh, and just when we all had ourselves back in control our driver pulled in and announced that we were at our destination. I can’t imagine what he thought of us, but I doubted we were the most outrageous people ever to grace his vehicle. It was nearly two in the afternoon as we started our shopping expedition, and that began with a little boutique that specialized in vintage clothing. Tyler and I spent about five minutes looking at what was available for men, but for the most part we settled into what I would soon discover would be primarily what we did that day, marvel at the powerhouse shopping duo that was Maya and Sharon. They were a whirlwind of activity, flowing from rack to rack, gathering up armfuls of clothing and then disappearing into fitting rooms escort kadıköy together. Occasionally one or the other would come out to show us something they had found that they particularly liked, but mainly it was just Tyler and I talking about basketball and overhearing them giggle and gasp at what the other was wearing. After a while they would come back out with a few items that had made the cut, and then we would check out and head to the next shop down.

Tyler and I shared quite a few interests so we were able to keep our conversation going easily while waiting on our respective women. As soon as we were done in one shop, Maya already knew where we would be going next. It wasn’t as cold as it had been the last few days, but every time we left the warmth of one shop to walk to the next it meant that both girls had to live with their fashion choices. As they had both decided that cleavage was to reign supreme on this fine day, Tyler and I were treated to seeing their nipples perk up in the chill air and poke jauntily through their tops. If we hadn’t both already noticed this particular phenomenon, both Sharon and Maya would occasionally turn around as we moved from one shop to the other and make a crack about how chilly it was out here, or ‘did you feel that stiff breeze?’ I was beginning to think they were having way more fun than we were.

We ate dinner at a nice little bistro downtown, and the girls huddled close together after we ate and were looking on their phones to find our next destination. It was starting to get dark, and that meant it was getting even colder. My shopping stamina was pretty much spent, but as the girls promised that this would be the last stop, I looked over at Tyler, who seemed to also be at the end of his rope, and we shrugged and acquiesced to their pleas for one more store. We stepped out into the brisk evening, and I was regretting not taking my heavier coat. The girls were huddled together to stay warm and set a brisk pace. We took turn after turn until finally we came to a place that I can best describe as a ‘specialty’ store. The specialty being lingerie. Not the Victoria’s secret ‘I want to be cute and flirty’ kind of lingerie, the ‘tie me up and ravage me’ kind of lingerie. The girls turned and both shot us their best devilish grins as we went inside, where we found lingerie of the most raunchy variety, some that barely could classify as actual garments. There was also a wide assortment of sex toys and a wall devoted to porno dvd’s. If I thought the girls were a whirlwind before, now they were a hurricane of activity, grabbing one of everything in their size and then when their arms could scarcely hold any more lacy, gauzy, silky, or sheer material they marched in lockstep back to the changing rooms, and Tyler and I watched as they went into the same one. I looked over to Tyler.

“I think we may be in more trouble than we realize.”

“I think you may be right. I’ve seen Maya crush on women before, but never this hard this fast. I don’t mean to be indelicate, after all we’ve known each other less than a day, but if I know my wife, she has already decided that we are going to do some hardcore partying tonight. And if this is our last stop before we head back to the lodge…well…I’ll just let you make up your own mind about what that means. All I’m gonna say is that I’m not the jealous type, so whatever these ladies have planned, it won’t bother me one bit.”

With that he turned and started perusing the wall of sex toys, leaving me to my thoughts. I had been a ‘one on one’ sort of guy my whole life. Every man has the fantasy about being in bed with multiple women, but it wasn’t one I had ever pursued with any of my previous girlfriends. I decided that I would go with the flow, and it wouldn’t be me who ruined a good time for everyone else. If at any point I really felt uncomfortable, I was reasonably sure that the others wouldn’t force me into anything I didn’t want to be a part of. Along with the giggles coming from the dressing room, which I was used to at this point, there was a fair amount of ‘ooohs and aaaahs’ thrown in the mix. Tyler had picked out a pair of vibrators and was taking it up to the counter when the girls reappeared, shockingly, empty handed. They told us to call for the ride home and after that to go to the back of the store until they told us we could come out. They didn’t want us to peek and see what they had decided to purchase.

Tyler handed the two buzzy toys to Maya and told her to add this to her list, then pulled her into his arms and kissed her intensely, grabbing her ass with both hands and giving it a hard squeeze. Sharon looked at me as if to inquire if I had any similar items to add to the cart, but I hadn’t really gotten that far in my notions of how the night might progress so I kind of just stood there looking dumb. She reached up and grabbed ahold of my collar and pulled me down, stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. The impish smile and twinkle in her eyes were already enough to get me aroused, but she decided to give my crotch a little squeeze anyway.

“You good with all this Mike?”

“Will you think less of me if I have to sit out?”

“Not one bit. You think up a safe word for if bostancı escort things get too wild for you and if you need to use it, you use it. But I have a feeling you aren’t going to want to. I MAY have let slip to Maya the exact dimensions of your cock. She MAY be interested in getting a firsthand look. Tyler MAY have already seen where this road leads and it is one he is familiar with and comfortable with. But nobody is going to be mad if you don’t want to participate.”

“Is it weird that I haven’t done anything like this before?”

“Nope. It’s pretty new for me too. There was one time at Coachella, but that was a whole thing. Again, if you get freaked out, just put the brakes on. The train may not stop for everyone, but we’ll make sure you get off safe.”


“Ok. And Mike…thanks for being honest about your feelings. That means a lot to me. Most dudes in your position wouldn’t hesitate to plow ahead despite what they may be feeling. The fact that you are in tune with yourself is sexy.”

She kissed me one more time then caught up with Maya going back to the dressing room. Before they went back in they turned back to us and reminded us that we were supposed to be looking the other way. We dutifully turned our back to them and stared at the wall of porn videos until we heard the ‘all clear’ and saw that Sharon and Maya were done with their purchases and each had two more bags to add to the collection we were already carrying from our previous shopping stops. The car pulled up shortly afterwards and after we stowed the bags in the trunk Tyler once again claimed shotgun, and I opened the door for Sharon, thinking she would be riding in the middle as she had on the way up. Instead she shoved me into the car where Maya was already waiting, climbed in after me and shut the door. Maya favored me with a sultry smile that left little to the imagination as to the exact nature of what sort of partying we would be engaging in once we got back to the lodge. Sharon slid a hand up my thigh as the car started off, and Tyler looked back at the three of us, got a ‘thumbs up’ from Maya, then one from Sharon as well, and turned back around. He waited a beat, then started to engage the driver, animatedly asking him questions about everything from sports to politics to hairstyles. Once it was clear that the driver was fully engaged with the conversation Sharon took my hand in hers and put it on her thigh and slowly started to slide my hand up the clinging black tights she had on until I was rubbing between her legs. She pressed herself close to me and got up on her knees so she could whisper in my ear.

“You’re not gonna believe the sexy things we got to show you. Just trying them on got me all wet. Can you feel how wet I am already? And guess what…I’m not the only one…”

Sharon nodded over to where Maya was watching with an intense and hungry look and took my other hand and put it on Maya’s thigh, then took Maya’s hand and placed it on top of mine. Maya slightly spread her legs, and slowly started to slide my hand just as Sharon had. Soon both my hands were occupied by stroking between the legs of the women sharing the backseat with me. Maya also nuzzled close to me and Sharon started to kiss my neck as Maya introduced me to her own special spicy version of smutty talk. It was a unique experience of having two women purring like hungry sex kittens into my ears, each one telling me how horny they were and how much they were both looking forward to showing me what they had bought. Sharon tugged my hand free from between her legs and then pulled at the waistband of her tights, easing my hand inside so that there was no barrier between her pussy and my fingers. As soon as my fingers started to probe her silky wet folds she started panting into my ear and softly moaning. Maya followed Sharon’s lead a moment later, guiding my hand inside her leggings. I felt a soft tuft of pubic hair before my wandering fingers found her womanhood. As I started to rub my finger against her clit Maya took my ear in her mouth and nibbled the end. A moment later both women put their now free hands onto my thighs. I ‘dress left’ so it was Maya’s hand that first discovered my shaft and she whispered her delight into my ear.

“Oh my GOD! She told me you had a monster down here but I thought she was exaggerating just to stroke your ego…but fucking hell!”

She wrapped her hand around the bulge in my pants and Sharon unzipped my fly and reached inside to try and pull my cock free, but that wasn’t going to work. At my full size its just too big to slip out of these particular pants like that, and after they each tried to tug it free Maya figured it out and went to undo my belt, but by that time we were pulling in to the entrance of the lodge and as much as I wanted the experience to continue, I did NOT want the fantastic job Tyler had done distracting the driver to be ruined at the last minute, so I reluctantly removed my hands from the two soaking wet pussies I had been teasing, and hurriedly zipped my pants back up, despite the whispered protests of the two vixens sharing the back seat with me. Half a second later the car pulled to a stop and we quickly climbed out and started to head inside. It was the driver who reminded us that we still had all our shopping purchases still in the trunk, so Tyler and I went back to get the bags while the women hurried inside, once again huddled together to stay warm in the short trip from car to the inside of the lodge.

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