Sisters Pt. 01

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A sweet, cool breeze gently caressed the bare skin of Daphne’s leg that jutted out from under her sheet. Then sun had just begun to rise, draping the sky in that curious haze that proceeds dawn. Her light brown hair scattered around her face like a bird’s nest gently rustled with the breeze. Morning bird songs began to rise as a dog barked at a couple out for an early morning walk. Daphne stirred slightly and sighed. This is exactly where she wanted to spend her spring break. At home, in her family home, with her parents and her sister Calliope. Daphne had been away at art school for three and a half years. And really wanted to come home to talk to her folks about what she would do after school. Further education, or work. But mostly, she really needed to be with family. Especially Calliope.

Daphne had been on her mind a great deal over the last few years, while she was away. Picturing her younger sister, she unconsciously smiled. Then her dreams took over and visions of future appeared. Being a successful artist, being adored by the community and across the world. She was a lofty idealist dreamer. She is indeed a very talented artist, having earned a full ride scholarship to art school, even though she didn’t need the help. Her parents were both very successful professionals.

Her sister Calliope had always been her biggest fan. The two grew up on 3 years apart, but completely inseparable. She was in her last few months of high-school, Calliope was also a very accomplished scholar. She was graduating at the head of her class, and already earned a scholarship to the college of her choice. Calliope was thrilled that her big sister was coming home for a visit, and she looked to spend as much time as she could with her, because they didn’t know where each other end up, and wanted to see one another. Daphne had promised her little sister she would spend every waking moment with her because she had missed her 18th birthday a week previous. Calliope was going off to college in the fall, and she was concerned she’d go a few more years without seeing her best friend and big sister.

Her dreams shifted again. Now to her sister. Daphne smiled again, but suddenly felt unease. She was watching her sister slowly drift away from her. Her vision blurred as Calliope began to fade to the distance. She reached for her to no avail. Her entire body tensed, and she grimaced as Calliope was almost completely gone. She swore she could hear Calliope calling out to her, even as she dissipated. Daphne called back to her, but all that came out was a whisper, even more of a whimper. Tears welled in her eyes and she tossed and turned in bed. She hated this nightmare, and desperately wanted out. Calliope’s voice echoed in her head as the area around her got brighter and brighter. She whined and began to sob as everything went white.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her arm and jerked awake with a yelp. Her eyes fluttered open and looked down to her arm.

“Hey sis, you okay?” Calliope sat on the edge of the bed, she wore a concerned look on her face. Daphne rubbed her eyes and realized she had indeed been crying and wiped her face on her pillow. She sat up and faced her little sister.

“Yeah, I-I am okay, why?”

“Well, I came in a few moments ago and it looked like you were having a nightmare. You whimpered and it sounded like you were in a lot of distress. I didn’t want that to continue one more moment.” She explained. Daphne mustered a smile and wrapped her arms around her sweet little sister.

“Thank you!” she said as she sobbed into Calliope’s shoulder. Calliope held her sister tight for a few more moments. Reluctantly, Daphne slowly released her sister and sniffled. “Of course” Calliope replied as she reassuringly rubbed Daphne’s back, “What was your nightmare about?”

Daphne turned her face away and wiped her eyes once again. “It’s silly, and you’ll tease me.”

Calliope took her sister’s face in her hands and looked into her tear-filled amber eyes with gentle compassion from her own green eyes, “Daph, I would never tease you in a moment like this, and you know I am not lying.”

Daphne took a long ragged breath and slowly exhaled, “Okay, so… You and I were there, smiling and laughing.”

“That sounds nice.” Calliope responded with a soft smile and a gentle stroke of her sister’s arm.

“It was… until you began to drift away.” She paused for a moment, then continued. “I could hear you call to me, but I couldn’t call back. I couldn’t reach out to you either. It was terrible!” She exclaimed and burst into tears again. Calliope wrapped her arms around her older sister once again and squeezed her tight.

“Shh,” She tried to calm her down, “It’s okay sis, I’m not going anywhere and neither are you.” Daphne began to calm down a bit.

“I have to be honest sis,” Calliope started to wipe away her older sister’s tears from her cheeks, “I’m really surprised to see you like this.”

“Why?” Daphne sniffled.

“Because you’ve always been my strong, self-confident, sometimes belligerent naughty america porno big sister.” She teased her.

Daphne smiled and nodded. She knew that last part was all too true.

“It’s a bit of a shock and a little unnerving.” Calliope stated in a quiet tone.

“I-I’m really sorry Cali, it just really rattled me for some reason.” Daphne explained.

“I’m sorry you had a bad dream sis. I hate to think you were ever sad or in distress.” Calliope replied with a smile. Daphne looked into her sister’s eyes, a feeling of warmth and comfort washed over her. Then another feeling that had lingered in the back of her mind for years, but it coming back now confused her as it washed over her and settled between her legs.

What the hell?!

Daphne could feel herself getting wet, and pulled her knees to her chest, and pulled her sheet over her more. Calliope observed her sister’s sudden unusual behavior and tilted her head in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Uh…” Daphne shifted into a slightly more relaxed position and realized just how wet she was, “Nothing, nothing at at.” Calliope gave her a disbelieving look, but let it go. She rested her hand on her older sister’s arm and smiled at her. Daphne’s sheets became ever more wet.

“If you need to talk, I am always here for you, you know that right?”

“Of course I do.” She calmed back down, “I know sis.”

“Good.” Calliope flashed a big toothy grin, “Cuz I love ya, you big nerd!” She laughed.

“Whatever geek!” Daphne giggled. She outwardly laughed with her sister, but on the inside she sighed. Hearing her sister telling her she loves her had a sudden, physical and emotional response she wasn’t quite ready for. As their laughter died down, Calliope jumped up and grabbed her sister’s sheet.

“So? Get up, we need to hang out today!” She declared as she attempted to yank the sheets away.

“Hey!” Daphne gripped the sheet hard, “What do you want to do today?” Daphne replied as she tried to keep the sheet around her waist and over the wet spot. She glanced up at her sister, she hoped she didn’t notice.

“what? Get changed already!” Calliope demanded.

“Okay okay, it’s just…”

“What? You’ve never been shy around me before. You’re my sister, and we’ve seen each other in varying stages of undress for years, get moving!” Cali replied as she yanked the sheet away from Daphne. Her big sister yelped and grabbed for the sheet to no avail. Calliope looked down and saw the wet spot. “Whoa! You must have had a good dream before the bad!”

“Shut up!” Daphne replied, her face flushed.

“Awe sis, don’t be embarrassed, it happens to me all the time.” she replied.

Daphne felt herself ‘gush’ at the thought of her beautiful younger sister having a wet dream. A noise grabbed their attention.

“Was that the front door?” Cali tilted her head to listen more intently. She heard the front door close, and her eyes grew wide, “Mom and dad are home!” Their parents had been away for a few days, and Daphne had come home while they were gone. She ran to her sister’s bedroom door, and spun around and smiled at her sister, “Come on Daph!” she squealed and ran out the door and down the hall. Daphne shook her head and smiled as she pulled on her pajamas.

Downstairs Calliope bounced around her newly arrived parents as they tried to unwind and catch up with the mail. Daphne stood as the base of the stairs and observed the three people she loved more than anything else in life. Her father noticed her first and smiled, “Butterfly! There you are.” His face lit up with such joy. He was excited to hear she was coming home for spring break, and now she was home.

“Hi daddy.” She replied with a genuine smile. She ran to him and embraced him tightly. Daphne was almost as close to her father as she was her sister. She admired him greatly. Soon, the four of them sat in the living room and caught up. They talked about the long weekend trip their parents had just taken, and of course Daphne’s schooling.

A few hours later, after breakfast, Daphne retired back to her room. She sat in her large chair and stared out her window overlooking their large back facing property. She thought about how much it hurt when she dreamed of losing her sister. Then how seemingly turned on she was while in her sister’s arms. Feeling her soft, smooth skin, and even her breath on her neck. She wondered if this was just sisterly love, or something…more. They had always been close, but not THAT close. She had always thought her younger sister was beautiful. Her long auburn hair, her beautiful green eyes, her slim figure with small round breasts and a tight firm ass. Daphne shook her head, “What the fuck is wrong with me?!”

“Not a thing.” A voice said quietly behind her. Shocked and embarrassed, Daphne turned to see her sister as she sat on her bed playing on her phone.

“Cali? When did you come in?” Daphne asked as she shook the thoughts from her head.

“Just a minute ago.”

“What’s nubiles porno up?” Daphne asked as she turned her attention back out the window.

“You okay? You seem…weird today.”

“What do you mean weird?”

Calliope moved over to the window and sat on the sill. “Yeah, this morning, after I saw your wet spot, your mood seemed to be more…”

“Stop.” Daphne interrupted her. She sighed, and shifted her attention to her sister. Calliope tilted her head questioningly.

“Cali, I need you to listen to me very carefully, and please, let me get it all out before you reply.”

“I am all ears sis.”

“Okay, here it is.” Daphne paused to compose her thoughts, “Cali, for a long time I have had this… ‘itch’ in the back of my mind. A strange feeling that I can’t shake, no matter how hard I try.”

“Oh…kay.” Calliope urged her on, slightly confused.

“Well, what I am trying to say is… ever since we were in our early teens, I felt a very special connection to you.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, I feel the same way about you. It’s why I’ve always considered you to be my best friend.” Calliope replied with a smile.

“No, no… I mean, yeah, you are my best friend as well, but this is different.” Daphne tried to explain.

“What do mean?” Calliope observed her sister quizzically.

Daphne paused again and looked out the window. She hoped she would find the right words out there. She ached in her heart and longed in”other” parts of her body. Do I say it? What will happen if I do this? Will she hate me? Will she be utterly disgusted with me? Will she-


Calliope’s voice brought her back to the moment. She shook her head clear, “Sorry.”

Calliope smiled and put her hand on Daphne’s arm, “Sis, just talk to me, whatever it is, it’ll be okay.” She reassured her.

Daphne took a deep breath and finally just said it. “Cali… I love you.”

Calliope giggled, “I love you too sis.”

Daphne sighed, “No.. Cali, I mean I am IN LOVE with you.”

Calliope’s eyes widened with shock and surprise. She just sat silently and started at her older sister. She knew they had always been close, but this was completely different. Calliope’s head swam with conflicting thoughts, but one ultimately drowned out the rest, and came to the fore of her mind.

“Cali? Sis?” Daphne began to tremble. She feared what her sister’s reaction might be.

“I…” Calliope paused for a moment, then fell into her older sister’s lap and wrapped her arms around her neck. She nuzzled her neck and in a barely audible whisper she replied, “I am in love with you too. I have been for years.”

“You are?” Daphne replied in shock.

“Yes!” Calliope sat up and looked in her big sister’s tear-filled amber eyes. “Hearing the words coming from your beautiful full lips fills me with joy and makes my heart flutter.” she explained, still barely audible.

“Really? I thought it would disgust you, or alienate us.” Daphne’s voice quivered.

“Not a chance! All my life I’ve tried to find someone that makes me feel the way I do when I am around you, and to be perfectly honest, no one comes remotely close!” Calliope exclaimed.

“That makes me so very happy! I can’t even tell you.” Daphne sighed, “I believe, in my heart, we were meant to be together. We are soulmates, and I can’t live my life without you.”

“Awww…” Calliope swooned.

“I am terrified… now that it’s out there, we will end up drifting apart?”

“Why would that happened?” Cali questioned.

“Because, in a week I am going back to school, and in the fall you are leaving to start college.” Daphne replied with a tone of sadness in her voice.

Calliope took her older sister’s face in her hands, and pulled it gently up so that they may look into each others eyes. “Sis, that will never happen. We WILL figure out, I promise.”

“I would want nothing more than to be with you. To love you, and to show you what undying love is.” Daphne replied.



“May I kiss you?” Calliope smirked at her sister.

“Please do.” Daphne replied. Her heart raced at the thought of her sister’s lips on hers. Her lips quivered as she watched her sister’s lips grow closer to hers. Calliope slowly leaned toward her sister, she shook with nervous anticipation and energy. The, as their lips touched, a jolt of electricity raced through her body and landed in her crotch. Hungry lips pressed firmly against each other as both girls sighed sweetly. As if it hand been a hundreds years in the making of this moment of affection. As they grew more and more comfortable kissing each other, Daphne’s lips parted, and Calliope’s followed suit. Their tongues carefully explored each others mouths. Daphne moaned into her sister’s mouth which, in turn triggered Calliope to echo with her own soft moan. Cali’s hands left her sister’s face and followed her drastic curves down her her waist, and then back up. On the way back up, she tentatively wrapped her fingers around olgun porno her older sister’s large, heavy breasts and gently squeezed them. Daphne moaned louder and the intensity of their kisses became aggressive. Each sister hungered for the other, their lust was overwhelming.

Calliope pulled her lips away, which was followed by Daphne unconsciously letting out a whimper. She tugged her older sister’s shirt up and off to reveal her large breasts, now heaving with Daphne’s deep, lustful panting. Cali bit her lip and gently took them in her hands.

“I am so jealous of your big beautiful tits!” Calliope pouted.

“Oh come on sis, I bet yours are great. As a matter of fact, let’s see em.” She said as she pulled off her sister’s shirt. Calliope had small B-cup breasts with dark, fully erect nipples.

“I was right, gorgeous!” Daphne replied as she carefully took them in her hands. She leaned in and kissed her sister’s chest, right over her heart. “Your tits are perfect Cali.” she whispered.

Calliope sighed and ran her fingers through Daphne’s hair and gently pulled her older sister’s face closer. Daphne’s hot, wet mouth enveloped Calliope’s other nipple, flicked it with her tongue while she gently sucked it. Calliope leaned down and kissed the top of Daphne’s head, and quietly panted, “I love you Daph.”

The older girl looked up at her sister, “I love you too Cali.”

The girls continued to kiss passionately until they were interrupted by a knock at the door.


Their mother called out from the other side of the door.

“Shit!” Daphne whispered, as Calliope jumped up and pulled her shirt back on. Daphne grabbed her shirt and called back to their mom as she pulled it on. “Come in mom!”

Their mother entered seeing her daughters, Daphne in her chair, Calliope sitting on the sill, and smiled. “We were thinking of going out to dinner tonight. A sort of welcome home, spring break and Daphne’s chance to celebrate Calliope’s birthday dinner. Does that sound okay?”

“Yeah, mom. Sounds great!” Calliope replied a little too excited, still high on adrenaline.

“Sure.” Daphne replied as she shook her head at her little sister.

Their mom approached the girls, and took a cheek in each hand and smiled to her girls. “I love having both of you home.” she said.

“Love you mom.” Calliope replied.

“Yeah, love you mom. I am so glad I came home.” Daphne stated as she glanced to her sister who smiled back. Their mother, Stephanie, saw this interaction, but didn’t think anything of it. She nodded, “Good, I’ll let you two get back to it.” she turned and excited the room.

“That was close!” Daphne shook her head.

“Yeah, she almost saw you sucking my-”


Calliope giggled and moved back to her sister’s lap. “Where were we?” she asked as she bit her lip. Daphne looked up into her little sister’s eyes and began to tear up. Her smile cracked slightly and she took a deep ragged breath.

“What’s wrong?” Cali asked. Her concern immediately shoved her lust to the side. Daphne maintained her silence as tears streams down her flushed cheeks. Calliope took her sister’s face in her hands, wiper the tears with her thumbs, and pulled it up to look at her once again.

“Sis? What’s going on?”

“I-” She took a deep breath, and tried to smile. “I am just so happy.”

Calliope smiled sweetly, “I am happy as well.” She kissed Daphne on the forehead, “The fact that we are here, at this very moment, in each others arms, is a wonderful thing.” Calliope stated. While in her mind, she wasn’t exactly sure how to feel. Is it? I mean, I do love her, but if we make love… isn’t that … incest? Is that something I want on my conscious? Is that something-

“Cali? What are you thinking about?” Daphne drew her full attention once again.

“Oh, sorry. Just lost in thought.”


“Oh, well… I mean, I am so happy and excited that we are able to speak from our hearts, but I am… concerned.”

“Concerned?” Daphne swallowed hard, “About what?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Calliope stood and moved back to the sill, Daphne reached out to her and took her had as they continued to speak. “I do love you, like a real, deep, passionate love, but if this goes any further… physically, would that be… incest?”

The word hit her like a slap across the face. Daphne reeled from the verbal blow she had not expected. She released Calliope’s hand and clasped her hands together tightly. “I mean… I guess legally, it would be. We are related by blood, and that IS considered incest, but I mean, why? Why should love be illegal? We’re both consenting adults, so, in my mind, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“I agree, but I am concerned if someone were to find out, would be go to jail?” Calliope asked.

“I’m not sure what the ‘punishment’ is for that, but frankly, that’s a risk I am more than willing to take. I love you so much, and now that it’s out there, I can’t just take it back. Regardless of some stupid law.” Daphne reached out for her sister’s hands. Calliope paused, then put her hands in her sister’s. “Cali, please know something.” She paused and took a deep breath, “I love you more than I could ever explain in words, and I want to be with you, if you’ll have me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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