Sister Sarah Ch. 07

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I woke up hard as a rock, and leaking precum like crazy, as was typical when I have an erection. Sarah was nowhere to be found, but I smelled coffee brewing, so I knew she must be close. I crawled out of bed, and went to take a piss in hopes my boner would subside. Alas, it did not. Thinking of my sister being somewhere in my house, and naked, had me still aroused, so my piss was challenging at best. I splashed warm water in my face to wake myself up, my cock resting on the vanity top. Satisfied I was awake as I was going to be, I went to find Sarah.

As I approached the kitchen, I heard talking. It was definitely Sarah, but there was another female voice I didn’t quite recognize. Forgetting my nakedness, I rubbed my eyes as I entered the kitchen.

“Good morning, sexy!” Sarah said. I looked up and saw her friend Vanessa sitting there with her. I jumped, and when I did, precum squirted from my cock, leaving a puddle on the floor. I attempted to cover myself and duck behind the counter.

“It’s ok, honey. I already told her about us!” Sarah explained. “Look at me!”

I looked, and finally realized my sister’s state of undress. She sat visiting her friend, dressed in just one of my ripped up tank tops. Her lovely breasts were partly exposed, but as she turned to show me her attire, she gapped her legs open, fully exposing her sweet wet pussy to Vanessa and I. Vanessa showed no embarrassment or uneasiness, as though she had already accepted the status of our incestuous relationship.

“It’s also ok to show Vanessa. I already filled her in on us, and told her she might get to see you. I talked about you, and she’s excited to see you, actually.”

Apprehensively, I made my way to the table where the ladies were seated, my dripping penis leading the way.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Sarah said, as she wrapped her hand around my cock at the base, and extracted more precum into her hand. She eagerly lapped it off of her hand, Vanessa watching in amazement.

“Just…wow,” said Vanessa. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am,” replied Sarah. “Have I ever misled you?”

“No…but I mean…until you just ate your brother’s cum…now I really believe it!”

“That was just precum. I told you he makes a lot of it. You should see him cum, though. It’s like a fire hose!”

“I would definitely like to see that,” Vanessa said.

“Ladies…” I interrupted, somewhat embarrassed. “What’s all this anyway?”

Sarah rose to get me a cup of coffee, as I finally took my seat. Vanessa watched the whole time as my penis continued to ooze its sticky fluids from the tip. She had a shit-eating grin on the whole time.

“I’ve asked Vanessa to stay here and watch our home while we’re away. I didn’t think you would mind.”

“Mind? No! That’s great, actually.” Not that I have anything special that needs to be watched over, but it’s always nice to have someone keep an eye on things when you’re away for extended periods. “I should ask, though, just so I know…what will you charge me?”

Sarah stepped back to the table just then, and was ready with an answer. “She wants to see you cum.”

“She what?” I asked, not believing my ears.

Vanessa replied this time, “I want to see you cum. I’ve heard so much about it, and it isn’t that I don’t believe it, I just want to see it.”

“You want me to jerk off in front of you until I cum?”

“Well…ok, but I had hoped you would have sex with Sarah, and let me watch you finish.”

“Just watch me finish?”

“Ok, no, I want to watch the whole act. Sarah told me the thought of being watched or seen turns her on, so who better than her best friend?”

Sarah watched back and forth as I conversed with Vanessa, now lightly stroking her leaking lips.

“Ok, I guess…” I trailed off a bit apprehensively. “How is this supposed to happen? Did you all plan this out? Is there a script I should follow?” I teased.

Vanessa and Sarah both laughed, and Vanessa replied, “No, silly, just whenever you’re in the mood, go ahead and have sex with her, make love to her, fuck her…whatever you feel.”

I rose, bringing my aching cock above table height. Now, I was leaking precum so much, it looked like a very weak stream of piss flowing from my tip. “As you can see,” I started, “I’m always in the mood. Sarah, can you take care of this?” I asked, gesturing at my leaking stream.

Sarah leaned over and stuck out her tongue to capture some of what flowed from me. She let it pool on her tongue as she raised her mouth up towards my extended tool. When she reached the top, she took me into her mouth, and sucked lightly. I noticed that Vanessa started to caress her own breasts as she watched my sister take my penis into her mouth. Sarah sucked more of me into her mouth, really getting into blowing me as her friend watched.

“Holy shit,” expressed Vanessa.

I smiled, as Sarah continued her oral magic on my pole. With a pop, Sarah sucked a mouthful of precum, and released me.

“So good,” Sarah said. “I need you to take me, J. I need it now. Can we go to the couch?”

I took her hand, and led her to the living room. With brazzers porno her free hand, she peeled the shirt up over her head, leaving it hanging loosely on her arm. She was now completely naked, and ready to be fucked. Vanessa was right there, following closely, and eager to get a good viewing spot. I playfully pushed Sarah back on the couch, grabbing the shirt as she went down. I tossed it to the side, and hit my knees in front of her. Sarah’s pussy was soaking wet, and I dove in to have some much-needed breakfast. I captured her vagina in my mouth, and sucked her fluids from her. Sarah moaned in ecstasy as I snaked my tongue inside of her hole to coax more fluids from her delicate folds. I looked up as I ate her fantastic pussy, and saw that Vanessa was opening her blouse. With one hand, she pulled buttons loose, and with the other, she reached inside and played with her breasts. Vanessa is a very pretty girl, not nearly as beautiful as my sister, but I hoped to get a glimpse of her tits.

“Touch her,” Sarah moaned, as I lapped at her steamy gash.

I looked up at her with questioning eyes as I continued to pleasure her pussy with my mouth.

“It’s ok. Touch her,” she repeated.

I reached over, and slid my hand up Vanessa’s thigh towards her jeans covered pussy. Vanessa, eager for me to touch her, pulled her shirt off, and went to work on her pants. She lifted her ass up long enough to slide them down to her ankles along with her panties. She leaned back again, and continued to work on her breasts. Foregoing the clasp, the pulled her bra up and over her breasts, and discarded it onto the floor. I eased up to her pussy as I continued to eat my sister. I noted a small tuft of hair just above it, and had to see. I raised up, and at the same time, I pushed two fingers up inside of my sisters pussy, and her best friends. Both of them cupped their breasts in their hands, and exhaled sharply as my fingers penetrated their delicate places.

Sarah, clearly overcome with lust, put her hand on Vanessa’s thigh, and squeezed. Vanessa grabbed her hand, and guided it to her breast. Sarah grabbed a handful of her pillowy flesh, and squeezed hard. Vanessa moaned aloud, as her body was ravished by two different people.

“Fuck her,” Vanessa panted. “Put that big dick of yours in your sister’s pussy.”

Happy to oblige, I pulled my fingers from both pussies, and licked my fingers off as the girls watched. Both girls dropped their hands to each other’s pussy, and stroked lightly, legs gapped open wide, as they watched me consume their juices. Tired of the show, Vanessa leaned over against Sarah, lying her head on her shoulder, and grabbed my dripping penis. She pulled me into Sarah’s pussy, parting her lips with her free hand. I pushed into my sister’s sopping cunt in one hungry thrust. Sarah completely lost her breath as I bottomed out against her cervix. I kept myself buried in her pussy as far as I could, keeping pressure against her cervix. I leaned in and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Sarah eagerly kissed me back, wrapping her legs around my waist to trap me inside of her. I could feel Vanessa’s hand between us, as she pawed at Sarah’s tits. She had her own legs pulled up, and was working her pussy with her free hand, as she watched us make out.

Slowly, I started to ease out of Sarah. Very slowly, I withdrew, and pushed back in. I broke our kiss, and rested my hands on Sarah’s thighs. She let her legs down and spread them further so I could do what needed to be done. Gradually increasing my thrusts, I started to fuck my sister. Vanessa watched as my cock pumped in and out of her friend, her hand never leaving Sarah’s tit. She finally got up on all fours, and started to suck Sarah’s breasts as I fucked her. Being on all fours, I reached out to caress Vanessa’s pretty dangling tits. I pulled her nipples downward, and released them. She moaned in pleasure as she sucked on my sister’s tits. She gripped Sarah’s nipples in her teeth, and pulled lightly on them, teasing them with her tongue at the same time. Sarah lay there limp, unable to move as she was being thoroughly pleasured by her brother and her friend. Vanessa snaked her hand down between us and teased Sarah’s clit as she continued to suck her tits. She would occasionally let my slippery cock slide between her fingers, feeling brother and sister’s sexual fluids combine on her hand.

Vanessa released Sarah’s breasts, leaving them coated in her saliva. Remaining on her knees, she raised up, and put her tits I Sarah’s face. I didn’t know if Sarah would take or not, but she did, and holy shit, it turned me on even more. Sarah took the nearest nipple to her, and lightly sucked it into her mouth. She nursed from Vanessa’s tit like a little baby, but far more gently. She extended her tongue, and let the nipple bounce against her lips, matching my thrusts. Vanessa stopped working her pussy, and wrapped her arm around Sarah’s neck, pulling her closer to her exposed chest. Sarah got more into it, and was more eagerly sucking those pretty tits. Vanessa helped by alternating which one was easiest for Sarah to latch onto.

“Fuck that’s hot,” I said. “Y’all castingcouch-x porno are going to make me cum!”

“Do it! Cum for me,” Vanessa encouraged.

She moved away in anticipation, which allowed Sarah to look into my eyes, clearly still in love with me. She looked down at where we joined, and watched as I pumped my penis in and out of her pussy.

“J,” Sarah implored.

“Yea, love?”

“Cum on Vanessa!”

“Are you sure?”

“I love you, J. I know you love me. I want this. I know you want it to. Cum on her like you cum all over me.”

Excited to hear this, Vanessa rolled onto her back on the couch. I gave my sister a few more good pumps, watching Vanessa’s sexy body get into position to receive my load. With a smile on her face, she was settled in. I pulled out and stood up, taking my cock into my hand. Sarah’s hand went to her worn out pussy, and played with it, while she reached over and played with Vanessa’s breasts. I stroked myself a few times, and started squirting sperm. The first shot was weak and small, but the second and following squirts were as Sarah had said. I sprayed cum all over Vanessa, from her neck to her pussy. Sarah reached to replace my hand with her own, and pumped me, directing my shots. She made sure there was good coverage on Vanessa’s tits, leaving cum dripping from her extended nipples. Finally, my squirts subsided to dribbles. Vanessa wiped my cum across her body, and reached her hand to her mouth for a taste. Sarah stopped her.

“Try it from the source. Do you mind, J?”

“Nope,” I replied, still frozen in bliss.

Vanessa quickly leaned forward, and eagerly sucked my sloppy penis into her mouth, and sucked the remaining cum from within me. Sarah cupped my balls, and Vanessa’s tits, and smiled up at me, very satisfied. Vanessa didn’t want to let go, as she tasted my cum mixed with Sarah’s pussy juices. She sucked and sucked faster and faster, taking me into her throat and giving me an incredible blowjob.

“Fuck,” I grunted. “I’m going to cum again!”

Vanessa released me, leaving me right at the edge, and said, “cum inside of her this time.”

Sarah, eager to receive my cum, stood, and bent over, resting her hands on Vanessa’s shoulders. Vanessa took one of Sarah’s tits into her mouth, sucking the nipple, at the very same time as I penetrated her. Vanessa didn’t know it, but I didn’t put my ready-to-cum cock in Sarah’s pussy. No, I pushed it deep into her ass. With Vanessa sucking her tits, and me pushing my rod up her ass, Sarah came, and started dripping her juices onto Vanessa’s lap. And I needed to cum, just like I had warned. As Sarah’s ass clamped down around me as she came, I erupted into her, emptying my balls again deep inside her bowels. I squirted a few times, then started pumping gently, finishing myself into Sarah’s ass.

“He just came in my butt!”

“What? That big cock is in your butt?”

“Yessss…” Sarah hissed. “And it feels amazing.”

“No way,” Vanessa argued. “Let me see!”

She hopped up, and nearly tripped over her pants, still around her ankles. She bent to get a closeup of my cock buried in my sisters butt. I pulled back, and gave a couple of long strokes so she could really see that I had just fucked my sister’s ass.

“Wow!” Was all she could say.

I pulled out of Sarah’s ass, spent. I had just woken up, and hadn’t even finished my cup of coffee. Sarah leaned on the couch, then collapsed on it, exhausted from a morning thorough fuck. Vanessa kicked her pants the rest of the way off, and lay beside Sarah.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” Vanessa stated excitedly. “Y’all have to let me watch again sometime. Maybe I can try that big thing up my ass?”

Sarah quickly replied, “No way. I’m sorry, but for sex, that thing is all mine.”

I agreed with Sarah. We were lovers, and I wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize that.

“I totally understand. I can see that you two really are in love, and in a loving relationship. I won’t do anything to come between you. A girl can dream, though, right?” Vanessa continued with a laugh. Sarah and I laughed with her, knowing that our bond was safe, and would forever be just ours.

“Can I use your shower?” Vanessa asked, motioning to the still wet cum that was starting to run off of her body.

“Of course!” Sarah stated. “Come on, I’ll get you started.”

“You ladies take care of that. I still have work to do before we leave, and I haven’t had my coffee.”

Two wonderfully naked women headed down the hall to the guest bathroom, and I retired to my office to get started working. My cock fully deflated as I sat, and started working through some drawings I needed to review. As I sat scrolling up and down, left and right across a set of drawings, Sarah entered. She brought with her a fresh cup of coffee, and set it down on my desk. She stepped in behind me, and ran her fingernails down my chest to my abs, and back up. She purred quietly as she massaged my chest, her bare breasts pressing into the back of my head.

“I love you, J.” Sarah said.

“Aww, I love you, too, sweetheart.”

“Can clips4sale porno I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” I replied, barely engaged as I studied the drawings.

“Do you want another guy to fuck me?”

“Oh baby, absolutely not. I’d never ask that of you. I want you all to myself, fucking, sucking, whatever.”

“That makes me happy, J.” Sarah started. “I was just thinking that after what we just did with Vanessa that you’d want me to fuck someone else, or suck their dick. I don’t want to.”

She continued to run her nails up and down me, causing me to become erect once again. I took a pull from my coffee, set it down, then turned in my chair. I patted my lap, and said, “C’mere, my love.”

Sarah sat on my lap, pressing my cock between her thigh and my stomach, as she sat sideways to me. She put her arm around my neck, and snuggled in, her breasts within inches of my mouth.

“Listen, what just happened was fun. Amazing, really, and quite a surprise. I don’t expect to get to play with your friends, and I don’t want you to expect that I’m going to try to pressure you into something you don’t want to do. Outside of what just happened, nothing changes, ok?”

Tears welled in her eyes as she replied, “Thank you, J. I love you.”

I kissed her, and said, “I love you forever, sweet Sarah.”

“I have another question.”


“Is it ok if Vanessa sucks your cock? I mean, I trust her like my own sister, if I had one, and I know she likes your cock, and your cum. I don’t mind sharing that with her, but only if it’s ok with you.”

“If it makes my baby happy, then it makes me happy.”

“Oh, thank you J! I know she’ll be happy to hear it.”

“Ok, baby, but I need to get done with this right now, then we need to get ready to go.”

Satisfied, she got up to go clean up and get ready to go. Or so I thought. As she got to the door, I stopped her.

“Oh, and baby? Thank you for the coffee!” I told her, as I lifted my cup to her. She smiled, and turned to walk away. Man, that ass is amazing, and I could watch it for days. I got lost back in my work, my boner again waning. I was boring myself, but needed to get through this. I couldn’t help but think of my sister, and her gorgeous self. Her green eyes, emerald pools that take my breath away. Just my love for her, and our new life together. It seemed like forever, but soon enough, Sarah entered my office again. Beside her was a freshly showered Vanessa, still naked, hair wet. They stood and watched me. I sat at my L shaped desk, the side towards them open between the drawers where I sat. Seeing them made me instantly hard again.

“Are you almost done,” Sarah asked.

“Yea, baby. Just about, but I have a couple more sheets to look at.”

“Can we play while you do that?”

“I mean…I guess?” Not really sure what they were asking, but I soon found out.

Both girls dropped to their knees on the carpet, and crawled through the opening under my desk. I looked down to see Sarah pulling my knees apart. Getting the idea quickly, I scooted down so my ass was just on the seat. The girls crawled closer between my legs.

“Go ahead,” Sarah coaxed Vanessa.

Vanessa took my cock and started gently stroking it. Sarah smiled up at me sweetly before joining Vanessa. Sarah gently massaged my balls, and the precum started flowing. It easily lubricated what the stroking Vanessa was doing.

“That is so cool,” Vanessa exclaimed, indicating her awe in the amount of precum I produce.

She bent and took my penis into her mouth, and gave some amazing strokes with her warm lips. Sarah started licking my balls, and Vanessa, noticing Sarah there with her, move to allow Sarah some cock herself. Their lips met, and my cock was being sucked from both sides between both of their mouths. Their tongues came out, and added more moisture to my slippery shaft. Somehow, they were able to coordinate their sucking, which was the most amazing feeling. They gently sucked as the slid their lips up and down my shaft. I couldn’t concentrate. I just lay back, and watched these beautiful naked ladies love on my stiff penis. I saw down past the four phenomenal breasts, and saw both girls feverishly working their pussies with their hands. Each had their fingers deep inside those steamy twats, but their main focus was on my cock. Their jiggling breasts and frantic masturbation made me grow even harder. Sarah was the first to notice my balls drawing up tight, and warned Vanessa that I was about to cum.

She stopped sucking, and started stroking me again as she asked Sarah, “Can I eat it? Can he cum in my mouth?”

“Of course! But get ready.”

Vanessa returned to sucking, literally slobbering all over my cock. Her saliva ran down to my balls. Sarah pulled Vanessa’s hair back so she could watch the big finish. Sarah rubbed my thigh with one hand, and gently lifter her breasts as she watched her friend suck my big cock. I grunted as I erupted into Vanessa’s mouth. The first shot was a big one, and she almost gagged, but kept on like a trooper. She held still, but applied gentle suction as I came in her mouth. She swallowed most, but some escaped her lips, and trickled down to my nuts. My spasms continued, as I kept injecting her hot mouth with my sperm. I finally finished, and she let me go, satisfied as if she just had a big meal. She kissed Sarah, and rested her head on her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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