Sisters Massage Experience Ch. 01

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This happened mid 1999, about 10 months after a fairly sexually active 3 month long relationship with my sister. We both called it off in the end because we both were getting involved with another partner.

I have always enjoyed giving and receiving erotic massages for the last 28 years when my partner, that I was living with at the time back in 1992, and I did a 3 month training programme in Swedish style therapeutic massage. We used to give each other a regular therapeutic erotic massage with lots of teasing. Most of my girlfriends since then, that have been more than a one night stand, have had a Tantric-Swedish style erotic massage from me.

My sister, who is 3 years older than me, knew that I did a little bit but she had never tried one either from myself or anybody else.

She gave me a ring to say that she had been skiing the previous day, went over a jump, landed backward on her back and somehow pulled a muscle in her groin. She wanted to know if I could have a go at massaging it to make it better. I told her she was best to visit a trained physio or massage therapist since the type of massage I did was a little bit therapeutic but more sensual – erotic type and the courses I took part in were for amateurs not professionals.

She said she was too embarrassed to see a professional in case she had to go nude, then said her boyfriend had just clean shaven her pussy last week was a bit embarrassed to show it off where as I had seen it all before. She really wanted me to give it ago. I couldn’t tell her what to expect from a professional so I told her ok but if

I could not make it better she had to a get proper treatment done. She agreed to that but wanted me to look at it asap.

I cancelled my dinner date for the next night and told my paranoid girlfriend that I was busy. She demanded to know why implying that I was playing around behind her back so I just told her that I was busy with minor emergency with my sister for the night. Blood is always thicker than water.

The night before I had gone to an indoor climbing wall with a friend and she treated me like I was having an affair there as well. This relationship of only 6 months was doomed to fail as far as I could see and had all but given up on it due to her overly possessive nature. I was surprised we lasted this long.

I hung up the phone then went find some of my old notes about how to massage the groin area. We learned a bit about it in one of the courses that I had done but never tried it since.

I got home from work the next day, had a quick bite for tea and heated gaziantep ucuz escort bayan up the oil and bedroom.

My sister turn up limping about 6.30pm. She had had the last day off work. I got the bed ready with a towel so she could lay on it. I got her to show me where she was sore, at the top of her right inside leg at the front to the inside around the join. She removed her jeans and lay on the bed. She had quite tight knickers still on that showed up her camel toe in a lot of hot detail.

You could easily make out the entire outline of her vulva. Already she already was starting to get me hard. She lifted her butt up and put her hand in her knickers about to remove them when I asked her to keep them on for now. I would be too easily side tracked if she did went nude, it would quickly turn into a pussy massage rather than a groin massage. Maybe later.

I got her to lay on her side with her one leg cocked quite high with her right leg on the bottom and her left leg foot resting just behind her right knee. With plenty of oil and using my forearm using an effleurage upward stroke for several minutes in an attempt to iron out the inner thigh muscle and then about 10 minutes do petrissage followed by another 10 minutes effleurage on the offending piece of tissues.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to tease her a little by lightly brushing my fingers over her perineum every now and again. As I was working on her inner leg I noticed a wet spot developing in knickers over the middle of her camel toe. After about 20 minutes of working on that area I got her to get up and walk on it, she still had a bit of a limp but nowhere near as bad as it was when she came in. She said it was nowhere near as sore either. I told her just to take it real easy on it for a couple of weeks.

Next she asked me if she could try a full body relaxation sensual massage since she had never had one before. I was half expecting that to happen, but I think everybody should get at least one proper sensual massage in their life so said yes I would.

She said she had to go and pee first, so dressed in her knickers and top she limped away to the loo. I was happy to see it was not as bad as it was before I worked on her. I prepped the bed a little more and she came back with her knickers in her hand and started taking her top clothing off. I watched her intently as she got fully undressed, I hadn’t seen her naked for almost a year. She had short blond-gold colored hair, b cup breasts and a naked pussy that had a gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan little bit of stubble growing back after being shaven 10 days earlier. I gave her a hug while I was still fully clothed and she was completely nude, the lump in my shorts pressing into her pussy.

The bedroom was fairly warm now so I stripped off as well and got my sister to lay with her head at the far end of the bed on her tummy.

I opened her legs a bit to allow a much better view and access in between her inner legs. I thought I would start with her left leg since her right one had already received a lot of attention. I put some oil on the sole of her foot and started massaging her foot sole, ankle, and between her toes giving me a very nice view of her shaven vulva lips and anal area.

I massaged her calf moving all the way up to her hamstrings and to the bottom of her butt. Then I repeated the same on the technique on the other leg. I straddled her left leg so I could have good access to her butt, running my finger up between her lower vulva lips then lightly circling her anus several times. My cock getting was quite hard at this stage.

Then I moved on to her left butt cheek starting at the bottom with petrissage and moving into a more of a circular technique on her right cheek. I massaged her lower part of her back then upper back and shoulders.

I decided to try massaging her back using my chest. I oiled up my chest then I started at her pussy again lightly running my fingers between her lips back down with my middle finger in her vagina. My cock was hard as rock again so I spread her legs a little more and pushing my cock head into her pussy, all the way in then lay on her back using my chests to massage her back while I was fucking her from behind while massaging her butt with my pelvis.

This was an old technique I had used a few times on previous girlfriends. It’s one of my favourites, covering several bases at the same time. I asked her how it was as she seemed to be groaning a lot and I thought I might have been a bit heavy. My sister was light to medium build and I was more medium about 68kg.

She said she was groaning from pleasure and nothing else and loved the fullness of the inside of her pussy being massaged from my cock at the same time. I got to the point where I was just about to cum but then backed off, if I came now I would loose interest in the massage as well.

The stubble moving across the head of my cock as I entered her was a really gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan strange but a tingling sensual feeling. I kept pulling my cock out and re-entering her until only an inch deep because I found the feeling of my cock running over her stubble from this position quite addictive. She said that she had never been teased in that way before and loved the feeling.

After about 20 minutes I was done massaging with her back with my chest and fucking her from behind I got her to roll over onto her back. I covered my chest in oil again the fucked her from the front in the missionary position using my chest to massage her breasts. Her legs were straight and close together making her pussy feel tighter around my cock. I pushed up with my arms so she could raise her head and watch my cock, seeing how wet it was from sliding in and out of her naked wet slit. Again keeping the tip of my penis just playing around her entrance and stubble area where it was such a nice and sensual feeling while occasionally giving s deep hard thrust.

This was not the first time I had discovered that it’s very hard to concentrate on giving a good massage when you are fucking your client.

We decided to finish off with a bath together so I stopped for a couple of minutes to run the bath.

I kept massaging her while the bath was filling doing her groin again while she had no knickers on. I asked her what part she wanted repeated, she said the butt massage so I spent another 10 minutes working on that again tingling and teasing her all the way.

We had bath together and I washed the oil off her skin, it was a water based massage oil so came off fairly easily, rinsed off the soapy water in the shower then dried each other off.

This web site is not for professional writers. Rather than sit back and enjoy it some people chooses to nit pick and shit pick other peoples stories to bits because of the odd typo or grammatical error, an occupation reserved for dicks. The stories you read were not written by professionals and you should keep it in that context when judging them. For what they are, a lot of them are really good.

This is the last of my sexual experience stories for a while. I don’t really have a writer’s imagination so I base my stories on what I remember. Some people seem to find that fact offensive. I sure hope you’ll get over it, I don’t need to, I have already lived it.

Sorry if grammar hasn’t been the best and being most of these happened over 20 years ago, I have tried to keep them as consistent as I remember. Also I have discovered it is very difficult to proof read one’s own work.

To all the writers of nasty comments out there – you really should get a life, it’s much more interesting experiencing it first hand and writing about it afterwards the way it was than just reading about it and thinking of horrible things to say while hiding behind your computer, because you don’t have any interesting experiences to or add yourself. Adios for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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