Shanti’s Sexual Odyssey Ch. 07


I am Shanti and this is an episode or series of episodes during my College days.

Summer had arrived and school was out for the summer. My “sort of” boyfriend, Prakash, and I were taking it easy after a very hectic Semester of college. We both had part time jobs on campus, which were not very taxing.

We were making the most of our free time by partying, sun bathing, and enjoying a lot of sex.

Two years of college, away from family and hometown, had liberated me considerably. I had enjoyed my fair share of the men on campus, and continued to do so with Prakash’s blessing.

He was a stud, and got his share of “strange” also. We both enjoyed sharing stories of our sexual exploits with others, which really got us hot for each other.

Prakash and I had been getting it on at least twice a week for the past several months, and truly enjoyed pleasing each other.

We were very compatible, both in personal nature and sexual preferences.

There was nothing that either of us would not do for the other sexually, including fixing the other up with partners. During the last quarter, I had arranged for Prakash to be shared by two of my girlfriends who swung both ways.

They were roomies, and I had bragged to them about Prakash’s prowess and equipment. When they both expressed a desire to fuck him, I promised to set it up, under the provision that they both do him at the same time. I had not warned Prakash of the two girls’ intents when I asked him to pick me up at their place one night.

Naturally, I was gone when he arrived, but he was thrilled beyond words when the two coeds took him to their bed. Since both girls were attractive, and very horny, Prakash had the night of his life.

When I asked him about the incident the following day, he told me that it was the fulfillment of a lifetime fantasy.

I told him he would have to do the same for me some time, as I had always had a fantasy about servicing a group of men. He promised that he would set it up for me. Little did I know what a treat I was in for a massive treat of this kind, full of sex and sleaze muck and pleasure?

A couple weeks ago, Prakash told me he was going to the sea shore for a fishing trip over the weekend. Being a very “outdoorsy” kind of babe, I immediately agreed to go along.

I wasn’t interested in fishing, but I was anxious to get away from the city, and do some skiing and swimming in the cool lake around the sea.

We were going to stay in a friend’s father’s cabin about four hours away. It had been a long time since I had gotten away, and was really looking forward to the trip.

The night before we were to leave, I spent the night with Prakash.

As I was completing our packing, Prakash came up behind me and started squeezing my tits and rubbing his shaft against my firm buns. Having my big tits rubbed, always gets me hot, and I am always ready to jump Prakash’s bones. Prakash spent a long time sucking and fondling my sensitive boobs, before moving down to munch at my sweet pussy.

We are both very orally oriented, and I was brought to orgasm twice by Prakash’s talented tongue. After my second `O’ Prakash lay back on the bed, with his big hard on standing straight up for me to enjoy.

I moved to return the favor, loving the taste and feel of his big cock. I teased his nuts and cock for a while, before moving to suck the shaft into my hot mouth.

One of the reasons I stay with Prakash is definitely his big cock. When erect, it stands about nine inches tall, and is about as round as a silver dollar.

After several months of regular practice, I have proudly learned to swallow the whole thing deep into my throat. As I worked my oral magic that night, Prakash started talking to me about my talent.

He told me that I was the best cock sucker east of the Chennai and how sexy I looked with my mouth full of hard cock or my lips dripping with fresh come.

His monologue made me hotter, and I increased my action on his erection, sworn to give him the best head ever.

As I worked his big tool in and out of my tight throat, Prakash started telling me how he looked forward to seeing me suck cock all weekend.

At first I thought he meant that we would be spending a lot of time together.

As his hot talk continued, Prakash told me how sexy I would look with my mouth full of cock and my sweet pussy being filled at the same time.

I began to get the idea that this was to be more than a fishing trip! I pulled Prakash’s rod from my lips long enough to ask “Who is going to be on this trip?”

Prakash replied that we were joining Chintu, Taj and Karan for the trip. As I resumed snacking on Prakash’s tool, I pictured the studs he had mentioned.

I knew all three guys, and had had wet dreams about each of them at some time in the past. All were big masculine studs.

They were all very attractive, and my pussy began throbbing at the thought of getting it on with all of them.

The steamy thoughts caused me to redouble my ministrations on Prakash, and he soon treated me to a hot mouthful of delicious Rize Escort come, I gulped Prakash’s seed and milked him dry, all the while thinking about the weekend to come.

I kept sucking Prakash as his tool drooped and then grew again in my mouth. When he was hard again, I climbed up and mounted him. As I rode his big cock, we bantered about what I was to expect.

Prakash had not told the guys that I was coming, and certainly not that I would be at their disposal for the weekend. I was thrilled by the prospect of fucking and sucking not just two guys at once, but having four hot studs at my disposal. “However you want to seduce them, is up to you,”

Prakash told me, “I know they all lust after your hot body, and they have all told me that you have the greatest tits and ass on campus. It won’t take much encouragement from you to get in their pants!”

This only made me hornier, and I came all over Prakash’s cock as he shot his spunk into my pussy. As we lay in the afterglow of orgasmic bliss, I hugged Prakash, and asked, “You really won’t mind seeing me fuck your hot stud friends?” Prakash just laughed. “After the treat you gave me by setting me up with Monica and Vijaya, I’d watch you fuck the entire Indian Army.”

We talked about several ways I could go about offering myself to the crowd, and I fell asleep with visions of cock filling my brain. Before I begin my sordid tale, perhaps I should introduce myself.

My name is Shanti. I am a college senior at Madras University.

My five foot six frame is gracefully curved and topped with a succulent pair of tits. Prakash, and a number of other guys I’ve dated, have convinced me that my firm tits cause instant hard-on to grow wherever I go on campus.

The fact that I dress to show them off, and rarely wear a bra, means that they get a lot of attention.

My face is OK, no raving beauty, but nothing to sneeze at either. My second best asset is my tight ass. I always wore something short, tight or both to show off my squeezable cheeks.

My shoulder length hair is a dirty black and very thick.

I can never do a thing with it in the high humidity of the southern summers, so it usually just hangs loose and wild. Guys tell me that I look like a lioness, and those who are lucky enough to land me in the sack, find out that I am as wild as one also.

My long legs have a nice summer tan, and although they aren’t as shapely as I’d like, they still attract attention on their own. Generally, I come in a very nice package, filled with a desire for sex.

Prakash and I met the others at Taj’s father’s house, just outside of town. We took two vehicles, Prakash and I in his pickup followed the others in Taj’s older Tata Safari.

Once we had escaped the morning traffic, we stopped for a real country breakfast. All of us crowded into one booth, with me sandwiched between Prakash and Chintu. I was wearing a brief camisole under a tank top and ultra-short, white cutoffs. All through the meal, I would accidentally rub my soft legs or breasts against Chintu.

I always excused myself, complaining that the booth was too small, but Chintu never seemed to mind. My pussy was getting moist from the feel of all this manly flesh around me.

I had always wanted to have my way with Chintu, but the situation never seemed to arise. I was confident that this would change today. After filling ourselves on breakfast, we all piled back into the trucks for the rest of the trip. We arrived at the secluded cabin around noon.

While the others got the boat into the water, Chintu, Prakash and I moved the provisions into the cabin. It was very rustic, but clean. The cabin was basically one large room that served as kitchen, den and bedrooms. Two double beds stood against one wall, while a pull out sofa, coffee table and a couple of armchairs filled the opposite side of the room.

A small kitchen table and chairs occupied a corner of the kitchen section, and a small room for toilet and shower was just off the kitchen.

The place seemed comfortable while still maintaining the feel of the outdoors. Karan and Taj came in and announced that the boat was ready to launch, and we should all go out for a ride.

I dropped my shorts and pulled off my tank top, announcing, “I’m ready to go!” I smiled inside as I saw Taj and Chintu’s eyes bulge at the sight of my tantalizing body. The minuscule white camisole hid very little of my tight body.

My firm 36 C’s stood proudly from my chest, threatening to burst from the thin material. The top was only big enough to hide my nipples and areoles, while most of the tit flesh pushed together to form a deep cleft of cleavage. The suit bottoms were cut very high and were about a half size too small. The bottoms of my compact cheeks were exposed by the brief bottoms.

I had decided not to wear a T-back the first day out, as I didn’t want to be too blatant in my seduction. We grabbed a cooler with some drinks and beers and piled into the boat.

I moved to the front seats, and as we pulled from the dock, I made quite a production of coating Rize Escort Bayan myself with tanning oil. I got a kick out of watching the guys pretend not to watch me.

I took a long time sensuously coating all my exposed flesh with the shiny oil. In order to coat my legs, I bent at the waist, with my ass jutting out at the guys, as I smoothed the oil over my long stems. When I finished, I bounced to the back of the boat to grab a coke from the cooler.

Quick glances showed that my audience had appreciated my little show. Taj and Chintu appeared to have full erections, while Prakash and Karan were showing swelled bulges as well. Proud of my ability to create such excitement, I returned to my spot out front, and lay back to enjoy the hot sun.

After cruising for a while, Taj pulled the boat into a cove and announced that it was too hot and time for a dip.

After dropping anchor, we all jumped into the refreshing water. Feeling frisky, I tried to sneak up on Chintu and tried to dunk him. He caught me at the last second, dunking me instead.

As we frolicked, Chintu took every opportunity to cop quick feels of my slick body. At one point, I wrapped my long legs around his waist, as he tried to push me under.

When I refused to let go, he dove under taking me with him.

As we both sputtered to the surface, he pulled me to him one hand locking on my ass. I did not resist, and clung to his broad shoulders as he carried us to standing depth in the water.

As I let go, I slid under the water, allowing my taunt buns to rub his bulging crotch. I was impressed.

Chintu was easily as well hung as Prakash, and my lust grew even greater.

I splashed in the refreshing water with each of the guys, and they each took every opportunity to touch and rub my hot oily body.

I was very excited by the time we decided to go out skiing. As we climbed back into the boat, Chintu was right behind me.

I looked back at him as I hung off the ladder, my ass only a foot from his handsome face. He mimed biting at my ass, causing me to wink back at him.

As Chintu climbed up, he caught a loose piece of molding on the side of the ladder, and cut a long slice in his left thigh.

The cut didn’t look too deep, but it wouldn’t stop bleeding. We wrapped it in an old towel, while Chintu took the boat back to our dock.

Prakash remarked that we had a good first aid kit packed at the cabin. When we got to the dock, I volunteered to play nurse while the others skied. I helped Chintu hobble back to the cabin. Although I’m sure he could walk fine, Chintu held on to me for the short walk up the hill. I left him on the porch, as I went in to fetch the kit. I washed out the wound, which did not appear to require stitches, and rubbed antiseptic on his rock hard thigh. No band aid was big enough, so I got out some gauze to fashion a wrap.

I told Chintu to stretch his leg out, as I knelt between his muscular thighs. I took my time wrapping the wound, all the while rubbing his legs with my nearly exposed tits. Chintu looked greedily down my top, and as I watched, his cock stiffened to a firm bulge in his brief suit. After taping the bandage, I looked up from between Chintu’s powerful legs into his winning brown eyes.

“Does that feel better?” I cooed, planting a light kiss on the bandage. Chintu remarked,

“It would feel a lot better if you kept kissing.” I softly ran my long nailed fingers over his muscular legs, stopping just shy of his bulging crotch.

“Would you really like that?” I asked as I tossed my golden tresses behind my shoulders. I slowly moved one long nail up to the bulge in his suit.

Chintu groaned as I commented, “It appears that you have another large problem that needs attending to!” I bent to kiss his tight abdomen, rubbing my tits firmly against his bulging cock.

“Would you like me to help you with this?” I purred, as I squeezed my tits around his stiff member.

“Oh God Yes!” Chintu practically yelled. “Please?” he added questioningly.

I was in a trance as I gripped the waistband of Chintu’s suit, and started to remove his wet suit. As the thin material was removed, his huge erection sprang out, slapping me on the cheek.

I smiled up at him as I took the big tool in my hand and began stroking it.

“I think I can find a way to help” I told him.

I stopped to admire this new cock that I had desired for months. Chintu was as long as Prakash was, but not quite as thick. His hairy balls were huge though. I gently licked around each hairy nut, taking each softly between my lips as Chintu held my head lightly.

I kissed my way up the length of the pole, until I reached the throbbing head. I licked my lips as I prepared to swallow the first new cock of the weekend. Ever so slowly, I eased my mouth over Chintu’s erection. I heard him gasp, and his cock twitched as I wrapped my long tongue around his sensitive glans. My wet mouth took more and more of this beautiful tool, until the big head butted against my throat. Breathing through my nose, to suppress my gag reflex, Escort Rize I pushed down, and was rewarded by Chintu’s warm dick head filling my throat. Chintu held my head tightly as he urged me on. “Oh Shanti, nobody has ever taken so much of me like that before. Please don’t ever stop, it feels so Good!” I had no intentions of stopping, but to tease him and I crept my mouth off his organ.

Kneeling between Chintu’s muscular legs, I reached behind and untied my top. It fell free, and my big boobs fell free. I palmed the smooth tanned globes, and wrapped them around Chintu’s glistening member. Chintu took over, gripping the soft flesh around his cock, as he began to fuck my tits.

I bent my head down, so I could lick his cock head as it appeared between my full breasts. Chintu was becoming frantic.

I could tell he was ready to let go any second. Not wanting to waste any man cream, I swooped down and sucked hard on his full cock. I only had to pump about five times before Chintu let loose a cry of pleasure and creamed in my sucking mouth. His load was thick and salty, but somehow sweet.

I had to gulp rapidly to catch it all, but I was ready, and got every delicious drop.

I continued to suck Chintu’s tool until it went soft in my mouth. I moved up and sat on Chintu’s lap and asked, “Feel better now?” Chintu answered by giving me a long wet kiss. His load was still fresh in my mouth, but he didn’t seem to care. His strong hands roamed my body almost frantically. It was as though he didn’t know what to grab first. He kissed down my slender neck to my boobs, where he buried his face in my ample cleavage. “I’ve been dying to see these beauties since the first time Prakash…” Chintu stopped abruptly and quickly sat up, nearly knocking me from his lap. “Oh my God” he gasped.

“What about Prakash? Oh shit!” I almost broke out laughing at Chintu’s expression. He looked as though he had seen a ghost.

“Don’t worry,” I assured him. “Prakash and I have an understanding. He knows that I love cocks and that I am not ready to settle for one man just yet.” Chintu looked questioningly at me.

I could sense the battle going on in his mind-Friendship vs. Lust.

“But what if they walk in on us?” Chintu queried.

“Well, the more the merrier, I always say!” Chintu looked shocked,

“You wouldn’t care if everyone saw us?.”

I didn’t want to reveal all my plans just yet, so I got up to look out the window. Bending deeply at the waist, I jutted my firm buns his way as I checked out the lake. I saw that Taj was just putting on a life vest for his turn on the skis.

“They’re still skiing,” I told him, wiggling my tight ass his way. “We have plenty of time”

Chintu crept up behind me, gripping my tight buns.

“You don’t know how much I’ve lusted after you” Chintu whispered. “This is a fantasy come true!” I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine.

“This is a fantasy come true to me too” I told him.

We kissed deeply, crushing my firm tits and his renewed erection between us. Chintu backed me across the room, gently laying me across one of the double beds.

Towering over me as I lay back, Chintu announced,

“I have to eat your pussy!” He fell to his knees next to the bed, and began stroking my long, smooth, tanned legs, kissing his way up to my thighs. I spread my legs, inviting the dark haired man to take me as he so badly desired. Chintu’s fingers slipped into the waist of my skimpy half churidar camisole bottoms and slid them over my trim hips and down my legs.

He pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and lifted my parted legs over his muscular shoulders. I heard him gasp, “What a beautiful pussy.” That’s not the first time I’ve heard that comment.

I really do have a pretty pussy and I even love looking at it myself. The small lips at the crown barely conceal my love button. When I’m excited, my clit spreads those little lips wide and looks like the tip of a thumb. The full fleshy lips surrounding my slit are coral pink.

The long folds part in the center, resembling a pouting, inviting mouth. I keep my dark blond bush trimmed short. I shave cleanly around the slit, leaving a trim downy bush just above my hooded button.

Chintu showed his appreciation of my lovely display by diving right in and I knew from the first touch of his thick tongue, that I was in for a treat. Chintu was obviously no stranger to oral loving.

His tongue and lips fluttered all over my sensitive privates while his big, strong hands kneaded my tits.

Within minutes, I was moaning and writhing in delight. Chintu’s tongue slid inside my slit, feeling like a thin cock as it probed my insides. His soft, full lips closed over my puffy ones as he caressed my whole pussy with his mouth.

He slid one hand down my firm tummy to rub my, now fully extended, clit. Removing his tongue, Chintu slipped one thick finger between my pouting folds, and began rubbing the ultra-sensitive area behind my clit. He locked his lips on my clit while massaging the protruding bud with his warm tongue. The combined action of his mouth and finger created a new sensation I had never felt before. Pressure built in my bladder as wave of sensation coursed through my body. I felt as though I was going to pee all over his face, until I exploded in orgasm.

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