Sensualist Ch. 07

Non Nude

Preparations for the Prom – Blowjob in the Limo- Sandwiched at Club Frenzy – Eating Him Alice climbed in and buckled her seat belt. Her green prom dress rode up to the top of her long legs. I couldn’t be absolutely certain that she was wearing anything beneath. I had heard a rumor that the girls, or several of them at any rate, were going commando this year.

No sooner had the limo pulled away from the Mattingly’s residence then Alice was all over me, kissing my face and groping my cock while chanting my name over and over again. She stopped abruptly to ask if the driver could see us. When I answered he couldn’t, she deftly opened my fly and took my erection out.

“How’s my friend?” she whispered a second before her face disappeared into my lap.

“Alice!” I gasped as I felt her mouth close tightly upon my cockhead, and then her lips teased me as they played along my length as if it were a flute. But the piece de resistance, as it were, was when she took my balls into her warm mouth.

“Nice!” I croaked, acquiescing to her obvious oral needs.

I heard her let out a murmured mewl before releasing my overly sensitive orbs and working her way back along the shaft until her lips wrapped around the corona and sucked feveredly.

Popping it out of her mouth, Alice exclaimed, “God, how I love your cock!”

There was a happy smile, full of mischief and lust, visible through her thick puffy lips. And then one of those lips, the lower one, was curled around my now throbbing shaft, holding it determinedly in place for the oral assault that she was performing with her upper lip and long, snaking tongue. Licking, sucking, slurping, teasing, kissing, as if she were patiently trying to devour a melting ice cream cone with her own patented technique.

“VERY NICE!” I exclaimed loudly, hoping that Rick hadn’t lied about being able to see or hear us.

Thin strands of saliva were now silhouetted in the dim light of the limo as Alice tilted her head back a few inches to admire her handiwork. She stroked my cock lovingly as I reached down to caress her cheek as an expression of gratitude for her uniquely thoughtful method sucking me off.

My cock twitched in her grip, arching in appreciative salute, and I took a second to absorb the erotic beauty of the sight in front of me as Alice purred huskily, “Do you know how much I love giving you head, Donnie? How much I crave this cock in me, every minute of the day and night?”

“I’m so glad you do, baby. Sooo glad!”

Her fingers cupped my balls as her lips nibbled their way half-way down the length of my dick.

She was definitely a skilled cocksucker, but where and on whom had she been practicing?

I settled back to enjoy her ministrations, content to send a hand under her dress and then over her flanks and firm ass cheeks. She seemed to know when I needed a break, either holding still with my organ inside her wet mouth, or slowly and gently withdrawing completely.

“I really missed my friend,” she said, bestowing a wet kiss on its tip. “Would you like to see mine?”

“Certainly,” I quickly replied. What else could I say? I really wanted her to finish me off, but it would have to wait.

“Are you sure he can’t see back here?”

“Yes, I sat up front and couldn’t see a thing,” I lied, relying on Rick being truthful.

No sooner had the words left my mouth than Alice had her dress hiked up, revealing her lovely pussy to my eyes. She’d gone commando-and she’d shaved her pubic hair completely off. I placed a firm kiss and light suck to her pubes and commented on how smooth it was.

She giggled lewdly and told me that she and another girl had shaved one another, and added that several of the girls had agreed to go commando on this night of nights.

“Did Niğde Escort you and your shaving partner do more than shave one another?” I asked.

“I’ll never tell,” she said coquettishly. A moment later she had my cock back in her mouth, content to have me fingering her for the time being. Feeling adventurous, I set my fingers to opening her honey pot in advance of my later foraging cock.

She moaned happily as my finger slipped inside her cunt, making a production of swallowing the excess saliva that had built up in her mouth while sucking me off.

I traced the crevice between her cheeks, eliciting a puzzled, “Hmmmm?” from her oral ministering. Gradually, I gently started to pry them apart, exposing her little rosebud.

“Wha … Oh, you naughty boy!” she mewed, but didn’t tell me to stop.

I made certain my finger was soaked with her cuntal juices before edging the first digit into her anus. A muffled moan escaped her throat, but she continued blowing me.

Soon I had one hand fingering her cunt and diddling her clit, while the other continued working its way into her tight little sphincter. Alice retaliated by giving one of my balls a light squeeze.

Was it a warning? I backed off her anus and waited for her to relax. When she did, I resumed teasing her by circling the spidery ring several times. This caused her to moan appreciatively.

Taking that as a sign of permission, I applied a gentle pressure to her asshole, easily sliding in to the second knuckle.


I didn’t answer her.

“”Donnie, what are you doing?”

“Checking out your backdoor just in case.”

“Just in case? What the hell do you mean?”

“In the event we have anal intercourse tonight.”

“We’re not having anal tonight or any other night!” she said obviously irritated by my actions.

“How about this then?” I said and licked her asshole several times in succession. Alice tensed up and I thought I might have gone too far, but as quickly as she’d tensed up, she relaxed and let out a sigh. “Whew! I never …”

Then, exerting very little pressure, my finger penetrated her anus with ease. I was in to the second knuckle, and her eager mouth had resumed nibbling away at my erection.

I slowly let a gob of saliva drip from my mouth to her asshole and worked it into her anus so slowly I think she didn’t notice. I returned my tongue to her anus, worming the tip inside her ass while she squirmed and wriggled atop me, knowingly working her tongue over the head of my glans.

We stayed in that position and I continued preparing her asshole, for a good fifteen minutes. Then several things happened almost simultaneously:

Alice’s body suddenly trembled, and her asshole clenched at my tongue.

She sucked voraciously on my cock and I came in her mouth.

And Rick’s voice came over the intercom, announcing that we’d arrived at the Prom.

Alice started to giggle, and then showed me her tongue covered with my sperm.

“Yummy!” she said, and swallowed.

“Wow,” was the best I could manage at the time.

“You can have my butt if you want it, Donnie. I love you.”

We kissed, and then I told her that I loved her too.

Rick’s voice took us back to the present, “Ahem, we’re parked out front, and there’s a crowd gathering around the limo to see whose inside. Like they think some movie stars are coming to their party.”

Alice and I laughed heartedly at that. The pulsing of the music could be felt in the car itself. I started to get out, but Rick was already there, preparing to open the door for us, when I felt Alice’s hand on my arm.

“I want you to open the door for me, not the driver.”

I cracked the window and told Rick that I’d open the door for Alice, Niğde Escort Bayan and that I’d call him when we were ready to leave. Ricked nodded and returned to his seat without comment.

I scrambled out of the limo and ran around to the other side, quickly opening the door for Alice. There was a startled wave of conversation as my classmates realized it was me arriving in the limo.

The buzz raised several decibels as Alice stepped out. Of course I ogled Alice along with everyone else as she climbed out, swinging her knees in normal fashion. She reached for my extended hand and may or may not have forgotten the stiff breeze that was blowing directly toward her.

At any rate, she had one leg in the limo and one out as the wind bore down on us blowing her dress up to her waist. It was still daylight, although almost eight o’clock, and I, along with several other classmates got a vivid look at her crisply shaved pussy.

Surprisingly, Alice didn’t react immediately by pushing the dress down. I could have counted to three before she did so, and then with a broad smile, she said, “Well, let’s get inside, shall we?’ And taking my arm we did just that to cheers from the guys and startled expressions from their dates.

I’ll never forget that moment and how proud I was thinking everyone envied me being with Alice just then.

“Are you surprised, Donnie?” Alice asked after gaining control over her dress and covering her pussy from the other eyes. “Yes and no. I hadn’t expected that you’d be shaved down there, but I already knew that. What I didn’t count on was you letting your dress flare up like that and showing it to everyone else.”

“Did you mind? I mean, do you think me a slut because of it?” There was a moment of pure resentment in her eyes, and I thought before speaking.

“I don’t know if I minded or not, to tell the truth. I certainly felt proud to be the one taking you to the prom. And no, I certainly don’t see you as being sluttish; especially not compared to the other girls.”

She smiled and resumed her old self again, saying, “I know how you like naughty girls, Donnie.”

“I do. I love it when you’re naughty, Alice.”

“A couple other girls have gone commando too, so I’m not the only slut here tonight.”

“No way!” I said quickly. That said, we kissed, swapped some spit and then moved inside to join the rest of our class at the Prom.


The early part of the evening went very well. I had to give the teachers and classmates who put things together a lot of credit for they had done a commendable job of decorating the hall and arranging for the meal which was surprisingly good. The DJ providing the music was satisfactory, although pleasing everyone with all the various, eclectic tastes were next to impossible.

The kids from my class and their respective dates made loud conversation while music blared from the speakers aimed down at us from the ceiling. Diner was fine; there were even French Fries and burgers for those with especially narrow tastes. I for one enjoyed myself; and it was obvious most of the others were feeling good about things too.

Best of all as far as I was concerned, was that Lillian and her boyfriend, Phil were seated at the furthest table from Alice and me.

With the meal finished, a rock band, hired by the Prom council, began to set up. I tapped Alice on the shoulder and said, “It’s time for us to leave.”

Alice had been delighted to hear we were going to Frenzy, but the motel following the club had been a point of much discussion between us. Alice was tentative about it at first, but when I explained it was the safest place for us to have sex, she readily agreed.

I called the limo driver Escort Niğde and had him meet us at the front of the building.

I decided to get something off my mind that had been bothering me ever since Alice had blown me with such expertise earlier.

“Forgive me, Alice, but I have to ask-before, you know, when you went down on me-you were so good it seemed that you may have been practicing…”

She gave me a beaming smile. “You noticed!”

“Yeah-I did.”

“I did practice!” she laughed delighted with herself.

“Um, so tell me, how did you, um, practice?”

“With a partner, silly!”

“You mean you had someone else’s cock in your mouth?”

“No… well not exactly. Um, remember I said a girl shaved me?”


Well, this girl, whose name I won’t tell you, brought a dildo with her and showed me how she does her boyfriend.”

“And she let you try it-made some suggestions. Is that it?”

“Yes, exactly!” Alice said and gave me another brilliant smile.

“Baby,” I said, “Practice makes perfect-and you are perfect!”

“Thank you,” Alice said happily. “I wanted to please you.”

“You did. You really did. Was it her idea to show me your tongue after I …?”

“YES! Wasn’t that a terrific idea?”

Rick picked that moment to pull up in front of us. I helped Alice in and quickly ran around to the other side while Rick remained behind the wheel.

Two blocks away there was an uncomfortable moment when we encountered Lillian Travers and Phil Umbrect standing alongside Phil’s car looking hopelessly forlorn. I had the driver pull over and rolled down my window and asked if they were having a problem.

“Yeah, we sure are,'” Phil said. “My car died, there’s no way we can get to umm, where we want to go.”

I assumed he meant a nearby motel. Alice and I got out, followed by Rick, the limo driver. We looked at Phil’s car and knowing next to nothing about how cars worked I deferred to Rick.

“Try starting it again,” he said.

Phil got behind the wheel and tried the ignition. Nothing.

“Either the batteries dead, or you need a new alternator.”

“Oh, shit,” Phil swore.

“Um, we’re not going to the next place with the others, Phil. But you’re more than welcome to come with Alice and me. I think you’ll both have a great time.”

“Thanks,” Phil said and I could see he meant it, but he had to ask: “So, um, where are you guys headed?”

“A little club called Frenzy,” I replied.

“Frenzy!” he snorted. “That’s a real club! I don’t have proof-besides you can’t get in that place, Don. I’ve heard it’s next to impossible.”

“Well, that’s where we’re going. I don’t expect any problem getting in. I’ll get you two in with us. C’mon, hop in.”

Phil looked at Lillian as if to ask ‘well, what do you think?”

Lillian had yet to look at me, when Alice saved the day by hugging my arm tightly against her breast and warmly encouraging Lillian to join us. From the girls actions I came to understand that Phil had no knowledge of what had happened with Lillian and me; and that Lillian had confided, or better put, confessed all to Alice.

As you may recall, I had screwed Lillian in my car and gotten caught by her parents the following night with my dick up her ass.

Since Alice and I had consummated the act with Denise also taking part, she apparently accepted the fact that she was going to have to share me with her friends, and probably others. It made no sense to me, but I wasn’t about to argue.

I have since come to understand that some women, especially wives, will tolerate their men ‘cheating’ on them so long as it doesn’t come out in the open and embarrass them. They seem to prefer the status quo rather than the unknown, or stigma of divorce. On the other hand, many relish the thought of ridding themselves of an errant husband, thinking that someone better is ‘out there waiting for them. Then again, some may not care all that much one way or the other, the thinking being what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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