Sibling Revival-ry Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

The following work of fiction features sexual activity between siblings. If that’s not your thing… Boy are you looking in the wrong category! If it is, let me know how you like it. Feedback from readers is always helpful.

As always, all characters are over eighteen….. Yada, yada, yada.



My sister. What can I say about my sister?

Blonde. Pretty. Striking, huge blue eyes.

Yep, that’s my sister. At eighteen, she was about 5’4″, 120 pounds. Pretty athletic looking. Actually, she looked just like Mom, although Mom’s tits were bigger, but not by much. I looked more like dad, sort of.

Yeah that’s her. My sister. I loved her, of course, like a sister. An older sister. Two years older.

Yeah, that’s my sister, Natalie, all right.

What a cast iron bitch.

For as long as I can remember, Natalie treated me like shit. She took sibling rivalry to an entirely new level. If I did something to deserve it, I could understand it, but I never went out of my way to be mean. I know you’d expect me to say that, but it’s true.

Really, it’s true, because my earliest emotional recollection of my sister is that I loved her. Not brother-sister love, but real actual love. I was five when I told my parents I wanted to marry my sister, which they thought was cute, but I meant it, as much as a five year old can mean anything.

All of that, while she treated me like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

As we grew up, she was a constant thorn in my side, but it took a very long time for my feelings about her to change . Even when they did, they never went all the way over the loathing line.


The real trouble began when I turned eighteen.

I’m a pretty big guy, carrying 215 pounds on my 6’3″ frame, and I played football in high school. Since I was an athlete, I managed to get my share of cheerleader attention, going out with several, and getting lucky with a couple.

I was trying to increase the score to three one afternoon. The parents were at work, and I had been able to convince Brenda, a cute little brunette, to skip class and join me at home. Things were getting pretty hot and heavy, as I had divested her of most of her clothes. Her bra came off next, revealing a nice little pair of tits, which I was feasting on when the shit hit the fan.

“Well… Isn’t this interesting?” It was Natalie, being a bitch as usual, standing in the doorway. I hadn’t heard her come home. “Mom’s going to shit kittens when I tell her this!” She turned and left.

“Come back here!” I yelled, chasing after her. Brenda had been busy working on me, as well, so I was down to my underwear, but couldn’t just let her rat us out.

I guess Natalie hadn’t expected pursuit, because I caught her not far outside my door, tackling her to the ground. I got the upper hand easily, pinning her down under me by laying on her, and getting her flailing hands under control by grabbing her wrists.

“You’re not going to tell anyone anything!” I threatened. “I’ll kick your ass!”

Natalie was on her back, looking up at me hatefully. She struggled to get free, but I was stronger, and heavier. She was huffing and puffing, her big boobs crushed under my chest. I didn’t see her next move coming.

She craned her neck up…. and kissed me! Hard, right on the mouth, and since I was breathing hard as well, her tongue had no problem making its way into my mouth. I tried to pull back, but didn’t want to let her loose, so had to stay within range of her lips. It took about fifteen seconds before I decided I had to stop her, and released one wrist. I pushed her down, breaking away, and wiping her saliva off my mouth.

She took advantage, grabbing my hair and managing to wriggle free. I let her go, stunned at the feel of her lips on mine.

That’s when I saw Brenda, standing there, watching. She was clutching her clothes in front of her mostly nude body, a look of horror on her face.

“Ewww!” she gasped, “she’s your sister, you pervert!” She pushed past, and ran away.

Oh shit, I thought, she saw Natalie kiss me! And she thinks I was kissing her!


Just like that, I was screwed. The next day, I had gone from somewhat desirable jock to pariah in record time. The sole consolation I had was that the school year was almost over, only a couple of weeks remaining. My sister had successfully outed me, without even saying a word.

I was furious. Wouldn’t you be? My bitch sister had just ruined my life, and I had to hide everything. It’s not like I could tell my parents, could I? Worse still, I couldn’t even give her an appropriate punitive response, because that would bring Mom and Dad into it. I had to bide my time.

There was nothing I could do to explain away my problem. No one would believe me, anyway, as the first story always carries the most weight. So, if I was going to be damned for something I hadn’t done, I might as well let the crime fit the punishment. Someone gaziantep olgun escort bayan once said, ‘there is no one so free as someone with nothing to lose’.

My opportunity came a couple of weeks after ‘the kissing incident’. I was just getting home, and Dad was leaving, going out with the guys.

“Your Mother will be home in about an hour. Held up at work, I’m afraid, but she said she’s bringing pizza, so you’re in good hands,” he briefed me, jumping in his car.

“So, no one’s home?” I asked, thinking I might get in a little Internet porn before dinner.

“Just your sister. She’s in her room.”

Ah…. So much the better, I thought, the time of retribution is at hand!

I went inside very quietly, creeping up the stairs. Outside Natalie’s door, I could hear music inside. I turned the knob, very carefully, happy that it wasn’t locked, and pushed it ajar, just a hair. I stepped back.

Bursting into the room, I surprised her. She was trying on clothes, and I caught her mid change, wearing just a bra and panties. I hadn’t seen her in a bathing suit for quite a while, so I was astounded by her body, so lean and lithe. She screamed, of course.

“Get out of my fucking room, you little bastard!”

Right, I thought, almost a foot taller than you and nearly a hundred pounds heavier. ‘Little bastard’ indeed. You really need to update your material.

I closed on her, pushing her over on the bed. If not for my previously exemplary life, I would be treading on dangerous ground, invading Natalie’s privacy like this, but even if she told them, my parents wouldn’t believe it. I pounced on her, and she struggled, but again, she was outmatched. During the struggle, her boobs peeked out of her bra, and since I had her arms pinned, she couldn’t remedy the situation.

“Not so much fun when you’re the one getting spied on, is it?” I asked. She screamed again, and I put the pillow over her face, muffling the sound. She struggled more.

“Natalie…. Listen to me…. I’ll move the pillow so you can breathe, but you need to be quiet. Okay?” What I took to be ‘okay’ came from underneath. I moved the pillow.

She screamed again, and I buried her again. Finally, she realized she would have to cooperate, or learn to breathe through her toes. I removed the pillow again. When I did this time, I saw her right breast was almost completely out of her bra, and her left nipple was out in the open as well. She had much nicer tits that I would have thought, with perky, erect nipples.

“You really fucked me up with that kissing stunt, you know? Now I’m ‘the guy who kisses his sister’, and no one will talk to me, let alone go out with me.”

“Get the fuck off me!” she snarled. “What do I care?”

I noticed her phone, within reach on the edge of the bedside table, and picked it up.

“Tsk, tsk, you left it unlocked, Does the camera work?” I threatened. “Selfies of your tits, sent from your own phone. Definitely not socially acceptable. Mom will shit kittens…”

“Okay, I give… I’m sorry about what happened. It wasn’t my intention to have it ruin your life. I just needed to get you off of me, and it seemed like the best way. Can I cover up now?” she asked, glancing down at her chest.

“Um… No,” I replied. “Your little stunt cost me a chance to get laid. The least you can do is let me check out your tits.” She struggled again, only succeeding in making her situation worse.

“Fine,” she grumbled, resigned to her fate.

“I gotta say, Nats… They’re pretty nice. How big?” She glared at me. “How’s this camera work, again?”

“Shit!” she cursed, “34DD.” Her response was embarrassed, but also proud.

“Wow! Really nice rack! Seriously, Natalie,” I said, honestly. I let her up, and she immediately grabbed the pillow to cover herself.

“Thank you? Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?”

“Take it any way you want,” I replied, walking out. “We’re not done yet, Sis. You still owe me.”

“The only thing I owe you is a knee in the balls!” she growled, slamming the door, and locking it.

Thus began the battle, with each of us trying to get to upper hand. She had spied on me, then I had seen her tits, which were really, really nice, by the way. I didn’t expect her to give in, and the ball was in her court, so I knew she would pull something.

It took about a week. I was in the shower, and felt the temperature of the water change, going cold very quickly. I exited, drying off and going to investigate. I found the washer running, full hot, with nothing in it. Also the kitchen tap, and downstairs powder room tap. Little wonder I didn’t have any hot water, and no question whose handiwork it was. Natalie was reading a book in living room, trying to hide her delight. Fine. My serve.

Her room was right next to mine, and our windows were side by side. One day while she was out, I rigged her window with some fishing line that would allow gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan me to slide hers sideways, opening it, from my window. All I needed to do now is wait for the weather I wanted.

Two weeks later, clear nighttime skies made it very cold overnight, near freezing. The weather forecast had publicized it, so all I had to do is unlock her window, and let her go to sleep.

I would have liked to see her face when she woke up in a meat locker, but her reaction when I did see her was worth it.

“I don’t know how you got into my room through a locked door,” she laughed.

It seemed to signal a change in the course of events, as there was less malice in the pranks. There were lots of stolen towels during showers. She stole all my underwear once. I tied all her bras in a knot. She short-sheeted my bed. I hot glued her phone to the ceiling in her bedroom and called her at two in the morning. We were nothing if not creative.

Then things kind of settled down for a while. I was expecting her to retaliate again, but nothing happened. Days went by, then weeks, and she did nothing, even treating me with more kindness than usual. She was lulling me, and it worked.

I was in the shower, and my mind was filled with images of a hot blonde getting ploughed by a black guy’s huge dick, the last thing I’d seen on my favourite Internet porn site. There was a corresponding increase in blood flow to my dick, and once it was good and hard, I conscientiously cleaned it. Okay, that’s just a happy by-product ; I soaped up my cock and was jerking off like a madman. I didn’t hear her come into the bathroom.

Suddenly, the shower curtain flew open, and Natalie stood there with her cell phone, recording video. She caught me with a handful of soapy erection.

“Gotcha!” she laughed, but she got a surprise as well, arriving just as I was spewing my thick load on the shower wall. “Holy shit!” she hissed, her eyes locked on my cock as I stroked it, unable to stop. “I…. What are you?…. I mean….. Shit!…. I’m sorry!” Throughout it all, my dick kept blasting white goo onto the wall, and she kept recording, finally prying her eyes away and bolting out of the room about the time I was finished cumming. I was so stunned, I didn’t even say anything, and my knees shook in the aftermath of my climax, so it took me a few minutes to rinse, dry off, and follow her. She wasn’t hiding, and I found her sitting on her bed, the door to her room open wide.

“Natalie,” I began, planning a threat, but she held up her hand.

“I know…. I’m so sorry. I wanted to catch you naked, but not…. um…. doing…. that thing you were doing. I apologize,” she whispered. Her demeanour led me to believe she meant it.

“Okay, Nats. Apology accepted,” I replied, sitting next to her. I was still only wearing a towel, but no one else was home. “I take it you’ll delete the video?”

“Yeah,” she said, handing me her phone, “go ahead.” She smiled. “Too bad…. It’s pretty hot. I’d almost like to keep it…. Just for me…. For when I feel the need to…. you know.”

You watched it? Again? Already?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oh yeah! You’ve got a real nice cock, baby brother!” she laughed. “How big is it?” she asked.

“You don’t really expect an answer?” I retorted

“Hey, you wouldn’t let me off the hook until I told you my bra size,” she said, snatching her phone back, “so tell, or I’ll show!”

“I don’t suppose you’d believe ‘I don’t know’ as an answer?”

She shook her head. “Not a chance. Every guy I know has measured his dick, so I’m sure you’re no different. Spill it.”

I sighed, beaten. “Nine inches.”

“Yowza!” she gasped, “That’ll do the job! Pretty thick, too, from what I’ve seen,” she continued, thumbing her phone to start the video again.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I growled, yanking the phone from her fingers. I saw my dick squirting on the screen before I hit the delete command.

“Party pooper!” she giggled, pouting. She caught the phone as I tossed it back on my way out.


“By way of an apology for my indiscretion the other day, I left you a little something on your phone,” Natalie said. “Just keeping the field level.” She smiled at me and left.

I fumbled with my phone, eager to get a peek at….. whatever. There it was; a 45 second video recorded today. I pressed play.

Oh my god! I thought, as the screen was filled with a view of what I assumed was Natalie’s crotch. A landing strip of blonde pubes peeked out from between her closed thighs , but the thighs didn’t stay closed, parting slowly until a very pretty pussy was revealed, pouting open like a flower. Bright pink showed from inside, before two fingers entered the frame, and opened the lips wider, giving me a view of her clit as well. Just before the screen went black, another finger moved in, and dipped into the wet opening, trailing strings of moisture as it withdrew.

“Holy gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan fuck!” I groaned, immediately rock hard.

I walked silently to my sister’s room, where I found her laying back on the bed, reading. I said nothing. She looked at me, and I kissed my phone.

“Why, thank you for the compliment,” she laughed, before whispering, “Now erase it. I had to. Now you do too.”

“Okay,” I begrudgingly relented, doing so. “Really nice, though. Really nice.”

I went back to my room, and closed the door. My dick was still hard, and I couldn’t get my sister’s pretty pussy out of my head, so I did what most guys would do in this situation. I pulled it out, and whacked off. I admit to feeling a little weird about doing it to thoughts of my own sister, but it was either cum or explode, so I blew my wad into a tissue. I did it again in the middle of the night, too. Natalie’s cunt had me obsessed. It was as I was stroking myself for the third time that night I had an idea. A way to get more.

The next day, just after lunchtime, Mom went out to run some errands, leaving Nats and I home alone. She was sitting in the backyard, reading one of her textbooks, when I walked up.

“Sis, you you have your phone?” I asked, not really needing and answer. I could see it sitting on the table beside her.

“Yeah,” she answered, handing it over. “You’re not going to glue it to anything, are you?”

“Oh no, I promise. No glue,” I said, taking it from her and turning away. I reevaluated that response and looked back. “Maybe sticky, but no glue.”

The look on her face was priceless. Surprise gave way to confusion, then outright lust as she pieced it together. “Ooooooo! Go bro!”

Upstairs in the bathroom, I propped her phone up on some towels, facing into the mirror, angled down slightly to keep my face out of the video, since I didn’t intend to force her to delete this one. I took a deep breath, and pressed record.

I had stripped down to my underwear, so I began by peeling them down. I was still mostly soft, but the thought of my sister watching this while playing with her slippery gash, was more than enough to get me hard quickly. I gave her a profile view, as well as a front view, then got down to it, squirting a little bit of Mom’s hand lotion onto the head and starting to stroke myself. It wasn’t long before I began to ooze a little pre-cum, and I made sure she could see the drops as they appeared. Despite last nights abuse, I was pretty horny, and it didn’t take long for me to be on the verge of cumming.

Part of me wanted to prolong it, showing how long I could last, but I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Gonna cum, Natalie,” I growled, stroking faster. “Uhn! Yes!”

A long rope of semen shot forward, nearly two feet, across the bathroom counter, landing like a freshly painted highway line. Another followed, and a third, before the final drops left the counter looking like a Jackson Pollock original. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me, and I decided to ratchet the lewdness up a notch. I rubbed the head of my cock around the counter, ploughing through the glop, smearing it about, and scooping up a big dollop, which I let drip back off. Finally, I turned the recording off.

I sat down heavily on the toilet seat, trying to catch my breath. It took me a few minutes to regain my composure. I cleaned myself up, then dealt with the countertop, even using Mom’s spray cleaner to do a good job. I dressed and left the room.

When I walked out into the yard, Natalie was waiting impatiently, watching me approach her. I tossed her the phone.

“Here you go. Enjoy yourself…. I sure did,” I laughed, flopping down into the chair next to hers.

A smile like none I’d ever seen crossed her face, a mixture of joy, lust and anticipation. She held out her hand expectantly.

“Your phone please,” she laughed, “tit for tat, as it were.”

“Yes Ma’am!” I gasped, quickly fishing my cell out of my pocket and handing it to her. She wasted no time, virtually running inside.

Twenty minutes later, she was back, looking a little unsteady on her feet, and a bit dishevelled. She plunked down beside me.

“Whew! That was good! I haven’t cum like that for months,” she laughed. “Thanks, little brother! Although, I guess… given what I’ve just seen… I need to drop the ‘little’ part.” She smiled and handed me my phone back. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

This time, I was the one racing into the house, and up the stairs, into my room. I ripped my clothes off, jumped on my bed, and pressed play.

The screen went from black to blue. It took a few seconds for me to realize that the blue was a big towel, spread out on Natalie’s bed. The camera readjusted as thighs appeared on both sides, then again as the rest of her body came into frame. She was naked, laying on her back, with my phone looking up her body from between her legs. I could see her pussy in the centre, her yummy tits at the top of the frame, but, as I had, she had carefully positioned herself to exclude her face. Her phone was in her hand. I was getting to watch her get herself off while she watched me getting myself off, and got myself off. If you think that’s confusing, how do you think I was feeling? I was caught in a vicious cycle; lusting after a very attractive woman, with a spectacular body, that just happened to have my sister’s face attached to it, hence the conflicted feelings.

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