Season of SSBBW Depravity Pt. 01

Big Tits

I met Katrina in a local bar late one night about two months after my divorce. I was 28, 6’4″ and in pretty good shape. We were introduced by a mutual friend that night and seemed to hit it off pretty well after a long conversation about rock bands we both enjoyed, and our recent, relationship failures. She was a really big girl, yet fascinating and unpredictable in that she seemed to say whatever came through her brain, and had a raunchy mouth with no filter! I found her very refreshing compared to the single women I had been encountering recently, who seemed to be into playing stupid mind games. She had been separated all of two weeks, but made a point several times to tell me that her marriage was completely over.

Katrina was a redneck amazon, with broad freckled shoulders and a thick southern Georgia drawl. When you think, ‘built like a brick shithouse’, you get Katrina. She was the kind of girl who stood up and screamed, “yeah baby, woohoo!” when the jukebox played her favorite country-western song. I know this because she did it twice that night. She told me she was 48, but looked 60 plus in the face. The poor woman had clearly had a tough several years. She was 5’11” and looked around 310lbs, with long, perfect legs and huge saggy tits that I had difficulty avoiding eye contact with, given the thin tight t-shirt she wore that night and the fact that she was clearly going braless.

She wasn’t an ugly or unattractive woman, but was a little plain and unremarkable in the face. She had a bit of a horse face, with a large gaping mouth and broad lips. She did however have a smoking hot SSBBW body. For a guy like me, who was secretly turned on by large women I dismissed her facial looks quickly. She had very crooked but white buck teeth with an obvious overbite, but, but seemed oblivious to this as she talked and laughed with me and her younger BBW girlfriend, Cammie. Katrina was out to celebrate her new-found freedom. Her hair was long, straight, and bleach blond, draping half way down her back. Her darker brown true color had started growing back out, apparently several months prior. She had a long torso (like myself) and her excess weight seemed to be centered around her middle, beginning from the waist up. I had seen women with her body type and imagined she undoubtedly had a long massive vulva and perfect vagina. She did indeed have a sweet little round ass that I imagined to be easily accessible to both tongue and penis. To top all this look out, she had gone out bar crawling that night in flip flops, faded blue jean cut-offs, and a threadbare, faded 38 Special t-shirt from the 1980s. She smelled really delicious for some reason, despite not seeming to be wearing any perfume. I attributed my arousal at the time to being able to see the outline of her nipples beneath her t-shirt. She was clearly much older than me, but was apparently fascinated by everything I was saying. At times I caught her looking me over like I was a piece of candy.

Despite her looks I found this big hefty girl strangely arousing and a little needy. Her girlfriend, Cammie, seeing that we seemed to be hitting it off the later the night grew, backed off after awhile and had lit out for home about an hour of chatting. Cammie was pretty cute, and probably 100 lbs lighter than Katrina, and I briefly thought I had missed a chance of getting lucky as she walked her sexy ass out the door. Katrina grabbed my knee at one point soon after, telling me how limber she still was at her age, and had put her huge hand on top of mine several other times while been talking throughout the evening. Her fingernails were all bitten down to the quick, so I supposed she might have anxiety issues.

Close to closing time we stood and began walking out of the bar together, still talking, when she abruptly asked me if I was interested in coming back to her place for another drink. We had been drinking rum and Coke most of the night, and I quickly accepted. My cock had been semi-erect the entire evening as we talked, and I had been seconds away from asking her the same question myself. At some point I guess I had decided I wanted to sleep with her and see what was inside those blue jean shorts. I followed her to her apartment in my car with a raging erection. As it turned out, she lived in my apartment complex, two buildings over. We parked and I followed her upstairs to her door. She made nervous small talk on the way up about me trying to ignore how messy her place was. I told her I was confident I would be completely ignoring any mess she could have because she was much more interesting. We both gave each other a knowing smile and I knew for sure I would be getting laid at that point. Casually, I asked her if she lived alone. “Oh Hell yes. My daughter’s grown with a six year old of her own,” she replied with a laugh. Mentally, I acknowledged to myself I would be screwing my first grandma that night. As she jiggled her keys in the door lock, my rock hardened cock began to strain inside my pants for release.

Katrina turned the lock and then turned around and grinned a wicked, semi-drunk Escort Şişli smile at me, grabbed my hand and led me inside her darkened apartment. She quickly threw her purse and keys over onto the couch, and before I could say a word, she grabbed me by my pants and pushed me hard back against the closed door. She moved in close to me and grabbed my face hard with both of her massive hands and without warning, turned her head slightly to the side and shoved her huge tongue into my mouth as she pulled my face and mouth into hers, inhaling my breath deeply.

She tasted really sexy as I inhaled our mutual breath back into my own lungs and I moaned an approving reply as I grabbed her ass and the back of her head with each hand to hang on. Her natural pheromones now made my body explode with arousal. Her lipstick smeared all over my face as she sloppily sucked my lips and tongue-fucked my face with her big, wide open mouth and powerful tongue. She released my face after awhile and whispered, “Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that all night”. “Yeah, so have I”, I replied, “you don’t have to stop”.

With this affirmation her hand slipped over the top of my pants as she probed for my cock. I have a solid 8″ and was already fully erect, so she found it immediately. Her massive right hand wrapped around my warm penis as she began stroking it up and down, all the while continuing to kiss me deeply. Her eyes opened wide as she felt my size briefly and she grunted her approval. My hands had now slowly run up her t-shirt and were now kneeding her droopy pendulous breasts and lightly pinching her hardened nipples. She moaned loudly, as she pulled her hand out of my pants and began unbuckling my belt and quickly unzipping my pants, all the while still in the darkness. I responded by unzipping her tight ratty jean shorts and forcing both shorts and black panties downward towards her ankles.

She stepped out of her shorts and flip flops. Seemingly without a care she pulled her bulging, sagging belly upwards for me, exposing her long meaty vulva and completely shaved and lengthy vagina in the moonlight coming through the window next to the door. She looked closely for my reaction and smiled when my mouth dropped open, then grabbed my now completely exposed and shaved erect penis and began stroking it in her tight fist. Then she did something incredibly dominant and hot that took me by surprise. She turned and led me slowly through her dark living room, dragging me close behind her by my stiff erection, all the way to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was dark, with a musty, feminine smell. It didn’t smell unpleasant, but gave me the impression that she was a regular masturbator. She somehow seemed like a female version of myself and that this is what my bedroom would look and smell like were I a woman. Huge silken black, white, and red panties lay all over her bedroom floor. Another pile of dirty laundry lay in the corner. On her bedside table was an assortment of lotions and relaxation oils, as well as a large, half-used tube of K-Y.

I was unceremoniously shoved onto onto my back on her bed. It was soft, yet had a heavy smell of sweaty, womens’ panties. She removed her t-shirt and crawled over me on all fours. She was a huge, intimidatingly large woman, despite being three inches shorter than me. She had a look of determination on her face, suggesting I was right where she wanted me now and wasn’t going anywhere, even if I wanted to. Her massive, dangling breasts hung from her chest like twin racks of meat in a butcher shop, and large brown nipples and aerola pointed excitedly towards my chest.

She pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it somewhere behind her as I kicked off my shoes, exposing my entire naked body beneath hers now. She was breathing heavily as she hovered, rubbing my nipples slowly. Her giant breasts hung freely, nearly brushing against my chest. “What should we do now?” I asked with an innocently knowing grin. Without a word she reached down between her legs and grabbed my cock, now fully at attention and promptly sat down it. I slipped into her tight, soaking wet oven all the way to the hilt as we both gasped loudly.

My brain exploded as waves of pleasure flew through my body from my center. Despite her age, her wet pussy was so incredibly tight. Had I been blindfolded I would have bet my life I was deflowering a virgin. For a moment Katrina just sat there, relaxing all of her weight on top of me as she readjusted her position. I could smell her wet, horny pussy now as my burrowing cock expelled her wetness to the surface. I could feel the muscular walls of her labia tightly gripping the base of my prick all the way down at the base. She grabbed my wrists with each hand and held them pinned to the bed, over my head. I was completely at her mercy now. She began to thrust up and down on me as the bent down to resume tongue-ducking my eager mouth. She lay all of weight on top of me as she rhythmically fucked me hard and deep, alternating thrusts with her hips with the thrusts of her tongue into my Sultangazi escort mouth. I relaxed my body completely and let her ride me for seemed like forever. I thrust my hips upwards in rhythm to meet her down strokes and we moaned in a sweaty, sexual bliss. Finally she released my wrists and I grabbed her breasts and began sucking her large hard nipples, causing her to cry out loudly. When she grew tired of thrusting onto me she sank her full weight on top of me and began slowly grinding her pelvis hard into mine. Our breathing grew loud and sweat poured from her naked body onto mine with every thrust.

She fucked me hard, and with a kind of conviction, like she hadn’t had sex in a very long time, and was making up for a lot of lost time. I discovered later that was exactly what she was doing. She confided in me during our pillow talk later that I was the first man other than her ex-husband that she had had sex with in over 18 years, and that she hadn’t even had sexy with him the last three years of their marriage. I was flattered and a little intimidated. She was clearly going to fuck the holy shit out of me.

Without warning she sat up and quickly flipped around, placing her strangely normal-sized ass directly over my face. Before lowering herself down onto me I felt her wet, warm mouth quickly deep-throat my cock, and just sit there, her lips resting against my pelvis. It was incredible. My entire 8 inches was deep in the back her throat while her huge snakelike tongue ran slow circles around my shaft inside her massive horse-mouth. I now got a full look at her dripping wet vagina. She was perfectly shaved, with large, engorged, meat lips that hung loosely from her tight, inviting hole. Slowly she lowered herself onto my open mouth.

My tongue entered her warm, sweet box as she lowered her entire body weight onto my face. I wrapped my arms all around her ass, pulling her tighter onto my face. She cried out involuntarily and began sucking me slowly, yet so incredibly hard. She tasted so unbelievably sweet and potent. I burrowed deeper inside of her hairless, 48 year old vagina, gently shaking my head from side to side to increase my depth into her. I lost complete touch with reality and time as I hungrily suckled Katrinas’ horny vagina that was grinding slowly back and forth across my face and mouth. I strained upwards and stretched my tongue into her deeper in an effort to reach fluids I had not yet tasted and held her tight to my face to prevent her from grinding momentarily. She smelled and tasted like fresh carnal sex. Our intermingled juices warmed inside of her tight little oven, waiting for me to hungrily lick them out. She cried out every time I drove my tongue in deep and sucked me hard in return, harder than I had ever been sucked before. She closed her lips tight around my base and applied an incredible amount of alternating suction inside her mouth. My penis was helpless and locked away deep, somewhere in her face.

I came up for air briefly, taking three deep, controlled breaths. “Oh God, please don’t stop”, she commanded. I happily consented and buried my face into her steaming crotch for another round. Acknowledging my obedience she vigorously began deep-throating me, bobbing her head up and down on my engorged and sensitive cock. I could feel the back of her throat with my head with every thrust and was sure my cock was angling down the back of her throat due to her sucking me so deeply. She seemed to have no gag reflex. Fresh feminine excretions oozed from her sopping wet fuck-hole on my return and I lapped them up like candy. I resumed tongue-fucking her as if I were mining for gold. Her clitoris grew thick and I alternated probing her depths with brief nibbles on her hardening clit. Her legs squeezed tightly around my ears and face as she completely enveloped and smothered me with her huge body. I relaxed myself underneath her powerful heavy body. She sucked my cock so forcefully that I just passively allowed her own up and down rhythm to also screw her horny hole with my tongue.

After multiple rounds of devouring each other’s genitals and periodically coming up for air, I whispered I was getting close to cumming. She shook her head ‘no’ silently and log rolled us both onto her back. I extricated my face from between her thighs and repositioned myself onto my knees, between her legs. Her face was covered in sweat and oral sex grool was spread across her entire face. Her huge breasts spread like giant pancakes across her chest, as her stiff brown nipples stood firmly at attention in the center.

Now she watched me intently, as I spread her legs wide, holding them up in the air by her ankles. Her glistening red vagina stared up at me, inviting inside. I inched closer towards her crotch and slowly inserted my sensitive head inside her pouting pussy lips. We made long, direct eye contact as I slowly slid myself deeper inside of her. Her eyes grew large as I sank deeper, until I reached maximum depth. I grabbed her large jiggling belly with both hands and began thrusting Taksim escort bayan inside of her. Her pussy was red hot now from friction. She was once again thickly lubricated and we made loud wet smacking sounds as we thrust repeatedly into each other. After awhile, I threw her left leg up and over to the right, turning her into her side, as I straddled her right leg and re-inserted myself inside of her. She screamed again from pleasure at the sensations from the new angle. I thrust even more deeply now into her warm insides as our pelvises interlocked into each other more closely than ever.

My orgasm built really quickly. Before I could think to pull out I felt warm waves of intense pleasure pulse throughout my body. I whispered I was going to cum, but she didn’t reply. I lasted three more ragged strokes until I exploded. My body tensed as I released bursts of warm sperm deep into Katrinas’ waiting body. At least seven bursts of cum coated her cervix and leaked past my shaft down her vaginal walls towards the entrance of her pussy. I collapsed, utterly spent onto her red, sweaty body. My penis gradually receded inside of her as I wrapped my arms around her.

We kissed lightly, or more rested our mouths against each other’s lips as my creamy sperm slowly oozed from her insides, dripping down the side of her leg, onto her sheets. Finally, Katrina involuntarily squeezed my soft, exhausted, cum-covered cock from her vagina. We continued to lay in each other’s arms, breathing heavily and kissing lightly. I had totally forgotten about her unattractive face, her huge overfed body, and the fact she was old enough to be my mother, that she was in fact the exact same age as my actual mother. She reached between her legs and dipped two fingers into her pussy, collecting a stringy cream-pie and shoved both fingers into my mouth. I had never eaten girl cum and sperm before. It was warm and sexual. She promptly then French kissed me and retrieved our mutual grool into her own mouth. We swapped the mixture back and forth until only a thick, frothy, paste remained, smeared across our faces.

I hadn’t intended on falling asleep in Katrinaa ‘ bed, but I did. I had intended on going another round with her after a quick recovery from our first session, but I was apparently a lot drunker than I thought, apparently, so was she. I woke Saturday morning around 6am. Katrina was naked and curled up sound asleep next to me, covered in nothing but a bed sheet draped around her from the waist down. Her bed smelled like stale, raunchy sex now, which seemed a little gross, yet a somehow arousing too. I was surprised she had allowed me, a total stranger to fall asleep in her bed, seeing as she seemed so incredibly horny and would clearly want more. I sat up in her bed and got my first real look at her bedroom. Her darkened room now revealed a dildo-laden dresser against the far wall. She seemed to be heavy into sex toys and masturbation. She had several sizes of veiny tan dildos, vibrating eggs, rabbits, nipple clamps, and massagers. I now realized why Katrinas’ bedroom smelled like a woman’s’ locker room. She was a chronic masturbator. It was arousing in a naughty fat girl kind of way.

I was still completely naked, but walked to the bathroom and pee’d long and hard. My dick was sticky from dried sexual fluids. Peeking from the edge of her bathtub curtain was a 12 inch dildo, suction cupped to the rear wall. Clearly Katrina was fucking herself in the shower on a regular basis. It was kinky and totally arousing. I imagined her sexy wet ass bent over and vigorously thrusting back and forth onto this fat tan cock as she moaned with pleasure in her steaming shower. She had even installed hand grips on the opposite shower wall, beneath the shower head. This woman was serious into getting herself off on a regular basis.

I went to her fridge and made myself a huge glass of ice water, then downed the glass in one giant swig. Instead of returning to her bed I turned back to her bathroom. I reached in and pulled her fat dildo loose. It was still coated in thick, dried girl cum from her last session. She just came all over it and left it ‘as is’ for the the next time. I sat down on her toilet, my cock already semi-erect, examining her toy. I put the soft veiny penis up to my nose. It still smelled like stale pussy, 48 year old, amazon Katrinas’ stale pussy, an aroma I had become very acquainted with the night before. It was a very arousing fragrance, not at all like dirty, unkept vagina, but heavily feminine, almost hormonal. Before I thought about it I licked the shaft where thick accumulated of juices were dried in a long white streak. It had a dank, salty familiar flavor, like what a woman’s’ sweaty armpit might taste like if you fucked it for awhile and then licked it. I ran the taste around in my mouth and then swallowed back. I licked more a second time, near the base, getting a slightly saltier and less musty-like taste there. My cock sprang up hard. Evidently, despite some initial hesitancy, I seemed to really respond to the taste of this near total strangers’ dried girl grool. I pumped my cock a few strokes to make it happy and twirled Katrinas’ footlong dildo around, deep inside my mouth. The flavor of musty, old, pussy overwhelmed my senses. I really wanted the wet fresh stuff now. This felt like an appetizer to a main course I had to have now.

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