Stairway to Heaven

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They were only halfway up the stairs to the bedroom when they collapsed in a heap, groaning and kissing and fondling each other’s bodies. They were too turned on to even continue upstairs, they needed each other right then. Jason was behind Michelle, rubbing his hard cock against the firm flesh of her ass, squeezing her hips. Michelle was only slightly distracted by kissing Sara. The women were kissing passionately as they fondled each other’s tits, rubbing and tweaking nipples and the soft underside of each other’s breasts.

Together, Jason and Sara stripped off Michelle’s tight black dress, exposing her lithe body. Sara purred as she ducked down to catch Michelle’s swaying tits in her mouth, tonguing and sucking the nipples. Steven moved down a step and placed his hands on Michelle’s ass cheeks, separating them as his tongue found the rosy bud of her anus and played over it, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings there.

Michelle was caught up in the pleasure of having two mouths and two sets of hands on her at once. She rubbed her breasts as Sara sucked the nipples escort and licked around them in swirls, moaning loudly as Sara’s dark hair fell over her creamy flesh. “So sexy,” she panted, “so sexy.” Jason’s thumb was flicking over Michelle’s hard clit, dripping with her cunt cream, as his tongue explored her tight asshole. Her thighs were shaking, and as Sara nipped softly at one of Michelle’s nipples, she came with a wet shudder.

Both Jason and Sara pulled back quickly. Jason undid his pants, stroking his rock-hard cock as he stared at Michelle’s wet, pulsing pussy. Michelle rolled over and spread her legs wide for him. Her cunt was shaved nearly smooth and they could all watch Jason’s wide shaft spreading her pussy lips as he eased inside. Sara sat down on the step above Michelle’s face and then eased down onto her mouth.

Jason held onto Michelle’s thighs as he began pumping in and out of her cunt. He stared as the women pleasured each other, Sara’s hands massaging Michelle’s large breasts. Michelle’s head was tilted back and her tongue was exploring Sara’s bursa eve gelen escort dripping pussy, darting in and out of the folds and tweaking her clit lightly as it flicked back and forth.

Sara’s pussy juices were slipping down Michelle’s chin as she sucked hungrily at the other woman’s cunt. She held Michelle’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, rolling them back and forth. Michelle’s moans of pleasure, matching Jason’s firm thrusts, were muffled by Sara’s slippery muff, but it didn’t dim anyone’s enthusiasm.

Michelle rolled over and Jason sank his prick into her pussy from behind, his shaft shining with her juices. She was kneeling on the stairs as he stood behind her, holding her hips. Sara was still sitting on the step above Michelle, her legs spread wide as she offered her dripping muff to Michelle’s mouth. Michelle sucked eagerly on Sara’s cunt lips and then slid her tongue down for a moment, playing with Sara’s asshole the way Jason had played with hers.

Sara tangled her fingers in görükle escort Michelle’s hair, and holding herself up with another hand braced on the step, bent her legs further and began riding Michelle’s face, dragging her pussy back and forth over Michelle’s mouth. Jason’s thrusts were getting faster and faster, and Michelle’s tits were swaying back and forth. He moved his hands from her hips and cupped her breasts in his hands instead.

Michelle moaned into Sara’s cunt as the motion of Jason’s balls bouncing against her clit made her come again. She thrust her tongue deep into Sara’s pussy, wiggling it back and forth as Sara shuddered and came, soaking Michelle’s face with her juices. Jason, unable to resist the sound of the women’s moans, thrust hard into Michelle’s pussy, emptying his balls inside her steamy tunnel.

Jason pulled back, panting, but no sooner had his dick left Michelle’s cunt, than Sara was shifting down a few steps. She spread Michelle’s pussy lips, and Jason’s cum oozed out in a thick white trickle. Sara grinned and lowered her mouth to Michelle’s pussy, sucking the creamy white fluid from her slit as Michelle moaned in pleasure.

“Shall we go upstairs?” Jason asked, tilting his head. The women didn’t notice. They seemed perfectly happy eating each other out right there on the stairs, and Jason wasn’t about to complain at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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