Spelunking With John, Part 1


It was a couple of weeks after our fishing trip and John had tried multiple times to get me alone for some more fun.  Unfortunately, our conflicting schedules wouldn’t allow for enough time to do much of anything.  It was a mutual friend Bob that called us both and mentioned going up to the mountains where he lived, that solved our problem.  Bob had already invited another mutual friend of ours Steve, and they were hoping that the four of us could get together for the weekend.In the week before our arrival, Bob suggested some hiking, fishing, and spelunking if we were up for it.  He even emailed us a copy of the trails and the cave layouts so that we could see what we were in for if we decided to do any of those things.  Of course, I was reviewing the trails for a good place to ditch Bob and Steve so that I could get John to suck me off again after licking my toes.  The problem with the trails was that they weren’t very densely wooded, so hiding from them would be kind of tricky.I was also considering trying to lose them on the lake with a separate boat, but that would be kind of a repeat of our previous adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a fucking great time, but I would love to try something new, and that’s when I started to review the cave layouts more closely.Initially, I wasn’t crazy about going into the caves, but after a closer review, I saw that they were relatively large and that there were several little nooks and alternate paths.   The diverging paths would easily allow us time to mess around while they looked around for us.  John and I were also in much better shape the Bob and Steve, so we could quickly climb into areas that they couldn’t which would give us even more places to hide.  I was now pretty sure that the caves would provide us with the best opportunity to have some fun in the wild, so I mapped out several areas and figured we’d just use them as needed.We all managed to work it out to go to up to Bob’s the upcoming weekend with a plan to hike and do a little cave exploring.  Steve, John and I all drove separately due to different needs for arrival and departure.  At least that’s what I told John when he offered to drive me up since it was nicer than saying that I still didn’t trust him.Knowing John’s desire for my girly feet, I made sure that they were smooth and well lotioned every day leading up to the weekend.  I was sure that they were the key to getting John’s motor running and I wanted him really hot since I was thinking about fucking him.  I know that I could just demand it with the pictures that I had of him, but blackmail really wasn’t my style.  I wanted him to want me to do it and have him really enjoy it too.I was the last to arrive at Bob’s on Friday night even though I was the closest.  I finished work around six but decided to take the time to paint my toenails with a glittery pink polish for John.  I knew that he would love the color and I made sure to take my time and do an outstanding job.  By the time I finished, I had semen running down the front of my cock and took pleasure in tasting every drop.Pulling up I noticed that Bob’s house was basically an oversized cabin.  The interior layout included two bedrooms and one bath.  The rest of the place was one large room that housed the kitchen, dining area, and living room altogether.  The living room area consisted of two large leather sofas that were in a corner each along a different wall and touching at the arms with a small round table in between. Due to the small size of the house, the dining table was only about six feet away from the couches, and the kitchen was just a few feet from the table on the other side.  On the back wall was an oversized brick fireplace that was set up for indoor cooking if the need arose and I’m sure it heated the house nicely in the winter.  Overall it was definitely a great place and well suited for the remote environment.After saying our hellos, we all sat at the table and had a beer while discussing our recent history and families.  About thirty minutes into the revelry Bob hopped up and grabbed some burgers and dogs from the fridge and dragged us all out to the back deck while he grilled dinner on his charcoal grill.  He didn’t have much of a backyard as the woods started about fifty feet from the deck, but it was very relaxing.As we all sat around bullshitting, I noticed that Bob and Steve had already removed their shoes and socks and suggested that John and I do the same.  As John started to remove his shoes, he happened to look at me, and I gave him a sideways glance which he quickly understood.  After removing Escort Haramidere his shoes, he said, “I’m going to leave my socks on for now since my feet tend to get cold easily.”When everyone looked over at me, I managed, “You don’t want me to remove these shoes, there isn’t enough foot powder in the world to tame their odor,” and we all had a good laugh.About that time the burgers and dogs were finished, so we all started to chow down, and the shoe thing was forgotten.  Somewhere after the first burger, John looked my way and grinned as he glanced down at my feet.  I merely smiled back, and I could see the swelling in his jeans, as I confirmed his belief that my toes were painted for him.After dinner, we sat for another couple of hours out on the deck just reminiscing about our high school and college years.  As the stars came into full view, we finally decided to hit the sack, and I quickly volunteered to take one of the couches.  John followed my lead and offered to take the other before Bob or Steve could even get in a word.  In fact, he was so quick about it that Bob and Steve gave each other a quick but queer look.  At this point, I was sure that they knew something was going on between us but I really didn’t care.  While we all took turns in the bathroom, Bob set us up with some blankets and pillows. Once I finished in the bathroom, I headed towards a couch with my t-shirt, shorts, and socks on and ready for some sleep.  By now both Bob and Steve were done and in their rooms for the night with just John left in the bathroom.Slipping off my socks as I covered up with the blanket, I made sure to stuff them into my pillowcase so that I would know where they were later.  Hearing the bathroom door open, I watched John as he peeked out to see if anyone else was still around.  When I gave him a thumbs-up, he strutted out wearing some skimpy shorts that proudly displayed his pulsing hard-on.  Once he got to his couch, he put his clothes away and then sat on the end next to my feet.  John was sitting there like a child waiting to be told that it was okay to open their present.  As he stared at the blankets trying to will them to move, I slowly started to pull them up and off of my feet.  The grin that spread across his face was still like that of a child that had received the present that they had been praying for all year.John brought both of his hands up very close to my feet before stopping and asking, “May I?”I merely nodded in the affirmative, and he began slowly and softly caressing both of them.  The effect on John was immediately noticeable as his cock started to leak through his shorts.  The impact on me was no less dramatic but was unnoticed by John since my shorts were still covered by the blanket.  As he continued with his attention to my feet, I reached under the blanket and pulled my cock out through a leg hole.  As John began to suck and lick my toes, I pulled the blanket up until my leaking cock was on full display.His attention was now split between sucking my toes and wanting to suck my twitching semen coated penis.  As he continued his spectacular work on my toes, he occasionally wiped up some of my semen and brought it to his mouth for a taste.  Finally, after working his way through all ten toes, he moved up my body until he was at my crotch and said, “If I suck your cock will you give me another foot job?””I’ll do you one better,” I whispered with a sexy grin and continued, “Swing your legs around here, and I’ll suck you while you suck me.”Without a word he swung himself around and put his knees on either side of my head as he began stuffing my cock down his throat.  I let him work on me for a minute as I ever so slowly pulled his shorts down far enough to fish out his thoroughly slick tool.  By the time I got working on his he had me halfway to an orgasm, so I began deep-throating him with gusto.  To continue to spur him on I grabbed both of his ass cheeks and started pulling them up and down all while slowly inching my fingers towards his little star.I could tell that I was throwing him off his game as his attention to my cock started to become erratic.  About now I had both of my middle fingers at the edge of his asshole and started to lightly spread and penetrate it just a little.  It became immediately apparent that his little back door was quite sensitive as he began pounding my throat like a madman.  Moments later he was filling my mouth with his cum, but his mouth never left my cock, and he stayed amazingly quiet through his orgasm.As his contractions started to subside, İkitelli escort he began giving my cock some thorough attention.  He also slipped a hand into my shorts and began to ply my hole.  When his finger quickly moved inside, he realized that I was already lubricated and ready for his assault.  John promptly added a second finger, and after a half dozen pumps he also added a third.  That third finger pushed me over the edge, and I began filling his mouth with my warm juices.We both lay there for another five minutes or so and continued to lick and suck each other’s softening cocks.  John finally released mine and eased off of me into a kneeling position next to my couch.  In a hushed voice, he said, “That was so much fun, but how are we going to get more time away from Bob and Steve?”I replied softly, “We are going to do some spelunking after we lose them in the caves.  Bob sent me the layouts, and I found a few spots that I don’t think they’ll even try to enter so we should be able to lose them for a while.  If that doesn’t work, then we’ll lose them on the lake while we’re doing some night fishing.”  While I was sharing my plans with John, I made sure to put my socks back on so that no one else would see my painted toes in the morning.Looking at me within amazement, John whispered, “Wow, you really planned this out didn’t you?””Believe me when I say that I’m enjoying the sex just as much as you are and my feet love to be worshipped” I quietly replied.I covered up with the blanket as John headed back to his couch and soon we were both fast asleep.Waking to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon frying has to be one of the best things in the world.  The sun was just peeking over the mountain in the distance, and per my watch, we all got a good night’s sleep.  Unbelievably I was the second person to wake up as John and Steve were still fast asleep and snoring.  After sitting up, I made my way to the kitchen to see if Bob needed any help and to get some coffee.Bob said, “Good morning! What kind of eggs would you like?” as I was pouring a cup of coffee.  I replied, “Good morning to you.  Scrambled is fine with me.  How long have you been up?”Bob cracked a few eggs into a bowl and scrambled them up with a fork as he answered, “I’ve been up for about 2 hours now.  I guess I’m used to the fact that the sun doesn’t come up as early here because of the mountains.”  After he finished the eggs, he split them into two plates and added bacon and toast to both.  Grabbing a plate, some silverware and his coffee he headed for the deck and said, “Let’s eat outside while those two sleep.”While we ate, we chatted some more about how our lives were going and any recent relationships.  Bob confessed, “I haven’t had even so much as a date in the last year.  After my father passed, I inherited a large sum of money and used some of it to purchase this place and refurbish it nicely.  Since I did most of the work myself, I haven’t had very much human contact other than at the hardware and grocery stores.”  Bob had always been a pretty shy person, so I wasn’t at all surprised that he hadn’t dated while in a new town that was so rural.When we were both finished eating, he grabbed my plate, placed it on his and took both to the kitchen but quickly returned with the pot of coffee in tow.  As he topped off my cup, he inquired, “So how are you doing in the sex scene these days?”After nearly blowing coffee all over the table, I laughingly replied, “What brought on that question?  That’s not something that you are very comfortable talking about.”Laughing himself, he said, “I noticed that John spent an awful lot of time staring at your crotch and ass last night.  Has he been hitting on you again lately?”Since Bob was bold enough to ask such a question I figured that I owed him a bold and truthful answer.  “John’s been doing more than just hitting on me, he’s licked my toes, sucked my cock and fucked me.””Licked your toes?” Bob said with a sideways glance.”I tell you that he’s sucked and fucked me and you ask about my toes?” I said returning the glance.”Well yeah.  John’s had his way with all of us at some time or another.  You were the last hold-out, and I’m impressed that you lasted this long” Bob countered.  “But what’s with the toes?”So I replayed the whole story on the boat with John to Bob, and he just sat there looking dumbfounded.  When I finished, Bob said, “So you have the fucking king of the east on a leash because he loves your painted toes?  He’s much more of a freak than even I thought he was.”As I peeled off my socks Çapa escort bayan to show Bob my painted toes, I added, “The best part is that he is totally compliant when he starts to play with my feet and I’m going to use that to fuck him.”Bob suddenly blurted out, “Can I get in on that too?  I’d love to fuck that taut ass.”As Bob admired my soft feet and painted toes I suggested, “So we’re looking for a little revenge fucking?””Absolutely!” Bob urged, then added, “That asshole took advantage of me when my girlfriend broke up with me back in High School and then pretended like it never happened.  So I definitely want some revenge.”Putting my socks back on I inquired, “Did he mess with Steve too?”  After Bob nodded in the affirmative, I added, “Then we’ll have to plan a way where all of us get to fuck him, and I think I have an idea.”I went inside and grabbed my map of the caves then brought it back outside to show Bob what I was thinking.  In the next ten minutes, we had our plan all set, and I left it to Bob to fill Steve in on everything.  Shortly after we finished, the two sleepy-heads finally arose and while they ate I jumped in the shower.  After everyone was done eating and cleaning up, we decided to hike down to the caves for some exploration.Bob supplied us with headband lights, and we each brought a backpack with some necessary supplies.  Of course, my essential supplies included a blanket and some lube for all the fun we were going to have.  So the plan was for the four of us to split up and head down different paths that eventually meet again about a half mile into the cave.After we entered the opening of the cave, the paths diverged about two hundred feet inside, and by them, it was already quite dark.  As we split up, John and I went to the right while Bob and Steve pretended to head to the left.  From the map that I had, I knew that there was a little side cave that broke off of ours and was only about twenty feet deep before ending.  I thought that that would be the perfect place for John and me to hide and have some fun.When I found the little split off cave, I slowly entered and saw that it stepped up about two feet once I was ten feet inside which was a perfect little shelf for our fun.  Breaking open my backpack, I quickly spread the blanket across the rock and started to strip off everything except my socks.  Once I was done, I climbed up onto the blanket intending to put my feet down at the far end so that John’s ass would be near the edge when we got into a sixty-nine. Of course, best-laid plans don’t always go the way you want them to, especially when John started tonguing my ass as I climbed up onto the blanket.  You just don’t stop someone from doing that no matter what your plans were once they started and I was no exception.  About two minutes into the tongue bath, John backed away and then began to rub his cock head up and down across my slick hole.  When I felt him preparing to fill me with his stiff cock, I quickly finished my climb and lay down on my back while saying, “If you want some of that you have to suck the toes first.” Having scooted my feet forward after climbing onto the blanket left my head at the edge where John had to climb up from and gave me the opportunity to lick and nibble on his goodies as he passed over me.  When his chest moved over me, I gently rubbed and rolled his nipples which caused him to pause momentarily.  Taking advantage, I leaned up and sucked his right nipple into my mouth and sucked on it as I nibbled it lightly which brought about a few light moans from him before he started moving again.I think that he purposely dragged his leaking tool across my forehead which left a snail-like trail all the way to my lips.  Once he got there, I opened up and sucked him into my mouth about three inches and wouldn’t let him go.  He even half-heartedly tried to pull away before whining, “I can’t reach your toes if you don’t let me go.”I was going to say something about him whining about having his cock sucked, but instead, I just spread my legs and pulled my feet back towards him as I began bobbing on his cock.  Hilariously, we both still had our headband lights on even though we had stripped naked for our fun, so we could still see quite well.  While John began to peel my socks off to get to his prize, I began to play with his ass and occasionally running a finger across his pucker.While John was working diligently on licking and sucking my toes, I slid my left pointer and middle fingers into my mouth while still sucking his cock, to lube them up for his ass.  Once they were good and dripping, I began rubbing my spit all over his tight little hole.  Once he was lubed, I used my pointer to slowly open him up.  The stimulation to his ass seemed to be getting him quite excited as he pulled his knees forward so that he could get lower into my mouth and then began a slow, steady fucking motion.

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