SCTT Nancy Pt. 14: Tease Him Awake

Double Penetration

Nancy was still sitting at the kitchen table, pondering everything that had happened the evening before. Yes, she still had misgivings, but she had also come to realize that Sam really was a wonderful partner, one who deserved some focus being put on this erotic sexual fantasy of his. She was his closest, most intimate partner in the whole world; his commitment to her was clear, and in terms of what she wanted from him, this was all she could ask for.

As for what he wanted from her, she was the one he wanted to explore these naughty teasing games with, not anyone else. Sure, it was very new to her, and it moved them more towards some aspects of alternative sexuality than she had previously realized were of interest to him. But it was also clear that it was something very intimate and personal for him, something that he wanted to have an open and honest communication about, and something he very much wanted to share with her…

That was a good sign; she preferred that he share his desires with her than to have him keep them hidden and end up exploring them some other way, perhaps with another woman. That happens all too often; a guy has some kinky fantasy or fetish and when he tries to express it to his girl, she reacts with disgust and revulsion.

That only leads to hurt feelings, secrecy, and frequently, ultimate betrayal. So even if she isn’t particularly turned on by his fantasy, and especially if it seems relatively benign, then she should really think about accepting it and even embracing it.

At first the idea of being a tease didn’t really turn her on, mostly because she didn’t have any exposure to the context of it – but that was quickly changing! She had already discovered that this could be a way to keep him focused on her as opposed to his having this unfulfilled fantasy that might lead him in other directions away from her.

And she continued to ponder all the things he was doing right: he was connecting with her emotionally (just the way she wanted and in ways many men don’t), he was participating in an active and happy social life for both of them, and he was doing lots of things for her that would make most women happy.

She also thought about how easily she had fallen into the role of being a cockteaser the night before. She got dressed up all sexy for him, enticed him and toyed with him at dinner, then some more back at their place, and ultimately used him to get herself off. And then she left him hanging in a state of heightened arousal! It wasn’t something she would have thought of doing to him on her own, but after some expert advice and coaching from her sexy friend Christy, it was easy.

Of course, seeing the way Sam reacted to her naughty games had really helped her to turn a corner too, so much so that she was comfortable making a decision to explore his kinky desires more thoroughly…

And again, the best part was the idea that those desires could be made to be more about her than him; now that was a real revelation! So why not have some fun with it, learn some more from Christy and get into it with him? To top it all off, there was something she didn’t know it yet, which was that there would be other women in their lives who would help her along on this path as well…

Anyway, as she finished her cup of coffee and pondered all this, a text came in. Guess who…

“Hey girl! How ya doin’ this morning?” It was from Christy.

“Good,” Nancy typed back, “hanging out in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. And thinking about all this prick teasing çekmeköy escort stuff.”

“Oh yeah? It sounds like Sam really enjoyed it. That’s pretty much a given, though! The real question is, did YOU?”

“Well yes, for sure, but…”

“But what?”

“It’s just so unfamiliar, taking the lead and being so naughty with him like that. Damn, it really did turn me on, though!”

“Ooo! That’s a good sign, hon…”

“But I kinda don’t know what to do next, pretty sure I’m going to need your help with more ideas and suggestions…”

“Piece of cake! So first of all, just know that some men are complete and total slaves to their sexual desires and fetishes. If you can tap into that, you can totally OWN them, pretty much any way you like. It can be all about you, girl! You get that now, right?

Nancy smiled to herself as she read that last message, and literally felt a little tingle between her legs. The idea that this was a girl thing – something she could plot and scheme with her experienced prick teasing friend — it was really starting to make her feel yummy!

“Yeah,” she replied, “I never thought of it that way, but I’m starting to get it! But I’m gonna need a lot of coaching. You can still help though, right?”

“Of course I can…starting right now. Check out this link, it’s a little demonstration of how you might like to wake him up in the morning. I highly recommend you do something like this, especially after a night of yummy cock teasing!”

The link came in, followed by another text.

“So here’s the thing. After he is teased and denied during an evening together, you shouldn’t let up on him the next day; it’s important to pay lots of attention to him and keep up the heat. If you like having him wrapped completely around your little finger, and you want to keep him that way, then this might give you an idea as to how to proceed…”

Nancy rolled her eyes when she saw the link was from a porn site, but she clicked the link anyway out of sheer curiosity. The scene that began wasn’t at all what she expected.

An introductory title came on the screen first, a black screen with pink cursive script that read “Tease Him Up to Wake Him Up…” Then some slow, romantic music started, not a cheesy-porn style, but classier soft jazz with a piano and saxophone. And then the scene began, starting with a slow fade in, with the camera showing a handsome, muscular guy sleeping.

As the camera view pulled back, a pretty model came into the bedroom. She stood at the side of the bed, eyeing the man sleeping, a mischievous smile coming across her face. Then she slowly untied the sash holding her robe together, spreading it apart and revealing her curvy body. She was wearing a lovely matching lingerie set: black lacy bra, g-string panties, garter belt and stockings.

Slipping the robe off her shoulders, she let it fall to the floor, then reached up and ran her hands through her long, wavy hair, fluffing it up as she continued to focus her gaze on him. Although she was very curvy and well built, she wasn’t the typical porn star; instead, she had more natural “girl next door” kinds of features. Okay, okay, she did have a couple of surgical “enhancements”, if you know what I mean, but overall, her appearance was one that Nancy identified with, and she actually found this girl to be appealing in a way.

Then the girl climbed onto the bed next to him, lifting the covers away and laying down next to him, very close. She bent one leg and lifted it on top cevizli escort of his, rubbing her sheer stocking against him, and Nancy immediately noticed the shiny black strappy sandals she wore, the exact same stripper-style heels that she had purchased for herself with Christy the day before.

And then the girl began slowly and gently massaging his chest, rubbing her hand back and forth, round and round, and before long she was making her way down to his briefs. For the time being, he stayed asleep…

Once her hand found its way onto his crotch, she simply placed it on his limp penis, leaving it there for a moment before starting to rub it round and round. The hunky guy stirred a little in his sleep, moving one leg and then his arm, slowly adjusting his position. The girl smiled widely and took her hand away, clearly hoping the guy wouldn’t wake up just yet, and when she saw that his eyes were still closed, she continued the beginnings of her slow, lazy handjob.

She rested her head on his chest and started to use the soft parts of the ends of her fingers to glide up and down on his bulge, which had now stirred in his underwear. Nancy watched as the pretty lady lovingly teased his sex organ just like that for a minute or two, and then she began using the tips of her long, shiny red fingernails, gliding them up and down very lightly on it. Even though it was still tucked inside his briefs, little by little it became more and more erect.

And then, right when he got nice and hard (even though his cock was still bent in half in his underwear), he slowly opened his eyes and smiled at his gorgeous girlfriend. He looked down at what she was doing, seeing how she was teasing him to awaken him. She smiled at him too, nuzzling her cheek into his as she gently slid her hand inside the hem of his briefs, lifting it upward and pulling it down to free his engorged erection.

As she let the hem of his briefs snap back in place below his balls, his hardon came flopping out, twitching a few times as it straightened out and grew quickly to a full erection. Then she swung one leg over him, climbing on top of him with a big smile on her face and said softly, “Good morning!”

And then, much to Nancy’s surprise, that was it, as the scene faded to black and one last message appeared, in the same pink cursive as the intro. It said, “That’s how it’s done, ladies…what happens next is all up to YOU!” Nancy was completely surprised. What, no slurping blowjob and raunchy depiction of the guy pounding his woman? How out of character this was for a porn clip!

Anyway, Christy must have known about how long the video was, because a moment later, another text came in. “Did you watch it?”

“Yeah…wow…that was sexy!”

“All righty then, glad you liked it. Now then…tell me…is Sam awake yet?”


“Ooo! Then you know what to do, girl…get your little self back upstairs, fuss over yourself for a few minutes to get ready, and get back in bed with him. You can make that guy of yours belong to YOU today!”

Nancy rolled her eyes, still surprised by Christy’s brazen approach toward this prick teasing thing, but she couldn’t deny that the video had turned her on, as did thinking about everything she had done with Sam the night before. And it suddenly clicked; the idea that the denial of his sexual release would leave him more susceptible to being teased to arousal this morning. And THAT would give her other advantages…hmm, she really did like where this was heading!

Right erenköy escort then she felt a sudden rush of feelings, feelings of affection for him but also ones of power over him. She really did believe that he was being a wonderful partner; she knew he loved her for who she was, but she also knew that he loved this hotter version of herself too. And she had already learned that she could present herself that way for him any time she felt like it…

The icing on the cake was that he clearly did want to explore this kind of sexual game; he wanted her to dress sexy, tease him and play with him in these naughty ways that Christy was teaching her about. And if that was what he wanted, then she was gonna give it to him…so to speak. So what was she waiting for? It was ON now!

As she stood up and put her coffee cup in the dishwasher, suddenly one last message came in, of course it was from Christy too.

“Oh yeah, and don’t forget to wear those sexy shoes we got you! I have some other things to teach you about submissive men and their fetishes for high heels, but for now, just wear ’em!”

Nancy giggled as she read it, because again, it surprised her. Is that what it was? Was Sam submissive? She had never really thought of him that way, or, for that matter, that so-called “domination” could involve aspects of sensual, erotic sexual teasing, but she did want to be a good student and learn whatever she could about all of this. So she figured, what the hell, she’d do what Christy suggested…

As she went back upstairs, she felt just like the girl in the video as she walked into the bedroom and saw Sam sleeping on his back. ‘He has no idea what’s about to happen to him’, she thought to herself, as she moved quietly past the bed into the dressing room.

She took off her robe, put on the black bra from the night before and, started looking through her panty drawer. There were some ones that might go well with the bra, but she only had that one pair of really sexy skimpy ones that matched it perfectly, and those were, shall we say, a bit dirty from the night before. But she immediately knew what to do about that…today was going to have to be a shopping day! As for what to wear for the moment, she chose to go au naturel and not wear any panties at all…

She had already brought up the topic the night before, suggesting that he take her shopping for panties and other sexy clothes, so now all she needed to do was convince him to take her. She knew he generally hated to go shopping with her, but there would be something about this particular shopping trip that she figured he would like much better…much much better indeed! She also suddenly realized that the process of coaxing him to take her shopping was going to start right away…

Remembering Christy’s reference to fuss over herself a little first, she applied a bit of makeup, creating a very simple daytime look with some foundation to blend her facial skin tones, and she put a little focus on her eyes with some mascara and shadow to add a touch of glamor. She found herself wanting to make it just a bit more dramatic but she didn’t want to waste any more time. No, she wanted to be sure he didn’t wake up before she had a chance to get to work on him.

But she DID follow Christy’s advice about the shoes, slipping her bare feet into her new pair of black strappy stripper heels, wrapping the shiny black straps around her ankles and sliding them through the dainty little metal buckles. As she stood up, she felt the way they perched her feet up high, and she also noticed how she had to position her body to keep her balance. Checking herself out, posing and glancing at herself in the wall mirror on the side of the room, she got an immediate rush of excitement. ‘Sam is gonna love this’, she thought…

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