Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 06

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It’s Saturday afternoon outside the gymnasium during a wrestling tournament. It is bitter cold. Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “gents” magazine “sex kitten of the month” (38-24-36). She sits inside a 4-door, black Mazda, sports car. She’s been watching the out-of-town athletes climb on and off of the bus. Her sandy-blonde hair falls to the shoulders as several fingers unzip a brown leather jacket. It opens to deep cleavage. She has no bra on underneath as her enormous tits nearly pop-out.

Stan (20 yrs.) stands at 5’9″ and weighs 157 lbs. He jumps off of the bus wearing his college sweats and jacket. His shoulder length, brown hair, is tied into a short ponytail. His left fingers brush down his mustache as the sport bag hangs over his shoulder. Kerri has been following him on social media and he’s been fighting with his current girlfriend. He hasn’t had his iPhone with him for that reason.

She whispers, “I’m gonna wear you out tonight Stan.”

The wrestling tournament ends its’ Saturday night competition. Stan walks out of the gym wearing a stocking cap over his head. He’s also wearing Levi jeans and the college jacket. His sport bag hangs over the right shoulder. His left fingers brush down over his brown mustache. It looks like he just got out of the shower.

Just before Stan steps onto the athlete bus. He sees Niğde Escort Kerri at the corner of his eye and looks in her direction. She’s leaning against her car wearing tight blue jeans and that leather jacket. She waves and motions for him to come over to her. He looks around and then walks toward her. As he gets closer. She unzips the leather jacket all the way down. Her tits bulge out without revealing her nipples. Stan’s eyes grow big as he steps toward her.

She asks, “Did you win your match Stan? I’m Kerri.”

He answers, “Hey Kerri. No, I didn’t.”

“Well, next time huh?” she says.

He says, “Yeah, there’ll be a next time.” His eyes glance down at her tits.

Kerri throws her car keys at him. She walks around to the passenger side and says, “Give me a ride Stan.”

He smiles, “With pleasure” and opens the driver door.

It’s lightly raining in the off-campus parking lot. That rain hits the dark windows of Kerri’s car. Those windows are fogged up. An iPhone plays “Rap/Hip Hop” music.

The hot naked bodies of Kerri and Stan are on the back-seat that is covered in black fur. She’s laying on her back with both legs spread open with the left knee pushing against that fur. He is laying on top of her with his chest crushing her massive tits. His face is turned above her left shoulder Niğde Escort Bayan who breathes against the fur. His loose hair covers his face too. Both of his knees are bent with the feet pushing against the door.

Stan’s 8-inch cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. His abdominals have been pushing against her stomach during each slow thrust. It has been a Long-Hot-Fuck.

She replies, “Ohhhh… Gawd… My… Gawd… St-Stan… Stan… Ohhhh… My-Gawd..!!”

He feels her hot cunt with his mouth dropped open and eyes closed. His breath blows through that loose hair.

She moans, “Mmmm… Gawd… Ohhhh… My-Fucking… Gawd… You-Feel… So-Good..!!”

Her right hand reaches down and grips his left butt-cheek. He keeps thrusting deep and slow.

He whispers, “You like that-You like that?”

She answers, “Gawd-yes… Gawdd… Yes… Ohhhh… Yes… Oh-Stann… My… Gawdd..!!”

His abdominals push against her flat stomach.

“You’re hot baby” he grunts in a low voice.

“Fill-Me… Up… Fill-Me… Gawd… Ohhhh… Gawd… Gonna-Cum-Again.!!” she screams.

Her hand grips his butt-cheek.

She yells, “Stan-Stan.. Gawd.. Uh-Uhhhhhhhhhh.! Uhhhhh.! Uhhhhh.!!”

He stops thrusting as she breathes hard. His cock slowly pulls out and Stan leans back onto his knees. Escort Niğde His right palm wipes sweat away from his forehead.

He says, “Turn on your stomach baby.”

Kerri keeps breathing and rolls over. His hands spread her legs a part as he leans over to kiss her beautiful buttocks.

He asks between kisses, “You okay baby?”

“Yeah… I’m good” she answers.

He leans over her body and places his right hand on the fur under her arm. His left hand grips his shaft which is covered by a condom. He guides his cock-tip toward her pussy lips. His cock slides in slowly.

She responds, “Gawd.!!”

He places his left hand on the edge of the seat near her left shoulder.

He whispers, “You’re so beautiful.”

His hair falls over his face as he looks down at his cock. He begins thrusting, forcefully.

“Uhhh.. Gawd.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Stan.. Uhhh.. My.. Gawd..!!” she says.

He grunts, “Mmm.. Mmm.. Fuck.. Baby.!”

His thick, brown crotch, touches her buttocks after each thrust. His eyes never leave his shaft which pushes-in and pulls-out.

She responds, “Uhh.. Gawd.. Gawd.. Gawd.. Fill.. Me.. Uh-Up.. Up..!!”

He grunts, “I’m fucking close.. Close.!!”

His eyes watch her butt-cheeks jiggle with each forceful thrust. He grunts, ” Fuck.. Right there.. Right there.!!”

He explodes, “R-Right. Mmmmmmm.! Mmmmmm.! Mmmmm.!!”

Stan pulls out his cock and leans back onto his knees.

He says, “Fuck. I needed that.”

She replies, “Fighting too much with your girlfriend?”

He laughs and says, “Shit yeah. Fuck that bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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