SOI: Club of the Sons Ch. 02

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Mike and I made many friendships with the second string football team members in our sophomore year. The first string tended to look down on us but Mike and I developed a good friendship with the star quarterback who was a senior that year. Joel was the star quarterback but he had few friends on the team and it wasn’t that he was stuck up but he was gay. This was not well known outside of the football team and the cheerleading squad. Most of the team were of the faith and did not have the most liberal ideas about homosexuals. Mike and I didn’t care about how he liked his sex. He was a good friend but Joel was not considered for our club although events can prove one wrong.

It was the start a beautiful late fall weekend in Indiana. It was sunny and unseasonable warm for the time of year. We had no game that weekend and Mike took advantage of the weekend off to visit his parents. I was hanging out in my dorm when about eleven in the morning I got a call from Joel. He asked me if I could do him a favor. His mother had come to visit the day before and wanted to toss the football with him that morning. He didn’t want to do this by himself and he knew that I would not make fun of him. I was bored and said that I would even though playing football with girls is generally no fun. What are friends for? I changed into a sweatshirt and running shorts then jogged over to the athletic field. It was empty except for Joel and his mother. I was used to the field being crowded with people and activity so the emptiness and quiet was surprising to me. I walked to Joel and introduced myself to his mother.

“Hi Pat” said Joel, “This is my mom.”

“Hi, I’m Katherine but friends of Joel can call me Kate” said Kate as she smiled at me.

I looked Kate over. She was a very attractive woman for 45. She had shoulder length dark hair, sharp green eyes, and slim build. I could tell that she worked out often as her youthful figure showed tone muscle with her every movement. Not like a body builder but more like a swimmer or ballet dancer. I said, “Well you know I’m Pat and friends of Joel call me Pat too.” I joked. I knew that Kate and I were going to like each other.

Kate patted the football and said, “I hope you guys are good. I taught Joel all there is to know about the game.” Joel and I ran back as she threw the football to us. I was surprised as she threw very well. We had fun joking and throwing the ball to each other around the field. Sometimes I overthrew to Kate just to watch her run. She was almost gazelle like as her slim frame clothed in a crop top and in running shorts moved to get the ball. She had great slim muscular legs and flat stomach.

After a hour or so, Joel hurled the ball far past his mother. As she went to get it, Joel jogged over to me. “You having fun? He asked.

“Sure” I said, “Your mom is a lot of fun. She actually is pretty good at football.”

“Well, I need a favor” said Joel.

“Ok” I said questioningly “What?”

“I didn’t expect my mom to come here this weekend.” said Joel “I have to spend time with her but I was suppose to meet this guy at two. I’ve been working all semester to get into this guy’s pants and when I get the chance, she shows up!”

“So what do you want me to do? I asked.

“Mom likes you” Joel said, “Would you mind hanging with her for a couple of hours and keep her company while I slip off to meet this guy?”

“Sure” I said and actually would enjoy her company. “Does she know you are gay?”

“Yeah, mom is cool about it but my dad doesn’t know” he whispered, “He is an ex marine and would kill me if he knew.” Kate had retrieved the ball and jogged over to where we were standing.

“OK guys” she said out of breath, “Stop throwing it over my head on purpose.”

We laughed and told her we were just having some fun. Kate was a good sport about it.

We tossed the ball around when Joel looked at his watch and walked over to his mom.

“Mom” said Joel sheepishly, “I didn’t know how to tell you but I have to watch some films with the coach for next week’s game. It will take a couple of hours but Pat said that he would keep you company until I come back.”

“I understand” said Kate, “Next week is the biggest game of the year for the school. Don’t worry about me, Pat and I will be fine.”

I nodded and then Joel started to jog away. I shouted, “Call me on my cell phone when you are done! OK?” I watched Joel give up “a thumbs up” and he continued running off the athletic field. Kate and I smiled at each other and started to toss the ball back and forth but there was only about eight feet between us. “So, what would you like to do now?” I asked.

“I don’t know” teased czech taxi porno Kate, “You are my date for the afternoon. I haven’t had lunch so how about an early dinner?”

“Works for me” I said, “It’s still a bit early though. You like to run?

“I love to run!” she said, “I run everyday but I’ve missed a day or two by coming here.

I could use some good miles before dinner.”

“Me too” I smiled, “Lets do once around the field and at that corner is a running trail that goes through the campus, past a wooded area used for the biology and botany classes, and back to the dorms. OK?” Kate nodded and I throw the ball under the stands where I could get it later. We walked over to the edge of the athletic field and starting to jog around the field. As we went around the field, our pace quicken to where we were into a full run by the time we entered the running trail. Kate was a good runner and as good as anyone on the football team. I was lucky to keep up with her. We run though the campus and started to traverse the winding wooded trail. We got half way through when Kate asked me if I would like a break. I needed a breather and was not too proud to stop.

Kate and I sat underneath a large oak tree. It was quiet with no one around but squirrels.

Kate looked up and stared at the red and orange leaves with sunlight filtering through them as she caught her breathe.

In between a few deep breathes; I commented to Kate, “You really are a great runner. I hope that I can run as well as 35.”

Kate’s face blushed a little and said, “Pat, I’m 45. Thank you for the compliment!”

“Really!” I said, “I would have never guessed that you were that age. You look so young. What is your secret?”

Kate smiled slyly and said, “Well, good genes, eating right, and I workout everyday and……..” she ran her hand up the inside of my thigh “sucking young cock” Kate moved and kneeled in front. She leaned over and grabbing my running shorts, pulled them around my thighs. “You may think I was joking but I’m serious about that.” If my cock wasn’t stiff at that point, it was when Kate’s lips slid down my cock.

The atmosphere under the oak tree became very quiet as Kate earnestly was giving me a great blow job. I watched her move her head up and down and lick my cock. Occasionally she would look up and our eyes would meet. She would grin as she know that I was enjoying every second. My cock was starting to feel full and was close to cumming and Kate knew it too. She kept her mouth tight around the head of my cock as she grasped my hard cock with her hand and pumped it up and down as fast as she could.

I let out a muffled groan as I shot my hot cum into her awaiting mouth. I was feeling so good and looked down to see Kate’s throat swallowing every drop.

When she was finished, she looked up at me and smiled. “I hope you liked that.” I nodded. “As I said I’m serious about this keeping me young. My husband and I still have sex once in awhile but I have some young friends who work out at the gym when I do.

I get my daily drink from them.” She stood up and extended your hand to help me up.

I clasped her hand and stood up. I pulled my running shorts back up and readjusted my flaccid cock in them.

Turning towards Kate, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a slow sensual kiss.

“That was the best blow I have had in some time. Let’s go back to my dorm room and maybe you will get thirsty by then.” I gave her another kiss and she nodded yes. We strolled the rest of the trail hand in hand and came to the edge of the dorm buildings.

She was quiet as we took the elevator to my floor and quietly entered my room. I checked my cell phone which was lying on my dresser. No one had called or left a message. Joel must be having a great time still.

I led Kate into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Soon the temperature was right and the air in the room was filling with steam. I unzipped Kate’s crop top and lifted it over her head. I rubbed my hands over her shoulders, down her beautiful small breasts with harden nipples, along her waist, and pulled her running shorts off. I stood back to admire Kate’s body, so slim, smooth, and muscular. She turned and stepped into the steamy shower as I stripped off my clothes. I slipped into the shower to find Kate lathered in soap. I ran my hands along her slippery skin and caressed her waist and hips. To this day, I don’t believe that I have ever felt a body this toned and firm. She rinsed her chest and turned to me. I sucked on her small hard nipples with she soaped my back and waist. I stood straight up and Kate stared directly into defloration porno my eyes as she soaped my chest and cock. She then kneeled and soaped up each leg. We cuddled under the showerhead and rinsed our bodies.

She whispered in my ear over the hiss of the shower, “Fuck me Pat, fuck me now!”

Kate turned her back to me bent over to where her hands were positioned on each edge of the tub. I saw the beautiful butt facing me and with her legs moved apart, I my cock for that small mass of wet hair between them. I slid in easily and began to rock back and forth in her pussy. I placed my hands on each side of her waist and began to push and pull her hips towards me. The hot water was cascading over Kate’s back and a shot of hot water mist hit my chest and face as I pushed forward. Kate was moaning loudly as the movement of her hips against became faster and faster. The pouring water made the sound of my body smacking against hers like a popping noise. She pull feel the intensity of my thrusts increase and hear my moans getting sounder. She screamed out between her moaning, “Don’t cum in me, I want you to cum in my mouth!” Kate pulled away, turned around, and kneeled in front of me. My cock found itself enveloped my Kate’s eager mouth and soon I was creaming down her throat. It seemed as if my cock was in the vise grip of her lips for hours as she sucked me dry. She released me and stood up running her hands across my body. We exchanged a french kiss as I shut the water off. We stepped out and tenderly dried each other with fresh towels.

Before we could say any words, the cell phone was ringing. I zipped into the other room and grabbed the phone. It was Joel. “Why have you guys been? I have been trying to get a hold of you for an hour.”

“Hi Joel” I said, “We were doing the running trail a few times. We just got back.” Kate had snuggled against my back and was feeling my cock and balls while trying to speak with her son. “I’m going to change and your mom is in the bathroom. We will be at your room in a few minutes so Kate can change and then let’s get something to eat. We both are hungry after all the running.”

I disconnected the call and Kate laughed out loud, “You are such a liar. You should have told Joel that you were fucking his mother’s brains out.” She was still laughing as I put my street clothes and she put her damp athletic gear back on. It was a short walk to Joel’s room. Joel ushered us in and Kate immediately took her suitcase from the kitchen into Joel’s bedroom to change. Joel had already changed into a sweatshirt and jeans.

Joel asked, “You two have a good time? Sorry I was running late but things were feeling too good and I had to have seconds.”

“Your mom and I had fun.” I said, “She is really a great runner. Sounds like you had fun too”

“You know it.” replied Joel, “Thanks for covering for me. How about Italian food tonight?”

I was nodding my head yes as Kate stepped out of Joel’s bedroom. She looked great in her university sweatshirt and jeans. Funny, mother and son had matching clothes. He walked across campus to everyone’s favorite Italian restaurant. We had a great meal and Kate was generous enough to pay the bill. She had ordered a bottle of wine with dinner but we drank little and she had the waiter seal the bottle before we left. We walked back to Joel’s room. I had planned to stay a minute and leave Joel and his mother to spend some time together. Kate insisted that I stay and have a glass of the unfinished wine with her and Joel. I eagerly accepted as Joel reopened the wine and poured the red liquid into some water glasses. An hour passed as we finished the wine and talked.

Kate drank the last drop of wine from her glass and asked Joel, “Joel, were you really looking at films this afternoon? I think you were with a friend.”

Joel got red faced and asked, “Why would you think that?”

Kate smiled and looked Joel in the eyes, “You can’t fool your mother. When I was changing in your room, your sheets still had wet cum all over them.”

I was chuckling while Joel retorted with “Mom!”

Joel’s mother said, “I know what gay guys do so don’t be embarrassed. I enjoyed Pat’s company today but you could have been honest with me. I would have understood and let you have some personal time with a friend.”

“I’m sorry mom” sighed Joel, “Your coming here was a surprise and I had already made plans. I didn’t want you to feel that you come to visit me for nothing.”

Kate came Joel a motherly hug and a kiss. Mother and son were on good terms again.

“I know about my son but are you bi, Pat? Since you two are good friends and all.”

“No doktor ofisi porno I’m straight” I replied, “Joel is just a good friend and fun to be around. I don’t judge Joel on his sexuality like many on campus do. I mean if I was to do something with a guy, it would be with Joel but I’m not interested in guys.”

“I see”, said Kate as she teased her son, “Well Joel, I don’t see how you could play football after seeing all those naked guys in the locker room.”

“Aww Mom” said Joel, “You know I tune that out. Besides the whole team doesn’t dance around the locker room in the nude, for example I have never Pat nude and he hasn’t seen me. I’m sure that we would be comfortable being nude around each other ”

“That’s true” as I agreed with Joel.

“If I was in a locker room with a bunch of naked guys” laughed Kate, “I’d know what I would want to do!” We broke into laughter with Kate as I evenly refilled the glasses with the last of the wine. “Since you two are so liberal about being naked around each other, let’s finish this wine in the nude.”

Joel looked at his mother, then looked at me, and said, “Mom, I think you have had too much to drink.”

Kate smiled, “Joel, I have seen you naked before and you have seen me too. Besides I feel like being naked especially with my two favorite, handsome, athletic boys.

Kate pulled off her sweatshirt and then unhooked her bra. I decided to follow Kate’s lead and started to take my clothes off. Joel remained sullen and still dressed but watched me from the corner of his eye. Kate slipped off her jeans and panties as I was removing my briefs. Kate and I resumed drinking our wine in the nude.

“Come on, Joel” I said, “Join us and have some fun. Nothing to be embarrassed about!”

Kate walked behind Joel and pulled off his sweatshirt. She said, “If you can spend the evening naked with your buddy, you can certainly spend the evening with your best friend and family the same way!” Joel reluctantly nodded and removed the rest of his clothes. “Good, I would take your clothes off anyway if you wouldn’t have.”

We resumed chatting even if Joel was being shy around his mother and kept his cock hidden between his closed thighs. As we talked, Kate had softly rested her hand on my thigh which made my cock grow hard and spring to life. My hard cock did not go unnoticed by Kate or Joel. “Seems someone likes that” smiled Kate, “How about you Joel? Quit trying to hide and let’s see!” Joel let his legs part and his hard cock popped up.

Kate’s hand moved across my thigh and began to fondle the length of my cock. “Joel, You certainly have grown up” laughed Kate, “Too bad, your only buddies get to enjoy it”

Kate turned her head and gazed at my cock as she had stopped fondling but was seriously jacking my cock. It was wet and shiny with pre cum. I guess that Joel was getting excited by watching this as he started to jack himself off. Kate glanced over to her son, smiled, and then bent over to suck my cock. Her mouth felt as wonderful then as earlier in the afternoon. It was quiet in the dorm room except for the sounds coming from the movements on our cocks until Kate moved off my cock and whispered, “Let’s fuck!”

Joel’s mother laid on the couch with her legs spread as I slide between them. Joel left the room for a moment and came back with some Vaseline. He sat in the chair next to the couch and smoothed the Vaseline over his cock and balls. After application, Joel was stroking his cock while watching me fuck his mother. I was pumping faster and Kate’s eyes were rolling back in orgasm. Joel was pumping his fist in time with my cock. Kate moaned out, “Remember, not in me, in my mouth!” Feeling close to cumming, I pulled out and scooted up to where my knees straddled her shoulders. Kate placed her mouth in a vise like grip over the head of my cock and then I shot load after load into her mouth.

She smiled and looked over to Joel who had his head arched back and was about ready to cum. Kate shouted, “Don’t waste it Joel. Shoot it in my mouth!” Joel stood up and approached his mother’s wide open mouth. Joel could not hold back and shot his cum over a few inches of space into Kate hungry mouth. Shot after shot landed into her mouth, tongue and teeth. Joel sat back exhausted after cumming while Kate licked her teeth and lips for any remaining drops. The three of us fell asleep soon and several hours later I had awoke. I snuck out of Joel’s room and went back to my own room. I ran into Joel later that day after his mother had left. Joel was surprised by his mother but he enjoyed everything. He used to hide and watch his mom and dad screw when he was younger.

Joel graduated that year and was picked up by a pro team. I still keep in contact with him and if I am ever in town, there is a pair of free tickets for me. I never did see Kate again but I imagine her diet hasn’t changed. Before he graduated, Joel had introduced a bi friend to Mike and I who became a prolific member of our club.

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