Secret Lessons Ch. 01

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Close Up

This story takes place in the first person of the father that agrees to teach his 18 year old daughter, Lisa, how to get better with handjobs and blowjobs in exchange for access to her body.

You have short red hair and green eyes. You stay in good shape, but not exactly athletic. You are 6′ tall and have a wife that is willing to do anything you desire in bed. Your sex life is fantastic despite the amount of time you have been married. Your greatest attribute is you dick is 8″ long and comes with a massive girth, which drives your wife crazy.

Lisa has long blond hair and blue eyes, just like her mother. Her nose and mouth are a match to you, giving no doubt that she is your daughter. She is 5′ 7″ tall and petite with small breasts and dark nipples that stand out against her pale skin.

The first chapter has a daughter giving her father a handjob, blowjob and getting a facial.

Chapter 1

Your wife recently received a promotion, which means she has to travel a great deal. You are happy for her, but hate the idea of having to wait to have sex until she returns. The current trip has taken her out of the country and she won’t be back for several weeks. To make matters worse, you are there alone with your 18 year old daughter.

You don’t mind that she still lives at home, but it would be nice if she were to get a job. Anything to get her out of the house so you can watch porn in private, since that is your best option for sex until your wife returns. Granted, you can jack it without the stimulation, but it is not quite the same. As long as she is home you don’t have the option to do anything else.

You are walking down the hall towards your bedroom when you hear a muffled sound from your daughter’s bedroom. You want to ignore it, since it is getting rather late and you are very tired. You quietly take a step when the muffled sound becomes clearer and it sounds like she is crying. You hope you heard it wrong, since that would require you to do something to comfort her. You stay in place and remain quiet as you continue to listen and the sound is no longer muffled. There is no doubt that she is crying.

You think to yourself, ‘Damn. Now what do I do?’

You are too tired to do much, but you have to at least try. You lightly rap on her door and wait to hear some kind of response. The only sound you hear is the crying that is getting far more pronounced.

You rap on the door a little harder and try the knob to see if she left it unlocked. The knob turns easily and you slowly open the door quietly to see her crying into her pillow. The back of her blond head is the only part of her you can see, since her blanket covers what the pillow doesn’t. She is oblivious to your presence and you are caught between staying or closing the door. It is very late and the idea of closing the door and heading to your bedroom is very appealing, but you know you have to at least try to comfort her. Normally, your wife would be the one to do this, but that isn’t an option.

You ask, “Lisa, hon, are you OK?” Your voice is purposely kept soft in the hopes that she doesn’t hear you and you can at least say you tried.

Unfortunately for you, she shakes her head into her pillow and says, “No, daddy.”

Her voice is muffled by the pillow, but you cannot deny what she said. You have no choice other choice, so you sit on the edge of her bed place your hand softly on the blanket where her shoulder should be. You think, ‘It is too late for this. I need sleep.’

You gather your thoughts and ask, “What’s wrong, Lisa?”

She sobs into the pillow as she says, “Jack broke up with me, daddy.”

You think, ‘Damn, this is definitely your wife’s area. What the hell am I supposed to do about it?’ You take a deep breath and ask, “Did he say why?” You think to yourself, ‘That can’t be right. I worded that all wrong.’

She nods into her pillow as you continue to rub her shoulder through the blanket, then says, “He said I gave bad handjobs and blowjobs.”

You could not have heard that right. You ask, “What?” It is purely instinctual and you had no intention to have the words actually escape your mouth, but they did.

Lisa says in a clearer voice, “He said I give bad handjobs and blowjobs.”

Yes, you heard it right when she said it the first time. You want to find the words your wife would use, but instead find yourself asking, “Did he say anything else?”

She nods and says, “He said I am bad in bed, but the big things are the handjobs and blowjobs.”

You think to yourself, İstanbul Escort ‘I guess now I know she isn’t a virgin. Suspected as much, but what the hell do I do with it? Tell the wife? No, I have to handle this. It’s my responsibility.’

You are way too tired to find some tactful way of helping your daughter, so you simply say, “Well, Lisa, you can always get better with both of those things. He just doesn’t know what he’s missing. You are better off without him.”

She raises her head from the pillow and glances at you. Then asks, “Really, daddy? Do you really think I can get better at handjobs and blowjobs?”

You guess this is working, since she is no longer crying. You say, “Sure, Lisa. Things like that just take time to get really good. You just need to keep at it and you will get good.”

She turns over and you see her smile at you. She asks, “Will you help me practice, daddy?”

You could not have heard that right. She must have said something else, but you are too tired to do much of anything. You simply say, “Sure, Lisa.”

She throws off the covers and gives you a hug as she asks, “Can we start now?”

You shake your head as you say, “Not tonight. I am way too tired. We’ll start in the morning.”

She releases her embrace and says, “OK, daddy. Good night.”

You turn and leave the room in order to make your way to your bedroom to get some much needed sleep. You hear your daughter say something, but are too tired to understand a word of it. You reach your bed and collapse onto the mattress.

The next morning you wake up and feel like you need at least four more hours of sleep, but know you have to wake up and start your day. You may work from home, but that doesn’t mean you can slack off. You force yourself out of bed and make your way to the kitchen to start the coffee pot. You are worthless without that first cup in the morning. You think to yourself, ‘Cup, nothing, I need the whole damn pot today.’

You see Lisa sitting in the kitchen with a grin on her face, which causes her blue eyes to twinkle. She says, “Good morning, daddy.”

You start the coffee pot and wonder what she is doing up at this hour. She is normally asleep for at least another hour. You say, “Morning, Lisa. What are you doing up? Shouldn’t you still be in bed?”

She continues to grin as she says, “I couldn’t sleep, daddy. I’m too excited about you helping me practice. Can we start now?”

You think to yourself, ‘What the hell is she talking about. Practice what?’ Then some vague memory comes to you and you can recall promising to help her practice something. You don’t know what you promised, but it must have been good to keep her from sleeping. You look at the coffee pot and see the slow dripping of your morning slowly fill, but it is not enough for a cup yet.

You say, “I need coffee first, Lisa, then we’ll practice. OK?” You may not know what it is, but how bad could it be.

She continues to grin as she says, “OK, daddy. How are you going to teach me to get better?”

You have no idea what she’s talking about, so you ask, “Better at what, Lisa?”

She laughs as she says, “Better at handjobs and blowjobs, silly.”

If you had coffee in your mouth you would have spit it out, but unfortunately haven’t had so much as a sip. The memory starts to become clearer and you do recall making that promise. You think to yourself, ‘Damn, I need coffee. Now what do I tell her?’

You mean to say something profound, but the lack of caffeine makes that impossible. Instead, you find yourself saying, “Nothing like using the real thing.” You ask yourself, ‘Where the hell did that come from? Coffee, now. Damn drip. It isn’t ready yet.’

You see the grin vanish as the words sink into your daughter. She is completely still and silent for a moment as she ways the gravity of the situation. Then she nods slowly and says, “You’re right, daddy. There’s no other way to practice. I have to use your penis. How else can you teach me to get better?”

You think, ‘This is going wrong in many ways. What the hell is happening?’ You look at the coffee pot and know that caffeine is close at hand. You are finally able to pour yourself a cup and stand at the counter while you drink it. Lisa waits patiently for you to finish, but you can feel her excitement. You set the cup down and fill it again, then sit at the table and face your daughter.

You finish the second cup and Lisa asks, “Now, daddy?”

Your head is much clearer now and you know you have to put a Anadolu Yakası Escort stop to this whole thing. You look at her blue eyes and say, “If I am going to teach you, there has to be some rules.” You think to yourself, ‘Where the hell did that come from. I need to stop it, not encourage it.’ You see her nod in agreement. Then continue by saying, “The first rule is that this must be kept a secret, especially from your mother, understand?”

She nods and says, “Of course, daddy, this is just between us. I won’t tell anyone, promise.”

You nod and say, “The next rule is that the lessons can only take place while your mother is away. We can’t risk her finding out about this at all.” She nods in agreement. You say, “The next rule is you are to use adult language during our lessons, so instead of penis, you will say dick, OK?” She nods again. You continue by saying, “The last rule is I get to do whatever I want with you, whenever I want.”

She gets a confused look on her face and says, “I don’t understand. What kind of things, daddy?”

You say, “Sexual things. There will be plenty of time for lessons, but if I want to fuck you, then I get to fuck you. Anything I want to do with your body, you have to do without question. OK?” You think to yourself, ‘Where the hell is all this coming from. Did I just tell her I get to fuck her if I want? Well, what the hell. If I’m going to cross some lines with my daughter, might as well cross them all.’

She thinks for a moment about the last rule and finally nods in agreement. Then says, “OK, daddy. As long as there is plenty of time for my lessons, you can have me do whatever you want sexually. I know it’s incest, and all that, but I don’t care. I just want to get really good at giving handjobs and blowjobs.”

You finish your second cup and say, “I’m going to take a shower first, then we’ll start your first lesson, OK?”

She nods and says, “OK, daddy. I’ll wait right here for you.”

You go into your bedroom and don’t bother to close the door. You grab a change of clothes and head into the master bathroom to piss and shower. Once you finish the shower, you get dressed and head back to the kitchen. Your daughter is waiting for you in eager anticipation.

You smile at her and ask, “Are you ready for your first lesson, Lisa?”

She nods and says, “Been ready since last night.”

You look around for the best place to position yourselves and decide on the living room. At least she will have comfortable carpeting for her knees. Lisa follows you in and you point to the couch, which she sits on without question. You check the windows to make certain they are all closed and the curtains pulled tight to prevent anyone from looking in, then turn to her and say, “Lisa, come here and get on your knees.”

She says, “Yes, daddy.”

You wait until she is on her knees looking up at you with anticipation in her blue eyes that are peaking out from behind her blond hair. You start to undo the button on your pants and pull the zipper down. As you prepare to drop your pants and underwear, you say, “Lisa, when I tell you, I want you to give me an average handjob. I don’t want you to try anything you normally wouldn’t do so I know exactly what I have to work with, OK?”

She nods and says, “OK, daddy.”

You are about to pull them down, but stop and ask, “Are you sure about this?”

She does not answer immediately and you suspect she is having some kind of argument in her mind. Part of you hopes she changes her mind, but a larger part wants her to continue. This will certainly take care of the sex problem while the wife is away. Besides, it has been a long time since you had access to an 18 year old in this way. You think, ‘We’re both adults, she isn’t being forced, not really adultery if it’s my daughter, incest taboo be damned.’

She finally reaches a decision and nods. You nod back and say, “I am going to remove my pants and underwear now, but wait until I tell you before you start.” She nods as you reveal your rock hard dick to your daughter. You see her eyes grow wide in some combination of shock and awe when she sees just how big you are.

She takes a breath and says, “Daddy, your dick is huge. I don’t know if I will be able to give you a blowjob. I don’t think my mouth will open that wide.”

You smile and say, “Your mom thought the same thing, but she has no problem these days. Like everything in life, it takes practice.” You see her nod as you free your legs from the pants and underwear, then kick them Üsküdar Escort to the side to ensure they don’t get in the way. Lisa eyes are locked onto your cock and you know she desperately wants to start. You say, “Go ahead and give me a handjob.”

Instead of asking for lotion of some kind, her hands immediately move to the shaft. The sensation of her hands on your dick is something you have never felt before and find you enjoy the idea of your daughter willing to touch you there. Her hands have a hard time getting a grip due to the girth. You think, ‘No lotion, there’s one problem.’ She continues to stare at your dick as you look down at the top of her blond head. You think, ‘No eye contact, that’s another one.’ She starts to squeeze awkwardly and gives an occasional tug, but that is the extent and it feels beyond amateurish. You think, ‘She needs a lot of lessons if she can’t even get the movement right. Too much squeezing and not enough tugging.’

After letting her continue like that for a couple of minutes, you say, “Go ahead and give me a blowjob.” You think, ‘Kind of hard to screw that up. Even a bad one feels good.’

She nods and you watch her lips make contact with the head of your dick. It causes it to twitch and you find the sensation even better than when her hands made contact. You think, ‘No use of the tongue and still not looking up.’ She continues the awkward squeezing as she takes the head in, but fight to make sure her lips don’t touch. You think, ‘My dick is too wide for that, but she shouldn’t be acting like she doesn’t want to make contact at all.’ She mover her head forward a little and gets just past the head before reversing course. You wait for her to take it a little deeper, but it doesn’t happen. Over and over again, she moves her head down just enough to take the head, but stops before it gets good for you. You think, ‘How the hell could she screw that up.’

After letting her continue for a couple of minutes, you know you are never going to cum with her working on you. You say, “Go ahead and stop, Lisa. I have a good idea as to where to start with the next lesson, but stay on your knees and don’t move.”

She releases her grip and her mouth and asks, “Are you sure, daddy?”

You say, “Yes, Lisa. Now I am going to jerk myself off while you watch and cum on your face. I want you to look at my eyes and smile.” You do not wait for a response as you immediately start working your cock hard and fast. She moves her head up to look into your eyes and smiles as you let out a few soft moans. Once you are close, you say, “I’m going to cum. Close your eyes, Lisa.”

She closes her eyes and you blow your load on her face. She jumps as your cum hits her forehead, but doesn’t try to turn away. You aim lower and hit her on her mouth, which is wear you keep yourself aimed for the duration. You see your cum drip off her chin and land on her shirt, right where her tits are. It takes longer than usual and you relish every moment that you can put cum on your daughter’s mouth.

Once the twitching stops, you say breathlessly, “Lick your lips, Lisa, so you can taste my cum.”

At first she keeps her mouth closed tight, but eventually parts her lips slights and sticks her tongue out to taste your cum. She doesn’t make any sound in regards to the taste and remains quiet as she slowly opens her mouth again and continues to slowly remove your cum from her lips. Once you are satisfied that there is none left to clean, you say, “Stand up and look at me.”

She says, Yes, daddy.”

You watch as she slowly gets up and you are able to see your remaining cum on her face and shirt. You ask, “Have you ever tasted cum before?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, daddy.”

You smile knowing that yours is her first. Then ask, “What did it taste like?”

She says, “Really salty, daddy, but not in a bad way. I liked the taste of your cum, daddy.”

You grin at her response and know she is just like your wife in that way. You ask, “Have you ever had cum on your face?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, daddy, just my hands.”

You ask, “Do you know what it’s called when you end up with cum on your face like that?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, daddy.”

You say, “That is called a facial. I’ll make sure to give you plenty more during the lessons. Now go take a shower while I get some work done.”

She says, “Yes, daddy.”

You watch her leave the living room and you head into your office to start your work day. You may not fully know how it happened, but you are glad it did. Not just because you get a chance to teach an 18 year old girl how to do things the right way, but also because she is your daughter. There is something exciting about having access to her body whenever you want and in any way you want.

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