Somali Muslim Lesbian Loves

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“Hello Selena,” Jamila Ahmed typed into the messenger box, and the young Somali-American Muslim woman paused, wondering what she should say. It was the middle fo the night and she was stark naked. She’d gotten up to pee, and then, on impulse, went on the computer. This was her first time getting on Facebook in quite some time. It had been months since Jamila returned to her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, after spending a year in Bahia State, Brazil, where she met Selena Texeira, her first love.

Since that time, a lot happened in Jamila Ahmed’s life. Returning to the United States of America after spending a year in the State of Bahia, Brazil, while living openly with her first lover Selena had definitely changed Jamila’s life. Jamila found the courage to move out of her parents place, in spite of their protests. They insisted that Jamila shouldn’t work and go to university at the same time while also paying rent. Jamila understood the upcoming hardships, but knew that her independence mattered more than comfort and convenience…

Jamila Ahmed wasn’t ready to tell her conservative Somali Muslim immigrant family that she was a lesbian. As far as they were concerned, she was the same old Jamila. Or Jam-Jam, as they called her. The tall, awkward, Hijab-wearing Somali Muslim gal who spent all of her time either at the mosque or at school. Jamila wasn’t out there drinking alcohol, or doing haram things like messing around with the fellas. The kind of Muslim daughter that any Muslim parent would be proud to have. Or so it seemed on the surface.

“Hey, Jamila, what a nice surprise,” Selena Texeira typed back. Sitting at a computer, in her lover Shadya’s apartment in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Selena smiled as she saw the online message from Jamila Ahmed. Her heart skipped a beat as she recalled all the wonderful moments that they shared during that truly magical year in Salvador City, Brazil. For some reason, thinking of her beautiful ex-lover Jamila made Selena feel self-conscious about her nakedness. Oh well, middle of the night and all that, Selena thought.

Selena briefly looked behind her, and saw her lover Shadya lying sprawled on the bed, fast asleep. After a night of vigorous lovemaking, Selena left Shadya sexually exhausted. The short-haired, dark-skinned, curvy, leather-wearing tomboy had proved to be quite fun in the bedroom, much to Selena’s delight. In Selena’s experience, women who called themselves tomboys, butches or studs were kind of boring in the sack. They liked to fuck other women but were allergic to the very idea of getting fucked by other women. How utterly boring and limiting…

“I’m down for whatever,” Shadya said to Selena, pressing her thick, leather-clad bum against the Brazilian gal’s pelvis as they danced together at a certain pub catering to the LGBT crowd in the City of Toronto, Ontario. The fact that they were the only Black ladies there did nothing to deter bursa escort bayan them. Selena, who was quite new in town, was delighted to meet someone like Shadya. The tough-looking, dark-skinned leatherwoman turned out to be a real sweetie, one who was sexually flexible enough to let Selena tie her up and spank her.

For Selena, lesbian sex was not fun unless it got rough. Soft and romantic wasn’t really her style. Selena Texeira, the Queen of the Night in Salvador City, Brazil, went after the kind of women who were beautiful, and strong, and capable of handling what she threw their way. Their first night together, Selena showed Shadya a thing or two by eating her sweet pussy before working her entire fist inside of her. Shadya, who’d never been fisted before, had been stunned, to say the least.

“I play rough, and I like to show butch girls who’s boss,” Selena said to a moaning, writhing Shadya as she worked her fist deep inside her pussy. Shadya, who insisted on wearing her leather jacket to bed, nodded hesitantly, squirming while Selena fisted the hell out of her. Selena looked into Shadya’s lovely face, and saw that Shadya was trying to tough it out. With her teeth gritted, Shadya refused to scream, which only encouraged Selena to torment her further.

“If you can dish it out, I can definitely take it,” Shadya said, in a rather defiant tone of voice. Nodding, Selena grinned, then playfully slapped her face, causing Shadya to blink in surprise. I’m the most beautiful sadist you will ever meet, Selena thought, drinking the look of shock in Shadya’s eyes. Selena smiled and gently kissed Shadya on the lips, and just as Shadya slid her tongue down her throat, she suddenly twisted her fist inside the other woman’s vagina, causing her to gasp, then howl.

“How am I doing now?” Selena teased, watching as Shadya’s beautiful face contorted in pain. Selena slowly, gently withdrew her fist from Shadya’s vagina, and the other woman gasped, protesting the sudden emptiness which she felt down below. Selena smiled and slid her hand back inside Shadya…almost all of it anyways. Rubbing Shadya’s clit with her thumb, Selena worked her remaining four fingers inside of her, moving them around inside Shadya’s pulsating wetness. This is going to be good, Selena thought.

“Oh fuck, this hurts but feels good at the same time,” Shadya whined, and Selena grinned, then pressed her lips against Shadya’s, silencing her protests and her whining. Selena continued to work Shadya over until the leatherwoman finally came, her bruised pussy oozing hot girly cum all over Selena’s hand. Selena slowly pulled her fist out of Shadya’s pussy, and brought her fingers to her lips. Delicious, Selena thought, looking at a panting, sweaty and smiling Shadya who lay on the bed, looking like a boxer who’d just gotten TKO’d.

Blinking away that lustful, and oh-so recent memory, Selena continued to type, replying bursa anal yapan escort to Jamila. She briefly checked Jamila’s profile, and saw the usual. Pictures of Jamila at her university campus in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, doing the school gal thing. Shots of Jamila with a group of Hijab-wearing young women, mostly Black, but with a few brown gals here and there, at an Islamic society event somewhere. Pictures of Jamila next to her mother and father, both of whom wore traditional Somali clothing. Okay dokie, Selena thought.

“Selena, oh wow, I’ve missed you, did you miss me?” Jamila typed, and Selena smiled as she replied. From her apartment in Minneapolis, Jamila grinned. She looked behind her, at the beautiful young Black woman who lay on her bed. Bianca Haywood was fast asleep, after yet another session of steamy, kinky sex with Jamila. The Boston gal was something else, and Jamila couldn’t get enough of her, in or out of the bedroom. Still, Jamila Ahmed could never forget Selena Texeira, her first…

“Of course I missed you,” Selena typed back, and without thinking about it, she began masturbating. First, she touched her erect nipples, and then she slid her free hand between her legs. Selena worked two fingers into her vagina, and closed her eyes briefly, wishing it were Jamila fingering her instead. She opened her eyes a few seconds later, and realized that Jamila had already replied…

“I have made a friend, and her name is Bianca, from Boston, she’s African American and absolutely amazing,” Jamila typed, and then, on top of everything else, she sent Selena a frigging smiley face. Selena stared at the computer screen, not believing what she was reading. Her heart sank when she read ( and re-read ) Jamila’s message. My beloved Jamila has moved on already, Selena thought, and her heart winced.

“Oh cool, I’m happy for you, I made a friend too, and her name is Shadya, she’s Black, proudly Muslim and openly into women,” Selena typed, emphasizing Shadya’s openness about her lesbianism. One of the reasons why Selena and Jamila hadn’t worked out was because Jamila didn’t want her conservative Somali Muslim immigrant parents to know that their Hijab-wearing, pious Muslim daughter liked to eat pussy. Closets are for clothes, Selena thought angrily.

“Oh cool, tell Shadya I say Salaam, well, nice talking to you, Selena, I really got to go, I work in a few hours,” Jamila typed before signing off, but not before sending another one of those annoying smiley faces. Selena groaned aloud, and shook her head. Suddenly, she paused, feeling a stir behind her. Shadya was awake, and she gently wrapped her arms around Jamila and kissed her on the cheek. Selena purred like a kitten and leaned back against Shadya. She’s so strong yet gentle, Selena thought, amazed.

“Good morning babe, whoever this Jamila chick is, she can forget it because bursa rus escort I’ve got you now,” Shadya said, as she kissed Selena on the lips. Shadya has been eavesdropping, my butch gal is sneaky, I like that, Selena thought, grinning. Shadya kissed Selena passionately, and then boldly lifted her up and carried her away from the damn computer and back to bed.

“Alright, Shadya, you sneaky she-devil, what are you going to do to me?” Selena said, grinning at Shadya while spreading her sexy legs invitingly. Shadya looked at Selena, who looked so damn beautiful. A tall, curvaceous, caramel-hued cutie with an angelic face, a killer body, legs to die for and ass for days. I’ll be damned if I let another woman steal my Brazilian goddess from me, Shadya thought, as she joined Selena in the bed, and the two of them began making love.

“Selena, I’m going to show you whom this pussy belongs to,” Shadya said, as she kissed Selena’s lips, then her breasts, before sliding her fingers into her vagina. Selena moaned softly, loving this more aggressive side to Shadya. Winking at Selena, Shadya kissed her tits, then her belly, and finally buried her face between her legs. As Shadya fastened her lips around her clitoris and began working three fingers into her pussy, Selena put aside all thoughts of Jamila, and passionately called out another feminine name that ends in an A…

After speaking to Selena, Jamila felt oddly invigorated. She’d been wanting to talk to her ex-lover, online or on the phone, for some time, but kept putting it off. It felt good to finally get that done. Jamila knew that a part of her would always care for Selena and treasure that magical time they spent together in the State of Bahia, Brazil. Still, the past was the past, and Selena was in Toronto, with this Shadya chick. Jamila felt that her own future lay with someone much closer to home, right here in Minneapolis with the lovely Bianca…

“Hello cutie,” Jamila Ahmed whispered into Bianca Haywood’s ear, and the young woman sighed happily, and smiled at her. In the dark, moonlit room, Jamila could just about make out Bianca’s lovely features, and she could tell that her lover was smiling. Bianca inched closer to Jamila, and kissed her on the lips. The young women held each other like this, tenderly, enjoying this moment of peace and joy with one another.

“Welcome back, Jam-Jam,” Bianca said, and Jamila blushed, pleasantly surprised by her lover referring to her by her old nickname. In a few hours, Jamila would return to the cafe. She was working a lot of hours these days, hoping to save a couple of grand before university started in September. Living in Brazil had done wonders for her love life but depleted her savings and credit. Now it was time to get back to the real world.

With September fast approaching, Jamila Ahmed knew that Bianca Haywood would have to return to Northeastern University in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. The two of them lived in different cities, different parts of the U.S. and attended different universities. With summer ending, would their romance come to an end? Could a long-distance relationship work? Neither of them wanted to think about that right now. The future isn’t set, so why not enjoy the present?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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