Slutty Sue The Good Neighbor


I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone else. My neighbors were a couple in their 60s the Reynolds.

Mr & Mrs Reynolds were very nice people and my mother spent a lot of time at their house when I was growing up. Mrs Reynolds was very sick from about the time that I was 13 or 14 until she died during me freshman year of college.

My mother spent her days over at the Reynolds house helping Mr Reynolds clean and maintain the house after his wife passed away.

“You should help out Fred,” my mother told me one summer day during my junior year of college. “He’ll pay you to help keep the place clean. He’s a real special man.”

“Why can’t you help out?” I asked.

“Because since your father’s health has deteriorated I can’t really help Fred out any longer.”

“Okay I’ll give it a shot just to help out.”

The next morning I went next door to my neighbor Fred Reynolds house. It looked like something out of a 50s TV show. There was flowered wallpaper on all of the walls downstairs and it was hot and humid in the house. I’m guessing that Fred Reynolds didn’t believe in air conditioning. I was way overdressed for the heat inside his house. I had on jeans and long sleeve t-shirt.

“Good morning Susan,” Fred said. “I guess your mom didn’t tell you that I don’t have A/C.”

“No she didn’t. Do you mind if I go home and change?”

“No not at all. If you want bring some clothes over here and you can keep them in the spare bedroom.”

“Okay I’ll do that.”

I went home and grabbed a couple of outfits and went back to the Reynolds house.

“Where can I change?” I asked.

“Here in the spare bedroom.”

I went into the spare bedroom and pealed off my jeans, bra and t-shirt. I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I didn’t realize at the time that my nipples were poking against the fabric of my top.

“Okay Mr Reynolds. What do you want me to do first?” I asked.

He just stared at me for a second then cleared his throat. “You can call me Fred. I’ve known you for most of your life. Can you vacuum upstairs then dust all of the bedrooms.”

“Sure, no problem,” I replied.

I went upstairs and vacuumed the hallway and bedrooms. oral seks porno I looked outside and saw Fred trimming bushes. He was wearing gym shorts and it appeared that he had a large snake in his shorts.

“I think I know why mom says he’s so special,” I said to myself. “He’s hung like a fucking horse.”

I finished upstairs and went down to the kitchen.

“Holy shit Sue you’re sweating like crazy!” Fred exclaimed. I didn’t realize that my nipples and areoleas were clearly visible from my sweating. I was giving my neighbor a free show.

“Yeah I’m parched,” I replied.

“Do you wanna beer?”

“Sure. Thanks Mr Reynolds…I mean Fred.”

We sat at the kitchen table and talked about life and what I was hoping to do in my future.

Fred really listened to me and I found myself looking at him in a different light. He reminded me of Peter Graves. The older attractive white haired man.

He thanked me for helping out and gave me $50.00 for just cleaning a few rooms.


The next morning I got up and got a shower. I stood naked in my bedroom trying to decide what to wear. Finally I decided on a pair of very short red shorts and a loose fitting red top with spaghetti straps with no bra. I decided to make Fred’s day.

I rang the doorbell and heard him call out, “Come in.”

I entered his house and saw him in the kitchen wearing a bathrobe.

“Morning Sue.”

“Morning Fred. What’s on tap for today?”

“I need the downstairs cleaned. I’ll be upstairs painting my study.”

I watched as Fred went upstairs and I started dusting the living room. I was about halfway through the room when Fred called for me that he needed some help.

“Sue can you come upstairs. I need some help.”

I went upstairs and Fred was standing in his study with his head and face covered in white paint.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “What happened?”

“A can of paint fell off the ladder and hit me in the head.”

“We need to get you cleaned up in a hurry. Let’s go to the bathroom. I’ll start the shower you need to get that paint off of you. I hope its water based.”

“I playboy porno don’t think so but I’m not sure,” he replied as he stripped down to his boxers.

I led him into the shower and he sat down and I washed him off. My clothing was clinging to my pert perky breasts and camel toe. My nipples were visible thru my wet top and as I washed Fred’s back I noticed that there was a huge bulge in his boxers.

“You need to take those off. You may have paint down there,” I explained.

I pulled his boxers off and his monstrous cock sprung into view. He was at least 10 inches long and very thick. The purple head of his cock was throbbing as I washed his shaft and ball sack.

His eyes closed and he arched his back as I stroked his throbbing snake.

I quietly stripped my clothes off and dropped to my knees and gave the tip of his cock a kiss.

“Sue!” he cried out. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to. You have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

I slowly licked my way form his balls, up his shaft the I took his cocks mushroom head in my mouth.

I sucked his cock like a lollipop and cupped and squeezed his balls as he pulled my head tightly around his cock.

“Oh yes! Suck it, suck my cock Sue. Holy fuck get ready I’m gonna cum!” he screamed as he exploded in my mouth.

The back of my throat was coated with long jets of his warm jizz. I kept sucking until he collapsed in the shower.

“Wow Sue. You suck cock better than your mother and she told me that she’s the best that ever was.”

“Now I know why she said that you’re special,” I replied.

“You don’t know the half of it,” he said as he spread my legs apart and buried his head in my snatch.

No sooner did he start licking and biting my clit did I have a massive orgasm.

“Oh fuckkkkkkkk!” I screamed. “Oh yes! That’s the spot! Fuckkkkkkk!”

I was convulsing as I climaxed and I collapsed in the shower.

“That was the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me!” I cried out.

“I’m still not done. Wait until I fuck you. Get ready,” he stated as he guided his trouser snake deep inside of my cunt.

“Oh shit!” I screamed. pornhub porno “You’ll split me in two.”

“No I’ll be gentle,” he reassured me as he entered me all the way.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he slowly fucked me.

“How’d you recover so fast?” I asked. “Even my boyfriend needs an hour or so after he cums.”

“Its called Viagra.”

He leaned over and kissed my nipples as we fucked in the shower then he pulled out and told me to get up.

“Bend over. I wanna take you from behind. I love doggy style,” he said as he quickly entered my stretched pussy and he started pounding away.

“Oh yes!” I screamed as he pinched my nipples and cupped my bouncing breasts.

The only sound that you could hear was the slapping of skin as he pounded away.

Then all at once I heard my mother scream.

“Fuck her good Fred! Show her how a real man fucks!” she screamed.

I looked up and my mom was standing in the bathroom naked rubbing her clit as she watched her 20 year old daughter get fucked by someone old enough to be my grandfather.

“I told you he was special Susie, didn’t I.”

All I could do was grunt as he brought me to yet another orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” he screamed and he pulled out and shot another load on my back. My mom licked his cum off my back then she took his cock into her mouth.

“Jesus Jan. You scared the shit outta me. I didn’t think you’d be spying on us,” he said to my mom as she sucked his cock.

“I didn’t want Susie to have all of the fun,” she replied as she slapped his cock on her face. “So she sucks cock better than me?”

“I can’t complain about either one of you,” he stated. “Stop Jan…I ready to fuck again.”

He bent my mother over and entered her from behind. Then he pulled me close to him and he put several fingers inside of my pussy.

He fucked my mother with his monster cock and finger fucked me with several of his fingers.

I looked at my mother and said, “Now I know why you spent so much time over here. I could let him eat my cunt and fuck me everyday!”

And that’s pretty much what happened everyday for the rest of the summer. My mother and I ‘tag teamed’ him pretty much everyday. We’d start by sucking his cock then he’d eat one of our pussies as he fucked the other one.

What a great summer. Fred passed away a couple of years later while fucking the widow down the street, so at least he died doing what he did best…satisfying women with his huge cock.

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