Seduced by Auntie’s “Story” Ch. 04

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All characters are over 18.


They kissed and hugged each other for a few minutes. She pulled off her bunched-up black skirt, saying that it was in the way. He looked around at the shabby wallpaper and worn carpet, then at his naked aunt with her excessive make-up acting the role of a forty-something year-old hooker.

She rolled away from him. She stood up and pulled on her vest top and stepped into her scanty, leopard-print panties. She smiled at his puzzled expression.

“I need a pee — I won’t be long, hun.”

He gazed at her long legs as she stepped to the door. Her tarty panties showed below the hem of her top. The curves of her body were subtle rather than voluptuous, but were well proportioned. Although her breasts were firm and only small, they nevertheless quivered seductively under the thin cotton, and her nipples pressed saucily against it. His aunt opened the door, paused, and returned for her mobile.

“Ring me,” she whispered.

“Why, Aun — Kim?”

“Just do it!” she hissed.

As she stepped into the corridor he heard her say “Hi” — presumably the hotel proprietress was still nosying around nearby. He rang his aunt’s mobile as she closed the door behind her, and after a few moments she answered.


He began to speak falteringly, but it was clear that she had no intention of listening to him. It was equally clear that the “conversation” was a sham, supposedly from a prospective client, intended to shock the owner of the place — and to arouse him and his aunt as she played out her part.

“Yeah, that’s me. I can’t speak for long, hun, I’m with someone now for about the next forty minutes or so.”

She paused as if listening to her caller. As he listened to her voice through his mobile, Mark shook his head in disbelief at how far she was taking this play-acting.

“Yes, yes,” she continued, “that’s what I charge for half an hour…”

He blushed and his stomach churned. He wondered if they would soon be asked to leave, or at the very least, how he was ever going to face the hotel owner on the way out. Still his aunt continued her imaginary conversation into her mobile. Although it was not long since his orgasm, he felt a stirring in his groin.

“Oooh!” she said, knowingly and suggestively, as if her caller had said something especially naughty. “Oh yes, I do that, but it’s an extra twenty.”

Another realistic pause ensued before she spoke again.

“Yeah. Yeah, I could be there at twelve-thirty. Yeah, that’s just off the by-pass, isn’t it? Yeah, Yeah, I know it. Number eighty-three? Yeah, I’ve got that — and I have your mobile number here. Yeah, I’ll give you a ring when I’m nearly there. What’s your name? Danny? Okay, Danny, see you at twelve-thirty. I’ll look forward to it, too. You have a sexy voice! Yeah. Bye then, sweetie. Bye.”

The line went dead. He heard her soft footsteps recede and heard the bathroom door along the corridor open then close. He shook his head and laughed out loud with embarrassment, shock, and amusement.

He heard the faint flush of the toilet, and a minute or two later she returned. She grinned, and as she closed the bedroom door behind her she gestured with her finger to indicate that the proprietress was still around. His aunt laughed quietly. So did he.

He was sitting naked on the bed, but with the duvet pulled across his lap. Even though he had had sex with her several times, the fact that she was his aunt made him feel strangely self-conscious. She smiled.

“Now what are you hiding under here, I wonder… oooh!”

She slipped her hand under the duvet. Her fingers met his flaccid cock and she grabbed it and began to shaft it. He looked at her leopard-print panties and at her well-toned thighs. She pulled his head to her breasts and pressed them to his face, rubbing them against his mouth, his nose, and his cheeks. She yanked the duvet aside.

“Mmmm — you like these titties, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, I love them. They’re so firm… and so well-proportioned…”

He leaned back and shoved his hands up her top. He squeezed her breasts, and tweaked her nipples. She grunted her approval and lifted her top, then leaned forward to proffer her naked breasts to his eager mouth. He pressed his face into her shallow cleft and fondled her orbs, then he dragged his tongue over each in turn, and moved in closing spirals to her taut nipples. He licked them and gazed at the glistening trail of his saliva coating her skin and areolae.

His aunt fondled his thigh, teasing his sensitive skin with her fingernails and gently squeezing his muscle. She took his cock again and shafted it hard and without subtlety.

“Oh dear. I hope we haven’t tired him out too much, sweetie… I’m sure he’ll wake up again soon…”

She sank to her knees on Anadolu Yakası Escort the threadbare carpet. Her red vest top puckered forward and he gazed inside it at her breasts — the naked breasts of his mother’s sister, but to all intents and purposes right now, the tits of a hooker who was slightly past her prime. To spy them naked like this inside his aunt’s top was as arousing as seeing them truly naked.

He watched her hands caressing his chest, stroking his hair and tweaking his nipples. She looked into his face with her heavily made-up eyes. She raised her eyebrows provocatively.

“Would you like Kim to suck your cock again?”

“Oh yes please… oh yeah!”

“Mmmmhh, I love sucking cock — especially young cock…”

He stared as she lifted his flaccid member to her mouth and licked his tip. He felt a twinge of guilt as he became acutely aware whose tongue was really teasing him and whose mouth was even now engulfing him. Her kneeling posture on the floor gave her a submissive, subservient air.

He glanced around the room at the appropriately dingy curtains and faded wallpaper, and then he looked back at the tartily dressed and made-up older woman who was sucking him off. The images of his aunt, the tart and the seedy surroundings almost made his head swim. He put his hand to the back of her head and massaged her scalp and the nape of her neck. He felt his stimulated cock begin to harden.

“Mmmmhhh, that’s nice — Kim…”

She looked him in the eye.

“Oh yeah, I’m a dirty bitch but you like it don’t you? Hmm?”

She made rude, exaggerated sucking noises as she rocked her head back and forth. Holding his cock in her hand she slapped it, still half-soft, against her cheeks and rubbed it across her lips. She opened her mouth and slapped it several times on her tongue. Then she dragged it, glistening with her saliva, across her cheeks once more. To see his own aunt like this, as if in a scene from a porn movie, was incredibly lewd.

“Mmmmhh, yeah… such a lovely young cock… and so responsive… he’ll be completely hard soon and then he can fuck my juicy wet pussy again…”

She scooped his balls with her hand and rocked them up and down. She squeezed his half-hard cock with her hand, the pressure feeding his growing erection.

She poked her tongue into his slit and kissed his purple knob-end several times, her mouth making soft, sensual sounds as she planted her kisses. She gazed into his eyes as she did, and her lewd appearance and stare into his eyes fuelled him.

His aunt stood up, and although she did not remove her red vest top she tugged it up to bare her smallish, high-mounted breasts, tipped by her tautening nipples. She stooped over him and, holding her right breast in her hand she rubbed it against his hard cock.

A bead of pre-cum seeped out against her nipple. She rubbed the fluid into the darker skin of her areola. The gesture was very rude and he felt a twinge of guilty delight as he watched her. Still holding her top up with her left hand she leaned forward and brushed her naked orbs and nipples across his mouth. He tasted his juice on her and felt slightly revolted yet excited. She squeezed her right breast in her left hand and fed it to his mouth.

“Suck it, honey. Feed on Kim’s mature titty… mmmhh, oooh, yes, like that!”

He sucked her firm orb into his mouth and fed on it hungrily, then her pressed his face between her modest breasts and massaged them round in his hands.

She pushed him onto his back and pulled off her top. He stared at her gorgeous breasts, high-mounted and quite firm. Her nipples jutted out.

She knelt on all fours to one side of him. She kissed his chest and pinched his nipples, and her breasts brushed against him. He fondled her firm bum through her leopard print panties and slid his hand inside to caress her bare cheek. He ran his hand along her back, enjoying the warm smoothness of her skin.

She lay on her side and tugged her panties down her legs and wriggled out of them. She rolled onto her side and drew him onto his side also to face her. She raised her leg and rubbed his waist and hips with it, and dragged her foot up and down the back of his leg. He noticed that she made sure that her naked crotch did not meet his, a nice detail to the role-play and the apparent need to avoid unprotected sex.

He kissed her neck and throat and moved to her cheek and mouth but she pushed his face away.

“Sorry sweetie. As I said you can kiss Kim anywhere but not on the mouth. I don’t like that.”

He was half disappointed — he really enjoyed snogging his aunt — but he went along with it for the added realism of the scenario that they were playing out.

They each kneaded the other’s backside. He ran his finger into her bum-cleft but avoided touching her bumhole, unsure Bostancı Escort how she would respond. She cooed with slightly exaggerated pleasure and continued to caress him with her inner thigh and the back of her leg. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock. She squeezed it and rocked her hand up and down it.

He saw her glance at her watch. He was amazed how much attention she gave to the role-play and realised that her enthusiasm for it was genuine, probably even greater than his own.

“Hmmm — he’s hard now. Really hard. And time is passing on I’m afraid, hun. I have to go before too long now. Do you want me to ride you?”

“Yes Kim. I want to feel you rocking up and down on my cock.”

“Sit on the edge of the bed then, sweetie…”

He sat on he edge of the bed and watched his aunt walk to the dressing table. She unfastened a condom and stepped to him. He watched her long fingers as they stretched it and slid it onto his throbbing length. Then to his surprise, instead of facing him she turned her back to him and squatted a little. She took his erection in her hand and eased her pussy onto it.

Leaning slightly forward with her hands braced on the bed she began immediately to ride quite hard, taking him deep. She whimpered and murmured in a slightly exaggerated way. He added his genuine moans. In the tarnished mirror on the wall he watched her small breasts jig up and down. He rested his hands on her firm thighs and clasped her to him.

The bedsprings creaked rhythmically and the bed itself made slight knocking noises on the floor. She laughed. The sound of her thighs slapping against his added to the noise, and so did their gasps, grunts and groans. The cocktail of sound added to the sensation and the sight of his erection sliding obscenely in and out of her.

She ceased rocking up and down and instead she raised herself a little with her hands. She gyrated her hips then shuffled back and forth, pulling and pushing his erection backwards and forwards and in circular movements inside her clasping tunnel.

She looked over her shoulder at him.

“Do you want to come in Kim’s pussy, hun? Or shall I suck you off and let you come in my mouth?”

His aunt’s explicitness and crudity thrilled him.

“I… would it be okay… to…” he stammered. He was genuinely embarrassed to make his request of his aunt, but her enthusiasm for the role-play encouraged him.

“Go on, sweetie — you’re the client…” she replied, reassuringly.

“Would it be okay to… to come over your tits Aun — Kim?”

“Ooooh, yes, honey. Let’s do it! I love having that done!”

She slipped off his lap and turned to face him. She wrapped her hand around his cock and slid off the redundant condom. She dropped it onto the bed.

He knelt on the bed and she lay on her back. He let his eyes rove all over her mature, sexy body. Despite the role-play he was acutely conscious that it was the body of his mother’s sister. He had kissed and fondled it, and been inside it — and now, with her broad-minded consent, he was about to ejaculate over it.

“Come on then, Mark honey. Wank it, go on, yes, yes, like that.”

He began to pump himself quite hard and fast.

“Ooh yes, sweetie, it’s so big and so hard… you’re going to come all over my mature titties and nipples aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah! Yeah I am!”

“Go on them sweetie, shoot it, shoot it! Spurt onto Kim… I want to see it all shoot out over my tits!”

He gritted his teeth and grimaced as he felt himself approach the verge.

“That’s it, squirt it, squirt every last drop of it, go on, go on… ohhhhh, yes! Yeahhh! Ohhh, look at it all over my titties!”

He stared at his tip as his cum spurted out and spattered her orbs and her hard nipples. He continued to shaft himself and watched as gobs of sticky spunk flicked and dripped onto her. He gazed at his wanton aunt, her breasts and nipples adorned by his nasty goo. She laughed.

“Ohhh yes! That felt nice! And it looks so rude, too! What a lovely, naughty way to finish, hun!”

To his surprise and delight she rubbed the sticky fluid over her skin and nipples and only then did she stand and get herself some tissues. He stared again at every inch of her naked body as she cleaned her hands.

She wrapped both the condom that he had used earlier and the redundant one into it. She tipped the other condoms out of the packet and pushed them into the bottom of her bag. Then she pushed the tissues and used condoms into the empty packet and placed it in the waste bin. She passed him a tissue to clean himself with, and placed that in the bin, but underneath the condom packet.

“The snotty owner knows what we’ve been up to, sweetie. She must have heard us even if she hadn’t guessed. We might as well leave a souvenir of our stay!”

She Erenköy Escort laughed. So did he.

“That was so much fun, honey!” she said, kissing him on one cheek and stroking his other cheek with her fingers. “Give me a ring another time if you like — you have my number!”

“Yes I will, Kim. Thanks for that. Thanks a million. It was a brilliant hour.”

“For me too, hun.” She smiled.

He watched her step into the leopard print panties and pull them up. Bizarrely even now she made small talk as if he really was her paying client. He dressed as he watched her.

“So — what are you doing the rest of today? Looks like you’ve already been shopping.”

He watched her slide her short black skirt up her legs.

“Yes,” he replied. “I’ll head off back home and do a few jobs around the house. Maybe do some jobs in the garden.”

“Very nice.”

She pulled on her red vest top and tugged it into place. The shape of her breasts showed very clearly against it, and her nipples pressed two small points into the cotton.

“Are you leaving now, sweetie?”

“Yes, Kim.”

“We might as well go down together and say goodbye to our friend, then!”

They picked up the bags of shopping and left the room. He glanced round it one last time before closing the door, feeling a little ashamed at the shabbiness of it — and the even greater seediness of what he and his aunt had done there. As he closed the door she took a hair bobble from her bag and put her hair into it. She also retrieved a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses from one of her carrier bags and put them on, too.

“They’re for discretion, Mark. Your aunt is going to have to get changed at the station. It wouldn’t do for people to recognise the face of the person coming out of the Ladies’ as the one that went in dressed like this!”

He realised that she had suddenly stepped out of the role-play and reverted to being his aunt. He nodded.

They went along the corridor. There was no sign of the lady owner. They went down the stairs into the dingy reception area. She was standing there, pretending to check some paperwork. She looked up and cast her eyes over them disapprovingly.

His aunt stepped forward and handed her the key.

“Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time — despite the surroundings,” she said boldly, looking the woman in the eye.

Mark cringed. He saw the owner’s face twitch a little as she thought of a suitable response.

“I would have thought it would be quite to the taste of… of a woman like you!” she replied curtly.

Mark looked at his aunt. She smiled back at the hotel owner.

“A woman like me! Yes, I do look like a certain kind of woman, don’t I? And I have acted like one. But… it’s all just been a bit of fun — Madam.”

His aunt smiled and leaned forward, though there was nobody else to hear.

“I haven’t charged him for sex. It was all just a role we acted out. I’ve known him since he was tiny. We’re almost family, he and I — sort of, anyway. In fact he even calls me Auntie, as if we WERE family!”

Mark gasped and blushed hot. He inched to the door.

“But,” his aunt continued, “it wasn’t ALL role-play. No, what you heard as you snooped around was real enough. Anyway thanks for the room! I can honestly say it’s been the shortest but one of the best hotel stays I’ve ever had!”

He was truly shocked as he stepped outside the door. He laughed out loud with embarrassment, but he found little to amuse him in his aunt’s words. He wondered whether the hotel owner believed his aunt and hoped that she would not guess that they were more than just “almost” aunt and nephew.

Laughing, his aunt caught up with him and they headed to the train station. He was angry with her, and felt terribly vulnerable, conspicuous and ashamed. But as they neared the station entrance he saw the funny side of it and began to chuckle to himself. She stepped ahead of him for discretion, drawing several approving and disapproving looks. He followed at a slight distance, enjoying the attention that she was attracting.

The rest was much the same as the outward journey had been. His Aunt Pat — her hair half-hidden by her baseball cap and her face partly hidden by her sunglasses — disappeared for twenty minutes or so in the ladies’ toilet on the station. She emerged without her cap or sunglasses and with her hair down, wearing her modest green skirt and the top in which she had travelled down. She attracted few glances now, and nobody seemed to recognise her as the sluttily-dressed woman who had arrived twenty minutes earlier.

On the way back he shot repeated but fleeting glances at her face and breasts, recalling every detail of the shopping trip and the role-play sex in which they had indulged in the seedy hotel. He glanced around at other travellers, smug in the knowledge that they had no idea of knowing what he and his aunt had been up to.

However, he also felt a sharp pang of shame as he recalled that one person DID know exactly what they had been up to, and had perhaps even come close to guessing its true shocking nature.

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