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It had been a long day, and traffic had been terrible, even though I had sneaked away from work early. I had finally arrived, and we were sitting in her living room, just chatting and hanging out. She had brought out some cheese and crackers, and a bunch of grapes. Every now and then, she would feed me a grape or a piece of cheese. I rather enjoyed the attention and the innocent intimacy between us. She reached over and cut of a slice of brie, putting it on a small wheat cracker, and moved it towards me, smiling. I loved her smile; she was practically glowing. I smiled back, quickly, and opened my mouth. She held it gently before me; I closed my lips over it, being careful not touch her – that wasn’t part of our game. She moved her hand away as I pulled it in, chewed, and swallowed it. I smiled at her again.

“I like it when you put things in my mouth.”

She giggled. I had been flirting with her for years, sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly. By now, she had a pretty good idea how my mind worked.

“Really? What kinds if things?”

“Good question. I am not sure I can think of anything I wouldn’t like.”

She teasingly moved her fingers, unburdened, back towards my face, and held two of them a couple of inches away from me. She was still smiling.

“Those look tasty. Are you sure they’re safe there?”

She giggled again.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

I craned my head forward until I was almost touching them. I put my lips around them, and gently pulled them into my mouth. She didn’t pull away. I moved my mouth back and forth along them, running my lips over their entire surface, and used the blade of my tongue to separate them. I looked over at her. Her face showed surprise, maybe shock, but she was also blushing fiercely. I moved my eyes away; it seemed unfair to watch her when she felt so vulnerable. I pulled my head back and released her fingers.

“Just as I always suspected – you’re absolutely delicious.”

She laughed again, this time, no doubt, at my forwardness. I looked at her face again, and smiled. She was no longer blushing, and had almost composed herself.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s okay. That just felt a little… different. I wasn’t really expecting it.”

This was enough to worry me a little.

“Not bad, I hope?”

“Oh, no, not at all. It was really nice once I got used to it.”

It was my turn – I fed her a grape.

“I have an idea.”

She got up and went upstairs, coming back with a scarf.

“You might Hd Porno find it even more interesting if you don’t know what I’m going to put in your mouth.”

I had to agree with that. I was already looking forward to the feelings of vulnerability and defencelessness that would come with being blindfolded. She gently removed my glasses and wrapped the scarf three times around my head. I could tell light from darkness, and nothing else.

“Now, why don’t you sit here on the floor and lean against the sofa?”

I complied. I couldn’t see, but I kept my ears peeled for the next cue to try to tell what was going to happen. I heard a gentle rustling, and the sound of something soft falling against her sofa. The next thing I knew, there was a grape being held against my lips. I opened my lips, and let her push it inside. I tightened my lips softly around her finger as she pulled it out. The grape was small and sweet. I smiled, but not for long – I leaned back and opened my mouth again for the next treat.

It was worth it. The next sensation I felt was her lips against mine. A kiss, innocent, loving, and gentle. It was over too quickly; maybe she was just testing the waters.

“Mmmm,” I encouraged her, and she kissed me again, the same way. This kiss went on a little longer. I opened my lips in a way I hoped she would find inviting. I had enjoyed having her finger in my mouth, but this promised far more excitement. Not long after, her tongue poked tentatively through. I sighed a clearly happy sigh, and she became more confident. We kissed for a long time, lips touching, and always with part of her inside of me. I stayed put – our little game was about enjoying putting things in my mouth, not hers!

Then she pulled back; we were both a little short of breath.

“That was utterly delectable.”

She laughed aloud. She didn’t know many men who talked the way I do.

“But I’m still hungry.” I meant it metaphorically, but she used the opportunity to feed me a cracker with a piece of blue cheese on it. I was still getting used to blue cheese, but she had every hope I would come around. Then she held a glass to my lips. I opened my mouth, and had a drink. Cold water; it was very refreshing.

“Thank you,” I said. She laughed at my formality. I heard her moving again. Soon, I felt the warmth of her body radiating on my face, and her skin against my lips. I reached my tongue out to see what I was dealing with. If she was in the mood to tease me, it could have been her arm, or her shoulder, Türkçe Altyazılı Porno or her stomach. But it was her nipple. My tongue played gently over it, and she sighed with satisfaction. I could feel my excitement mounting as I drew her into my mouth. I let my teeth, sheathed by my lips, meet around her, and flicked her with my tongue. Her breathing got faster, and I almost imagined could feel her temperature rising slightly. Mine was probably going up as well; I was intoxicated by the smell of her body: clean skin, fresh sweat, and a very feminine floral undertone. I focused on the task at hand; I didn’t want to get distracted and bite her harder than I had intended, and I knew I would have to make both nipples happy. She sighed again. It was almost a moan; I had the impression she was enjoying the attention I was lavishing on her. I was certainly enjoying giving it!

She pulled away, and fed me some more water.

“That was fantastic,” I said.

“I was just thinking the same thing!”

“Any more like that for me to work on?”

As answer, she leaned towards me again. I treated the other one as tenderly, as lovingly, as lustily, as I had the first. I smiled to myself as she moaned again. I wondered what would come next.

She had had enough; perhaps it was awkward for her to hold her herself to my mouth like that.

“Thank you,” I said. I meant it.

“Oh, no, thank you!” She emphasized the “you.”

I heard her sit back. I hoped we weren’t done yet. There were, after all, many parts of her which had not yet been anywhere near my mouth. But she didn’t say anything. She must have been plotting her next move.

Finally, she stood up. I heard more quiet rustling. I was more excited than I could remember being in a very long time. I liked this game.

I heard her breathe in deeply.

“Don’t be shy,” I whispered. “I want whatever you have to give me! If you could see the “real me,” you would know how much I am looking forward to the next round.”

She knew exactly what I meant.

“Okay,” she laughed. I could sense a shade of apprehension in her voice, but she clearly appreciated my encouragement.

I felt her sit down beside me. This wasn’t what I thought she would do. I was curious about what would come next. More cheese? Another drink? A few minutes for her to prepare herself? The suspense was agonizing, but at the same delightful. I really had no control over what was happening!

I sat back and relaxed, waiting. Brazzers Then it hit me; a luscious, powerful, womanly scent. I inhaled, deeply and appreciatively. I knew she was still sitting beside me; I had no idea how she had suddenly enveloped me in her perfume, but I didn’t care. I was suddenly rock hard.

“Now that is my favourite scent in the whole world.”

“I thought you would like it!”

Then I felt her finger touch me just below my nostrils. That was how she had done it! She had collected her nectar with her finger!

I opened my mouth, tilted my head upward, and quickly sucked her finger inside. I licked it even more thoroughly than I had the first time; it was important that she know, on a very primal level, how much I was enjoying this. Before long, however, I had cleaned her finger completely off. I opened my mouth and released it.

“My favourite flavour, too!” I said it in case she needed just a little more encouragement.

“Good,” she said.

I felt get her up from beside me. I tilted my head up again – this time, I was pretty sure what she would do, and was ready for just about anything, but when you can’t see, your sense of imagination is heightened. She moved quietly; I could feel her feet positioning themselves by my thighs, and the her legs on either side as she leaned against me. Her height was absolutely perfect; I felt completely relaxed and at piece as my lips caressed hers. I was happily adrift in her essence as my tongue pushed gently into her and ran along the inside of her lips. I heard felt her holding her breath as I circled the centre of her womanhood. I teased her, gently, with my lips, and let my tongue run back and fourth along her. I didn’t want this to ever end, but I was aware that the need to stay standing over me was likely to become a little distracting before too long. I decided not to be selfish, and went to work. I was gentle, but very thorough, constantly varying my rhythm and and technique as I worshipped her. I brought everything my lips, my tongue, and even my teeth had too offer. It didn’t take very long; I soon felt her entire body try to flex away. Not quite finished, she forced it back; a few seconds later, she arced away from me again, and sighed a long, comfortable sigh.

I broke the silence.

“That was fun!”

She was a little more matter-of-fact.

“Uh huh.”

Soon, she pulled the scarf off my eyes. She had dressed again; I hadn’t expected her to be so shy after our playtime together, but it was very endearing. I reached for the glass of water and held it to her lips as we sat side-by-side on her sofa again. We were both smiling and relaxed. She looked at me, and said,

“I like it when you put things in my mouth, too!”

“Well,” I said, reaching for the scarf. “I hope you have as much fun as I will!.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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