Sex and the Sheldrakes Ch. 03

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Carol felt certain she was the happiest woman in the world at that moment. What had started out as a threesome with her husband Ray and youngest son Luke had changed wondrously into a full blown meeting of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club when her and Ray’s eldest son, Ryan, had surprised them by turning up unannounced. Now, as she rested back naked on her haunches on the bedroom floor, she smiled up at her three equally naked horny men who had clustered in a semi-circle around her, proudly displaying their hard stunning pricks, all three of which stood rigidly to attention, just inches away from Carol’s admiring eyes.

Ray and his sons Ryan and Luke had absolutely no inhibitions as they stood there letting Carol have another inspection of their magnificent hard-ons. All three men had peeled back their foreskins to fully expose their pink shiny knobs, from the piss slits of which longs gobs of pre-cum were oozing. Carol licked her lips as she fixed her gaze steadfastly on the three thick rods; it wasn’t the first time she had seen them in their arounsed state, of course, but she always made her men feel like their pricks were receiving their world premiere.

“Such beautiful cocks,” Carol said, all three of them so close to her face that she could see every detail, the shiny pink skin of their knobheads and the thick veins that lined the shafts and which always felt so good when she was getting fucked by them. Also delightful for Carol to behold were their big pendulous balls; Carol was just as enamoured with her three men’s nut sacs as she was their pricks and asses, especially when they were nice and shiny with sweat and loaded with spunk, as they were at that moment in time.

“They’re all yours, honey,” said Ray, “and since we haven’t seen Ryan for a couple of months, I think he needs to have his serviced first.”

“Yeah, mom,” said Luke, “let’s see you suck Ryan’s prick.”

“Is that what you want, sweetheart?” asked Carol, looking up at Ryan with a lascivious note to her voice, knowing what his answer will be and only too eager to get down to once again demonstrating her superb deep-throating skills. Not that she had to prove herself to any of her men, they were all only too well aware that the only female member of the family sex club was, to them, the world’s number one cocksucker.

“You know darned fucking well it is, mom,” said Ryan, moving forward slightly as Carol opened her mouth and took the head of her eldest son’s cock onto the tip of her tongue, savoring the salty masculine taste of Ryan’s pre-cum, “I’ve waited two months for this and I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“Ooh, sweetheart,” giggled Carol, “I love it when you give me your orders.”

“Orders are orders, honey,” said Ray, smiling with pride, “like he said, don’t keep him waiting. Suck that big cock.”

Ray and Luke started masturbating their stiff poles as they watched Carol start to blowjob Ryan, cupping his balls in her right hand as she went to town on his prick. As the head of Ryan’s cock hit the back of her throat, Carol started to gag as Ryan let out a low moan of intense pleasure. Weeks of waiting for another hot maternal blowjob were finally at an end and he was determined to savor every scintillating second.

Ryan’s balls danced against his mother’s chin with a musical-like slapping sound as Carol continued to suck as if the end of the world was nigh. Much as she loved sucking off Ray and Luke, she czech first video porno had missed sucking Ryan for several weeks and was determined to enjoy his unexpected appearance just as much as her eldest son intended to.

Ray and Luke stood back as they continued wanking and watching so that they both now had a view of Ryan’s spectacularly tight bare ass. His buttocks clenched and unclenched as he rocked back and forth on his athletic legs, every now and then pulling his cock out of Carol’s mouth, only to send it plunging back deeper than before into his mother’s experienced orifice. He placed his hands on Carol’s head, drawing her in closer as, behind him, Ray and Luke fixed their eyes on Ryan’s naked bottom while, simultaneously, Ray reached out a hand and began to fondle Luke’s ass cheeks.

“That feels good, dad,” said Luke, “but I could do with a blowjob, too.”

Ray kissed his youngest son on the lips and moved round to kneel down next to his wife who was still hungrily devouring Ryan’s prick with all the expertise that her years of sexual experience had taught her. Ray didn’t say a word, he simply smiled up at Luke and beckoned the young man towards him with his eyes. Luke moved in next to Ryan and immediately slid his cock into his father’s mouth and the atmosphere was soon charged with the grunts and groans of two horny brothers being happily and consensually blowjobbed by their own parents …


Ryan and Luke felt immensely proud and priveleged, as they always did, to once again be on the receiving end of some hot cocksucking from the very people who created them. After ten minutes or so, they swapped parents, Ray taking over from Carol on Ryan and Carol returning the compliment on Luke.

“Fucking hell, Luke!” gasped Ryan, as his father rolled his tongue around the thick shaft, “however did we end up being the sons of the horniest parents in the world?”

“Dunno, Ryan,” Luke replied, “but I’m sure fucking glad we did.”

“And we’re glad you’re our sons, too,” said Carol, momentarily releasing Luke’s cock from her mouths, “we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we couldn’t be more proud of you if we tried, could we, Ray?”

“Too fucking right we couldn’t,” agreed Ray, likewise letting Ryan’s cock fall out his mouth to speak as Carol went back to sucking Luke. “A better couple of sons no mother nor father could possibly wish for.”

“I’m really pleased, dad,” said Ryan, placing his hands on Ray’s head drawing his father back towards him, “but there’s plenty of time for all this praise later. Right now, I just want you to get on with sucking my cock, and mom get on with sucking Luke’s.”

“That’s right, dad,” said Luke, “and we want our balls sucked and licked, too.”

Carol didn’t need to be asked, as soon as Luke’s words were out, she once again released his cock and went down on his young egg-like testicles. Ray smiled up at Ryan and the look on Ryan’s face told him that he wanted his balls licked too. As Luke continued to stand, Ryan moved back and lay down on the bed and lifted his legs in the air, spreading them wide, so that not only was his genitalia fully exposed but his pink twitching asshole as well.

Ray leaned in over Ryan and began to slurp his tongue around his son’s balls. Across the room, Luke’s grunts became louder as Carol expertly managed to cram the whole of his scrotum into her mouth in one go. Luke’s czech game porno balls were bigger than average and Carol’s face became bloated as she savored the taste of her youngest son’s cum producers. Ray, not to be outdone, managed to get all of Ryan’s scrotum into his mouth, too though nobody was actually in competition with each other.

Ray let Ryan’s balls fall out of his mouth with a small pop and began to run his tongue over them and down through the spot between his balls and ass, an area of the human anatomy not normally exposed, except in porn movies. Ryan gasped again as Ray’s hot enthusiastic tongue found his asshole and his father began to lick the thin little lines that had formed on the walls as Ryan stretched his hole as wide as he possibly could.

“Here, dad,” he said, “this’ll make it easier for you.”

With that, Ryan quickly jumped up from where he had been lying prostrate on the bed and got onto his hands and knees, sticking his ass in the air and clasping his buns to once again spread his cheeks and open up his hole. Ray whistled with admiration and excitement as he eyed up the bewitching sight of his eldest son’s twitching asshole, Ryan working his anal muscles in and out and winking his hole to his family as he waited to receive his father’s tongue.

“Yeah, dad,” Ryan breathed huskily, “lick that ass.”

Ray had never been one to disappoint and, from his vantage point on his knees, he leaned in, stuck out his hot wet tongue and sent it deep into the love tunnel that was Ryan’s asshole. Carol, with her fetish for male bottoms, let Luke’s balls fall out of her mouth and hurried over to kneel next to her husband to get a good view of the incestuous rimming. Luke didn’t mind being abandoned temporarily by Carol, after all he had had a fantastic time with her that afternoon, sixty-nining and fucking before Ryan’s surprise arrival, and he knew how much his mother loved watching his and Ryan’s assholes being licked by her husband.

Luke moved over and stood next to his parents and resumed masturbating as Ray continued to lick Ryan’s ass. “That’s it, dad,” he said, “lick his ass, get your tongue right inside it, like mom did we me this afternoon.”

Carol looked up at Luke with a small smile of apology on her face for having left him to his own devices. Luke read the message in the smile and smiled back at her.

“It’s OK, mom,” he said, “none of us are competing for each other and Ryan hasn’t been here for awhile.”

“Bless you, sweetheart,” Carol said, blowing him a kiss, “you won’t be left out.”

Ryan grabbed hold of the pillow and banged his fists into it as another flick of Ray’s tongue sent him wild with desire. He looked over his shoulder, his face a portrait of happiness as Ray’s expert tongue sent all kinds of sensation coursing through his asshole.

“That looks so good,” said Carol, “let me have some, too.”

Ray pulled out his tongue and, before he could say anything, Carol moved in swiftly, sticking her own tongue into Ryan’s ass and taking over the rimming from where her husband had left off. Luke was still masturbating and Ray, seeing his youngest son wanking on his own, hurried over to him to bring him into the action.

“Would you like me to do something about that hard-on of yours, son?” asked Ray, “after all, we don’t want to see you left out.”

“I don’t feel left out, dad,” replied Luke, “I was enjoying myself czech gangbang porno watching you and mom rimming Ryan. But, since you ask, yeah dad, please suck my cock.”

Ray smiled as he took Luke into his mouth while Carol continued to lick her way in and around Ryan’s asshole. The unexpected full meeting of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club was now in full swing …


Carol let her tongue slip out of Ryan’s ass after what seemed like an eternity though, in point of fact, she could not have been rimming her eldest son for more than ten minutes. Across the room, Ray was still gay blowjobbing Luke and Carol smiled with pride, she was never happier than when her family were gathered together for several hours of hardcore incestous sex.

Carol was so horny that she needed to be on the receiving end of some attention now.

She moved over to the bed and lay down next to Ryan who was still on his knees with his ass in the air, making it easy for him to maneouvre himself until he was kneeling across his mother in the sixty-nine position. He hadn’t needed to be asked, they were adept at reading each other’s minds, and as Ryan lowered his mouth onto Carol’s cunt, she opened her mouth and quickly engulfed his prick. The hot scene was so intense that Ray suspended his sucking of Luke’s prick and he and his youngest son moved in closer to get a better view of the action taking place with Carol and Ryan.

Carol felt as if she had died and gone to heaven, having sixty-nined with Luke earlier in the day and now sixty-nining for all she was worth with Ryan. Ray and Luke synchronised their masturbating not only with each other but also in time to Carol and Ray simultaneously licking and sucking each other as the afternoon wore on, Ryan shoving to the back of his mind the unpalatable thought that he would have to drive all the way back to the city in a few hours to be ready for work at his crummy office again in the morning.

But they still had a few hours left and Ryan was determined to make every second of them count. After another ten minutes, he and Carol rolled acrobatically round on the bed together, their naked flesh joined as one, until Carol found herself in the position Ryan had been in earlier, on her hands and knees with her ass in the air, her butthole exposed for all her menfolk to see and enjoy.

Ray handed Ryan a tube of KY and he greased his prick and then smeared some more of the lube into Carol’s asshole. Luke, having fucked his mother earlier in the day, was just as enthusiastic a voyeur and he leaned in close to get a better view as Ryan placed his stiff pole at the entrance to Carol’s well-greased tunnel. Ray went to get the camera, determined to get some close-up shots, as Luke went to stand in front of his mother to have his cock sucked, and Carol gasped with pride and excitement as she realised she was not only going to get fucked but also spit-roasted too, and by none other than her two handsome horny sons.

“Bet you’re glad you took the afternoon off, eh bruv?” asked Luke, grinning, as Carol swallowed his cock and began sucking hard on the rigid horn.

“Sure fucking am,” Ryan replied, “I’d have gone out of my mind if I’d spent another day wanking off on my own.”

“That looks great, boys,” said Ray, snapping several close-ups one after the other, “now quit speaking and get on with pleasuring your mother. She’s really gagging for it.”

Luke said no more, apart from a few grunts and groans, and Ryan smiled at his father as Ray sidled up alongside him and placed his arm around his eldest son’s shoulders. Ryan smiled at his dad again and at his brother, then he slid his cock deep into Carol’s wet hungry pussy all the way up to his big cum-filled balls …


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