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“Hurry up, Kyle! We are going to be late!” my mom shouted from the front door.

“On my way now, Mom,” I said as I hurried out of my room.

My mom and I were about to pick up my sister, Kelly, from the airport this afternoon. Since we both graduated high school, we left the house almost immediately for a bright future. Unfortunately, that meant Mom had to find other venues for a social life. Dad took off shortly after my sister was born and we haven’t seen him since. Mom never held that against us though. She encouraged us to chase our dreams and made it clear she was very proud of us.

Last year I graduated from two year college, and decided to take a break to test out the work force. That effort didn’t turn out very well for me. While my two year degree was something, most credible employers tended to respond with “Where is the rest of it?” So while I was struggling to find meaningful work, Mom let me move back in the family home at 21 years old.

My sister Kelly, was a year younger than me at 20, and took off to an all girls’ school two states over immediately after high school. All this stacked together means I have only seen her maybe twice a year for a few days for the last three years. We got along fine, but were never attached at the hip, so to say.

A few hours later, Mom and I were walking through the airport to the arriving gate. I had to jog somewhat to catch up with her.

“Don’t take your time or anything, Mother!” I said with a sneer.

“You want me to hold your hand so you can stay with me,” she joked back. “because I can do that.”

“Oh, would you please? I would really like that,” I said sarcastically.

“There is a way to walk faster. It’s called running,” she shot back.

“Or you could walk like a normal person, maybe, I don’t know…” I said back.

“I’ll walk when I run out of gas,” Mom said.

My Mom was a real gem, and I loved the playful banter that made us practically friends. At 45 years old, she kept in shape better than many 20 year olds. She can thank the Pilates classes and marathon training for that. She also ate a strictly healthy diet and never drank, smoked, or even consumed soda, so her face and body were wrinkle free and her black hair had no strands of gray whatsoever. She could easily pass for 30 years old.

On a few occasions, she was mistaken for my sister. It’s also a nuisance I have to deal with constantly with my friends. I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard “Dude, your mom is hot!” before telling them to shut the fuck up.

Walking behind her, I couldn’t help but take notice of her slim figure and toned ass… not to sexualize my mom or anything.

We finally arrived at the gate and stood by until my sister emerged from the door. I was a bit taken aback. I was looking at her in a different light. While I still saw my beautiful sister walking towards us to give a hug, it didn’t fly past me how incredibly attractive she was. With long dark hair, a slim figure in her long sleeve sweater, and tight blue jeans that hugged her slender thighs, my sister was definitely a looker.

As we embraced and walked back to the car, I trailed Kelly and it was too conspicuous to take note of the tight ass encased in those blue jeans. The tight ass of my Mom right next to hers was just as eye-catching. I felt a thrill up my leg. I immediately shook my head to clear such thoughts. We got in the car and headed home.

We did the things most families do when reunited. We cooked for each other, went shopping, to the movies, yada yada yada. The second day in, Mom went shopping out of town for some new decor we were going to help decorate with. Kelly and I stayed back and played some ping pong in the living room. We played constantly growing up, and I guess we both considered ourselves almost professional level in a sense.

“So are you seeing anybody?” Kelly asked as she smacked the ball at me.

“Seeing someone when I have no job and living with Mom? I can’t even try,” I said.

I returned the ball to her high intentionally to see if she would jump for it. She did and missed spectacularly. I got to see her toned tummy when she raised her arm high to swing. Not that I was trying to look, or anything.

“So you got a man?” I asked, trying to appear as stone cold serious as possible. Kelly looked at me and burst into laughter.

“Is that how you find out of the ladies are single? Tell me that was a joke,” she kept laughing.

It was, and I didn’t need her to answer it truthfully because I already knew the answer. She went to an all girls’ school as a full time student with a part time job. Kelly and Mom were practically best friends and talked on the phone at least 3 times a week. They both expressed their trouble in finding time for a romantic life to each other. Mom as a nurse and worked nearly 60 hours a week sometimes, while still making time for her physical fitness, so finding time to meet men just wasn’t an option at the present. That being said, Mom tells us over and over how much she loves her job, mofos porno so I don’t think it hindered her that much.

“You know I’m going to win, right?” Kelly said before the next serve.

“How?” I asked, “You’re not winning now.”

“I’m getting my second wind,” she replied.

“How about this,” I said, “If I win this round, you pay for dinner for all three of us tonight.”

“Is that all you got?” she asked. “Paying for dinner? That’s not much incentive not to lose.”

“Well what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well, think of something that would make you want to win with all your might,” she said, with a hint of slyness in her voice. I was perplexed.

“I’m not getting you, Kelly,” I responded after a few seconds.

“What about a challenge that would make winning the most important thing in the world right now?” Kelly said.

“I’m pretty good about keeping the right attitude that is required to win. What’s the challenge?” I said.

“OK, one game. For every shot missed, the loser…” she trailed her voice to keep me in anticipation.

“The loser what?” I said with playful frustration.

“The loser has to remove an article of clothing,” she said.

“What?!” I responded.

“That’ll bring out our best game, won’t it?” she laughed.

“I don’t know,” I said, a little hesitant to go along with this.

“You do realize that by not accepting the challenge means I win, right?” she threw back.

I thought about it for a minute. We were getting pretty damn cutthroat in our competition, and who was the best was the theme of the day. Besides, what was the worst that could happen? I could end up playing ping pong shirtless in my own home. Not to toot my own horn, but I kept in pretty good shape all things considering.

“You’re on!” I declared.

“Awesome!” she screamed as she readied her serve. She looked up and gave me a devilish grin.

“You’ve never been so ready to win before, have you?” she said. And you know what? She was right. My focus was never as sharp as it was right now. But I didn’t fully realize at the moment, so was Kelly’s. Then she served.

I was on point. I returned her serve and she smacked it right back. We never had a game this intense before. Eventually, I volleyed a shot that her swing went slightly over. She lost the first shot.

“Oh, not good,” she said as she kicked off her right sneaker.

I felt good about this, but it was for nothing. She was just as good as I was, and we did nothing but tie each other. I lost the next shot, and my shoe came off. Then the other shoe was lost. And then the socks came off, one at a time. Pretty soon we were both bare foot. I won the next two shots by some miracle, and both of Kelly’s rings came off. Then my ring, and then her necklace. To rub it in, my next loss saw my belt come off. She snickered, and then her hair bow came off after the next loss. I tried to argue that those weren’t clothes, but some fights you just can’t win.

I realized I still had sunglasses on top of my head, so that was sacrificed next. She protested, but hey, rules are rules, right? She wasn’t done, and scored another shot past my head, and I had to take off my over shirt. I only had on a t-shirt underneath. Now I was getting nervous.

She was on a roll and determined, and the next shot went under my arm as my head bowed in defeat. I knew what this meant.

“Yes! Unless you have a piercing I don’t know about, you know what to do,” she teased.

No piercings here, so I lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it aside.

“Ooh, you’ve been working out, haven’t you?” she teased again.

“Glad you noticed,” I said before quickly serving the ball again and she missed on the first swing.

“Dammit!” she said, but quickly smiled again.

“Ok, a deal is a deal,” she said as she peeled off her shirt to reveal her fit tummy and C cup size tits encased in a tight white bra. I tried not to stare, but holy hell my sister was hot. She didn’t seem to mind if she did notice, because she was ready to return the favor.

“Here we go!” she exclaimed as she launched the next serve. This was our longest round, which at the end we were both working up a sweat, but she proclaimed victory on this one. I slumped my head in defeat, but she didn’t let up.

“You know what this means,” she said. I looked at her. “Drop em!” she yelled.

In defiance, I removed my pants and stood ready to serve in nothing but my boxer shorts. I realized I forgot the score, and looked at the cards on the side. She was at 10, me at 9. I guess when you are having fun, you really do lose track of the score. I had to win this shot. And we would both be in nothing but our underwear. Besides, I couldn’t lose this next shot. That would mean I would have to…

I stopped thinking and served the ball. She came swinging hard, with her tits still bouncing slightly in her bra, but this round was not hers to win. The ball sailed past her paddle and she cursed slightly.

“Hail to the naughty america porno King!” I screamed with my arms in the air.

“You ass!” she said mockingly as she unbuttoned her pants and slid them off. I must say, seeing her in her tiny panties was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I tried not to stare, but it was almost as hard as the game was.

She held the ball in front of her and grinned like the devil.

“If I win this next shot, you know what it means, right?” she said.

“You shouldn’t think naughty things, you know?” I replied.

“What? It means I’m in the lead again. What did you think I meant?” she said with a fake outrage.

I laughed, but then the serve came. Neither of us went easy. The back and forth lasted for what seemed like 10 minutes, but in the end, I smacked a shot too fast for her to react in time. The ball zoomed past her and she flailed her arms in bitter defeat.

“Haha, maybe next time, sis.” I reached down and collected my shirt. “You know, I really was worried there for a second, but then again, who doesn’t have doubt every now and then,” I said as I untangled my shirt so I could put it on.

“We’re not done,” she said with her hands on her hips. “Remember, in order to win, you need a two point lead.”

Oh shit, I forgot. We would have to go another round. But that also meant-

Kelly reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. The straps fell off her shoulders and she held it in place. My mouth dropped open, and I was about to tell she didn’t have to, but before I could say anything, she dropped the bra and her goods were revealed. Kelly’s perfectly shaped globes stood firm on her chest, with tiny nipples in the front. She bounced up and down and laughed girlishly.

“You gonna let me tie the game, soldier?” she challenged.

Kelly tossed the ball to me and readied her stance. I gulped a dry mouthful. I gave it everything on the last round, so I wasn’t mentally prepared for another go. I served, but I couldn’t muster the energy nor the drive she had to not lose. Seeing her titties bounce up and down while playing was distracting too. The ball roared past my head as I sulked in defeat. But the game still wasn’t over.

Kelly jumped up and down in delight.

“You know what this means?” she declared.

“Yes. It means, well, it means…” I stammered.

“It means you drop the shorts and show me your ding-a-ling,” she cried.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts, and took a deep breathe while looking a Kelly. She was staring intensively at my mid region, with her hands clasped together in front of her chest. I briefly thought about refusing to do it, but that would be a killjoy. She showed me her boobs, so fair is fair. I stretched the waistband, dropped the shorts and let them fall to the floor.

Kelly giggled like a schoolgirl.

“Oooh, someone doesn’t have any clothes on!” she teased, pointing at my drooping dick.

“Ok, fine, you win, Ok? Now let me be modest for a moment,” I said as I went to put my shorts back on.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“You won the bet, now I’m putting my clothes back on,” I said.

“This isn’t a bet, it’s a game. And it’s not over. We’re tied, remember?” she said.

“Wait, you want me to play like this?” I said while motioning to my crotch.

“That’s the rules,” she said. Then she readied herself and leaned in for the serve, not giving me time to protest.

I was re-energized though, and immediately jumped into play. We went on for some time, but my flopping dick cracked her up when I picked up speed and she lost control. The ball bounced past her as she laughed hysterically.

“Hey, Hey! Look at that,” I declared with my arms stretched high and my dick pointing straight out. “You know what that means!”

“I know, I know,” she said.

“Yep, I’m ahead,” I proclaimed.

“”No, you big silly!” she said. “It means I lose my last bit of clothes. Are you ready?”

“I guess so,” I said, looking at her smiling face.

“No, no, look at my panties,” she said.

“Oh, ok,” I said as I diverted my eyes towards her cotton whites.

“Ready? Here we go!” she declared and dropped them to the floor. Her hairless pussy was on full display for my viewing pleasure.

“Wow,” I said out loud, unintentionally.

“What do you think?” she said, as she modeled her beautiful genitals towards me.

“It looks great,” I said before snapping to. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“

“No, I’m glad you like it,” she said, reassuring me.

“It’s just that, you’re my sister, and I,” I couldn’t find the words.

“No, I think it’s great we can bond like this,” she said while moving only a foot from me.

“What do you mean?” I asked nervously.

“That we can be naked and enjoy each other’s company. Have you had this much fun with me before?” she asked.

“Well, I guess not,” I said.

She reached out and ran her fingers over my muscular chest. Her face was public agent porno only inches from mine.

“And the fact that someone can enjoy looking at me naked so much really makes me feel good about my body. So, thank you,” she said.

“Well you do have a great body, no lie,” I admitted.

We lingered a bit while looking into each other’s eyes, with our faces moving ever so slowly towards each other. Then, Kelly moved in and kissed me on the lips. I returned the favor and slipped my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue danced with mine as her hand moved up my side and to my back. I did the same, touching her smooth and sexy skin with my left hand. She pulled back and laughed.

“You are a good kisser,” she said.

“So are you. I enjoyed that a lot,” I said.

“I can tell you liked it a lot,” she laughed while glaring down.

I looked down and saw that I had a massive hardon. I first felt a little embarrassed, but then again she didn’t make the interaction awkward at all.

“I guess that was bound to happen,” I said.

We kissed again, this time her hands moving to my ass, and I did the same, finally getting to caress the firm cheeks on her tight bubble butt. Then I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft, which caused me to jump a little. She began rubbing her thumb on the head of my cock in circles spreading around the precum that had started to come out.

Pure lust took over and I placed my hands on her firm tits and massaged the flesh softly. I moved my hands all over her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingertips. Kelly moaned in pure pleasure. I moved my head down slightly to take her nipples into my mouth. Kelly gripped the back of my head and her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. My left hand moved down between her legs and claimed its prize.

I ran my finger around her wet little labia. She’s breathing heavily into my ear, holding me close, and tells me she wants me inside of her bad now. I stick my finger inside and stroked her g-spot for a minute, careful not to make her cum.

All the while, her fingers are running up and down my prick, tracing its length and exploring every vein, bump, and curve. I brought my head back up and she jammed her tongue back into my mouth, kissing me passionately.

I got caught up in the moment and started hitting her g-spot hard. She loved it so much that she was moaning.

Then Kelly brought her head back and started kissing my neck. The sensation was wonderful, and then she moved to my chest, then abdomen, and kept on going. I knew what this meant and braced myself for the immense pleasure I would soon receive. Her head was right at my cock, with her right hand holding it upright as it towered over her head.

“It’s so big!” she quietly mouthed.

I’m not sure why, but there is something about a hot girl telling you that you have a big dick that just fires off all those feel good chemicals in your brain. I smirked a little as she brought her mouth closer to the head. Her lips slowly encased the tip and I threw my head back in pleasure.

There was a part of me that was reserved because THIS WAS MY SISTER! But it only took one look down to squash those reservations. A hot girl had my dick in her mouth. How can you complain about that?

Her mouth was so hot I thought I might shoot my goo right then and there. Her tongue swirled all around the head. She managed to take more of me into her mouth, inch by inch until my tip hit the back of her throat. The hot pressure being generated from her wet mouth was like a vacuum. She slowly licked her way back to the head, dragging her tongue along the length of the shaft.

“Yummy,” she whispered between licks.

“I’m gonna cum,” I told her as I felt the presence of an orgasm. I prepared to remove my dick from her mouth. I started to grab my cock to unload safely, but Kelly had different plans.

“Oh, so that means it’s time for me to do this,” she said and took my cock all the way to the back of her throat. She took in the whole damn thing, and I mean all of it because while doing this she was able to stick her tongue out and lick my ballsac.

My knees buckled a little as my dick erupted with the force of a boxer’s punch. My semen spewed out of my cock and into Kelly’s mouth for what seemed like over a minute. I didn’t have to hold her head in place, she did just fine herself, thank you very much. I actually had to lean against the ping pong table due to the strength of my orgasm. I had never felt a cum as good as this one.

My sister finally slid my cock out of her mouth and stuck her tongue out to let me see all the white spunk she collected in her mouth. She wriggled her tongue up and down while laughing, then snaked it back in where she swallowed, then stuck it back out again to show it was all gone.

“Where the fuck did you learn to do that?” I asked, my heart still beating like a jackhammer.

“I’ve been studying,” she said flirtatiously. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

She stood up and I immediately went back to her tits. She cooed at me as I feasted on her balloons, running her hands through my hair and whispering in my ear. I planted my hands on her ass and lifted her up and laid my sister onto the ping pong table. I kissed down her firm belly and to her nether regions. Now it was my turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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