Shaun’s Story

Big Cock

It’s Friday night and it’s been such a bad day at work. I feel like letting loose. I want a drink and whatever else will make me forget about work. My friend Emily and I plan to meet for drinks so I go home to relax and shower before going out. In the shower, the hot water feels so good running over my body. I wash my body with vanilla sugar body wash and after drying; I rub the matching lotion all over my body. With wet hair, I lie back on my bed and just let my mind wander. It’s been a long time and I really miss being touched. Being caressed. Having my body stroked until it hums. My hands are on my stomach and they start to move without conscious effort on my part. Over my stomach and up to my breasts. My nipples instantly get hard as I start to slide my hands over them, my fingers teasing them with little pinches. I can feel my pussy getting wet. I slide my hands down my stomach and spread my legs. My fingers move over my pussy and feel the wetness. So slick. So hot. I think about how bad I need to be fucked. I slide one finger inside my wet cunt.

The phone rings. Damn! I force myself out of the bed promising myself that tonight I will revisit those thoughts…. This time with my toys! After fixing my hair and putting on my makeup, I begin to get dressed. Standing naked in front of the closet, I decide to wear my new dress. It finally feels like spring outside and is warm enough for the dress I bought. Soft material. Above the knee. It feels so good against my skin. Makes me feel soft and feminine. And it matches my new bra and panties. Black lace. Black dress. Black shoes. Black bag. I could be a cat burglar. Maybe I’ll steal something tonight.

I pick out the perfume I want to wear. Burberry I think. It always makes me feel sexy. Next I put on my jewelry. All done. I think I’m ready.

Oh shit…I look at the clock and realize I’m late. I promised Emily I wouldn’t be late. She hates sitting in the bar alone waiting for me. I jump into the car and hope I can make it on time. I start speeding and pretty soon there are blue lights in my rearview mirror. Just what I need.

I watch the cop get out of the car and walk up to my window. He leans down and asks to see my insurance and drivers license. I hand it to him. Damn he looks good. My mind immediately goes back to my bed when I was touching myself. I think I have just found who I will fantasize about later tonight. I’ve always had a fantasy about cops…how sexy they look in their uniforms, being “taken”… he goes back to his car and in a few minutes, returns with his ticket book. Do you know how fast you are going? Yes sir, but my grandmother is in the hospital and she needs me. I promised her I would hurry. I’m sorry, I won’t speed anymore. I’ll slow down. You stare right into me. It starts to make me uncomfortable. And a little wet. I think about how I wish you’d look at me like that while you slam that big dick into my cunt. I shift in the seat and my dress rides up my legs a bit. I catch you watching my legs. Rize Escort I lean closer to you and you can clearly see down the top of my dress. I almost giggle to myself thinking…Like what you see? Then let me out of this ticket. Your eyes travel back up my face and you tell me to slow down and let me go. I pull away thinking…Sucker!

At the bar, Emily and I have a good laugh over that. We wonder if you ever let ugly women out of tickets or just the ones who flash you a bit of tit and ass.

We have a few drinks and it gets later in the night. I finally feel relaxed and we start dancing. Some guy comes up to me and starts dancing with me. Behind me. Emily is dancing in front of me and by the look on her face, I can tell I’ll like what I see when I turn around. I begin to turn and he puts his hands on my waist to stop me. He leans in and speaks into my ear. Oh god he smells good. And his voice…..Mmm I glance around and definitely like what I see. I want to turn around and get a better look but he won’t let me. He keeps his hands at my sides, moving down a bit more onto my hips. Pulls me closer to him so I can not turn around and I can’t really see him if I turn my head. I really don’t mind because now I can feel how hard his body is against mine. Hard chest. Nice big hands. One of his legs moves between mine. My ass grinds into him. I smile as I feel him get hard against my ass. I am so turned on.

What a whore I think to myself. Here’s this stranger that I really haven’t even seen well. I don’t know his name. Yet I am letting him put his hands on me and grind his hard dick into my ass. If he pulled me out of the bar and pushed me up against the wall to fuck me…I wouldn’t resist at all. He leans in close to my neck. I turn just enough to ask his name. Shaun he says. Hmmm. Before I can tell him mine, he leans in again and says…..Well Jenn, I guess it’s a miracle. Granny must be feeling much better. I freeze and it dawns on me who you are. I try to turn but you hold me tighter. One hand stays on my hip and the other moves over my stomach to hold me tight against your body. I hear you laugh.

Now I realize why your voice sounded familiar. I try to explain and you laugh even more. Give it up you say. You knew I was lying before it even came out of my mouth. I blush and ask how you knew where I’d be. You say you didn’t but couldn’t believe it when you saw me here. You turn me around so that I am facing you. My chest rubbing against yours. You step in closer to me and hold me tightly. You smile mischievously as you lean in and say…But you know, you do owe me for not giving you a ticket. I just laugh and tell you good luck trying to get me to pay up. You don’t smile as you lean in again and tell me that you don’t think it will be a problem. That scares me just a little and I try to pull away. Your grip is too tight and I can’t move.

Emily walks up and tells me her boyfriend has just gotten there and wants to leave. He doesn’t want to be at Rize Escort Bayan the bar. The way she says it and laughs lets me know they are going home to fuck. You want me to leave my car? she asks and raises her eyebrows as she grins at you. Before I can answer, you tell her that you’ll take care of me. Oh I’m sure you will she says and walks away. I am speechless. My best friend has just left me in a bar with a complete stranger. ne that thinks I owe him something. I don’t know if the tingle in my body is from fear or from wanting to fuck you so badly. Maybe both. Maybe the fear adds to the want. We’ll just have to see. All I know is that my pussy is wet and my body tingles where you touch it.

You take my hand and bring me to the bar. We sit and order drinks. You turn our chairs so that we are facing each other. My legs are crossed and they fit right between yours. You have one hand on my leg and the other on your drink. Your thumb is making small circles on the inside of my leg. You feel me squirm under your touch and smile. You know I want you. Your ego is a little much for me and I decide that two can play this game. Using your chair, I pull mine closer to you and uncross my legs. Now one of my legs is between yours and the other is on the outside of your legs. My dress rides up a bit as I scoot in closer. I put my hand on your leg and begin to slide it up. You sit up a little straighter and put your hand on mine. You lean in and whisper to me that I shouldn’t play games I can’t win. I smile back and tell you that I always win. Your eyes leave mine and travel down my body. You have a clear view down my dress. Like what you see? You laugh. Yes, just as much as I did when you showed me earlier. I move my leg up and down yours. I am so close to you that your knee has moved under my dress and is so close to my pussy. Can you feel the heat? Can you fee how wet you make me? Hope so. My hand travels farther up your leg and my fingers graze your hard dick. Be careful you warn. I smile and ask if you are going to bite me. Among other things is your response.

Excuse me while I go to the restroom? You stand to help me off the barstool. My body slides down yours as I get down and I drag my hand across your body as I walk away. I laugh when I feel your stomach muscles tighten.

I take forever in the bathroom hoping that drives you crazy. I open the door and begin to walk back towards the bar. I am grabbed from behind and pulled into the alley behind the bar. I get such a rush from the initial fear. Then I smell you and I get another rush from the thoughts of what you are going to do to me.

Out in the alley, you push me face first against the wall. Your body holds me in place and your hands start to move up and down my sides. You place a foot in between mine and kick my feet apart. I feel how hard your dick is pressing into my ass. God I want to be fucked. Not here I tell you but you don’t even hear me. Your hips start moving into me as your hands begin Escort Rize to pull my dress up. You rip my panties off. You’re scaring me I tell you. Good you say. I try to push you off of me and turn around but it’s no use. You’ve got your pants undone and your big dick in your hand, stroking it. Please don’t I beg. I keep begging and you laugh into my ear. You pick me up and push me down onto the car in the alley. My chest and head flat on the hood and my bare ass sticking up for you. You lean over me and I feel your hard dick pres against me. Ready to be fucked like you’ve never been fucked before? I get even more scared when I feel your dick begin to slide in. Once you get the head in you ram your dick the rest of the way in. Oh god! You stetch my pussy so wide with your dick and show no mercy as you fuck me as hard and fast as you can. At first I fight. This is not what I wanted. I need the control back. I want you to get off me. Please. You hold my hips and continue pounding into my pussy. It’s hard for me to remember why I want to stop when it feels so good. You feel so good inside of me as you fuck me hard. My begging for you to stop becomes begging for you to fuck me harder. Faster. Deeper.

My orgasm builds until I want to scream. As I begin to cum, I do scream. You reach around and cover my mouth with your hand. Your other hand assaults my clit and you make me cum again. I can’t stop it. I just want you to keep fucking me. You begin fucking me even harder and I feel you cum inside me. Collapsing on top of the car, you don’t pull out. Your dick feels so good inside me. My body still shaking. I can feel your body shake on top of mine. You lift off and I beg you to stay. We can’t stay out here all night you laugh. You lift me off the hood and straighten my dress. Pick up my panties and put them in your pocket. Take my hand and walk down the alley and to your truck.

You open the driver’s door and sit me on the seat. I start to turn my legs into the truck and scoot over. Your hand stops my left leg and you push my dress up so that you can look at me. I’m going to make you scream again you tell me. You lean forward and begin to eat me. Your tongue licks up and down my pussy. Sliding in and out. I moan as you tongue fuck me. Your fingers spread my lips and begin circling my clit. Oh god I’m going to cum again. You move one hand up my body and place your fingers inside my mouth. I taste myself on your fingers as my body explodes into your mouth. Before I even come down from my orgasm, you have your dick out and begin slamming my pussy again. You are so hard and I love the way your dick fills me up. We both climax quickly and lay against the seat trying to breath. You tell me…Sorry, I really meant to take this slower and not attack you in the alley or here in my truck. I wanted you on the bed, comfortable and slow. I just smile and kiss you hard on the mouth.

I want you everywhere, I respond. So take me home and we’ll try the comfortable bed. Right after you fuck me against the door. On the floor in the hall. Against the wall. And later, I expect a nice hot shower. Fuck me there too? And I know you’ll expect to eat. Will you fuck me against the counter if I follow you in the kitchen? Mmmm hurry and get me home. Please……

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