Second Blossom Ch. 06

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In the early hours of morning, Jake opened his eyes to see nighttime darkness turning to daylight. Chelsea was still fast asleep beside him. With an arm and leg wrapped around his torso, she was as beautiful as ever.

How had he been so fortunate to have her in his life? Jake remembered Chelsea and his father’s wedding and felt a pang of jealousy. Though she and Peter had each chosen to move in very different directions, Jake wondered about his own role in the grand scheme of things. Was he a temporary fix, the rebound, or something more? One day, he would have to ask Chelsea. That is, when he finally worked up the courage to do so.

For his part, things were complicated to say the least, Years of casual friendship followed by six months into a relationship with Vanessa was enough time to know she wasn’t to be taken for granted. But at the same time, she simply wasn’t the woman on his mind. And with the way things were going, something inside urged caution since his place as her boyfriend was already incredibly fragile.

His mother took a deep breath and readjusted in her sleep pressing her hips tighter against him. He felt his mother’s warmth traveling from her body onto his and was at peace. It wasn’t just sex. Though last night had been wonderful, it was an extension of something else. And there was no need to ask. He already knew without a doubt that the sentiment was shared.

Jake delicately wiggled his way out of her grasp, and it made her turn on her back to find a better position. Lowering himself between her legs, he took in the sight of her used pussy taking pride in the fact that he had been the one in it just hours before.

Though a mess had been inside of it earlier, it was incredibly clean. Chelsea must’ve squirted so how hard last night that his cum had been washed away entirely. He kissed the inside of her thigh and could taste her last orgasm. Unable to resist, he pulled out his tongue and ran it the length of her slit.

Chelsea’s body responded to his intimate touch, and she moaned in her sleep. Jake could taste her sensitive pussy lubricating itself. He helped it along by using his tongue to spread her body’s juices up to her clit. She whimpered in her sleep as the sensation intensified.

Savoring the moment, there was no rush. Jake licked at his own pace exploring the folds and probing his tongue inside her opening. His eyes closed, and he continued to lick away. This was where he wanted to be. This was where he felt most at peace. Between her legs, in her eyes, or just feeling her body curled around him, he was whole. He moved his tongue away. Rubbing his hard cock against the opening, her wetness coated the tip as natural encouragement to take things further. That was exactly what he wanted and gently buried his cock inch by inch deep inside.

His mother took in a sharp breath and let out a massive moan. Her eyes half opened. Seeing Jake positioned over her and feeling his erection filling her up, Chelsea knew the dream she was having was nowhere near as good as all this. She reached out female agent porno her hand and laid it on the side of his face. Giving a subtle nod in the soft morning light, she began rocking her hips to show her approval.

Their bodies moved together in the most natural of ways. Neither one spoke. They already understood everything. Their eyes remained locked as the rhythm intensified. Feeling his orgasm fast approaching, Jake pulled out immediately replacing it with his mouth. The effect left Chelsea closing her eyes and letting out a moan.

Jakes cock received a short rest while his mouth was hard at work. When the need to cum had subsided back to a safe level, he pulled his mouth away and plunged his member back inside. With so much pleasure sweeping over her, Chelsea couldn’t take much more.

“I’m going to cum,” Jake told her as he began to thrust harder and faster than ever.

His mother laid her hand back on his cheek and forced their eyes to lock. “Do it,” she insisted. “Cum inside of me. Fill me up, baby.”

Jake buried his cock deep inside and stared into her sparkling brown eyes as wave after wave of climax rushed over him. Chelsea kept her eyes locked on his as she felt his hot cum flooding inside of her. She wouldn’t look away. Her eyes demanded he give her all of it. The affect was so intense, it brought her own orgasm to the surface.

Her toes began to curl, and she stared at Jake with desperate helplessness. The climax was more powerful than anything she’d experienced before, and it scared her while also making her wish it would never end. Each movement of her son’s cock made her opening gush. When he pulled out, the floodgate was opened and she squirted onto his delicious abs.

Morning breath could’ve been a concern, but neither one gave it any attention. Jake had already filled his mouth with her pussy, and Chelsea loved tasting herself on his lips. They continued to kiss and held each other while coming down from their separate orgasms. With birds chirping outside the window, the morning was off to a glorious start.

“I could get used to waking up like this,” Chelsea said tracing the veins on her son’s arm with a finger. “I wish every morning was as pleasant.”

“I could certainly get used to tasting you first thing every day. Maybe this is how each morning should be,”

“I’d have to change the sheets twice as often,” she laughed. “Something tells me they’d get a lot more use.”

Jake kissed her shoulder and worked his way up her neck. “Small sacrifice,” he said in between kisses.

“Mmmm,” Chelsea closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his lips. “Mommy loves that.”

He pulled her hair to the side and nibbled on his mother’s ear. “I never took you for the mother-son role play type,” he admitted. “Do you have any other hidden interests I should know about?”

Actually,” she said adjusting slightly under his lips. “That’s not really my thing.”

Jake stopped what he was doing and looked at her curiously. “You like it when I call gizli cekim porno you mommy. I’m a little confused.”

Chelsea stared at her son who waited for an explanation, and it suddenly didn’t feel right keeping things to herself after everything they shared. She wanted to be honest with him — she wanted him to know and understand.

“I do like it when you call me mommy,” she confessed. “It’s my way of feeling close to you and remembering that a mother-son relationship is something that lasts.” She took a deep breath and let the words slip out that had remained so deeply hidden. “I may not always be your lover, but I’ll still be your mom. This way we’ll still have something special even after your side of the bed gets cold.”


“Mom,” she corrected him with a fragile smile.

Jake finally pieced it together and understood what she was saying. The only constant they shared was their mother-son relationship, and it had served them well. But if that were to vanish, she would be left with nothing. The thought was too much for her to bear. Though his mother might’ve preferred hearing him call her by name, she had been wise enough to keep that wall in place.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he told her. “My side of the bed doesn’t have to ever get cold.”

“You’re here to better your performance for Vanessa,” Chelsea reminded him. “And you’re a quick study which means you’ll get to show her your progress in no time. It won’t be as easy leaving campus on weekends, and I’ll understand. As your mom, I’ll be happy knowing you’re making a future for yourself. Lovers come and go, but sons never abandon their moms.”

Jake wanted to tell her differently, but he couldn’t. There weren’t any secrets, and their arrangement had been clear from the start. Whatever decision he made, someone would end up alone. It pained him to think he would eventually be the cause of his mother’s heartache.

“Don’t feel bad, baby,” she said sensing his discomfort. “I want this, and I wouldn’t trade a second for anything.”

Jake wrapped his arms around her, and she melted under the weight of her own feelings. Sharing her insecurities was as difficult as Chelsea had expected, but she was glad her son was now aware of that part of her. She closed her eyes and, for a brief moment, imagined how it would feel being safe in his arms in five years, ten, and even over an entire lifetime. Chelsea quickly brought herself back to reality and decided they should go out for brunch.

Jake and his mother tried their best to make the rest of the day something happy, but the elephant in the room had been addressed. And once it was seen, it hung around making its presence felt at every opportunity.

By the time evening rolled around, they had managed to salvage the day and had even found a few reasons to laugh when Chelsea led the way to the bedroom. She began to strip, and Jake pulled her hands away and helped her out of her clothes. Offering a momentary caress or tender kiss as fabric was replaced by bare glory hole secrets porno skin, he enjoyed watching her smile and being the reason behind it.

Standing naked and ready for anything, Chelsea dropped to her knees and was unfastening her son’s belt when he shook his head and stood her back up.

“What are you doing?” She asked a little confused by the gesture.

“Tonight is for you,” he said taking off his clothes and standing naked before her. He took her by the hand and led her onto the bed.

“What do you have in mind, baby?”

Jake laid beside her on the bed and put his hand on her face. She looked playful, but he was strangely aware of her need to get things started in order to make it through the night. He leaned over and gave her a long and passionate kiss.

“Tonight, I want you to tell me about yourself,” He said letting his fingers run from her hip all the way to the side of her breast.

“That isn’t going to help you with Vanessa,” she said giving him a reminder. “And focusing on me means it’ll take longer to focus on you.”

“Then it’ll take longer,” he said as if the answer was automatic. “Tonight is for you. And if that means going to sleep horny as hell and full of cum, I’m willing to do it. I want to know you.”

Why did he have to be so perfect? Chelsea knew what he was doing – she loved and hated him for it. The thought of Vanessa would probably make her excuse herself after a forced climax. And after shedding a few silent tears in the bathroom, she would return and pretend as if nothing had happened. She wanted her son to be happy but was under no illusion that some days would be harder than others. Today had been rough, but Jake was now offering her a kindness.

The dark cloud of the day seemed to vanish as Chelsea opened up. It was so easy when the interest was real. Jake listened to her every word, and she felt like he actually heard her. The more she spoke, the greater her desire grew to share. Naked and vulnerable, Chelsea also knew she was safe no matter what she said. Jake had that affect on her, and she was grateful his clothes had also been removed making her feel safer somehow.

“Thank you for this,” Chelsea said as she turned off the lights and rested her head on Jake’s chest. “It was exactly what I needed.”

“It’s the least I can do,” he commented kissing the top of her head.

“Baby, it’s not a balancing act. I don’t do things for you counting points and waiting for you to even things out.”

“That’s not what I mean,” he told her and watched as his mother raised her head so she could see his face. “I made tonight about you maybe because I’m that selfish. I wanted to learn everything about you. I knew you as a mother, but who you are as a woman was filled with blank pages. Caring about you means loving all of you, and I needed to find out what other parts of you there are to love.”

“How is it you’ve managed to make me feel so vulnerable most of today?” She laughed and wiped away a tear in the darkness. “I hate you so much for making me love you that much more.” Her lips found his, and Jake could taste the salt mixing in their mouths. Her mouth locked tighter onto his. If she was greedy enough, they would hold onto each other and never come up for air. “I love you, my darling,” she said breaking the kiss at last.

“I love you too, mom.”

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