Sizzling Hot Fantasy

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You ever find yourself in that state between sleep and wakefulness, when you wonder if what’s playing out in your mind is really happening, or just something conjured from the semi-conscious state?

That’s exactly what I began to wonder on Saturday, at just after two in the morning, when, despite how tired I was, I knew I had to take care of the last thing on my to do list. So, much as I dreaded it, especially this late, I began to look for a place to wash my filthy car.

Since the next day was my mother’s sixtieth birthday, no way could I show up to take her out for lunch with my car looking the way it did, caked with mud after working as head architect on a new building site all week. So, I knew I had to get the damn thing clean, so I could go home again and hit the sack for at least a few hours of much needed shut eye.

As you can imagine, as I pulled up to one of those coin operated, do it yourself places, I was more than a little surprised to discover that someone else seemed to have the same idea. And because of how late it was, I was pretty curious to see who it was.

But good God in heaven, once I’d parked, got out and took at the other car, getting my first look at her, that’s when I seriously began to wonder if I was still on the couch, back at my place, having one hell of an arousing wet dream. Because, fuck – the little sex kitten was the stuff of fantasies. And so damn much of her was showing. Clad in what had to be the tiniest, thinnest pair of shorts I’d ever seen, barely covering her delectable ass, tight enough that I could clearly see the crack in the back, and god help me, even the camel toe in front. Not often a guy was lucky enough to see a girl’s cunt showing through her clothes. But fuck, it was one hell of a nice show. Of course with her being soaked to the skin, probably didn’t help to hide much.

And don’t get me started on the little scrap barely covering those great big beautiful tits – only the thinnest pale pink T-shirt, at least a size too small, that did nothing to hide her big rosy nipples. Torn low enough at the neck to give me a nice eyeful of cleavage, that was already making me so fucking hard, I could barely breathe.

And Jesus, I’d just got here, too. Un-fucking-real.

Then if that wasn’t enough, she gave me the nicest smile when she saw me approach, and of course I smiled right back. How could I not when she was wet, barefoot and looking fucking hot enough that my dick was trying it’s best to bust past my fly and get at her. Trying to put her at ease, as calmly as I could manage, I said, “Kind of late for this, huh?”

Looking me over from the roof of the little Chevy she was busy washing, she agreed. “Yeah, but I have to get this back to my sister in the morning nice and clean, or she’ll rip me a new one.”

Oh, wow. Just the thought of ripping into her with my aching cock was enough to get me sweating. Still, I put my money in the machine and reached for the hose. No, not the one in my pants, although I was pretty fucking tempted.

Already I could picture her on the hood of her little car – her pussy spread nice and wide, while I dove in deep, first with my face so I could get a good long taste of her sweet little cunt, then with my hungry cock, imagining ripping into her without mercy. Funny thing was, from the naughty little grin she was flashing me, I had a feeling she might just be on board for it, too.

Oh, fuck me, then watching the little minx rub those nice big tits all over the soapy windows was making me harder than I’d ever been. It was like real live porn – only so much fucking hotter. And seeing her bite her lip, as she kept it up, getting wetter, and wetter, with every sexy sweep of her breasts, I kind of wondered what she’d think if I tried to get my face in there for a suck.

So, after reaching for the hem of my shirt and pulling it over my head, I decided it might be time for me to start teasing her right back. I take good care of my body, hitting the gym most nights after work, so no big surprise, chicks just love to run their hands over my six pack and sculpted pecs. So I couldn’t see any harm in giving her a little motivation.

Sneaking a glance, watching her eyes go big and round as she began to lick her lips, I chuckled as I turned around to give her a good long look at my tight toned ass. I knew my jeans were snug enough that she had to be enjoying the sight of my buns clenching and unclenching as I worked on soaping up my sleek, silver grey Alfa Romeo. Chicks loved my ride, too, and now all I could think of as I ran the soapy sponge over the sleek metal was getting this cute little blonde hot enough to want to ride me.

But before I could even put my plan into action, I heard her yelp and when I looked back over my shoulder, I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t see her anymore. Tossing the sponge aside and racing around her car, I laughed with relief when I found her lying on her back in a big soapy puddle, giggling adorably. Probably lost her footing in the soapy mess and fell.

Laughing along with her, of course mecidiyeköy escort I could have just offered her a hand up. But what fun

would that be? So, instead I dropped to my knees and straddled her hips. Brushing the long wet hair from her beautiful face, I asked, “Are you okay?”

And it wasn’t lost on me that my rigid cock was sitting exactly where I wanted it, nestled right into the cleft of her hot little pussy.

Then suddenly sobering, she stared up at me, our gazes locking for what felt like an eternity. Instead of struggling, or trying to push me off, I couldn’t believe it when she started rocking her hot little pussy up against my cock, getting me, if possible, even harder.

And now it was on. Oh, yeah.

Already I could both hear and feel blood heating and racing through my veins as my cock grew thick and heavy, preparing for what it hoped like hell was going to happen. That he was actually going to get himself buried inside her hot, tight little cunt, that considering where he was nestled, he was probably already inhaling. The lucky little shit.

Keeping my gaze locked on those big blue eyes, I lowered my head and at first just touched my lips to the lushness of hers, hoping like hell she wouldn’t try to buck me off, or tell me straight up to fuck off and leave her alone.

But when her little arms snaked around my neck and I felt those pebble hard nipples pressed to my chest, I moaned into her mouth as I sunk my tongue into the heat of the sweetness inside. And, Jesus, I swear she tasted like the nectar of the gods.

My entire body on fire for her now, all I could think of was worshipping every fucking inch of her. Rocking my cock into her damp slit, I wanted so much just to peel off her clothes and fuck her so hard she’d still be screaming tomorrow with how hard I’d make her come. But I knew for this to work, she had to want it too, and with the way she was teasingly sucking on my tongue, and cupping my ass and squeezing, I had a pretty strong feeling, all the signs were telling me she’d be way more than okay with it.

So, once I managed to tear myself away from her delectable mouth, I picked her up, and just as I’d fantasized, I set her on the hood of her car. Then peeling her wet little top up over her head, my eyes nearly popped from their sockets when I got my first look at the nicest, biggest, roundest pair of tits I’d ever seen, before I instantly dropped my head and started devouring those gorgeous melons. Sucking her hard, pink, tight peaks deep into the heat of my mouth, tonguing every delectable inch of them, adding teasing little bites that she seemed to love, if the way she was clutching at me, and moaning out loud was any indication, I knew I’d found heaven.

Her hands tangling desperately in my hair, as I kept sucking and nipping the most perfect pair of tits I’d ever savored, she was busy dry humping the shit out of my cock. So although I knew she needed more, no way could I stop sucking on those tits, they were such a perfect overflowing mouthful. After nearly devouring them, I finally reached for my fly and my eager cock sprang free., and I thanked fuck I’d gone commando.

Briefly lifting her into my arms, I laughed with her, as together, we struggled to get her tight wet shorts down over her ass, until she managed to wiggle them over her legs, kicking them aside, and leaving her completely and utterly naked.

And damn, I had to take a moment just to look, not sue if I’d ever get another chance to experience a body as perfect as hers again; big ripe melon breasts, tiny little waist, perfect round ass, and cleanly shaven tight little cunt, just begging for my cock. Goddam, I knew for a fact it didn’t get any better than this.

Of course, then I tossed my jeans aside, too. I wanted to fuck her so hard and so bad, no damn way I wanted a fucking zipper digging into my nuts and ruining the experience while I took her every way I could think of.

Taking one last look at the glory of her wet and naked, I shook my head and closed my eyes. And knew if I opened then again and she was still there, then I must have done something right to be lucky enough to have this happen to me. A gorgeous naked woman with a body like a porn start, wanting nothing more than to fuck me hard – who said dreams don’t come true? All I know was mine sure as fuck was about to.

I mean, who goes for a car wash and finds the perfect fuck just wet and waiting for him? Groaning deep, I kissed her again. Then just to assure her, I whispered in her ear, “No worries, I’m clean,” as I began to run my hands over the incredible slickness of her hot wet folds.

“Me, too,” she groaned back as she wrapped her legs around my hips, spreading herself wide for me. At this point I wanted inside her so fucking bad, that I literally ached to get in there, but since I needed my tongue in her cunt more than my next breath, I gently spread her over the car, then lowered my head and reverently kissed her belly. Then trailing my merter escort tongue over the heat of her cleanly shaven pussy, spreading her open with my flattened tongue, I lapped the length of her hot, wet slit from back to front, then began to spear deep inside her with my tongue, smiling as she squirmed and bucked her hips against my mouth as I savored the amazingness that was all her. And fuck, she only tasted like the sweetest thing I’d ever had. Pushing a finger inside her, I took her clit between my lips and began to suck and tease it, my smile widening as she started to whimper and claw at my back. Lifting my head, I held her delirious gaze and asked, “Did you need something?”

Slightly scowling at my lame attempt at humor, she said on a shaky moan, “Yes. Please. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need you inside me.”

Okay, now if this really was a dream – that is exactly what my dream woman would be saying to me – exactly like that. No inane small talk, no trying to be cute or coy, no pretty words – just please fuck me good and hard. That all she wanted, was for me to get my cock inside her, and give her a nice hard ride, was everything I’d ever dreamed of whenever I’d pictured the perfect anonymous hook-up. Mindless, hot, fucking sex – who could ask for more?

So, lifting her soft silky legs over my shoulders, clutching the base of my cock in my hand, positioning it at the wet, glistening opening of her cunt, slamming my eyes shut, I began to press in And right then and there as I sank into the heat of her tight little pussy, I knew if I died on the spot, I would die one happy little bastard. It felt like I was pushing my cock into fucking heaven. Tight, hot, wet and so fucking welcoming as she clenched me from inside. Now this was what a cunt should feel like.

Reaching out to clutch my ass in her greedy little hands, moaning deep in her throat, as I slowly filled her, she ground her pussy into me hard, demanding more of my cock. And unable to deny either of us the pleasure of my long hard rod, I rammed home so fucking hard I actually jerked her ass a good foot across the car. Finally, balls deep in the heat of her perfect little pussy, I had to stop and let us both catch our breath before I began the rapid retreat and thrust of the most perfect, hard, satisfying fuck I’d ever enjoyed .

I watched amazed as those magnificent tits shook, and those big blue eyes fell shut, as her mouth dropped open, panting desperately as I gave her the ride of her life, fucking her harder and deeper than I’d ever fucked a woman before. But amazingly, she just thrust back, clinging to me like a life line as I filled her pulsing pussy to the max, over and over with each determined thrust of my hips.

And when I felt her beginning to shake in my arms, her quiet little whimpers growing louder, I got my hand between us and worked her little clit while I pounded into her hard enough now, to shift her ass almost clear across the damn car. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” I groaned in her ear, sweat running into my eyes. “God, you feel so fucking good.”

“You, too,” she responded brokenly as I just kept right on torturing her tight little pussy with the invasion of my ravenous cock. Then suddenly, she froze and cried out, clamping down hard on my dick, as she came, sending me into the biggest climax of my entire fucking life. My cock pulsing hard with its overpowering release as her pussy clutched at me, milking my cock bone dry inside her. Gasping loudly, I collapsed with my face buried in her neck, panting and grunting as I pushed in hard and deep one last time, leaving my deliriously happy cock suspended in the sweetest little piece of heaven that I’d ever had the pleasure to plunder.

Somehow finding the energy to lift my gaze, taking a look at her flushed face, I shook my head. Looking as wiped out as I felt, I knew I had to ask her, “Are you okay?”

Her eyes coming open, she flashed the cutest grin, clenching me inside her again, I chuckled when she said, “Oh, fuck, yeah.”

She was my kind of girl – took a lickin’ and just kept on tickin’. I’d ridden her so rough, I was a little worried there for a minute. But she didn’t seem to be any worse for wear. Jesus, what a woman.

Laughing with her, I kissed her again. Then looking around at our clothes, I wondered if it was even worth trying to get dressed again. Everything was sopping wet, so it would be nearly impossible to put anything back on.

Then when she pulled my head back down, nestling my face in those amazingly plush tits of hers, I decided I didn’t really give a shit if I was naked or not – because it felt so fucking perfect with her like this. Warm soft tits cradling my face, and the erotic smell of raw sex filling my senses. Fuck, what could be sweeter?.

Probably because it was right there by my mouth, I began sucking hard on one protruding little nipple, and fuck if she didn’t start grinding that sweet little pussy into me all over again. And I couldn’t believe my cock beginning to stir back to mutlukent escort life inside her, especially so soon. Then I noticed the headlights of a car coming toward us in the distance and instinctively covered her with my body.

As insanely hot as this was, it wasn’t too smart to be out here naked with her, since anything could happen.

So, before anyone happened upon us, I picked her up and carried her over to my car. After putting the passenger seat all the way down, I turned and managed to get inside with her in my lap.

Smiling into my eyes, she murmured over my lips as she traced them with her hot little tongue, “Now I think it’s my turn to ride you, big boy.”

Okay, so this was turning out to be one long perfect fucking dream. First taking her hard on the hood of her car, now her taking me like this? I must have been a very good boy to deserve something this mind-blowingly incredible. And I already know that no one would ever believe me if I told them. But right now, I could care less. Kneading those nice big tits in my hands, twisting her swollen nipples between my fingers, watching her throw back her head, softly moaning, with all that long, beautiful blonde hair running over my arms, and tickling my thighs. This – I was sharing with her right now – I’d happily take with me to the grave.

Then as she began to settle her tight pussy over my cock again, I took her mouth hard, sinking my tongue deep inside as she thrust down, fiercely impaling her cunt with my hard eager cock.

And let me tell you, with a woman this hot, this shit never gets old. She could fuck me till next Tuesday, and I’d still want more. And did this little sex kitten ever know how to ride a cock, squeezing and clenching, and pounding me so damn hard each time she dropped that sweet, sweet ass back into my lap, taking me balls deep with every downward thrust. This was so much fucking hotter than any wet dream I’d ever had.

And once she finally cried out and began to shake, grunting as I filled her cunt with the explosion of my cock, I clutched her ass so hard, I knew I had to be leaving marks, but she just clung to me, squeezing around my dick so damn hard as she dug her nails into my back that I thought she she’d leave her mark, too. And I kind of hoped she would, since I never wanted to forget this. And if she left me something to remember her tomorrow, at least I could look at those angry red marks on me and say – wow, that really fucking happened.

Later, once I was sure we were both spent, trying to regain our ability to breathe, she shocked the hell out of me when she slid down onto her knees between my legs and took my cock into her hot little mouth and began to suck me till my balls were sweating up a storm. Fuck, as I looked down watching her lips stretch tight around my cock as it disappeared deep into the heat of her mouth, I swore I’d actually died and gone to heaven. In addition to being the best fuck I’d ever had, let me tell you, the gorgeous little minx really knew how to give head. Her eyes never leaving mine, teasingly trailing her tongue all around the crown, finding that sensitive spot at the bottom and grazing it just hard enough to send a wave of shivers straight up my spine, she then sucked it back so far into her mouth, no lie, I actually felt it hit the back of her throat, and yet she didn’t gag, but just kept sucking and teasing my ecstatic cock with her talented little tongue till I was sure I was seeing stars. My eyes rolled back in my head as she took me so long and hard, that I wondered if my cock had become welded to her mouth. And by the time she finally began to coax it into losing its load, I shot harder than I’d ever shot – groaning deep, as what felt like gallons of my hot, thick come fired straight down her tight little throat. And I just couldn’t believe how much I came, as my hot seed just kept coming, filling her mouth and forcing her to swallow every last drop of what I gave her.

So, not surprisingly the sun was about to come up by the time I finally got out of the car and found our clothes again. Although the cars weren’t exactly sparkling clean, even after I’d done my best to tidy them both up, I don’t think either of us really cared. Not after the crazy, hot night we’d shared.

Standing by her car in our wet clothes, I cupped her face in my hand and kissed her, murmuring over her mouth, “Thank you. I’ll never forget this, or you.” And that was no line. This night would stay with me forever, even if I lived to be a hundred.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she squeezed me tight, pressing a kiss to my chin, as she whispered, “Neither will I. Thank you for this.”

Watching her drive away, I kind of wished I’d at least gotten her name. But then, it might have ruined what we had. Just the hottest craziest night ever, with a woman I knew I’d never see again.

Truly, the stuff of dreams.

Later around noon, once I picked up my mother, handed her the roses I’d gotten her and wished her a happy birthday, I knew I had to try and put what had happened to the back of my mind, as unforgettable as it was. We were meeting my sister Alice and her husband Chris at a restaurant, and I owed it to my mother to be there just for her. I’d also gotten her a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that I knew she’d love. She was the kind of mother anyone would want to spoil. So I did my best to get into the festivities once we got there..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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